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Anyone that's been searching for work at home more than 2 minutes quickly realizes how frustrating the whole process can be. Between the scams, get rich quick schemes, home business opportunity ads and misleading work at home products, you can't help but assume that the whole work at home industry is a big rip off. But most of our loyal subscribers know better. They've read our informative articles, watched our videos and some are taking action on some of the available work at home opportunities we have suggested.

But with that said, we feel we can always do better! So we've decided to survey our loyal subscribers to get their insight on the most frustrating thing about searching for work at home and we're going to pay you for telling us!

The Rules To Get Your Money!

You tell us the most frustrating things about searching for work at home and we'll randomly pick 3 winners to get $50! That's right! You get $50 bucks to "whine" about all the various negative aspects about searching for work at home.

Some possible frustrations could be how much you hate when you apply for a work at home job and the employer never responds. Or how, no matter where you look there aren't any legit data entry jobs. I don't care what the frustration may be. I just want to know what's really frustrating you about searching for work at home. Only in America can you get paid to complain! Gotta love it! lol

Why Are You Paying Us?

Huh? Why ask why? I'm giving you free money, that's why. That's like asking the boss or teacher "Why are we getting no homework or the day off?" (God, I hated those people! lol) But seriously, we plan to use this information to help us develop more of the free content that you love. It will also help us on a secret project we're working on behind the scenes, that should really help you good folks secure work at home jobs, avoid scams and just improve the likelihood of actually being hired!

But again, that's not really what you need to worry about. Just know that this is yet another instance where your fearless work at home leader is giving away money! If you missed out on the last time I did it or didn't feel you could participate, now is your chance. I know everyone has experienced some type of work at home frustration and ‘Dang It" it's your time to get paid for it! So go ahead and vent away and make that money!

How To Get Your $50!

1. Become an Active subscriber by clicking here! (It's free!)

2. Get a account so I can pay you! (It's free too!)

3. Submit your biggest frustrations about searching for work at home using the blue form below and include the email address you subscribed with! Only our loyal subscribers to this blog will qualify!

4. Wait for your money! We will announce the 3 winners on our blog in a week or two. So as long as you're a subscriber you'll be notified via email and we'll make arrangements to paypal you the $50.

So go forth and list your frustrations below. I'm looking forward to reading them but I'm more excited about giving our loyal subscribers some free money! With gas prices and the economy being as bad as they are, who wouldn't want some free money?

What Are The Most Frustrating Things About Trying To Find Work At Home?

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