See How Easily You Can Get Paid To Test Sites.

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Have you ever visited a website and started clicking around and noticed broken links or things just acting really funny? For most people they'll do one of two things.

You'll either say: "Screw this! I'm out of here!" or You might say: "Let me email the website owner." I've been very fortunate to have the latter. The few times people have emailed me telling me that something was wrong with my websites have always been greatly appreciated. Because after all if you can't access areas on my site, I can't help you and plus I don't get paid.

I usually send a quick thank you note to the person that was kind enough to bring the issue to my attention. Then I just go about fixing the problem. That's pretty much the end of the story.

But imagine, if I wasn't a cheap bastard and actually paid you every time you noticed something wacky on my site? Well don't get your hopes up yet. I'm not rich like that.
But apparently there are many other companies that are willing to pay you to visit their websites and make comments about weird things you may notice.

No you don't have to buy anything or try anything. You just need to visit their site and click around it like you normally would and note any weird things you run into. Talk about an easy work at home job! This is something any one of us can do. The great thing about this type of work at home job is that it's under the radar unlike typing or data entry jobs. But nonetheless there is some competition to get this work but not anything like clerical work from home jobs.

How To Get Started As Website Tester

If you'd like to get paid to test websites than visit today and apply to become a tester. You can earn up to $10 for 15 minutes of work. I know it's not a lot but what are you making right now searching for those elusive work at home jobs? Need I say more?

You all know my philosophy by now, don't limit yourself. The more work at home opportunities you can try and get involved in, the more money you can make. No sense just applying for jobs and not making money other ways while waiting to hear back from employers. So here's yet another way to make money at home.

Would you be willing to give this a try? Would it be worth it to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

18 thoughts on “See How Easily You Can Get Paid To Test Sites.”

  1. I am so in love with UserTesting! I have been paid numerous times for something I love doing i.e. browsing sites and talking to myself whilst doing it lol. What a nice change to be paid to get annoyed at broken links and such things. I love it! Also, I joined a similar site called TryMyUI and got paid my first $10 from them the other day so I can endorse BOTH sites wholeheartedly. Mind you, other sites require webcams which is something I do not understand. Watching my facial expressions instead of actually listening to what I’m saying..well, that wouldn’t be fun..not for me anyway!

  2.  I applied  and it did not ask me to call. It was a very simple process. I watched a sample video viewed a sample  questionnaire  submitted my recorded video and audio was asked a couple of questions and  received  an email stating to the extent they will contact me for paying jobs and if i  didn’t  receive  an email within 10 days then i would be on  the  waiting list .   It took a total time from going to the website  to leaving the application process maybe 10 minutes if that. I had fun while I was performing the task at hand too!  

  3. Hi Krystal,

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. Now I understand why folks were calling. My bad. lol

    Definitely email them to see what the issue may be.
    Hopefully they can straighten that out so you can get started. Please keep us updated if possible.


  4. Hi Eddy

    Well after I fill out the form this pops up on the next page

    To Finish Signing Up:

    1. Call 1-800-…….. . When prompted, enter your Tester Identification Number which is ________, followed by the # sign.
    Click here to visit our test website (….). Your task: Find cheap gas near you. As you try to find cheap gas, please talk out loud about what you are doing and what is confusing. As you speak your thoughts, we’ll record what you say.

    After a couple of minutes of browsing around and speaking your comments, please say your first name and then you can hang up.

    ** So I was just wondering why it was saying cannot be completed from my calling area. But I’ll try e-mailing them. thanks

  5. Hi Krystal,

    I’m not sure why folks are trying to call. Is that part of the application process listed on this page:

    Am I missing something?

    I don’t see any thing where the employer asks people to call. In any event, you can try contacting them using the email form on this page:

    Again if the employer doesn’t say to call, people shouldn’t be calling. You should just use the form as they requested.


  6. You’re welcome Colleen.
    I use to think the same thing about colors for my site but I soon realized it made very little difference. When it comes to work at home people really want the info and that’s pretty much it. I’ve haven’t found when I had softer colors that it helped me much. And my audience is 90% women as well. So just something to keep in mind. =)

    But I totally agree with you about the Nike philosophy. People just need to try various things especially when it doesn’t cost you a dime. So thanks for doing your part to spread the same mindset.


  7. I am always keeping my eyes open to learn about new home jobs and have even bookmarked the article relating to the “Top 5 Free Work at Home Job Sites for 2008”.
    Thanks for the kudos on the site. I wanted a template built on the softer side because it is my personal knowledge from social networking that it seems that a good percentage more women then men are looking for home jobs. My postings are geared towards both men and women, because if you feel you are qualified, then just apply! You never know unless you either email that resume or place that phone call. Just do it!

  8. Hi Colleen,

    That’s a great attitude to take and why you’ll succeed.
    Might as well try different things. That’s what I’ve always done and it’s helped me be successful with working at home.

    By the way I like your site. Everyone you should check out for additional work at home job leads. Colleen it’s a little too pink for my liking but the information is useful. lol


  9. Hey, I gave the signup a shot! I never heard of this site before, so if I don’t try it, I will never know if I qualify or not! And since I didn’t pay anything, I don’t lose anything if for some reason, the answer is no!
    And I continue to sign up for other options while waiting to hear back on the various home jobs that I do sign up for.

  10. Hi Trace,

    Honestly I’ve never had any problems with paypal.
    In the past prior to being bought by ebay I heard horror stories but things seem to be fine now.

    In fact recently when I had an issue, I called them and the problem was resolved within 5 minutes. So that’s been my experience with them. I also have other friends and family members that use paypal and again we’ve had no issues.

    I didn’t make any reference to it on this page because I figured most people have paypal accounts and if they don’t it’s very simple to get.

    But many of the companies I work with use paypal because its very convenient. Personally I don’t like waiting for checks. I like knowing that once I’m paid I have access to my money instantly. It’s also a lot easier to pay people by paypal. I pay my staff with it as well. It’s much easier to click a button than to go and buy a stamp, get an envelope, write a check and mail out a check.

    So different strokes for different folks. If you’re just not willing to use paypal then just email the company directly and see if they can pay you by check.

    I hope this helps.


  11. The form you are required to fill out asks for a Paypal email address. What if you don’t have a paypal account? I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Paypal and prefer not to use it. You should note on your page that this is a requirement to be a tester.

  12. Hi Melissa,

    The instructions on the site don’t say to call.
    They say to fill out the form found on the following page:

    So follow what the employer asks.

    This is something that every work at home seeker should be mindful of with any job opportunity. Don’t deviate from what an employer tells you to do.

    I know when I’m looking to hire people, I frown on candidates that don’t follow my application process because it probably means that they won’t follow my regular instructions when it comes to the actual job.

    So keep that in mind people. I’m not picking on you Melissa. =) But I just wanted to make people aware of that when applying for jobs.

    I hope this helps.



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