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Have you ever visited a website and started clicking around and noticed broken links or things just acting really funny? For most people they'll do one of two things.

You'll either say: "Screw this! I'm out of here!" or You might say: "Let me email the website owner." I've been very fortunate to have the latter. The few times people have emailed me telling me that something was wrong with my websites have always been greatly appreciated. Because after all if you can't access areas on my site, I can't help you and plus I don't get paid.

I usually send a quick thank you note to the person that was kind enough to bring the issue to my attention. Then I just go about fixing the problem. That's pretty much the end of the story.

But imagine, if I wasn't a cheap bastard and actually paid you every time you noticed something wacky on my site? Well don't get your hopes up yet. I'm not rich like that.
But apparently there are many other companies that are willing to pay you to visit their websites and make comments about weird things you may notice.

No you don't have to buy anything or try anything. You just need to visit their site and click around it like you normally would and note any weird things you run into. Talk about an easy work at home job! This is something any one of us can do. The great thing about this type of work at home job is that it's under the radar unlike typing or data entry jobs. But nonetheless there is some competition to get this work but not anything like clerical work from home jobs.

How To Get Started As Website Tester

If you'd like to get paid to test websites than visit today and apply to become a tester. You can earn up to $10 for 15 minutes of work. I know it's not a lot but what are you making right now searching for those elusive work at home jobs? Need I say more?

You all know my philosophy by now, don't limit yourself. The more work at home opportunities you can try and get involved in, the more money you can make. No sense just applying for jobs and not making money other ways while waiting to hear back from employers. So here's yet another way to make money at home.

Would you be willing to give this a try? Would it be worth it to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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