Are “Get Paid To Try Offers” Websites Scams?

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I guess it all depends on who you ask. Get paid to try offers work at home opportunities seem to get a bad rap just like paid online surveys. But the bad reputation isn't because you're charged some fee to sign up for a get paid to try offer site. In fact it's one of those rare work at home opportunities where it doesn't involve any up front money to get started or to even make money! Isn't that refreshing for a change?

Despite what others have said about it, it's one of my favorite ways of making money at home. And I'm going to reveal to you how to make money with get paid to try offer work at home opportunities without being scammed or losing money like some of the other work at home seekers that aren't privy to the information I'm going to reveal in the following video.

Just like with paid online surveys, I need you guys to be open minded and hear me out. Remember prior to being a loyal subscriber to my blog, many of you were under the misconception that all paid online surveys were scams or weren't worth the effort. But because you were open minded I was able to prove to many of you that you were misinformed. As a result of my humble advice there are a lot of you that are now making money with paid online surveys that totally ignored this legitimate work at home opportunity before.

So please temporarily suspend whatever preconceived notions about companies like FusionCash or any other get paid to try offer sites that you may have read negative things about. I'm going to literally reveal some simple tips on you how to avoid the mistakes that others make which cause them to call this legitimate opportunity a scam. With these quick and simple tips you'll be well on your way to making money at home today instead of searching and praying for a work at home job.

For those of you who don't know what the get paid to try offer opportunity is all about, the following video will also help you. So if you'd like to learn about yet another way to make money at home right now instead of wasting hours hoping for a work at home job, then watch the following video carefully:

Now that you've watched the video, I'm going to forewarn you. Despite my best efforts there are going to be naysayers about this opportunity and I can understand where there coming from because some of these folks didn't know to apply the tips I've revealed in the video. And some folks were just victims of technical issues which were of no fault of their own. But despite this I would still encourage many of you take action like the folks that have done so with paid surveys.

Nothing is perfect in life. And by no means am I claiming that get paid to try offers are flawless. They aren't! I'd be lying to you if I said they were. But they still provide you a better chance of earning money now than you have been searching for a work at home job. And that in itself warrants taking action on the opportunity especially when you apply the tips I've provided.

So if you're willing to take action and be like some of our successful subscribers that are finally making money at home, then consider as one of the first get paid to try companies to join. I've made money with them in the past and I'm pretty sure you will as well if you're willing to take action. If not, that's fine too. You can continue to search for traditional work at home jobs on places like or own work at home companies page. As always, we're just trying to give you options so you're that much closer to working at home and being with your loved ones.

As a new father, I thank God every day that I was able to escape the rat race to be home with my little baby girl and watch her grow and attempt her first words. I love knowing that I will wake up tomorrow and my day is going to be filled with changing stinky diapers and wiping spit up off my chest instead of sitting in long meetings discussing having more meetings.

I'm happy that I've always been willing to take action on work at home opportunities presented to me instead of having others dictating to me what opportunities that I should try. Lord knows if I listened to so many of the "Negative Nancies" out there who aren't actually making money, I would've never acted on so-called "scams" like surveys, reading emails, etc. That means I would have never been introduced to affiliate marketing which ultimately lead to my total freedom.

Like I said, I'm just thankful I've always been my own person and willing to take action because nothing beats being at home with my little princess and supporting my family. Don't you want that for your family?

38 thoughts on “Are “Get Paid To Try Offers” Websites Scams?”

  1. How in the world do I make a google number? I can’t seem to do it right, and also it acts as if it is going to charge me money.

  2. It’s pretty similar to what i’ve described above. I have heard fo the company but haven’t researched it yet. But I do know other legitimate companies like Fusion Cash have a similar business model and have been successful with it for years. So provided the owners know what they’re doing, ZNZ should work fine too.

  3. Hey,

    Thanks for the kind words and sharing your experience. But this is exactly the type of stuff that can be avoided by following the advice in the video I listed in the article above which is to read all the fine print of any offer you do. It usually discloses all these little surprises. So you can decide before hand if it’s worth doing the offer or not. It’s also why I suggest using different but real contact information for doing offers. In the case of the cell phone, I would have used a free google voice number which can receive texts online. For offers that require email addresses, I use a totally different email address that is valid but won’t bombard my personal email address. So this can still be profitable if my advice is heeded. You can make a lot of money with get paid offers, provided you know how to maneuver around them and you read the fine print. So I have to respectfully disagree with you. You can do well with this opportunity if the tips are followed. But as I’ve argued in the past, this isn’t for everyone. Either way, I appreciate you sharing your experience!

  4. Hi Eddy,
    I just recently stared working for a company called ZipNadaZilch (ZNZ) as an internet referral agent. We get paid for people we refer that try out products from different Fortune 500 companies. Have you ever heard of them? If so, what is your opinion? F

  5. Hi Eddy,
    I really like your site and am a subscriber to your e-mails.   I watched your video on getting paid to try offers and decided to sign up with FusionCash.   For me, within 5 minutes of starting the first “no CC required” offer, I knew I had made a mistake.   Because it required my cell phone number to “send me a confirmation code”, I gave it to them.   For the rest of last evening, I was bombarded by text messages (which I pay for) telling me I was subscribed to certain services for $9.99 per month.   I texted back “stop” which is supposed to cancel.   I did receive confirmations of the stops, but they kept sending me text messages all night.   I think it’s finally stopped, but I do not recommend FusionCash unless you have a lot of spare time and don’t care about how much money you make.

  6. Hi Eddy,
    I have to agree with Brandon! I found this website when I was surfin the web and I am so glad that I did! Thanks so much!

    • thanks for getting back to me I really apprecate it.   I will check out those links you gave me thanks again and by the way GREAT SITE!!!

  7. Brandon,
    Glad you found us too! I don’t know how much of a miracle it is though. We work really hard so people can find our site when seeking out scam free work at home. LOL

    I think you pretty much answered your own question about FC. If you don’t have a paypal account then direct deposit is the way to go. The company is legit and isn’t going to do anything shady with your bank account. I’ve been with them for years and that’s how I get paid with no issues. And besides even if you did paypal you would have to provide paypal with your banking information as well. So it’s necessary either way. Although I was under the impression that FC offered a check option? Might want to email them directly to see if they have that.

  8. Hey Eddy – It’s a total miracle that I happened across this website! Finding these jobs and getting paid is freakin’ awesome!

    Question, for Fusion cash do you suggest direct deposit or PayPal? What would be the benefit? I’m leery of direct deposit, but I don’t have a PayPal account set up…help me out! 🙂

  9. I don’t know what company you’re actually referring to since you didn’t mention them. But your experience is exactly why this article was written. Because if the tips were followed I’m confident the issues you’re experiencing would have been avoided. This is an opportunity that can burn you if you’re not keeping some of the tips mentioned above in mind.

  10. i did a $20 survey for them, recieved tons of calls and emails, spent alot of time doing print screens and even printing emails and scanned these all and sent to them. this has been going on for 2 months and I’ve send over 12 emails. they won’t pay. it says with 24 hours, that’s a lie.

  11. You’re welcome Jeweleey!
    It’s nice to hear a thank you. You’d be surprised how rarely I hear that after answering people’s emails or comments. So thank you!

    I use to use AOL free calendar service. But you can use Google’s calendar service or any calendar on your desktop which is what I do now with my Mac computer. Just use whatever will help keep you on track of these things.

  12. Hi, Eddy!

    First off, thanks for your website and sharing your hard-won wisdom!

    In the video about “Get Paid to Try” offers, you mention that you have a calendar that reminds you about when you need to cancel things. What calendar do you use for that tracking?


  13. Hey Eddy,

    I found out about your site this week and I have been reading a lot of your posts. I have signed up for a number of the websites that you reccomend and I have even began to make some money, even though it is small. I have even passed the threshold for being paid out on fusion cash, having earned a total of $26.45. I also am becoming very interested in affiliate marketing, though I have a lot to learn and I am taking it very slow and cautiously. I have two questions: 1) Fusion cash mentions in their terms of service that “walkthroughs” are not permitted. Here are some of the things that they do not permit:

    v.He/she posts instructions for canceling any offer, a walkthrough, or any other type of tutorial or suggestion on a website. This includes but is not limited to: instructions on completing a specific offer, suggesting an offer based solely on its payout, or including cancellation web addresses or telephone numbers.

    Walk-throughs. Users may not instruct their Referrals, or any other user, as to which offers to complete, nor assist them in completing offers. This is considered a “walk-through” and is strictly forbidden. Additionally, a user may not sign up for an offer “on behalf” of another user.

    I don’t bring this up to say that you are in the wrong for the video you posted. I just wanted to double check, because if I were to be an affililate marketer someday than I would probably make videos that are similar and I didn’t want to go against any policies. So any insight would be helpful as it pertains to this issue.

    2) Are there any free affiliate programs that you would reccomend. I want to eventually do Wealthy Affiliate University, but I don’t want to enroll until I have made enough money online to invest into Wealthy Affiliate. Can you reccomend places I could go to educate myself for free and begin to get the ball rolling. There is so much to know and a lot of junk, so some first step directions would be helpful.

    Thanks for all that you are doing,


    • Hey Samuel,

      I’m glad to hear you’re making some money with Fusion Cash. It’s always good to hear when folks actually read these posts, take action and are successful. So thanks for sharing that with us.
      Let me try to answer your questions.

      1. I’ll be honest I didn’t think I was violating any rules. Maybe that was something added later in the terms of condition. I know the owner and he’s never complained to me about it. So my bad. However I still think it’s important for people to get an idea of how this opportunity works and how to avoid the pitfalls. Maybe he’s giving me a pass because he can see the video is intended to help people understand how this work and not necessarily to push certain offers. That being said, you probably shouldn’t do anything that will risk your earnings if you plan to be an affiliate of FC.

      2. I created a free little guide here: but you can also search the web for some free affiliate marketing information. I personally don’t recommend it because i find people are more confused because you’re being bounced around and being taught things that may be conflicting or out of date. But to each their own.

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck.

  14. Are there any other where you can make money just a little bit faster I am not looking for a get rich quick thing just something you can make money a little bet faster to at lest pay bells the ones you addvised so far I am enjoying except for viewing ads I am going to run out pretty soon> Thank you

    • Sorry Larry,

      I don’t know of quick money opportunities. Like in the offline world, it all takes time and patience. If you need money to pay bills right away, you should focus on getting an offline job which will probably help you in that situation.

    • Hey Ive been looking for work in my home town for over a year now,.   but am not having any luck at all maybe due to the fact that I havent had a real job since 1989  (*I married and made babies in 90*)   problem is no one seems to want to hire someone who hasnt done ANYTHING in 20 years~!   any tips would be appreciated,   Im about to get evicted from my home of 18 yrs.     HELP I will try anything.. Thanks  

  15. I am really injoying the information that you are putting out you are really helping me find work at home jobs I am looking forward to more of them like fusion cash what are the others like that. Thank you for all your help and information do you have a maine web page with all the information you have been putting out.

  16. Eddy,
    I just wanted to say this site seems awesome. I have just started to look for work online after sitting home for 8 years raising my kids. Hopefully I will find a few sites to make an income for my self…

  17. Hi Eddy, I have recently joined the world of unemployment (a true blessing in disguise) and not wanting to work for the man ever again, I googled and you popped up. What a great site you have! TY,TY,TY! I now have a new e-mail and I know I read somewhere in here about a seperate phone number account? Also I would like to have your RSS subscribed to my new e-mail, I want to keep this all organized.

  18. Hi Donna,

    Have you tried doing your research following the steps in our scam video:

    That’s pretty much how we research any company.

    If you want some recommendations of legitimate opportunities that we have tried and made us money, visit the following page:

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. If you have any more questions be sure to read our ask page completely: chances are it will answer any question you may have about working at home. It’s long but has a wealth of information.

  19. Do you know If The secret Pays is a scam and is it legal? If it is legal and not a scam can you make money? Thanks for your help Donna

  20. Hi Oldbuddy,

    Thanks for sharing your earnings report. Fusion Cash is a great way to make money at home, provided people follow the advice above.

    Its always good to hear when people are making money with non traditional work at home opportunities so thanks for sharing.


  21. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for sharing. I’m really happy to hear you avoided being scammed using the advice of our scam page:

    You did the right thing, you had doubts and did the research using the free information we’ve provided you.

    Check processing or cashing opportunities are always a scam no matter how clever these scam artist try to word it. They’re getting smart and actually using the identity of legitimate companies to get you to trust them. But this is easy to figure out because no legitimate company will ask you to cash checks on their behalf.

    In any event, again I’m happy you avoided this scam.



  22. Here are two companys to watch for that deals with shopping Consumer research PLC and Legal Network Services. they sent me checks and told me to go to certain store to shop. I found out they are fakes company. They wanted me to deposit the check in my checkinf acct. the follow the instruction in the letter. A red flag came to mind so I follow up with eddy on these letters and I am gald I did. Hope fully people watch these mystery shopping companys not to use them.


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