Are “Get Paid To Try Offers” Websites Scams?

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I guess it all depends on who you ask. Get paid to try offers work at home opportunities seem to get a bad rap just like paid online surveys. But the bad reputation isn't because you're charged some fee to sign up for a get paid to try offer site. In fact it's one of those rare work at home opportunities where it doesn't involve any up front money to get started or to even make money! Isn't that refreshing for a change?

Despite what others have said about it, it's one of my favorite ways of making money at home. And I'm going to reveal to you how to make money with get paid to try offer work at home opportunities without being scammed or losing money like some of the other work at home seekers that aren't privy to the information I'm going to reveal in the following video.

Just like with paid online surveys, I need you guys to be open minded and hear me out. Remember prior to being a loyal subscriber to my blog, many of you were under the misconception that all paid online surveys were scams or weren't worth the effort. But because you were open minded I was able to prove to many of you that you were misinformed. As a result of my humble advice there are a lot of you that are now making money with paid online surveys that totally ignored this legitimate work at home opportunity before.

So please temporarily suspend whatever preconceived notions about companies like FusionCash or any other get paid to try offer sites that you may have read negative things about. I'm going to literally reveal some simple tips on you how to avoid the mistakes that others make which cause them to call this legitimate opportunity a scam. With these quick and simple tips you'll be well on your way to making money at home today instead of searching and praying for a work at home job.

For those of you who don't know what the get paid to try offer opportunity is all about, the following video will also help you. So if you'd like to learn about yet another way to make money at home right now instead of wasting hours hoping for a work at home job, then watch the following video carefully:

Now that you've watched the video, I'm going to forewarn you. Despite my best efforts there are going to be naysayers about this opportunity and I can understand where there coming from because some of these folks didn't know to apply the tips I've revealed in the video. And some folks were just victims of technical issues which were of no fault of their own. But despite this I would still encourage many of you take action like the folks that have done so with paid surveys.

Nothing is perfect in life. And by no means am I claiming that get paid to try offers are flawless. They aren't! I'd be lying to you if I said they were. But they still provide you a better chance of earning money now than you have been searching for a work at home job. And that in itself warrants taking action on the opportunity especially when you apply the tips I've provided.

So if you're willing to take action and be like some of our successful subscribers that are finally making money at home, then consider as one of the first get paid to try companies to join. I've made money with them in the past and I'm pretty sure you will as well if you're willing to take action. If not, that's fine too. You can continue to search for traditional work at home jobs on places like or own work at home companies page. As always, we're just trying to give you options so you're that much closer to working at home and being with your loved ones.

As a new father, I thank God every day that I was able to escape the rat race to be home with my little baby girl and watch her grow and attempt her first words. I love knowing that I will wake up tomorrow and my day is going to be filled with changing stinky diapers and wiping spit up off my chest instead of sitting in long meetings discussing having more meetings.

I'm happy that I've always been willing to take action on work at home opportunities presented to me instead of having others dictating to me what opportunities that I should try. Lord knows if I listened to so many of the "Negative Nancies" out there who aren't actually making money, I would've never acted on so-called "scams" like surveys, reading emails, etc. That means I would have never been introduced to affiliate marketing which ultimately lead to my total freedom.

Like I said, I'm just thankful I've always been my own person and willing to take action because nothing beats being at home with my little princess and supporting my family. Don't you want that for your family?

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