Gift Card Granny Review: Make Money Selling Gift Cards or Scam?

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It always amazes me the various ways you can make money online. You can even turn unwanted gifts into money. Chances are you know this and it's why you're going through several Gift Card Granny reviews to know whether the company is the real deal or just another rip-off.

Well, if you want the truth, be glad you're here. Because we have all the good, the bad and the ugly about the company. So I would strongly suggest you read this Gift Card Granny review. You've been warned!

What is Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny found online at is an app and website that claims to facilitate the buying and selling of gift cards online. The company was founded by internet entrepreneur Luke Knowles in 2009. They are currently headquartered at 495 Mansfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

How Does Gift Card Granny Work?

Well here's the deal. There are sellers and buyers on Card Granny.

If you have a gift cards you don't want, you can sell it on Gift Card Granny for how much they are willing to pay for it.

From a buying standpoint, Card Granny works a little differently than sites like CardPool and CardCash. On Gift Card Granny, you can either buy new gift cards at no discount or browse available discounted gift cards. If you're interested in a discounted card, they'll redirect you to another site that will sell you the discount gift card.

But why buy gift cards when you can get them for free? Did you know you can earn free gift cards by taking surveys, visiting websites, watching videos, and more; stuff you already do online anyway on sites like,, and Well, now you know.

Gift Card Granny Prices

How much you pay for a gift card will vary depending on how popular the store is. At the time of this review, top selling brand gift cards can be purchased at a discount of 5% off or less. But the less popular stores gift cards can be purchased at discounts of 50% off or even more. Some other brands are placed under a category they call Next Gen Gift Cards, where they claim you can get special deals off brands like NetFlix, Uber, Apple, XBox Live and PlayStation.

So as you guessed, sellers can't get the full price of the gift cards they sell if users can buy them at a discount from this site. Gift Card Granny claims you can get up to 92% cash back, depending on the merchant. For example they say their most resold gift cards from 2017 are iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, WalMart and Target. So you'll probably get a good deal if you have these.

Obviously selling unwanted gift cards isn't necessarily a reliable way to make money online especially when you don't get the full value of the card you sell. If you're looking for ways to make consistent money that can lead to a full or part time income, then check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Gift Card Granny Refund Policy

It's not really clear how the refund policy works. But we found some information buried deep in their Terms Page that implies if anything goes wrong or you get caught up in a scam you'll have to take it up with the partner company that sold you the gift card. Be careful, folks!

Gift Card Granny Complaints

Well no company is perfect but this is the part of the review that separates the legit from the shady. So, read along and decide for yourself if Gift Card Granny is worth your time.

You're dealing with a Middleman

Remember, if you're buying discount gift cards, anything can go wrong. The sad fact is you're not buying from them and their refund policy says you'll have to take your case up with the partner website that sold you the gift card if you don't get what you paid for. And some complaints on their Better Business Bureau page suggest chances are you'll lose money if things go sideways.

But why go through all that crap when you can earn gift cards for free? Sites like,, and will easily give you gift cards for doing what you already do online.

But if you're looking for more than just gift cards and want to make real money that actually pays the bills, then definitely check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

Be Prepared To Sell for Cheap

If you're selling gift cards on Gift Card Granny, they get the lion's share, not you buddy. That's especially the case if what you're selling is not on their bestseller list. People say you're better off using the gift card yourself, as this company's exchange rate is surprisingly low.

Gift Card Granny Alternatives

I wouldn't blame you if you choose to look elsewhere, given the complaints you've just read. Well there are other places you can buy and sell gift cards including CardPool and CardCash.

Is Gift Card Granny Safe?

Gift Card Granny is safe, and the concept works for the most part. But if you buy a gift card and it doesn't work, and the partner website doesn't want to help you, you can lose money. So you're probably better off weighing your options first before you spend anything.

But why buy gift cards when you can get them for free? Sites like and, will give you free gift cards just for doing what you already do online like watching videos, visiting websites, playing games and more. You can even earn more gift cards taking surveys at Then you're free to use these gift cards however you want, like selling them for real money on Gift Card Granny.

But fact is you're probably not going to pay your bills consistently selling gift cards. If you're looking for an opportunity to make real money working part time or full time at home, then check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's my two cents about Gift Card Granny. Do you have yours? Feel free to chime in on the comments section below. And of you still have questions about the company, you can read their FAQs page here.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

1 thought on “Gift Card Granny Review: Make Money Selling Gift Cards or Scam?”

  1. If I could give Gift Card Granny AKA CARDFLIP a negative star I would!

    They are extremely disrespectful when they talk to you once you FINALLY get an email response. Whenever you have a problem they try to flip it on you so they come out on top. So far from what I’ve found out, they have stolen 2 of my gift cards worth $500 & $300. They do this with one of their so called “partner” companies named CARDFLIP. Check out their reviews! Nothing but negative! BBB grade is F! You upload your cards, they tell you to wait 3-5 days to be paid… 2 WEEKS LATER, no payment, no phone call or email response from CardFlip nor Gift Card Granny. If they do reach out to you it is usually because you catch on to their game so they have to find a way to switch it on you by manipulating your email responses to fit what they need you to say for them to steal from you. I have well over $1,500 in gift cards in their possession and STILL have yet to be paid and it has been OVER 2 WEEKS! All they have done was lie to me, disrespect me, called me out of my name, and said racial comments to me. I’m automatically a thief because I’m black! WOW!!! All cards I sold have been recently verified with a balance. SO if they do not have a balance it is because CARDFLIP STOLE IT!

    Until I am paid I will be posting this review everywhere to make everyone aware of the game that is being played. Gift Card Granny creates these so called “Partners” which is really THEM to take the bad reviews while their main company stays clean to continue the scheme! They have lied to me telling me that Card Flip was real and all their reviews are from ppl that did not read their terms and conditions, blah blah blah….ALL LIES!!!



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