GiftHulk Review: Is it legit or a Scam To Avoid?

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GiftHulk ReviewI spend a lot of time online because of my line of work. But even if I weren't successfully making money online, I would still be surfing the web just for fun. Fortunately in this day and age there are a lot of sites that have popped up that allow us to get paid for our online activities. So today in my GiftHulk Review we'll cover another site that claims to reward you for what you do online.

How Does Gifthulk Work? was created in 2011 and it's basically a get paid to do stuff online website or also known as a rewards site.We'll dive deeper into what you can get paid to do later in the review. In any event joining GiftHulk is totally free. It's open to anyone from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Ireland.

What the hell are Hulk Coins?

Like many reward based websites, has its own virtual currency. If you're familiar with FusionCash, or then this concept should be familiar to you. But if not, let me break it down. GiftHulk provides their members Hulk Coins. Hulk Coins can be redeemed for real things like gift cards, Paypal cash, bitcoin, etc. They have a wide range of options available in their store. So most people will find something that can work for them.

How can I earn Hulk Coins?

You can earn Hulk Coins doing the following activities:

  • Try various product or service offers from popular brands.
  • Share your opinions on various topics, products and services.
  • Watch various types of online videos at GiftHulk TV!
  • Use GiftHulk Search as your Web search engine instead of Google. Then you will earn a fixed amount of Hulk Coins for searching once an hour, every day!
  • Earn Hulk Coins by doing short and easy online tasks such as writing an article, or doing some online research.

GiftHulk Hacks & Tips

If you're looking for a legitimate way to hack here are some ways that won't get you in trouble.

GiftHulk has a referral program. You can invite your friends or strangers to join GiftHulk with your invite code or invite link. At the time of this review you can earn up to 600 Hulk Coins when they join! 100 Hulk Coins are guaranteed on each sign-up!

GiftHulk provides various additional fun ways to earn GiftHulk Coins such as sweepstakes, games or by providing GiftHulk codes on their Facebook, Twitter or email newsletters.

GiftHulk Complaints

On the surface GiftHulk seems to have some potential to earn you rewards for things you probably already do online for free. But is it as sweet as it sounds? Well apparently that's not the case. There are some things dug up that you need to know to make an informed decision. So let's dig into them.

Where's My Rewards?

Lately there have been a lot of complaints that rewards aren't being delivered. Some people have been waiting anywhere from a month or a year. Yikes!

Customer Service Sucks

You would think customer service reps would be responsive if you have a question about your rewards. But many members have complained that their help tickets are being ignored.

Technical Issues

I ran into some weird issues with the website using the Safari browser. And sometimes people have complained that they're not getting credit for certain activities. But this could be because of browser issues or software folks have on their computer that is messing with the tracking of their activities.

Limited Referral Program

Unfortunately GiftHulk limits the total number of GiftHulk coins per person you refer. Other companies such as SwagBucks or Instagc don't have these limitation which means you can earn on your referrals for years to come. But that's not the case with GiftHulk which sucks.

So is GiftHulk Worth Your Time?

Honestly given the large number of recent complaints that folks aren't receiving their rewards, I probably wouldn't spend too much time with if at all. Reward sites like this are good for a bit of extra cash or maybe some end of the year holiday shopping because it can take so long to accumulate enough of their virtual currency to cash out.

So that's my thoughts about this company. I'd love to hear what you think of my GiftHulk Review. So post your comments below.

What's Next?

If you're anything like me you have real bills to pay that require consistent and real money. So a reward site like GiftHulk may not cut it for you. Fortunately you do have a lot of other options you can try. First I would recommend My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. It can help you earn a full time income as it has for me. But be warned because it does take patience and hard work. But it's definitely rewarded in time and will give you the freedom to totally work at home.

My next recommendation would be to check out my Work At Home Courses which has helped hundreds of people work at home. So give those two pages a look. Ultimately the way to be successful online is to have multiple streams of income. So don't limit yourself to just one since that can be taken away in a snap. Hopefully that makes “cents” to you because it has to me for many years. And it's advice that keeps on paying.

Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a y

10 thoughts on “GiftHulk Review: Is it legit or a Scam To Avoid?”

  1. Have been a member of GiftHulk for more than two years.

    They used to pay out like clock work back in 2014.

    I am still currently an active Diamond member in good standing but have not used the site in about a year now.

    I would not recommend anyone join or continue to do any work on the site until GiftHulk get their issues sorted.

    I currently have 11 paypal payments pending that are verified but are not delivered.

    I also have a couple open support tickets regarding the issue. None of which have garnered any attention or received any response. All previous support tickets have gotten closed without being addressed.

    Screen shots of all the aforementioned are available and were presented as proof but non of it has ever mattered.

    Security issues were raised by them but when I sent them a copy of my photo ID, and offers of doing a Skype verification, sms, or phone call verification as well then all communication on the matter ceased from their end.

    They simply ran out of excuses and reasons not to pay and just put their head in the sand as if the problem didn’t exist.

  2. Hi Eddy, I have been reading your giftHulk review. Sounds like the guys running the business don’t care about the customers or their reps.
    if I was running a company that was offering free stuff I would want to have a clean reputation.
    I will stay away from Gifthulk.
    I think Wealthy Affiliate is a great company. Clean and reputable, teaching about internet business and website building.

    • Hey Dan,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about GiftHulk. It definitely sounds like their customer service can be improved a lot. So that would definitely be a big reason I wouldn’t join this company. Obviously I agree about WA. It was right for me but it may not be for everyone.

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