Is GDI Global Domains International A Scam?

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Jay & Robert recently asked my opinion about GDI aka Global Domains International. So I decided to write a review since it's a pretty well known opportunity that has been on the radar for a while.

After following the usual steps in my scam video, I was a bit frustrated. Most of the sites that came up in my research were clearly members of Global Domains International that were sugar coating the GDI income for life opportunity. Obviously it's in the members financial interest not to say anything negative about the company. But I think that puts everyone at a disadvantage on both ends. The reason is that people will find out about the down sides of the opportunity on their own after joining. That's never a good thing, because work at home seekers don't like surprises and your opportunity could be labeled a scam because you omitted facts that may concern them.

I've learned that the hard way. So that's why I try my best to disclose all the negative aspects of opportunities I review and are affiliated with. This way you know what you're getting yourself into beforehand. And if something you read isn't your cup of tea, at least you have the chance to avoid the opportunity all together.

So with that said, I had to really dig hard to find the complaints about GDI. Please note this wasn't because there weren't any complaints. It's just happens that the non-biased search results were buried under the folks that want you to join GDI blindly. Obviously these guys know their internet marketing and I can't really “hate” on that.

So What Exactly Is the Global Domains International Opportunity?

Well, it's sort of a mix of a traditional MLM & affiliate program. Anyone that has ever been involved in an MLM knows it usually involves over priced products with high pressure sales tactics and “confusing ass” compensation matrix. So my spider senses were going crazy. The fact that I saw a sports car on their main page didn't help matters. But I simmered down because their opportunity did exhibit some elements of an affiliate career which you all know I recommend highly for the right people.

In any event, the product that GDI is pushing wasn't some overpriced tooth paste or berry juice. (No offense to any of you pushing that stuff. To each their own.) Global Domains International offers domain names and related web services. Obviously you don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure that out based on the name of the company. In any event for the benefit of the technically challenged, let me break down some of the “GREEK” that will be used in the rest of the article. Domains are just another label for .com names. So for instance I own so that's my domain name. I purchased it using a domain name provider such as Hostgator or GoDaddy. Domain names cost anywhere from $3-$10 depending on where you get them. After acquiring your domain name you need something called hosting which can cost about $3-$10 as well. Hosting is basically where all your pages of your domain name are stored so that when someone visits your site they will find something to read there. It's like the space on your computer where you save files or pictures. But hosting is for your web pages that you create with some software.

Hopefully that made sense. As we all know, everyone is going online. So this means more and more companies and people need domain names and hosting. GDI claims you can earn large amounts of money by providing this valuable service to the masses. No objections here.

How Global Domains International Opportunity Works

1. You sign up for one of their domain and hosting packages which is $10 per month. This provides you with one of their .ws domain name, hosting and some other included web services. It's also allows you to be a rep for the company where you can refer other people to their services or opportunity. (There is also a free 7 day trial.)

2. Once you become a paid member you're provided with an application that can be used to send invitations through email campaigns, DVD invitations to send through the mail or hand out face-to-face, and a wealth of other marketing resources at your disposal. These marketing materials will link to your selling website which allegedly sells for you because of a very persuasive video.

3. For every direct referral you make, you earn a $1 in commissions. There is also a bonus program where if you refer 5 new customers within a week period you earn a $100 bonus. As long as the customers stay on, you'll make residual income of $1 per month for each customer. You also make money on your customers referrals.

Reasons Some Label Global Domains International A Scam

1. Apparently some have claimed that their credit card was charged even after canceling the trial. Folks have also claimed that they make you jump through hoops to cancel.

2. Some have also argued the GDI domain names and hosting are over priced and don't provide nearly as much value as hosting from well known companies like Godaddy or Hostgator.

3. GDI is offering a several tiered affiliate program at a price. In most cases parent companies never charge folks to be an affiliate of their organization. You're also never really required to purchase the product. Affiliate programs are usually totally free because it benefits the parent company to have an active sales force promoting their products. So why charge them? Someone can easily become an affiliate of some bigger name companies that offer a free affiliate program with better quality and services for lower prices.

4. From an internet marketing perspective most companies use .com for a reason. People remember .com domain names. Yes companies will buy other domain name extensions such as .net, .biz, etc. But they do this to protect their brand not because they feel those extensions will really catch on and replace .com names. So the fact that GDI only sells .ws domain names is very limiting because most people that come online will want a .com name. They claim that all .com names will eventually be snatched up. But that's ridiculous because people's domain expire all the time. Furthermore with the right marketing some enterprising soul can make up a word and become the next Google. Remember when none of us knew what the heck Google meant?

So that's what I've learned from my initial research. By no means is it totally complete or infallible. But at least you have an idea of what some of the complaints are about this opportunity.

I agree that domain names and hosting are a valuable service. Graphic and website designers offer it all the time along with their design services. But 99% of those professionals are affiliates of bigger domain and hosting companies. And they aren't paying to be an affiliate of these companies and they're making tons of money.

There is definitely value in the GDI marketing resources because getting people to refer is always going to be the tough part in affiliate marketing. So maybe that's worth the $10 per month. But the fact that they only sell .ws domains is what would put the breaks on this opportunity for me or my recommendation of it to others.

So based on some of the factors I've discovered, I would pass on this opportunity. Not so much because I think it's a scam, it's more because i feel you're limited with the .ws domain name. The other thing that one has to keep in mind is that you can become an affiliate of other domain and hosting companies for free. However in defense of GDI, you're not really paying to be an associate of their company. You're actually paying for hosting and domain services. But as a paying customer, GDI gives you the perk of making money referring people to GDI. But again, you can do this for free with other companies. So with that said, I just don't see it being worth the investment.

However if you're willing to invest in a home opportunity and want my personal recommendation, my vote is still with Wealthy Affiliate. I think you would get more value with that opportunity if you have the right commitment level and work ethic. Any good home business opportunity is going to take work on your end. Marketing material, videos etc are only as good as the people that use them. So don't let anyone tell you differently. Because chances are they're selling you a pipe dream.

For the folks that only want traditional jobs, please be sure to visit our work at home jobs page by clicking here or our trusted partner for pre-screened job leads without any ads to muck through.

In any event, I want to give another big “shout out” to Jay & Robert for bringing a new type of work at home opportunity to review. This year, I'm going to try to do more user requested reviews provided that it's not about data entry, typing, cash leveraging, rebate processing or survey opportunities. I've generically covered all those opportunities on our work at home questions page. If you haven't read that page in it's entirety, you're doing yourself a dis-service. But if you have a new type of work at home opportunity that doesn't fit material I've already covered, please post your review request in our ask page or down below. But chances are you can probably get an answer quickly by following the steps in our scam video by clicking here.

Let me know what you guys think about GDI. I am sure we may see a few of the GDI folks posting and we welcome their comments.

95 thoughts on “Is GDI Global Domains International A Scam?”

  1. i too joined twice now, once last year 2019, and this month of 2020 with 2 different sponsors with a team build thing saying they get you 6 paid members and so on. both times, even after paying did i get even 1 paid member as promised, but yet they contacted me saying you won’t get it right away, i think personally your building their downline first and they work in order of thier team, so it could take several months, not sure if i either want to pay this time after trial for jan and go alone and market or just go with say another company such as where you can become a reseller like godaddy but FREE, no reseller fees plus i can even just market it and get other resellers under me, and you earn 10% of the wholesale price of any product/service sold, again without ever having to pay reseller fees (godaddy charges $180/year) but you do get lower wholesale prices such as selling .coms as low as $8.99/year and still making a profit, with many registrar now charging $10 or more on .com, it may be worth the investment now and charge $9/year on .com. Basically just trying to figure out should i stick with RP which is Free Reseller or give Godaddy reseller a try.

    RP you can sell .COMs above $11/yr to profit
    GD you can sell .COMs at least $8.99/yr to profit (but costs $180/year)

    what would you think?

  2. guys really confused abt this GDI of a thing cause as if stands so I don’t even have a visa card or a MasterCard as being said in the registration box
    plz can I use Verve

  3. I had done GDI years a go. I made no money. I did all the services. I did not get one cent doing this. I felt I was wasting $10.00 a month for earning nothing. So I canceled the service. I feel this is a scam. A pirmod scheme . The product is the CD.s that they hand out for free on GDI. There was no physical real product to sell. Just the services . That what make it as it is a “SCAM “

    • Hey Eva,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. There are plenty of legitimate business that sell a service that aren’t physical such as information, digital media, etc. So you don’t need to a have a physical product to be considered a legitimate company. And furthermore there are plenty of people that try businesses and just fail to make it work. Again that doesn’t make the business a scam. It just means the person failed to make it profitable for them and that happens often with business which is why most people are employees. So none of this would make a company a scam to me. That said I’m not real big on GDI for the reasons I laid above in the article. So that’s where we both probably agree that it’s not neccessarily the best business to work. Either way, I appreciate your insight.

    • Hey Gary,

      If you’re interested given what you’ve in my review above and you have the money to invest, it may be worth a shot. I would just research the team that is recruiting you. Also keep in mind my article about reps that sign you up for these opportunities.

      I would encourage you to look at my top recommendation as well and compare the two opportunities. Mine is free to join and start.

      Keep me posted either way.

    • If you can’t afford $11-$14 or less using promo codes for a domain name for your business then you may not be ready to run a business. I get you’re a member of GDI but come on guy. lol

  4. Hi Eddy – after reading all the comments I am now so confused. Someone very close to me joint GDI and used the to advertise other affiliate schemes like SFI however, up to date no downlines? What is your views about SFI?

    • Hi,

      In any business that involves recruiting/sales it’s always going to take time to make your first sale. It can take weeks or months to see your first sale with a business. It just comes with the territory and why most people are afraid to become business owners. You need to have patience and dedication to see the business through before you see success. So just because your friend hasn’t made any sales or sign up yet doesn’t really mean anything. It’s pretty normal when you’re first starting out.

      I haven’t been with SFI for years so I don’t have much feedback about it. But if you are looking to be the boss and start a home business you may want to consider my top FREE work at home recommendation here: it provides you the training, tools and most importantly the support you need to succeed with a home business which is key. Furthermore you can actually start a business around something you have a passion for or an expertise in. Where most businesses you’re selling or pushing something you aren’t really passionate about and when you hit that wall, you’re more inclined to give up. That’s not the case with my #1 Free Recommendation. S

      So that’s something else to consider. Just because something is right for one person doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT for you. Explore all your options and go with your gut. I hope this helps.

  5. Say you sign up for the 7 day free trial and you bring in 5 people within those 7 days will you still get paid the $100.00 for bringing in those 5 people?

  6. I think you’re over generalizing which is very dangerous in so many respects as we’ve seen in history.

    I agree that expecting to earn a full time living with only 30 minutes a day sounds like a bunch of bull to me too. As someone that DOES actually earn a full time living online, I can tell you 30 minutes a day would only scratch the surface of my day to day activity. I know a lot of other folks that make a full time living at home as well and none of them merely do it with only 3o minutes a day.

    So if someone told me that, I wouldn’t trust them either. But it should be noted that you can earn a full time living online. But it’s going to require that you bust your ass like you would offline. Anyone telling you otherwise is full of it.

    But the internet has and continues to help people work at home full time. So it’s not a myth despite all the crap that you may see out there. It’s just a matter of filtering through that nonsense to find the legitimate opportunities and resources that will help you succeed. Fortunately that’s what this site is about.

    So don’t let your past experiences or pre-conceived notions make you jaded where you’re ignoring legitimate opportunities. Trust me when I say it won’t help you be successful making money online. A healthy skepticism with a large dosage of research is what should be employed. But broad generalizations and assumptions is just the opposite of what you should be doing to succeed.

    Thanks for chiming in.

  7. I think that all of these “opportunities” take advantage of desperate people living in a desperate time
    just trying to find a way to climb out of the hole. So what they only charge $10 dollars a month, the point is they all promiss that you can make a living doing this when it is a blatant lie. Only 30 minutes a day and you can replace your income, it’s total bullshit. The internet has become a sess pool of scams period.

  8. i really wanna give this a try as soon as possible,.but sadly,.right now,.i don’t have a paypal,credit card or any account,..i hope there are other ways of payment for newbies like me,.;(

  9. Hi Eddy. Thanks for the info about GDI. I had been contemplating for days about joining them, until I remembered to contact my new friend (you) and ask for his advice. THANKS for clearing this up for me! By the way, while I’m here Eddy, I signed up for LiveOps, and I passed everything including the background check. However, now, I’m having difficulty completing the next level, which is the “Electronic Application.” They’ve made the text on this application too small for me to read. Therefore, I can not understand it. And when I complained to them about it, they apologized and said, (in so many words), “Sorry, but, this is the only format for this appliocation.” Well, this is one of the reasons that I’m considering forfeiting the 50 bucks I paid for the background check. Another reason is because my computer may not be compatible with their platform. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to chalk this up as another learning experience. Right Eddy?


  10. I appreciate your inputs about this GDI, Eddy. I was about to join in GDI but I changed my mind because the way their payment matrix plan works, I realized that its really hard to manage 5 X 5 matrix and I also don’t like the .ws domain because its not that common and average internet surfers will have a hard time to remember it.

    • Hey,

      You’re welcome. Just keep in mind that they do offer .com names now. Someone in the previous comments corrected me about that. But if the matrix thing doesn’t appeal to you, then I totally understand. I’m just happy the review and the comments above and helped you make a decision that was right for you.

  11. i am curious about this GDI.. they say, they’ll pay $1/month up to 5 levels deep with referrals.. is it really a MONTHLY PAYMENT???? that’s the part i don’t understand, please explain

  12. rofl… omg Eddy m\’friend.. tis uncanny the amount of deja vu\’s an more each other time i visit your site mate! LOL..

    THIS TIME?..

    \’\’\’ …and “confusing ass” compensation matrix. So my spider senses were going crazy… \’\’\’

    i\’ve been, since fall of my fourteenth year when i finally put away all my stacks of comic books.. describing the \’hair back of neck + spine chills etc\’ as \’my spider sense is tingling again!!\’ ROFL..

    YOU\’RE KILLN ME EDDY! lol..

  13. Anyone who asks for money up from (even $10) must be running a scam. After all, if the product was that good and it was going to make money anyway, why ask for money to join?
    …Am I missing something?

    • Hi Walliat,

      Yes you are. There is a difference between a home business and a job. A job is when you work for someone else. You get a set salary for a certain amount of hours. A business isn’t a job. It takes money to get a business started. For instance I can’t start a McDonald’s without money. I need supplies, a building, employees, marketing, etc. GDI is the same concept. It’s not a job. So there is a difference. Too often you have these people and other work at home websites running around making blanket statements that anything charging a fee is a scam. And that’s not always the case, some of these opportunities are businesses and any business owner will tell you, you can’t start a business without money.

      So keep that in mind when you come across an opportunity. Don’t jump to conclusions. Always do your research. Don’t assume, know! With that said if you’re not looking for a home based business and want a traditional job then visit the following page:

      Hopefully now you know the difference between a home based business opportunity and a job. Good luck.

  14. Thanks for sharing this website. Came on the check out ClixSense – not for an opportunity, but rather to see just how people expected $0.01 every 30 seconds to add up to more that $1.20/hour… Anyway, being involved in GDI, I just had to know what your opinion was. The main thing I think people miss and maybe even GDI themselves is how their website package is about the easiest, least technical way to get one’s own website. And, they will register the other extensions as well as the .ws, but really – people DO often find the name they want is taken up in .com land and .ws (“web site”) isn’t THAT hard to remember… I do recommend that GDI affiliates use there website for something besides just promoting GDI, so that they can either create other income streams or share info or both. I promote Live Laugh Love.
    Happy Holidays!

  15. Hi Eddy! Thank you for your answer and for your helpful articles. I will continue with GDI, investing 10$ bucks a month is little. The hyphe indeed is misleading and counterproductive and it just turns away potential clients. Telling friends about joining GDI makes them to surf to something hyphy on net and they call telling “How could you fell for that?”. For those interesting only in hosting and not in the business part I do not recommend GDI because one can benefit from a way better hosting opportunities.

  16. Hi Johnney,

    Welcome to our little hole on the web. It’s great to see when people do their research and I’m glad it lead you here. Larry was just a little peeved. It happens from time to time when discussing these opportunities. We try to keep that stuff in check because we don’t want this blog turning into some battle field instead of a place of intellectual discussions.

    I totally agree with your statement about “work”. Sometimes people just don’t get that especially when it comes to building a business. With a job you may be able to slide by just by showing up. That doesn’t cut it with a business whether its GDI or anything else. So you’ve hit it on the head.

    In any event, I’m glad reading this article struck a nerve and you’ll be back to explore more the site. I’m confident you’ll gain a lot of insight. If you want to stay up to date when we post new articles please be sure to subscribe here:

    Take care.

  17. Hi All,
    Very interesting comments. I was directed to GDI through an email from someone I’m sure I don’t know, and then googled for some reviews and voila! here I am. I feel I must say Larry was a might strong, but I can’t remember the last time I read every comment posted to an article, Eddy I am extremely impressed with how often you post a reply and therefore I am obliged to further investigate your site and happenings. Haven’t joined GDI and probably will not, however, from what I have read so far, I don’t believe it is a scam, maybe a little misleading in some of its’ hypey typey talk, BUT, I am not saying it is a scam. I will say this, whether you work from home or work for someone else or work for yourself offline or work online away from home, the operative word is WORK. Whatever you do, to do it right you gotta work it, financial freedom, time freedom, less stress, more joy, better relationships you know what you gotta do, that’s right — Work It, Baby!
    I have really enjoyed this and can’t wait to visit again, bookmarking you for sure my friend.
    Success to all and to all Success.

    • Hi Erik,

      Thanks for chiming in. I’m not a member of GDI but 2 days seems a bit premature to evaluate a business. It doesn’t seem like that would be enough time to take action or even see results.

    • i just joined and i have no idea what to do. I dont believe that anything in life comes easy. I believe in hard work and effort the problem is I have no idea what to apply that hard work or effort into.

  18. I am currently a GDI affiliate, but my main focus is the ease of use with their domain services, not necessarily the income opportunity. I have gotten a paypal deposit from them. I am not making as much as I am paying them, but godaddy never sent me money. I am promoting GDI, entirely based upon using their services to grow an affiliate income. I feel in that instance it is an awesome program. I just wish they didn’t use as much hype in their videos. I feel the products are worth more than the income potential, and they focus on the wrong side of things. The hype based movies are probably people’s biggest turn off to GDI. Just for the record both of my url’s are .com’s all you have to do is change the drop down menu from .ws to .com.

    • I have to agree with you Matt. I think hype is unnecessary when you have a decent product and opportunity. Most of the feedback has been positive about GDI so I don’t even know why they employ some of the hypey stuff.

  19. I have been with GDI for 1 month and no it is not a scam!This is the best internet marketing company I have ever seen.Yes you have to work but so what we work hard at our 9-5 that we hate!So why not work hard for our selves?I have already made a bonus and not to mention the 30 people I have already signed up.It is great and I would recommend GDI to any single mom who needs extra income.

  20. You can click on: “’ Hosting Service. You can use your own application to build your site and we can host it for you.” Many businesses and online marketers choose to make very professional websites with this option for GDI but they know what they are doing. A lay person like myself I use GDI basic templates because I only know how to write a few lines and some basic html and scripts. So you would click “I want to use the WebSite Builder Templates to build my own WebSite” If you are using GDI Templates and you need to edit the initial page you created with the wizard click on the wrench/pencil edit icon from the page manager. It takes a little work to learn how to use the many functions to write and edit your own webpages.

  21. I tried using GDI’s website building program and found it NOT user-friendly. What I typed in did not appear where I thought it would and three lines over lapped each other and there was no way to go back and un-do it. It must be a very primitive or basic tool because it certainly is NOT flexible. Now, what do you mean when yo said I can use other tools to build my GDI site?

  22. Hi Bucky, you can use GDI templates to design your own websites or I think you can use your own stylesheets to design your own website. But I’m not good at building websites so I’m using another hosting service to build a wordpress blog. Also, you can still get the domain name even though you have with GDI. It’s just that someone else already registered domain name. Or you may want to try for .net or .org to see if it’s available. Sometimes you can pay in advance for a domain name in case someone drops the domain name or forgets to renew it. I notice godaddy hosting/domains has a service like that where you can bid to get the name you want in case it becomes available.

  23. I signed up with GDI, but not sure I want to stay. I tried designing my web site, but found the process cumbersome, illogical and limiting. But they had already approved my domain I just tried getting through a different company and was told that it is not available. So my question is: once solutioneers is used at .ws, the others like .com, .net cannot have the same? Bucky

  24. I’m going to try and break this into 2 parts since I’m having such a hard time. I wish there was something to tell us when we’ve written too many character or out of space.

    You should not join GDI unless you find a team that is doing well and will help place people under you. This is by best advice since I’m in your shoes too with very limited income and trying to find other sources of income including affiliate marketing. I have received checks from GDI for the few people that signed up under me about $18.00 a month. However, I cannot recommend GDI as a primary source of income. It is difficult to get people to sign up. GDI does pay $100.00 for every 5 sign ups a week. However, it’s hard getting that many people in one week if you don’t have the marketing in place to drive people to your website.

  25. I don’t think I would call this a scam. To me a scam is when you totally get ripped off. GDI offers you the same thing you get for around the same money as any other hosting domain sites. You can also register other domain extension besides .ws. I’m not sure there’s is an online opportunity where the biz you sign up with isn’t in it to make money. That’s a given.

    I believe a persons success or failure with any online program, that is not an outright scam, which GDI isn’t , is in their own efforts and how much time and energy they are willing to give it. The tools are their but some folks aren’t willing to work the system and follow the necessary steps to succeed so they quit and then try to convince others that the program is not a good one.

    Not implying that you are one of these by any means. But no one likes to look or feel like they have failed so they pin it on the big guys.

    Don’t know how long it’s been since you tried GDI, perhaps they have improved since then. And you don’t have to promote their system, you can just develop your own website and by pass the affiliate part. So, all in all it’s worth the $10 bucks a month if you want a domain and all the other benefits offered.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Have a great day.


  26. @Andy Chu:

    I sure do wish you the best, Andy, but if GDI doesn’t work out for you, have a good look around on this site for other opportunities, view the videos, read the well-written articles here, click on the “Recommended Links” here, and please, whatever you do, don’t overlook the “Work From Home Scams” section.

  27. Hi Andy,

    I don’t want to tie up Eddy’s forum so you can email me at if you need help. But you can go to: put in your userid and password and it will take you to the back office and theres a forum you can visit for advice I think. Be careful because people will email you to try advertsing that may not work. I’ve been a victim of some. You can also go to my replicated sites to see your videos and different websites. There’s a problem with many affiliate sites. If your upline doesn’t help you, you’re on your own to figure things out. I’m in my second month and still trying to get the kinks out. I promised an update next month sometime. Anyway I don’t know what happened to my last post.

  28. Hello everyone!

    I signed up yesterday after searching tons of information and people experience from forum
    or blog such as this page, gladly most of them were positive, but no one shows up the prove, which most likely checks from the company.

    Here comes up a question, after I follow the step to have the 7 day trial, also confim the paypal from GDI payment, I have no idea whats going on, where should I go find the setup page like the website video mentioned about?

    I went to, but THEY CHARGE before I intend to sign up, so I give up the try, I wanna ask for help over here, to see whats my next step, I believe this is not a scam, but I need to know what should I do next.

  29. Hello all,
    I am new to all of this but wanted to comment on my feelings about GDI. I happened to come across this through wordlinks or something and it was tissa’s page etc. I started going through it and remember eddy’s page. One thing that stopped me was when I got to the part about buying a domain name I was like I already have one, can’t I use my own. I sent in a ticket about it and then decided to come over to eddy’s site and see if he had reviewed it. Sure enough seems like lots of info on the subject. From this info seems like I won’t be signing up. It really doesn’t seem to me like affiliate marketing, just an online version of a MLM scheme. Well this just sends me a few more steps toward other suggest opportunities on this site. Thanks again eddy and all the followers here for your opinions. Any updates on GDI?

    • Hi sli1que,

      Thanks for stopping by and posting. I appreciate the kind words. I am sure some of the GDI folks will being chiming in. Hopefully it will be something of substance that can help you instead of the “Oh I’m making boat loads of money with GDI and you should just join me to do the same.” lol

  30. I’ve worked several part time jobs from home which the income is still limited but the hours are very flexible. So I’m still trying to break out of the rut. My GDI venture is at a standstill. I have about 18 people under me from when I started in March? So that’s $18.00 max a month. I still have not qualified for the weekly bonus of $100.00 for signing 5 people a week. It’s a bit frustrating to say the least. lol I can’t complain for $10.00 a month but if you need some income fast, you’re going to have to invest in a business or opportunity that may cost more to begin with but get you more rewards up front. I’m not good at marketing or advertising so I guess wealthy affiliate training would come in handy.

    I’m checking out some more marketing teams including Tissa that uses my clickbank account and commission junction products/servcies, etc. You’ll definitely want to have some other income streams besides GDI. The thing is when the advertising says you can make $3900.00 with a 5×5 downline, you initially think all you need is 25 people under you. But that’s not how it works. You would have to build your downline to about 3900 people in this 5×5 downline and that could take a while.

    So I’ll give another update by June 1, 2009. They say you have to have money to make money and I guess that’s true if you want to invest in yourself or build your own business.

  31. Great discussion, I am new here I too have tried GDI a few years ago I must say that it was not for me. I don’t believe it is a scam at any rate as mention already this is how industries get a bad rap, from former participates bad mouthing the industry, company and or products based on their experiences.

    I have been involved in affiliate marketing in the past and still do have some interest in it, I do have a small problem with the way ‘work at home job’ and/or ‘work at home opportunity or business’ is interchangeably is being used in some of the comments posted. First of all a ‘work at home job’ IMO is no way the same as a ‘work at home opportunity or business’ they are two different things. With a ‘job’ you should not pay in order to work from home is its a job and you are not the boss. On the other hand if it is a work at home opportunity or business you will pay a fee for being a distributor, associate, or representative depending on how that is defined be the company you are partnered with now that also means you can reap the tax benefits that go along with running a home business or opportunity from home.

    Now that includes direct sales, affiliate marketing, network marketing etc under home opportunity or business now you might say that is not the case with affilate marketing I probably would tend to agree to a point since you can join as a affiliate for free the fine line in my mind is this you start to recruit or build a team of that is where affiliate marketing is like a home business in my eyes as well. Sure you have no to low start up or do you to get started but in the end I see it all the same at the end of the day.

    Work at home jobs in my eyes means you are still working for someone other than yourself many of us have left the 9-5 or working toward that to create something no ‘job’ can give… financial freedom, more to time freedom and more I for one do not want to leave one job to do another job from the comfort of my home. Sure I will be there for my family, I will have more freedom to a point because it is still a work at home job you still have deadlines to meet, x amount of hours that you have to account for sure you will avoid a great deal of stress maybe working a job is not going to secure your future the state of what is going on today is proof of that and I still work outside the home. I am fully aware that I am responsible for my future not a job, all a job does is make someone else rich.


  32. HEY MARK SHERRIS..I need some help on that search engine..I went to level 3 but went back to level 2 cause I didn’t understand how to do anything.. I trust Tissa and would love to go to New York when the snow is over and get him to fix it up for me..
    So, you do make money with Tissa’s program? Great..I’m on GDI too and love it..

  33. @DancingFeahter:


    Sorry for the late reply, when you pay Tissa 29.95
    I must admit that he doesn’t really do anything with that 29.95
    To make it happen however, you need to have step 3 completed in order
    To be able to force GDI hosting, so you grow your downline.

    What many people do. Is assume that Tissa is promoting your
    Referal page, to get GDI signups… when Tissa is actually promoting your
    Search engine, so you won’;t get signups for GDI unless you
    Put effert into it yourself, and promote your referal pages 🙂

    I try and help everybody who signs up with their search engine
    And GDI, and just to prove that Tissa does pay, you can go to
    The 125 Proof board below, and you’ll see my name Mark Sherris
    At the top their 🙂

    Hope this helps

  34. People like some of you on here make me cring with anger. You run your mouth about something that you don’t know anything about. You just go along with what he said she said.

    And to sit on here and claim GDI is corrupted , you are actually the one being corrupted because you’re lying. GDI is not corrupted in any means. Stop lying and get the facts straight.

    And as Rob said you are not stuck with the .ws domain. All of them are available. As a matter
    of fact , I opted for the .com for my website.

    Just because you people who sigened up with GDI were not willing to put in the effort to get your members , doesn’t make GDI a scam. It’s like saying you went to work at Walmart and quit
    before you made any money and then say Walmart is a scam.

    THINK before you speak.

    • Settle down Larry. Folks are entitled to their opinions.
      What I’ve found in this industry is that people label things scam that they wouldn’t in real life.
      But when you have so many bad apples out there in this industry it’s just easier to do so.

      People are basing their opinions on their experience which is obviously subjective. The Walmart example you’ve provided is one
      I’ve used many times but with McDonald’s. lol I can buy a McDonald’s & not sell 1 burger. Does it make McDonald’s a scam?
      Nope. But if McDonald’s was an online company and this happened, people would run around calling it a scam.
      So I hear your frustration there. The word scam is open to interpretation by individuals.

      But I think you would do more good if you actually provided your positive experience with GDI instead of attacking others that had a different one from you. The whole purpose of these reviews is we have both opposing and
      approving sides chime in. This way people can balance both sides out and make an informed decision.

      The fact of the matter is that every work at home company will have its ditractors and fans. But inquiring minds need to know the reasons for both sides and make a decision for themselves. I’ve read negative comments about other companies I’ve joined in the past and quickly realized that some of the comments were meaningless to me because most of the things folks were complaining about I knew I could get around. But it was good to know beforehand because I didn’t go into the opportunity blindly. So it’s important that folks have both sides of the story, so an informed decision can be made. So feel free to give your experience with GDI without attacking others who have different experiences.

      In either case, we appreciate you chiming in!

  35. Hi Claudia,

    I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I’ve signed enough people under me to make back my $10.00 investment each month, so it’s not getting me rich quick. LOL I think this may take a year to get to where I want to be. I’m working on some more advertising and will hopefully have it in place by the middle of next month. If I’m getting enough signups to help my downline as well I’ll let you know by end of next month.

  36. Hey Eddy! First of all let me congratulate you on your Wealthy Affiliate achievements. You deserve it. Second just want to tell you my story: the problem is that I’m am a Romanian student, no income whatsoever, one of the 4 members of my family all living in poor conditions with the the equivalent of 400 $ a month of my father salary. Most of it goes on bills leaving us maybe 60 $ or less for food and other necessities. I study as hard as I can in college, because I think about my future.
    Anyway, knowing this, I must ask you: isn’t there a way to make it in Wealthy Affiliate without the training? From what I understood, and corect me if I’m wrong, it’s free to join, but is it free to make money? I also read about GDI and am anxious to learn how to make my own site and how to convince others to join me, but then I thought “how can I convince others? and if don’t manage I’m gonna loose 10 $ every month” and I assure you 10 $ means enough to us… ( sorry about being so pathetic ) and I certainly CAN’T THINK about paying 40 $ a month.

    Seeing that I have to spend 6-8 hours a day listening to teachers and studying, so that I can pass my semetrial exams which is twice as more work and study than a day to day job, I can’t get a job to help my family. And even if I could and had the time, there isn’t much hiring because of our economical crisis and our corrupt system which try very hard to steal our way of life and make us wish we were born in another country or never at all.
    This is way I seek help from the outside, because if I wait for my country to offer me the necessary conditions I might as well starve.. It may sound strange, but it’s reality ( again I apologize for being so pathetic ) I thought this might be a good way of earning when I’m not at school or studying, because if I don’t help my family, who will? I started reading about Wealthy Affiliate, but when I reached to the 2 $ a day, kinda’ lost all hope.
    I just want to know, is there a way of making some money without much investments?
    I would be extremely grateful to you, if you would answer me. I thank you in advance !

  37. I’m afraid I have to agree with Eddy. It does take some work if not a little to work your own business, and you will be out of more money to pay for leads or advertising. I’m not one myself to try to post in free ads or forums all day but I have done so with not much results. My patience for that is rather thin. I’d rather pay for some leads to call and talk with someone briefly but if you buy cheap leads someone else has already called them 40 times and they don’t want to hear you. I joined GDI perhaps over 3 weeks ago and found a new club on Yuwie that has free advertising that is creating a 5×5 downline for everyone which may take another month or so. I do follow up letters to prospects on my own. I’m just 3 weeks into this and I have my 1st 5 downline. But I probably would not have those last 4 without Yuwie. I haven’t made any money except for maybe $1.00 for each signup although you are paid $100.00 for 5 signups a week. I will be buying some leads and just see how that goes which will cost me about $30.00 for 10 good leads.

    So I will give you an update on things by the 1st of next month. My advice is to find something you will like to do and that people are interested in like Eddy mentioned and go with that but be prepared to spend at least $40 – $100.00 or more per month. So you don’t waste your money, it’s best to be prepared to get to work right away and study all the materials because some buisnesses have a lot to go over. So you may be better off trying Wealthy Affiliate if you have the money to spare because it’s going to cost you money anyway to build your business.


    P.S I hope you don’t mind Eddie if I leave my email in case anyone wants to contact me here.

    • Finally a breath of fresh air. lol
      Janice thanks for chiming in with some real feedback! I understand that some of the folks that comment on our post have their agenda and that’s fine. I have no problem with self promotion as long as you provide
      value in your responses and objective feedback about a given opportunity. I think your comment has given folks a better idea of what to expect. So thanks for that. I really appreciate your comment!

      By the way it’s spelled Eddy not Eddie. lol 😉

  38. @Jemina: Hey Jenna, I will answer any questions you want..and then you can join with me if you are works for me..even though am a cluts at ..GDI is perfect..does all the selling for me..don’t have to do other than refer and it works..So write and I will be happy to answer all I know. GDI is not a scam..

    • This is why people will label a company a scam. No “system” does all the work for you. That’s nonsense! Even with a system you have to put in work. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.
      I understand you want people to sign up under you and all. But you’re totally misrepresenting the reality. So folks don’t believe the hype. Go into this opportunity with realistic expectations of having to do
      work and not necessarily making sales right away if at all.

  39. @Mark Sherris: hi I need some help ..which program of on one & nothing comes for me for gdi.. I know you can use his syteme but you sitll have to pay 29.95 a month..its worth it if you are on the leaderboard. Some mistake too was made because my search engine I checked it this mornining is in Spanish maybe that is why I am not getting any gdi leads.

    Am having a problem getting a reply..I decided to unsuscribe because I don’t know what the heck completely not computor unfortuately I cant even advertise myself as he no use for me paying to get leads. I can’t even find where to unsuscribe….

    Unless you can help me..because he is making $$$.. on GDI ..I’d love to meet him in person..

  40. Hey everybody, I was browsing the web looking for a bit more info on GDI and seeing what other people think. I just want to add my view on GDI in reply to a lot of other peoples views saying it’s a scam or they don’t make any money etc etc
    First time I was in GDI I got a few sign ups, but then I gave up because I didn’t have to tools to make it happen
    And I wasn’t really very educated, but I decided to give it another shot a couple of month back,
    And it does work, but only if you copy somebody who’s already doing great.
    I used Tissa Godavitarne’s system to get gdi signups, I’m sure some of you already have heard of his name
    But if not, he reguarly gets on top of the GDI leaderboards far far infront of anybody else.
    What’s great though is if you are already in GDI you can still use his system, I’m not part of his
    Team but I still use his system to get all my GDI signups, I hope this doesn’t sound like
    I’m trying to promote to you, but I just want to let you know that GDI does deliver you just
    Need a system that works, since using the system I’m getting on the GDI leaderboards
    Myself now, and also creating a good income from his referal system alone. Thanks Mark

  41. @Eddy Salomon:Absolutely Eddy, lollllll.. True not everyone can work for thems elves. It takes employees too..lollllll. I was taught young to always work for me which I did most of my life. I rather be theone going to play golf than seeing the boss going off to play golf while am working my pretty seat off so that he has that money to buy his BMW, his house, his vacations , etc. etc.
    GDI is a great is not a scam, it is so easy to do, even teens can do it and golden age folks like me. lolllllll
    …Edited by Staff

  42. I have been searching a long time, what you do you verify if they are in good standing with a BBB or other association. GDI you can check up on them, they have been in fortune 500 and a scam wouldn’t be in there for sure.
    GDI doesn’t make empty promises as each person makes the money when they work at it.

    All the ones that promise you quick money..stay away from or makes you pay continuously for this and that.

    I took GDI because, they are LEGIT, not expensive, easy to do, and why pay to get a website to try to make money when you can get one with GDI for 10$ a month, 10 page website with all the tools to make it or use a replica, a great support system, domain name for life, free e-mails, banners and also can download a pamphlet. It has been so well thought out and constructed that it sells itself.
    Not a huge commitment, if you want to make the weekly bonus all you have to do ONE time is take a 10 package dvd and you are eligible for life..the dvd’s are fantastique and reject proof practically. I mean, who can’t put aside c hips and candy, soda and chocolate etc…and spend 10$ a month to have a legit home business.

    I just love it, I have been saving so much on gas, i work in my pjamas, I get to meet wonderful people..and like any job you have to work at it..only you working for make your own time and if you are serious you can make serious money.

    I was thrilled this morning to check my commissions and seeing it has grown..can’t wait till the 15th of march to check my account. I am on my second month of seriously working on it..I was quite sick before and didn’t work on it much but now am better and its is snowballing.
    I rather be a pipeline builder adding one pipe at a time which will flow to my bank account much easier than being a water pail carrier check to pay check and this is recession proof.. You can quit I’m not quitting and am putting in my will so my son will inherit and he can put in his will to give to his son is a business with no limits and will last forever.

    Just like a pipeline from a lake to the water citern..once it’s more having to carry a pail. right!! no more suffering , being tired, working for a boss , working my own time and I have always loved working for commissions, I always made more than my friends who worked for a salary.

    GDI is a legit company and a great business. I’m having so much fun and learning a lot..I’m using a replica website until I get the hang of doing my 65 so computer language is a little mystifying for me but hey am making $$ anyway..

    Financial Freedom Guaranteed..of course depends on how much you are willing to run for your prize…you must have a vision..a goal and I am going to reach mine..

    • Dancing Feathers, you’ve said a mouthful there. lol
      Sounds like you’re very happy with the opportunity and that’s great. But I know for a fact no opportunity is perfect and there are always some negative aspects about each one.
      So I’m happy we’ve had some people that have chimed in that have given us a bit more of a better balanced view of their experience with GDI. 😉

      At the end of the day, I agree with you that working for yourself is way better than depending on someone else for a paycheck. I tried to instill that very concept in the article I wrote to introduce folks to my chosen career as a work at home affiliate:

      But the fact of the matter is that some people don’t want the responsibility of being the boss. Even with the proper training and support, some folks won’t make money with GDI or any home based business because of a number of reasons. And it’s not necessarily because of lack of effort on their part. So to each their own. Everyone has to find their own path. But I’m with you. I like a path where I call the shots and not some employer telling me what I’m worth and when I can spend time with my family. I think folks are starting to see this now with companies laying folks off and their pensions being cut. There already seems to be a shift away from the job mentality towards the entrepreneur one. Hopefully these people will find the success you’ve described here with whatever legitimate opportunity they choose to join.

  43. i almost tried gdi, but then i thought everyone in the world should do it to eleminate world poverty, but then how would that last guy who joined make any money? i guess if we started recruiting minors and infants, the parents can pay for that $10 since they’ll probably be making a fortune by then. wow, and gdi would rule the world lol. anyway, i think im cool on that. my wife and i just ordered the “wealthy affiliate.” we started the copy-n-profit (, and that’s doing really well, so we thought we’d try another one and do them both at the same time. we’ll let you know about our experience!

    • Tek,

      You’re a comedian. lol
      Well congrats on your site. I love to hear when people take matters into their own hands and start businesses. It’s the only way I have found to really make what you deserve and control your destiny.
      Keep me posted on how you’re doing with the opportunities you joined. I’m almost tempted to try GDI myself just to see if it’s as easy as people claim it is to make money. So we’ll see.

  44. Hi Jemma, I followed the steps to do. Signed in, gave my paypal to receive my payments, then I went on my website, studied everything. Then before buying the dvds to be eligible for weekly bonus’s I wanted to see if it worked..It does work and so I bought the 10dvds..and will start handing them out to get bonuses.
    I sent out alot of invitations and irony its chatting with a girl from Singapore that started it all..I have 22 persons in 3 weeks and it keep adding on. I also went on with Tissa who is the head winner of bonus on the leaderboards and made 125$ in 24 hours as he put me on google, msn, yahoo, because i had no idea pretty good for my age but not an expert but am learning.

    so now am going to find someone who can set up my website for me so I can affiliate myself with companies like .biz and others that py you everytime somene buys something or per click . So now my girlfriends are joining and so am going to show them what to do so they may money faster by getting the dvd’s right away. It’s only one time to buy them to be eligible as handing out dvd’s is a good way also. been in many mlm’s and trust me this is the pearl of them all. So I have made my 10$ that I was spending every month and more.
    It’s fun..I went to get my hair done and when I came home my downline in Singapore had a new affiliate. So I’m giving myself very soon to be making alot per month. so another $.

    My son too got anothr new person and we having fun challenging ourselves which is fun.

    I live it , its easy, its fun because you have your own website that you can do what you want with it, even have people give you a feed back.

    Go check out my’s just a replica for now because I have to find somone to make mine..but this is wonderful ..GDI thought of everything knowning that not everybody is computor literate and so I’m using the replica in the meantime and when my website is set up I will put my gdi banners on it and then get other banners as I said which will generate more money..then when am doing very good I will take another domain name and make another website to target different clientele.

    So if anyone says it’s a scam they are wrong! You can even check them up and see if they are in good standing and if they were a scam..they would no be in business. It’s great for all ages, easy to do, fun and only 10$ a month. If you want just to make the 1$ per person here and there..fine..if you want to make 100$ weekly by siginging 5 people ..then you buy the once the 10 dvd..that is it.!!
    Why get a free website where the company makes money buy giving it to you and you making them money and not you?

    I understood the principal and costs nothing to have the website and like any buisness you have to invest some money and is 10$ alot? Absolutely not, you have nothing to lose.

    I keep in touch with my downline and we have fun..we can group chat on gdi, and we are in touch ..all the time so making great friends too.. I LOVE IT and am going to make a good living with it. Like any thing you have to put some time in it. GDI said to give yourself 6 months ..some made it the first month..I am in my 9th month and it has taken off like wildfire. So I am very encouraged to do this and knowing myself ..I will be not have to worry about $$ anymore. I give myself a few more months and I will be laughing all the way to the bank. lol

    Go to my website and listen to it..then get back to me.. and give me your opinion..

  45. @Ms Jaxxee AKA Edrena:
    HI..I’m with GDI..I just started and already I am making money. I enjoy it as am at home and this is a great opportunity to make money for me. I understood what GDI was all about and I truly enjoy it. What is 10$ a month? I more than that in restaurants a I am in another company which cost me 700$ to join.
    So I said , *why not* if it works fine..if it doesn’t well..NEXT! So I started whenever I had time and one day I chatted with a chinese girl who told her boyfriend and within 3 it went..and now I have another one in Canada ..and soon one in africa.

    It does work, it’s cheap, easy to do, pays much better than talking on a on MyLot but I made 125$ today on GDI and only am at 3.76$ in MyLot.. My son also got into GDI and he is making money too.

    People will always talk against companies as some make it and some don’t well sure some are scams but not GDI.. Am home, I don’t work outside as I quit driving people around, was fed up doing that so when I found GDI..I decided to give it a try..and BINGO! it works for me.

    It’s so easier than chatting on blogs..well I do that promoting people come to my website and so having to sell anything, just refer..and great to have a website..only am using the replica for the moment as I’m not good are it yet..but who cares it’s bring in money..but as soon as I get someone to help me then I will affiliate and put banners on the 10 payes of other companies and get paid there too. On my website i will be able to promote native jewelry I make and other things. 10 pages for me is alot.

    I’m 65 yrs old..and so there is no age limit to do this and so easy..I take care of my affiliates and we have fun challenging ourselves and I meet great people..GDI brings people together too.

    Hey, 10$ is nothing to worry doing this and making more than the one I paid 700$..for. GDI is for me the best opportunity online.

  46. Sounds good Janice. I totally understand being tired of working for other people. Often times we’re not appreciated and compensated for the value we bring to a given company. At least when you work for yourself, you get to ultimately control how much you’re worth.

    I hope you don’t get laid off. Times are rough enough. So I’ll be praying for you. Look forward to hearing your experience with GDI. Take care.


  47. Ok, Thanks Eddy. I’ve started reading over your reccomendation page and may venture into some of these as well. I’m tired of working for someone else and not knowing when I’ll get the layoff or boot. I can work just as hard for myself and maybe not so much. Anyway, I’ll be your test subject for now and let you know how GDI goes in a couple of months as well as your suggestions if I can get started on some. Thanks again.

  48. Hi Janice,

    Don’t get depressed. Just because someone experiences some negative things with a company doesn’t necessarily mean you will. I heard a lot of people complaining about affiliate marketing and how they couldn’t make money with it. If I listened to them I would still be working for the man instead of working for myself:

    With that said, I wish you luck. Rob did a good job of filling in the gaps I may have missed.
    Most countries use their country codes (i.e. Canada .ca) but even with that they still tend to buy a .com name to protect their branding. They also do this because most people are just accustomed to typing .com

    In terms of other free opportunities we list so many of them in our past articles. So just take some time to go through our archives. But you can find some of our recommendations on the following page:

    Hope it helps.


  49. Thanks Rob, I just signed up with GDI and there was an option to purchase other domains but it’s not necessary. I’ll going to try and make it work out for now just got some good leads for free adverstising. I have one recent signup but from the earlier posts here I’m feeling a bit depressed. I admit most online opportunity ads are a bit cheesey to say the least. I’ve tried Ameriplan, DHS club and I’ve even tried Pre-paid legal but buying the leads was a little more than I could afford and everyone that signed up dropped out and they were charged back to the pay I had already received. So $10.00 per month isn’t so bad if I can’t make a go of it compared to the other businesses I’ve tried. Any online adventure does take some work which isn’t stressed enough. Eddy, I’ll check out your Wealthy Affliate as well. However, one pitch for GDI at least was that it is a global domain to be used by all countries. Is dot com used by all countries? Also you did mention there are other web services that are free to sign up and make money. I’ve never heard of them and do you know the names of any?

  50. Hi, I am a GDI affiliate and I can tell you it is not a scam. I signed up several months ago for the free trial and decided the time wasn’t right for me to do it. I called up and cancelled. It was cancelled right away. If you look into it further you will find it is an individual that left it to the very last minute to cancel. GDI is on PST and the affiliate may be in another time zone. That is what most of the cancellation problems are. I signed up again and I have been extremely pleased with the product and the company. When you sign up you get a domain name, 10-page website builder and 10 email addresses. If you check with most of the domain and hosting companies this is right in line with what they are charging. You also get a great little business that is loaded with marketing tools. It’s like anything. It’s what you make of it. Yes you have to work. Yes it take time to build and yes it can make money for you. This is a very affordable business opportunity at $10.00 per month. Most people can afford to pay that. My experience with GDI is that they have never missed a payment.

  51. Finally, I got an answer to my nagging question about GDI. I’ve heard it so many times and people tried to recruit me but everytime I asked exactly it’s all about they wouldn’t give me a clear answer. Gladly I stumbled through your site through my data entry site and I found this article. Thanks so much for the enlightenment. No wonder I was never attracted to GDI. From the very first time I already smelled the rat.

  52. Hi, Marisa,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess there was some truth to some of the folks that claimed they had a hard time canceling. In any event thanks again for sharing your input, we
    really appreciate it!


  53. I tried GDI, I did the 7 day trial and when I decided to cancel they offered me a 2 month trial. I tried it and yes I think that it is a scam. It boils down to this: I would recruit people to sign up and pay $10.00 so that I could make a profit off of them and who ever they signed up. There is stiff competition out there to get these recruits. You have to post to a lot of free classified ads. Just before my 2 months was up I tried the # to cancel and it took me a couple of days to finally get through. I also sent an email and they canceled my account.

  54. Hey Edrena,

    As always, it’s great to hear from you! I’ll say this, I think we all become experts in this industry. Especially if you’ve been searching for legitimate work at home for a while and have been scammed a few times. That’s the way I learned. So from the discussions you and I have had, I think your gut feeling would be just as good as the so called “experts”.

    In any event, I’m glad to hear you’ll be embarking on your career as an affiliate. I think you’ll do great because you know what’s expected and you’re willing in to put in the work to succeed. So I’m very excited for you and look forward to helping your career flourish. I’m confident that the training WA will provide will be extremely valuable as it was for me.


  55. I’ve looked at that site more than once but felt uncomfortable with becoming involved with it. But who am I? Certainly no expert on anything and I’ve been scammed so many times until I’m a bit gun-shy of a lot of things I’ve looked at.

    Anyway, [drum roll please]…Eddy, after MUCH prayer, your extensive explanations here on your website and your precious time spent writing mini novelette emails to help me understand what I didn’t readily understand in my quest for more understanding of the researches, and of all the reading of all I could get my eyes on regarding the Wealthy Affiliate program, I’m getting ready to become one of your next new members of Wealthy Affiliates today! LOL! The drum roll was for me, for finally making up my mind to stop kicking tires and just go on (sacrifice) and make the purchase.


    PLEASE, all praying people here, please add my name into some of your prayers please, and thanks in advance for doing so. I’ll be signing up after I get home tonight. Thanks again Eddy for all your patience and all your help.


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