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Global Travel International (GTI) is a travel agency / business opportunity. Most people are attracted to this company because it allows anyone to become a travel agent without having to take classes. A few years back before discovering Global Travel International I actually took one of these travel agent classes and it was a very painful experience. It's probably why I stopped going after a while and never "graduated".

Global Travel International claim to fame is that you skip the painful experience of these classes and can become a travel agent by merely paying a fee. When I first joined it was a flat fee of about $200 and no trial period. At the time of this review their fee was now $29.95 per month which is about $1 a day. But when added up for 12 months you end paying more than what I initially paid a few years ago.

Although they're charging more now, there are definitely some advantages to consider.

The Good Stuff

Obviously the reason you want to become a travel agent is that you get commissions on the travel you book for others. Global Travel International claims commissions of up to 90% for their agents. So that's one great thing.

The other wonderful thing about this company which I touched upon earlier is that you don't have to dish out several hundred dollars up front like I did to start your own travel agent business. Nor do you need to rent out an office and pay for expensive training or equipment. The monthly payment plan makes this opportunity available to a greater number of people that don't have a large amount of cash on hand to start a traditional travel agent business. So that's a plus!

A recent improvement with the program has been a 14 day risk free trial which will allows you to become a travel agent for those 14 days but can cancel and receive a refund of your first month's payment within the trial period if you're not satisified. So let's say you decide this opportunity isn't for you. You could still save yourself hundreds of dollars on your next vacation if you decide to book a trip while under the trial membership. How? Travel agents usually receive discounts of up to 50% on hotel rooms, car rentals and some cruises. So ideally you might as well book a trip and use your travel agent number to get a discount while under the trial period.

Another benefit when you become a agent is that you get your own travel agent website, an official IATA membership card and some marketing material. You're also provided with a very indepth agent only section that has all your training information, additional marketing material, forms and the latest travel agent only deals and trips. So you really do get a lot with your membership.

But for me the best part of the Global Travel International Travel Agent Business Opportunity was the discounts I received on trips. If you travel a lot then the membership pays for itself many times over with the amount of money you save on hotels and car rentals. It's amazing how much these hotels and car rental places will cut off the prices for travel agents. Plus if you couple that with using a credit card that has a relationship with any of these companies you could end up saving up to 50%. Trust me when I say that has added up a lot!

The Bad Stuff

Okay you came to this page because you wanted to determine if Global Travel International is a fraud or legitimate. Well here it is.

If you're looking to explore this opportunity because of the prospect of making big money and being your own then you may be a little dissappointed. I was never really impressed with my travel agent site which was designed for me to book travel arrangements for my clients or for my clients to book travel arrangements on their own. The site provided tended to be slow and didn't have the best search features that sites like or had. But in the last few years they have finally improved that. However it still needs to be tweaked more. It was very frustrating to send my friends and family to my site and to hear well I had a hard time finding good deals. But again, that has improved. So that's one of my major complaints. The site you're provided isn't the most user friendly or intutive like the other travel sites out there. It's usable now but not the best out there.

In addition to their website not being the most userfriendly, they add insult to injury by tacking on an additional $5 "service fee" to the price of an airline ticket. So what would happen is that my clients would use the site and then compare prices with another bigger travel site and notice my site was charging an additional fee allbeit small. Needless to say this was always very difficult to explain and I lost some sales because of it. There was a short time they got rid of this fee. But at the time of this review it was back. If anything is a scam about Global Travel International, I guess you could view that $5 proccessing fee as one!

My final complaint about the company is the actual earning potential. This isn't really unique to Global Travel International, it's a problem that most travel agents face today. The fact of the matter is that most people book travel on their own now. There are so many great travel websites out there now that travel agents are becoming an endangered species. So although the potential to make great money is there with Global Travel Interational the likelihood of doing so will really depend on how good you are as a sales person. I find that people tend to use travel agents when they're planning a big trip with multiple people. If you focus on this niche than you could do very well with So just keep this in mind.

But for me I realized the biggest benefit of Global Travel International was the discounts I received as a travel agent. It's pretty much the only reason I renew every year. I travel almost 3-4 times a year and because I'm a travel agent I always get discounts at hotels and my car rentals. I've saved hundreds of dollars every year and probably several thousand dollars at this point since I've been a member for a few years now.

So do I think Global Travel International is a scam or fraud? No not at all. But just be realistic about how much money you can earn as a travel agent. Just think about your own habits. When was the last time you used a travel agent? If you're like most it was because of a big trip with many people or when you had no idea about a place you wanted to visit. If you can tap into the group travel niche or people who aren't web savvy, then you can make a killing with Global Travel International! Are they perfect? Not really. They still need a lot of work in terms of the website they provide us agents. But I don't really know any company that doesn't have room for improvement. So give Global Travel International a try if you're fine with the good and bad about the company. I've been a member for years and I've been very happy with my membership solely on the fact that I get huge discounts on my yearly travel expenses. But you may be more savvy than me and can make it work from an income point of view!

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