Goodbye 9-5, Hello Working At Home! My reason for Thanksgiving…

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Today was my last day at my full-time corporate job of 7 years so I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I've dreamt of this day since I was in college. I always hated the idea of working for someone but alas it's a necessary “evil” that most of us face. However after years of pouring blood, sweat and tears into my site Work At Home I'm finally at a place where I could afford to leave the corporate life style behind.

Have you ever heard the expression; “If you can make it in New York then you can make it anywhere.” ? Well corporate life is very similar. And keep in mind that my job was based in the heart of New York City to give you some perspective of what I've had to “endure” for the last 7 years. I feel very fortunate that I was able to hold my own. I came in as an entry level Assistant Webmaster and retired an Internet Marketing Director which was a direct result of the experience I brought to my employer because of my own side business. Chances are I would've achieved more in my career if I hadn't been so hell bent on fighting “the man” my first few years. But I was so jaded by a system that I refused to understand that I stunted my own career path. Fortunately because of wonderful colleagues and great managers I was able to see the error in my ways and learned to balance playing the corporate game and furthering my business. So at the end of the day, I am happy with what I accomplished during my tenure but more importantly I value the skill sets I developed and the relationships I built.

But with that said there are things I am definitely happy to be leaving behind. So here's my “no more” list…

* No more scenic train rides from my suburban home here in White Plains, NY into the crowded and bright lights of New York City.

* No more having to deal with rude New Yorkers racing to the front of the train door and disrespecting my personal space.

* No more going to 1-2 hour meetings to discuss having more meetings.

* No more jumping through hoops and acting fake to get a raise or promotion.

* No more spending nearly $200 in commuting every month.

* No more waking up at UnGodly hours to catch the 7 something metro-north train into the city.

* No more worrying about getting blown up in the subway by some terrorist fanatic.

* And finally no more allowing someone else to control and determine the financial destiny of my family.

That last statement has always been a driving force for me. I don't knock corporate life or being an employee. What I have a problem with is the lack of control we as employees have with our destinies when giving so much of ourselves to a company. Sure you can “work hard” and play the politics to move up.

But at what cost? Is it worth spending so much time away from your family? Is it worth compromising your value system? Is it worth your emotional and physical well being? Well for me the answer was No and I'm happy I was able to create a different path where I'm finally in control of my destiny and whatever happens now is in my hands and not at the whim of a manager or a company. It's a freedom that is bitter sweet and I hope it's something that many of you reading this will experience sooner than I did.

But better late than never. The fact of the matter is I can now pursue a full time work at home career as a Professional Affiliate Marketer/Blogger and a SAHD (Stay At Home Dad). I think Martin Luther King said it best; “Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, We are Free At Last!”

So this year Thanksgiving takes on a whole new meaning for me and I'm more thankful than ever!

17 thoughts on “Goodbye 9-5, Hello Working At Home! My reason for Thanksgiving…”

  1. Thanks for sending me new emails. I have time to read them all and just not enough time to apply to them all. I want to say, Thank u for all the help and sharing that u do. = )

    • Thanks. I can’t believe it’s been damn near 4 years since I quit my corporate career and been doing what I love full time. Everyday I feel blessed to have this life. And it feels good knowing I have helped others achieve the same thing or getting them closer to it. This is probably the most fulfilled I’ve been in my life with the exception of when my daughter was born. In any event thanks.

    • Thanks! If I became a successful Corporate America dropout so can you! You just have to be dedicated, patient & willing to invest the resources, time & money into yourself to get you to the next level. Having a positive mindset is also very key as corny as it may sound. I’ve been doing this for years and I was only really able to break out on my own when I changed my mindset. I really thought it was a whole bunch of nonsense at first but having a positive mindset allows you to see opportunities that you wouldn’t when you think negatively. So keep at what you’re doing and make sure your site adds value to your visitors. It gives more than it asks for. If you do that you’ll be successful.

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  3. Currently a medical transcriptionist and have been doing this for 10+ years but I am looking for something to supplement my income…I lost my husband and now I am trying to make ends meet so to speak..its been a rough road and I would like to see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel and get caught up on a few things…any help would be appreciated…thank you…

  4. Hey Gill,

    I’m glad someone else could relate to that. lol. I still consult for my old company and sometimes they have me come to some of their meetings and it just reminds me how lucky I am that I don’t have to do these type of meetings everyday.

    In any event, I’m glad you appreciate the humor and advice. I get a lot of pleasure helping you guys while keeping it entertaining.


  5. Hi Eddy,

    Me again :o)

    Sorry, can’t resist…..

    But going to meetings purely to discuss having more meetings was always such fun for people like you and me wasn’t it !?! lol
    Even though it drives me mad every day not to be able to work and therefore not earn any money that is the singular most thing that i do NOT miss now…lol

    Anyways, i’ll leave now to move over for people with (clears throat) sensible things to say

    Thanks for always amusing me with little snippets like that when i feel down….don’t ever stop!!
    Gill x

  6. That’s pretty cool for you Eddy,Ronnie n Callie as well. I wish someday, after I graduate, I don’t have to work full time. Instead, I dream of working on9 at what ever time I like, but I will still have income every month. =)Wish my dream will come true. =)

  7. Hey Eddy,

    You and I have already discussed how much of a blessing it is to working from home; thus, allowing us more time to spend with our precious families. 🙂

    You know I am wishing you all the best!

  8. We are on the same boat! XD

    What a relief to find that there’s somebody out here who share the same experience (an sentiments).

    Cheers and good luck to your new ventures, i’ll be seeing you around and prolly exchange ideas.


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