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So recently I discovered a new way to make money from home which is based on playing games. This isn't your typical get paid to play game website or opportunity. Personally I think it's way more fun and actually plays into a lot of the discussions and observations we all have about life, sports, politics, tv shows, movies, etc. Except when most of us are talking about these things and making predictions we're not making money doing it.

Well this is where comes in. Simply put you earn cash rewards for guessing the outcome of damn near anything. Are you a couch potatoe? Do you think you've figured out what's really happening on the island in the tv show "Lost"? Well visit and place your vote on what you think is happening. Do you have an idea of who is going to win the next superbowl? Well in addition to joining you office pool, go to and make you guess known there.

You can pretty much take guesses about anything and earn money for all your correct guesses. I don't know about you but this seems like a great opportunity. But obviously like anything that sounds to good to be true it needs to be scrutinized further.

So instead of being a work at home cynic, I've decided to reach out to and ask them a few questions for my review. Here's a transcript of some of my interview with their marketing director Nicole Hollander.

Please tell us about the GuessNow.Com opportunity. What is the premise? Is it free?

This is the first game of its kind where you can win money for Guessing the outcome of future events. This game is completely free to play, and you will get your competitive juices flowing with thousands of questions to choose from.
Questions are grouped by Subject and Category. Subjects include Business & Finance, People & Entertainment, Sports, and U.S. & World News. Guess the answer from one of the multiple choice options or fill in the blank. Feel free to answer as many questions as you like. There is NO penalty for answering incorrectly.

When the event actually occurs, and you've correctly guessed the outcome, you will win the total points eligible at the time of answering the question. At the end of every month, we take the total prize pool and divide it by the number of awarded points to determine the cash value of each point. If your points are worth $25 or more, you can redeem those points for their cash value. Don't worry if you haven't earned enough points to redeem their cash value. Your awarded points will carry over into the next month, so you don't lose them.

1. Is this opportunity available to people outside the U.S.? If so what countries?

Yes, people from anywhere in the world can play Guess Now; however, only players in the US and Canada can convert their points in to cash.

2. Is your company part of any consumer protection agency such as the BBB?

… we are in the process of becoming a member of the Better Business Bureau.

3. There has been some talk about if your company can sustain this business model? Can you provide more details as to how you're able to pay people for making correct guesses?

Our revenue is predominantly generated through the online advertisements on our site. We feature many banners and text links on our site. Additionally you may notice that you have the opportunity to earn additional points when you complete one of our offers. These ‘creatives', as they are referred to in the industry, are provided by many of the partners we work with. As we receive compensation for endorsing our advertisers, we pass this on to the Guess Now players.

4. One minor criticism is that there is a $2.50 fee charged to users that have won on your site to process their cash payment. Can you explain the $2.50 fee that is charged on positive balances?

This $2.50 is like an administrative fee charged to process the payments. Please understand that this is not coming directly out of the users own pockets. It comes from their reward earnings or points.

Well based on these responses seems like this company is the real thing. Keep in mind it just stared this year so I'm sure there will be some bugs here and there. But overall I think it's a business model that can work and where we all can earn some money. If you're an international user I would probably hold off since they can't pay you yet. So at this point it's a waste a time to accumlate these rewards if you can't receive them. But I would keep checking back to see if they have started to support your country.

I love the fact that they're getting listed with the BBB so it shows me that the company is really serious about the well being of their current and potential users.

So I definitely recommend giving a try if you enjoy playing games and would love to earn some money doing it.

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