Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving today. Enjoy the time with your family and loved ones. I know for the most part people view today as a reason just to fatten their bellies without any remorse and not much more than that. But I'd like to encourage you to take aside a few moments to really contemplate your blessings. Because no matter what the economy may be doing, we all have things in our lives that we should be thankful for. When you recognize these things, you tend to get a lot more blessings in your life.

So with that in mind, here's what I'm giving thanks for this year.
1. Another day.
Too often we totally complicate our lives for the worst. But I have found that half the battle of life is just waking up to fight another day. Yes sometimes it's that simple. Because if you think about it, everyday you wake up is an opportunity to better your life no matter the situation. But you can only do this if you learn to appreciate how blessed you are to have another day to make a change. So start today and make it a habit the rest of your days!
2. Loved ones.
I sometimes take it for granted that everyone has people in their lives that love and support them. But I've learned over the years that sadly this isn't the case. I now realize how blessed I am to have the support and love of my family members, friends, and you good folks. It's because of this support, I am the person that I am. I'm able to give of myself to others because of the love I have and continue to receive. I think we all can see the results of people who lacked this in our everyday lives. So if you are just as blessed with people that love & support you, be sure to treasure and appreciate them not only today but everyday. Don't wait to have this realization and vocalize it when it's too late.
3. My Work At Home Career.
It's been nearly 3 years since I became voluntarily unemployed. Considering the current state of the economy this may seem like a crazy idea now. Trust me, everyone around me thought it was crazy back then as well. But I am happy to say it was the best decision I've ever made. My work at home career as a blogger/affiliate marketer has allowed my wife and I to be full time stay at home parents that are blessed to watch every moment of my princess's development. As if that isn't enough, I also get paid to do what I love which is to help people. How many people spend half their lives at jobs or careers that they hate and getting paid less than they feel they're worth? I don't know the exact number but I'm confident it's a large portion of the population. So I'm thankful that I'm in a position to help people help themselves. I get paid to help people achieve what they desire, deserve and in some cases never knew was possible. This career is obviously lucrative financially but it's a lot more rewarding from a personal/spirtual point of view.
I have a lot more that I'm thankful for but I'll stop here. After all it's a holiday and I'm sure most of you are probably stuffing your faces right now. Or you've already had too much to eat and are ready for a nap. lol Either way, have a great Thanksgiving and remember everyday you have a reason to be thankful.

12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Hello all, this is my first comment ever on one of these sites and I’m happy it can be this type of blog to respond to.

    I’m thankful for all my family, my friends and co-workers! Mostly, my family, Without them I would be nothing.

    I’m also thankful for these new oportunities that have opened up through Eddy. One day I am searching online for real ways to make money through the internet, as I had done many many sleepless nights. I think I have finally found something, and someone, worthwhile! I have only done 2 of the opportunities listed but plan to do more. In 2 weeks I am having a major surgery and will be laid up for quite sometime so I needed ways to keep a little money flowing and it looks like this could be it.

    I hope the response I gave is ok and fits the forum, but it really is what I am thankful for!

    • Roldan,

      Welcome buddy. Thanks for making your first comment! You did great!
      You have a great list of things to be thankful for. I think folks forget how important good people are to have in one’s life. We focus on materialistic nonsense. But without good people that love and care for us, it all means nothing. So I applaud you for recognizing that.

      I’m glad you found this site. Be sure you subscribe here:
      http://www.workathomenoscams.com/subscribe so you know when I write new articles that can help you make money or avoid scams.

      I’m confident if you continue to read through the site, you will be well on your way to making more money. Keep an open mind and continue to do your research and you’ll do fine.
      Good luck on your surgery. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

    • DragonSpirit,
      Thanks, I really appreciate that. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

      Amen is all I have to say! You’re always providing us with words of wisdom and things to think about! I really appreciate and value your comments. They’re always inspiring. Your list actually mirrors mine but I kept it short. lol
      You’ve hit it on the head yet again! God bless you Wendy and your words of wisdom!

      That’s a great quote and so true! Thanks for sharing your thoughts today! I hope you had a great thanksgiving!



      Amen! Thanks!

      Thanks for the international thanksgiving wishes. I can only imagine the great meal you’re having! I’m jealous! P.S. I’m definitely not the best marketer in the world. But I think I’m doing as best as I can.

      Thanks buddy!

  2. Wow! oh by the way Hi Eddy! I simply say “HAPPY THANKS GIVING DAY” to you and to others. I don’t know that you are voluntary resign to your job and it’s since 3 years ago. I appreciate your so much love on us.

  3. Thank you Eddy for that wonderful blessing! If I may be next. Life isn’t so much about how long we live it, it’s more about how well we live it! I thank God I can turn around, look at my life and know I’ve made humanity better just by being a part of it. I’ve earned respect from intelligent, common sense people like you in my pursuit of happiness. I continue to learn how to become a better person simply because I am not alone. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Eddy, to you and your wonderful family.

    My gratitude list is long. I’m never too far away from remembering it or being reminded of it all year long. Everyday is a gift, and all the adventure there in is a reminder that I have much to be thankful for.
    Here’s part of my list:
    The people I love are healthy and safe.
    My eyes work when I open them in the morning, as well as the rest of me works too.
    That I am not in the middle of a war zone with bombs dropping outside in the street.
    That I will get to eat today. More than once.
    That I have a roof over my head and shoes for my feet and a coat that’s warm.
    That my bills are paid up to date.
    That I am an artist.
    That I can think outside the box.
    That my sense of humor is intact and remains so.

    The list is longer, but that is good for the moment. Thanksgiving over the years has become almost the starting gate that springs open and then there is a mad dash for the shopping madness that follows. People have been injured over the years because of the madness. So I am greatful that I won’t be participating in Black Friday or the weekend that follows either.
    I remember when I was a kid that Thanksgiving was actually a big thing. We made decorations and learned why thanksgiving was important. I don’t know if that happens anymore. The gifts of this day are many, that we all made it through another year and are still standing could be the song of gratitude for many people in this country.
    I decided this year that I wanted to make paper turkey’s and so I enlisted some help and we made paper turkey’s and sang turkey songs…well, I sang loudly and proudly about the wonders of the turkey. We laughed and had a good time and that helped us remember what this day is about.
    The people who celebrated the first Thanksgiving had just come through a hard long year, and had a great harvest thanks to the help of the local indians who understood how to grow food here and how to catch food here.
    They were still standing after alot of hardship. That’s something that makes this day wonderful and amazing. We are still standing, and there is, at least for today, peace in this country.
    I am greatful.
    Happy and blessed Thanksgiving

  5. Sir E., This is exactly why you are blessed! And deserve more each and everyday
    Stepping up and speaking the blessing over all of us! Thank you very much!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Kind regards,


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