Help Haiti with Earthquake Relief

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As some of you may or may not know, I am a Haitian American. A lot of my family was fortunate enough to come to the states and make a better lives for themselves. I'm obviously a product of that. However I have a lot of family members and brethren that are still back home and have obviously been impacted by this disastrous event.

My homeland was already impoverished with a weak infrastructure. But you add a natural disaster like this and the impact is beyond comprehension. At the time of this post, the communication lines are pretty much non existent. So we haven't been able to get in contact with other family members. We're basically totally in the dark about their conditions. The only thing we do know is that they have definitely been impacted since they live in Port Au Prince.

Why should you care?

I share this with you because you may think the situation in Haiti is far removed from you. But now you know it's not. The person that has helped you avoid scams and find various legitimate ways of working at home for the past several years is Haitian. The stranger that has taken time to answer your comments and share encouragement with you is Haitian. The person that has brought a smile to your face or caused you to laugh out loud is Haitian.

So if you feel that any of these things are worth anything, I'm asking that you do me a favor. Please try to help some people that you may not know but need your help desperaterly. I know times our rough here in the states but if you can find it in your hearts to make any type of donations to organizations that are assisting in the Haiti Earthquake Relief, your buddy here would really appreciate it.

It's when events like this happen you realize how fortunate we all are to have a stable governement, solid infrastructure, shelter, funds, foods and various organizations that can help in disastrous situations. But other "3rd world" countries like Haiti don't have this luxury. So I hope you can find it in your hearts and wallets to help some of my brethren out as I have helped many of you here on this blog for years.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Organizations:

Here is a list of organizations mobilizing to help in the Haiti Earthquake Relief, feel free to help or make any donations to an organization that you feel can provide assistance to the Haitian Earthquake victims.

American Red Cross (Wyclef Jean's Organization)

Baptist Haitian Mission (operates an 82-bed hospital that is "overflowing with injured." Donate online to BHM and 100% of your donation will go to the relief effort)

Partners In Health

Mercy Corps

Doctors Without Borders (Provides Medical Relief)

Oxfam America (Will provide clean water, Shelter, Sanitation)

International Medical Corp (Will provide Medical Relief)

I'll update this list regularly and feel free to post organizations in the comment section below.


I just want to say thanks in advance for all your prayers, thoughts and donations. Please don't let the people of Haiti be forgotten. Often times they are. So feel free to share this article with others via email, facebook, retweet, etc. Get the word out.

Hopefully this awful tragedy will give my homeland the opportunity to rebuild stronger than ever. But only time will tell. Thanks again from your favorite Haitian blogger. God bless you all and appreciate all that you take for granted here in the states.


It appears that most of my family members in Haiti are accounted for and safe. So thank you for your prayers because it obviously helped. But obviously my extended brethren aren't doing well. So I ask that you continue your prayers but more importantly take action. Haiti is often ignored and forgotten. Don't allow this to happen especially now. Encourage everyone you know donate or give to some of the organizations listed above. Keep the pressure on so that these folks get the help and support they need to survive this tragedy and to rebuild. Thanks.

36 thoughts on “Help Haiti with Earthquake Relief”

  1. Hi Eddie,

    There are so many ways that we can all help the people of Haiti.

    The 2 places that I gave money too was in a Tim Horton’s Drive through window when I buy my coffee. I know that they don’t do this anymore but anyone who has a PayPal account can actually send money through there. When you log in to PayPal, there is a button that you can click on and send funds to the Haiti fund. I am not going to say how much I money I sent but it feels good to know that you money is going out to people and the area that need it the most.

    My prayers and thoughts go out to all the people who have been effected by this earth quake.


  2. Hi Eddy!
    Just read that you have friends and relatives in Haiti. Prayers are with you! Organizations that I am knowledgeable about that have and are rushing aide into that country… ministries : (ear mark Haiti for donations); (Sheri and Bobby Burnette – out of Tampa); and out of Lake Charles. They all do ministry work in Haiti (for years) and use ALL monies donated to the cause – not overhead expenses.
    Thank you for your work for us!

    • Thanks Cheryl!

      I appreciate the prayers and the list of other organizations. Things are starting to get a bit better. I was finally able to wire money directly to my family which felt great because I know it was going to them directly. But obviously I’ve also donated money to the various organizations that is helping in the relief. It’s just wonderful that folks like you are praying and giving in various ways. I feel confident that because of this love and outpouring my homeland will come back better and stronger. So thank you!

  3. @sunflower:

    oops…my post did not turn out as i intended. this is what i was responding too

    E.S. – I agree with you about looking towards the future. I’m constantly reminding myself and family members that there is always a plan even in the midst of tragedy. It’s hard to imagine what it is at this moment but I know something good will come of it. So that’s what I try to focus on as well.

  4. <>

    And there again you said it. I think at times like this we are all brought together for a reason. I have seen it several times in the last decade. It happens for a reason yet I cannot define it. I hope that as time passes, people will continue to find it in their hearts to help Haiti but if not Haiti, then their local community or another country. I am thankful for what I have and what I have been given but sometimes I forget what $1 can do or $5 or maybe even $10.

  5. Eddy,
    I received an email from “I’ve Tried That. com. I am responding directly to you as a result of that email. I have been following the situation in Haiti closely. I hope all of your family and friends made it through the earthquake. It did horrendous damage to life and property in Haiti, which I know is one of the poorest countries. If you lost family or friends, you have my sympathy. I have been praying for Haiti since it happened. I am a little short of cash right now…too long to explain…but when I get some and it should be soon, I will give what I can. I lived in Galveston Island, TX during September 2008 when Hurricane Ike came ashore. I lost everything, so I understand completely the situation in Haiti, only the deaths and injuries were no where near what it is in Haiti. Take care. Just wanted to let you know as soon as I got the email from Ive Tried That.


  6. To be totally honest, I usually only come to websites to try and build my backlinks, but reading this… I didn’t care. I feel as if haiti really does need help so I threw in banners on my website to help. I’ve also called the number to donate to haiti (look it up on google). And viewed a video where someone donates 300$ for every 100,000 views, over 1,000 times lol. refresh magic.

    Anyways, thanks a lot man. I don’t use your website but I highly respect you.

  7. Greetings Eddy,
    I found out when I attended church last Sunday evening that Assembly of God sponsors Convoy of Hope. They were already working in Haiti and were feeding thousands of children. They had just finished refurbishing and restocking their facilities a short time before the quake hit. The day after they were able to furnish 50,000 meals. The need may out strip the resources but if they can get supplies in there are already people working to help. I also found out that there was already a pilot program from another organization there with water purification equipment that should come in useful to help with that problem. I hope your people have access to these resources.
    Have a blessed day from the heartland.

  8. Hi Eddy,

    I am so glad to hear your family is okay. Our family/friends are as well. It was a little nervewracking until I heard. That CNN site is awesome. Easy to use. Very searchable.

    I especially like the easy texting options through the American Red Cross ($10) and Wyclef Jean’s Yele ($5). Fast and easy. Affordable. I never knew how to text like this before.

    For those of you who are concerned and cautious there is a site called
    It is sort of like Eddy’s site but for Charities. There is another one I heard about but the name escapes me now.

    My personal favorite has been Habitat for Humanity.
    I think it will be a while before they get in. But, often when tragedies hit, my mind goes to the future and possibility.

  9. Eddy you are absolutely correct in saying this could happen to anyone. I live in Florida and there is a fault line running through this state, which means we already are susceptible to this same kind of disaster occurring here. We already have series of hurricanes and tornadoes, and there is devastation with those kinds of weathers too, so if it’s not one thing it could be another. No one is immune to what happens to others. On the local level, I can report that we, in my church, as well as the churches all over my city are collecting items as well as paying into special offerings of money to be sent to Haiti. The radio stations are also spreading the news and making appeals, allowing any church or organization who calls in, to have free air time in order to let listeners know of special collection areas that have been set up especially for dropping off items for shipping to Haiti. Because of scams and opportunistic people who use this kind of tragedy to set up bogus websites and “hit and run”, if anyone feels uncomfortable with donating online here is the web address set up by former presidents Clinton and Bush:

    When I first heard this tragic news, I went into prayer, but I had to ask to Holy Spirit to present it in His own way to God, because I was at a loss for words for a full day. It was only by the second day that I was able to express to God in my prayers what I wanted to say to Him. This really hit me hard. I’ll keep you, your family and all of Haiti in my prayers.

  10. HI Eddy;
    Glad to hear most of your family is accounted for. I don’t care for Rush Limbauh’s comments but Pat Robertson’s were taken some what out of context. I happened to see his program and hear everything that was said. His organization runs Operation Blessing and they have a lot of medical supplies that they haven’t been to get off the ship in port. He already had people working there for the Haitian’s benefit when the quake hit. They are sending people with money to try to buy supplies from the Dominican Republic to bring into the country as well as trying to get water purifiers there to supply clean water. Getting the help to the people seems to be a real problem right now. Prayers and blessing to you, yours and the people of Haiti from the heart land.

    • Bruce,
      Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. I’m sure there are two sides to any story. Personally I don’t even want to focus on the side shows that are popping up amidst this tragedy. All I care about is that human beings are dying and that help continues to pour in. Hopefully the efforts can be better organized so folks can actually get it. This is my biggest concern right now. It disgusts me to even discuss all the other peripheral nonsense that is getting any coverage in light of the situation. So we don’t even need to waste our energy with that stuff. Let us all continue to pray and take action to do our part. Thanks for the update about the efforts taking place in your community. It’s good to hear about the widespread support.

      I’m glad you can see it that way. I think too often folks fail to put themselves in others shoes which is what leads to ignorance and other type of conflicts and tragedies. In any event, I wasn’t aware about the fault line in Florida or the one in Haiti either until the tragedy. If you look it up on the internet there are a lot of fault lines all over the world. So we’re all basically sitting on a ticking time bomb which is scary. But based on what I’ve seen,
      it appears if a tragedy does strike all of us as brothers and sisters step up to the plate to help. So that’s the silver lining in all this. I’m glad to hear that your church is helping as well. Keep praying, we’re going to need it.

      Glad to hear your family and friends are doing well too. It’s amazing to hear stories from family members about how they survived and God’s favor on them. It just re-affirms a lot of my own personal beliefs. Thanks for supplying that site. I’ve actually looked at it in the past because I give to some organizations and I always want to know how my money is spent and who is on the up and up. So thanks for sharing.
      I agree with you about looking towards the future. I’m constantly reminding myself and family members that there is always a plan even in the midst of tragedy. It’s hard to imagine what it is at this moment but I know something good will come of it. So that’s what I try to focus on as well. Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers and the sites.

      It’s good to hear that you’re using your site to give back. Every little bit helps. So thanks.

  11. Eddy,
    We are all brothers and sisters in this life. I feel your pain for your family and people. To add such a catastrophic disaster after so many years of suffering is beyond my comprehension. How this could not have been anticipated with world efforts to bring Haiti into the 21st Century. My little island of Trinidad and Tobago was able to donate, late but the effort is there. In New York we are sending emails and donating what we can to any organization that is working on this effort. You and the people of Haiti and their families here are all in my prayers because I know how people are spiritually and emotionally connected to their homeland and heritage. All we can do is pray for a brighter future now that Haiti is the center of the world stage and the ones who died sacrificed for the dawn of a new day. God Bless and thank you for the work that you do.

  12. Hello Ed,

    Without much words here, do know that my prayers (as those of many), thoughts, hope, and even tangible help is being sent to your countrymen/women.

    Indeed a terrible, unimaginable tragedy. Believe and know that God will work thru this disaster to bring out the good and true humanity of his people (globally). None of us are really strangers – when it comes to the fact and core that we all are connected via the union of the HUMAN RACE.

    Be encouraged, my brother.


    • Veronica,

      Thanks for the prayers. I really appreciate it.

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. You know I’m always for everyone pulling together. So it warms my heart to see the out pour and action behind the thoughts to help my brethren in this time of need. It makes think to myself, why can’t we all come together like this more often to help each other regularly. Imagine how many problems could be solved in the world.

      Thanks for your prayers. I really appreciate the link you provided as well! You’ve pinpointed something I’ve made sure to stress to anyone that will listen. Don’t let this issue get swept under the rug. These folks will need help to rebuild long after the initial out pouring. So let’s definitely keep this in mind.

      You’ve pretty much summed up our struggle and our strength. It’s always been a nation in turmoil and issues. So obviously this is the last thing we needed. But hopefully there will be some good that will come from this. Thanks again for your prayers and the actual relief efforts you take part in. They’re all appreciated.

      I appreciate you spreading the word brother and encouraging people to donate. That is a big help to get the word out and encourage people to be actively helping.
      So thanks!

      Brother I wasn’t even aware of those “people’s” comments until late this evening. I was just floored that human beings would use this tragedy as a platform for ignorance and real evil. I don’t know any human being that can view this situation and think about nothing more than prayer or helping. So it goes to show the type of “people” that Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh are. It’s one thing to have strong political or religious views, it’s another thing to view this tragedy as a platform to do anything but good. That being said, I don’t want to waste any more energy about these “people”. It’s better we all focus on prayers and taking action to help. I agree with you, its events like this that demonstrate that we can come together (for the most part.). I’m touched that even though you’re unemployed that you’re still willing to do your part
      to help complete strangers. I wish there were more people like you in the world. Thanks again.

      Thanks and you’re welcome.

      I totally agree with you. I’ve always felt we should view each other for what we are which is human beings. And it’s when tragedies like this happen most people remember that. Hopefully it’s a realization that is long term. I also feel very strongly that some good has to come out of this. So keep those prayers and positivity coming.
      Thanks again.

  13. Hi Eddy! 🙂 I’m glad that your family is ok and have been praying for the people in Haiti! Thank you for all the information about work at home opportunities that you share with us!

  14. Eddy,

    When I first heard about the earthquake, you were the first person to pop into my mind. I immediately said prayers for our collective strength to do what we could to help, for the victims in the aftermath, and more specifically, for you and the family/loved ones you have there. Though there will always be cynics, who’ll be that way regardless (I’m giving a disgusted look your way, Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh!!), I firmly believe that tragedies like this really do bring us together.

    Though I am still mostly unemployed, I refuse to let that stop me from doing what I can to help. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    With warmest regards, your brother,

  15. I am helping by spreading the news of this page, and asking people to read and donate as well. 🙂 I am trying to get as many people to come and donate, even if it is just a little.

    I am sorry to hear about your family in Haiti Eddy. I hope they are all ok, and will get all the help they can get.

  16. Hi Eddy,

    I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, as well as contribute to the relief effort. I may not be Haitian (as far as I know – so far) but they are a part of me. And that part of me is teaching me so much about RESILIENCE. The island and the people have continuously taken a beating, in so many ways, but endure. Every Haitian person I have met here in the states has been so humble and kind. They have seen a lot, experienced quite a bit and they are not bitter. It is teaching my soul great lessons. May God continue to bless you, your family and every one else in the world.


  17. It has been less than a week since I have found your site and I really enjoy reading it. I’m glad that your family is okay. I have been keeping the people of Haiti in my prayers since the quake struck. I have been trying to do my part to help and get the word out, so that the tragedy will not be ignored or swept under the rug. I found a link through the redcross that may help people locate their relatives. God bless you and let us all remember to keep the people of Haiti in our prayers. I have seen pictures of the devastation and video and it is heartbreaking to especially see children hurt, I don’t want to be too graphic, but it is heartbreaking to see. I hope that we all will do our part to help.
    – Crystal

  18. Eddy, No one can fathom the shock and reality of this. Sad as this is…it is something to take our eyes and focus off of ourselves in this country with all the upset and indirection our government has been responsible for to “bring into focus” WE are truly blessed, yes we have an economic man made nightmare, but it’s time to now PULL TOGETHER. Even if each one of us can only give “just $1” that one dollar God has given His Word He will bless Oh, yes…and when you give it…say a prayer for Haiti and her people, don’t just “give it” because then it is only just a piece of paper with no meaning, no effect and no blessing.

    I have given the web site of “Smile of A Child”…this ministry is the heart of one of the co-founders of Trinity Broadcasting Network (we may not all agree with the way or why…and Jan Crouch may not be your cup of tea…but don’t look at the person…look at the proof) This has been going on for years…The hospital built by them and the school and such I have not been able to find out how they fared…

    God Bless you all and God Bless America

  19. Hi Eddy,

    My prayers also go out to those who are in this time of need.

    Here is A Daily Word of Today.


    God’s light dispels all darkness.

    Dark clouds may at times hide the sun. And there may be days in my life that seem clouded and dark. Whatever my challenge or sorrow, I know there is a place where God’s light never ceases to shine and where there is no darkness. I go to that place within in prayer.

    Finding a comfortable spot, I close my eyes. I see the light that penetrates any shadow, and I feel the radiance of God’s love in my heart. I am comforted and strengthened. My mind is calm with a deep sense of peace. I face nothing alone; God’s presence is always with me. There is no darkness that can withstand the light of God. I am safe. I am comforted.

    The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?–Psalm 27:1

    God bless our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Amen

    Veronica N.

  20. Eddy,

    I just checked my church’s website, and saw that over 160,000 lbs. of food and supplies were shipped to Haiti. And they are sending in volunteers to help. I am wondering if all the other churches are doing the same. I would encourage all church goers to check with their churches to see if they can contribute to organized, collective, church-based units that have donation-delivery, and volunteer-rescue mechanisms in place already. (Prayers are always good, but the Lord also needs living hands to act on His behalf.) Just a thought.

    • Phil, Denise, Jennifer,
      Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

      Thanks for this news. It’s great to hear that your church has actively mobilized! I totally agree with you, prayers are definitely welcomed but actions are even better. Hopefully that resonates with people as they see this tragedy unfold before them on the news. Thanks again.

  21. @Eddy Salomon:

    Sure Eddy, you’re quite welcome. Words cannot thoroughly express or articulate my emotions, etc. … but I am so thankful that the good Lord knows. For He will speak, instruct, guide, and call to action as only He can do.

    Please keep us informed as you see fit.

  22. Eddy,

    I’m so sorry to learn of the earthquake situation in Haiti. My thoughts and prayers go out to your homeland family, brethren, and all Haitian residents who have been impacted. I also pray that by some means you & your family here will be able to communicate with your family members abroad.

    Those of us with a genuine heart to help others (especially in times of crisis such as this) don’t have to look very deep at all within ourselves to do our part. Therefore, you can count on my support; not as a favor, but because I do care.

    Thank you for providing the helpful Haiti Earthquake Relief organizations list.

    Your buddy, Callie

    • Thanks Callie! I really appreciate the heart felt support. Hopefully everyone that reads this post will do their part to help as you have chosen to do so.
      Thanks again.

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