Help Haiti with Earthquake Relief

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As some of you may or may not know, I am a Haitian American. A lot of my family was fortunate enough to come to the states and make a better lives for themselves. I'm obviously a product of that. However I have a lot of family members and brethren that are still back home and have obviously been impacted by this disastrous event.

My homeland was already impoverished with a weak infrastructure. But you add a natural disaster like this and the impact is beyond comprehension. At the time of this post, the communication lines are pretty much non existent. So we haven't been able to get in contact with other family members. We're basically totally in the dark about their conditions. The only thing we do know is that they have definitely been impacted since they live in Port Au Prince.

Why should you care?

I share this with you because you may think the situation in Haiti is far removed from you. But now you know it's not. The person that has helped you avoid scams and find various legitimate ways of working at home for the past several years is Haitian. The stranger that has taken time to answer your comments and share encouragement with you is Haitian. The person that has brought a smile to your face or caused you to laugh out loud is Haitian.

So if you feel that any of these things are worth anything, I'm asking that you do me a favor. Please try to help some people that you may not know but need your help desperaterly. I know times our rough here in the states but if you can find it in your hearts to make any type of donations to organizations that are assisting in the Haiti Earthquake Relief, your buddy here would really appreciate it.

It's when events like this happen you realize how fortunate we all are to have a stable governement, solid infrastructure, shelter, funds, foods and various organizations that can help in disastrous situations. But other "3rd world" countries like Haiti don't have this luxury. So I hope you can find it in your hearts and wallets to help some of my brethren out as I have helped many of you here on this blog for years.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Organizations:

Here is a list of organizations mobilizing to help in the Haiti Earthquake Relief, feel free to help or make any donations to an organization that you feel can provide assistance to the Haitian Earthquake victims.

American Red Cross (Wyclef Jean's Organization)

Baptist Haitian Mission (operates an 82-bed hospital that is "overflowing with injured." Donate online to BHM and 100% of your donation will go to the relief effort)

Partners In Health

Mercy Corps

Doctors Without Borders (Provides Medical Relief)

Oxfam America (Will provide clean water, Shelter, Sanitation)

International Medical Corp (Will provide Medical Relief)

I'll update this list regularly and feel free to post organizations in the comment section below.


I just want to say thanks in advance for all your prayers, thoughts and donations. Please don't let the people of Haiti be forgotten. Often times they are. So feel free to share this article with others via email, facebook, retweet, etc. Get the word out.

Hopefully this awful tragedy will give my homeland the opportunity to rebuild stronger than ever. But only time will tell. Thanks again from your favorite Haitian blogger. God bless you all and appreciate all that you take for granted here in the states.


It appears that most of my family members in Haiti are accounted for and safe. So thank you for your prayers because it obviously helped. But obviously my extended brethren aren't doing well. So I ask that you continue your prayers but more importantly take action. Haiti is often ignored and forgotten. Don't allow this to happen especially now. Encourage everyone you know donate or give to some of the organizations listed above. Keep the pressure on so that these folks get the help and support they need to survive this tragedy and to rebuild. Thanks.

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