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Get Paid To ReadGrowing up in the 80's there use to be a commercial for an organization named R.I.F. that I loved. R.I.F. stood for Reading Is Fundamental! Boy is that statement true when it comes to working at home. Too often work at home seekers are skimming through articles and websites. They bounce from site to site in search of work at home but aren't really taking the time to dissect the valuable information that may be on these sites

Now I'm not criticizing folks that do this. Let's be honest some sites just suck! Furthermore as a new parent I know how it is when you're trying to squeeze in some free time in between doing laundry, taking care of the kids, paying the bills, working for the man, etc. You're just “trying to get in where you can fit in” as the saying goes. But this comes at cost!

Lack of Reading + Rushing = Lost Money!

This is the formula for disaster that many people are repeating. When you don't put aside time to read through sites or if you rush through, you end up missing hidden gold mines of opportunities. Or worst still you can end up getting scammed because you didn't do your research or read some article telling you about a scam to avoid. I've even see it here on this blog. I'll write an article about a specific subject and I'll get a comment or question about the exact thing I just covered in the article the person allegedly read. Ignoring articles is fine and dandy, but I've also seen people lose work at home jobs because they failed to read job descriptions carefully. This is actually very common and why some of us don't get a response from an employer!

As someone that hires work at home seekers from time to time, I can't tell you how many job seeker's emails or resumes go into the trash because they FAILED to read my specification directions. I know it sounds cruel but that's reality. Employers are very busy and they want the brightest people. Your job is to make their lives easier. So even though you might be the sharpest tool in the box, if you fail to follow specific directions because you rushed through reading a job description, you're going to be passed over. If an employer states not to call their office, then why be the stalker and call them? If an employer states no attached resume, then why send them your resume in an attachment? When you fail to follow directions then you're telling an employer “Mr Employer, you're name must be Skip because I going to skip over everything you wrote in that job description and do my own thing”. So now your potential employer will assume that this will be a reflection of your work ethic and who wants to hire someone like that?

So what you should take away from this? Eddy is big jerk! You might. But hopefully most of you will remember the little acronym I mentioned at the start of this article: R.I.F. And if you don't know what that stands for, then you've just proved my point.

How To Make Money Reading Right Now!

Now that's out the way, let's talk about how you can get paid for reading. You probably receive tons of unwanted emails from people you don't know. Shucks, you probably get a lot of unwanted emails from people you do know too! With that said, have you ever thought to yourself if I had a dime for every spam email I receive, I would be rich. I know I have. Unfortunately I don't know of any companies that would pay you a dime per email you read. But I do know of one that will pay you a few cents per email. For the last month or so I've started getting involved with paid to read email programs agains.

Ironically it's one of the first type of work at home opportunities I was involved in. This eventually lead to my career as an affiliate when I realized I could also get paid for referring other people to do the same thing. So how does one get paid to read email? It's quite simple.

1. Sign up for an email reader account with a reputable company ( It's free!
2. Select the type of emails you want to receive.
3. Read the emails & Visit the sites in the email.
4. Get paid up to .02 cents per email!
5. Repeat steps 3-4 every day.
6. Receive a check or paypal payment at the end of the month.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Now let me spit out the usual disclaimer because I know there is going to be a “mad work at home seeker” complaining about this. No, you're not going to be able to support your family with the type of money email readers make! What we like to do here is to focus on opportunities that are actually available now so you can make money sooner rather than later. We all know that traditional work at home jobs are hard to land. So we provide you with various recommended non-traditional options because when you combine the income earned from their total sums, you can make some decent money. Or you can take the route of just spending hours trying to land traditional work at home jobs and not getting paid for the time you're spending. It's your choice either way.

But If you are interested in making money now, then getting paid to read email is a good place to start. may be a company you want to look into. Don't worry it's a totally no cost, scam free opportunity. I can also attest to their legitimacy because I've been working with them for a month or two and received my first payment of $37.91 via paypal recently. Click here to see it! I also like because they give you $10 just for signing up!

As good as this sound I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't touch upon some of the negatives. To receive your monthly payments you must earn at least $25 for the given month. That's not that easy to achieve just reading emails on your own but it does help that they provide you with the $10 bonus. But ultimately the smart thing to do would be to refer other work at home seekers to using the free website address they provide you. (That's what I did!) You would then get paid when your referrals read emails too! This is an easier way to make more money and to achieve the minimum payment requirement. The other good thing is you're helping other people make money legitimately! So you're getting paid to help people!

Honestly, finding people that want a legitimate work at home opportunity is easy. You probably have a dozen or so work at home websites you visit regularly. They all probably have a blog, forum or message board where you can participate and tell people about your experience with You could also post free classified ads in, post flyers in your hood, etc. Just be creative.

So if you're interested in getting paid to read email, please click here to visit Hits4pay and get started today. It doesn't cost you a dime but hey you might make one reading some emails! If you have any questions about this opportunity click here to visit their site and read their FAQ section!

And finally remember R.I.F. It really troubles me to see how many people are skimming through sites. I've seen too many of you miss out on opportunities because of this. So do yourself a favor and make it a point to change that behavior. Think about how many jobs or opportunities you may have missed because of this. What do you guys think? Have you been guilty of ignoring R.I.F.?

59 thoughts on “Get Paid To Read…”

  1. Hi Eddy
    thanks for everything , but i just wanted to ask ;are those methods beneficial to those outside USA , as i live in Germany and i wanted to make sure that it worths it

  2. Well Eddy,
    Here is another program you got me to sign up for. Just got done with the registration now im waiting for approval. Just another trickle to the stream. But with the free $10 sign up hopefully it wont take too long to get to the $25 payout. I like the refferal deal too that way i get to help out friends and family and make a little extra cash as well!! Thanks for all the ideas Eddy! As someone who is just starting out trying to make some money online your site has been extreamly helpful. So please keep the great ideas comming!

  3. Yes, I did receive and click the confirmation link. It said that the account would need to be confirmed, which would take about 24 hours. That took 5 days, but it is now showing as active. I’ll give it a little more time, and if nothing shows up at all, perhaps I’ll email them to see if anything is wrong.

  4. Julie:
    When I joined Hits4Pay and about 5 others I had to go into the email I used to sign up with them and click on a URL to be officially registered. I suppose they want to make sure we really intended to sign up and that someone else was not just using our name and e-mail. Have you checked for that? I signed up about 2 weeks ago and get emails about every other day.
    Good Luck

  5. I signed up for Hits4Pay through your affiliate link (I thought you deserved it!), but I’m starting to wonder if I should be looking elsewhere, as in two weeks they have not sent a single email. I logged in to check the web site and sure enough, nothing. Are they just slow to start up, or are most emails sent to target Americans?

  6. Eddie,

    While I have a paypal account, I’ve never used it for anything other than purchasing. How do you get money that is deposited into your account? I really need cash to cover bills, so I’m wondering if this will do the trick.


    • Shiela,

      You have to set up your account so you can transfer money from your paypal account to your bank account. You can also have them send you a check. Or you can also get a paypal debit card that allows you to withdraw money from your paypal balance account from an atm. Or you can use that paypal debit card to make purchases. This shouldn’t be confused with their credit card. The paypal debit card uses only your paypal balance. So that’s the various ways to get money out of your paypal account. When you log in there should be a withdrawal tab that explains this all to you. Or just visit their site and click on the help section to read more information. Or just call them and they can walk you through it.

      At the end of the day many of the opportunities we cover like the additional ones in my recommendations page: tend to pay by paypal because it is easy to use. I rarely get checks from companies anymore. Most pay via paypal or direct deposit. Keep in mind that paypal doesn’t do this out of the kindness of their heart. They do take a small percentage of your money which shouldn’t be a surprise in the day of banks nickel and diming you for everything.

  7. hi,Eddy,it’s really great to have such a few good personslike you. you are really doing a nice job preventing people from scam, which make them sick. you are like freash air who made me confident again.

  8. Hi Eddy, I just joined Hits4Pay and look forward to see if I can get a little income from this website. I read your review and it sounds pretty easy. Thanks again.

  9. OH!! My apologies!! My friend Tonya just got onto me for calling her Tanya (shame on me). I’m doing 12 things at one time so excuse me, that wasn’t intentional. Have a good day & keep up the excellent work EDDY 😉

  10. Ms. Moore, I can assure you. Hits4pay is NOT a scam at all.
    They do give you a free $10 to sign up and it did take me about a year last year to make it to$25 and got $26 something from them on Nov. 2008.
    It’s not something where you can make load of money with. It’s one of those earn extra income kind of thing. I hope this helps if you were not sure on signing up with them. It’s worth getting paid to view these simple ads at least.

  11. I’ve formed the habit of checking in with your site to make sure a work at home offer is legit before signing up, thanks for all your research!! What WAH jobs would you offer someone who has no interest in talking to anyone on the phone that has no fees and real pay?

    I just saw an ad for hits4pay today on Craigslist. I did a little digging and this is what I found:
    I’m unsure about dealing with them, but everyone that’s interested keep the rest of us posted if you decide to go through with it.

    • Hi Ms Moore,

      I can say with 100% certainity that is legit and have been paid by them many times. Even in that website you referenced you’ll see many more people that have come forward that they were paid. What I have found is that nearly any company will have some anomalies, haters or situation that wasn’t always resolved in the way someone would like. We see it every day at airports, the government, etc but no one is running around calling them scams. So you have to keep that in mind when doing your research. If in most cases a company has complaints that aren’t resolved, you may want to avoid them. If the reviews are a bit mixed and you have nothing to lose such as money by giving a company a shot, then you may still want to work with the company. This all boils down to the strategy you would take with investments or gambling. Don’t risk more than you can afford to lose and you’ll be fine.

      In regards to your other questions, try visiting the companies page to find a job of interest to you:

      Every Friday we list new job leads as well so you can give that a shot:

      This will give you jobs with “real pay” but it’s probably going to take you a while to land one though. That’s why we offer the non-traditional opportunities as well so you can make money as you try
      to get a “Real” job. Either way you have options and its up to you to choose them.

      Hope this helps.

  12. Jorge
    That’s great that you are doing all of those things. I just signed up at a few sites today where they claim they are free to make money with. Hopefully they will be able to give me some because I need more.

    I am on hits4pay, dealsncash which is also own by hits4pay. I got paid once by hits4pay, a few times with opinion outpost and they are great. I got a few checks from them a few years ago. I only made $2 with them so far so I have $3 to go. hehehee

    The few sites I join well, I am not sure if they are still new since I just saw them recently. So far, I have made some money with them which is great. Hopefully it will surpass what I have been making so far.

    I also do blogging and writing for money so that helps as well.
    Keep doing what you are doing for money. It is neat to have some to do whatever you want with it.

  13. Laurie,

    At this moment I am focusing more on filling surveys and reading emails, my favorite website is OpinionOutPost, they send you a lot of surveys, the minimum to get paid is $5dls, they pay with check and they are very fast on sending the checks.

    I am working also with inboxdollars, but for them they take a while until you reach the minimum of $30dls just reading emails and taking the few surveys; they charge you a $3dls handling fee (so you get only $27dls on the check).

    Another is E-Rewards, they are easy and they send you a fair amount of surveys, it doesn’t take to long to get good stuff, the only down side is the kind of rewards that they offer, they don’t pay cash, they give you air miles, magazine subscriptions and some giftcards, usually I only get GameStop giftcards to get my videogames.

    Another is, but this website is really slow, the minimum is $10 and they take like two months to process your check and sent it to you.

    Last month I start with and, I will let you know how these sites go with the time.

    Have a nice day.

  14. Jorge, your welcome. I just thought to post up my opinion of what I think of PP and my experiences with it. I actually have two of them but I use one of them and somewhat put the other on the backburner.
    I have a friend who got her payment with inboxdollars as well and I know that they are legit as well. I am waiting just like the others at a site called adflasher where I would be able to withdraw my money so then I can have it. Unfortunately, they only pay you by Alertpay. It’s like PP but despite that I don’t like it as much as PP, it’s free money right?
    I recently made a new blog which I will post up payment proof from such site places and if possible, scan or take a pic of the checks that I got from these other companies that only pay by checks.
    Besides ptc/ptr sites, what other ways are you earning extra money online?
    I recently got active back on Mylot site which I got paid once. I would like to reach the payout rate at $10. Gonna do that right now. I know that it’s scary how there are things able to get into your bank account and mess around with it but from my experience so far, I didn’t have trouble at all so I keep using PP.

  15. Laurie,

    Thank you very much for your comment, now I’m more close to get a paypal account, I don’t have nothing negative to say about PP, I think it is just the normal fear with anything that has access to your bank account.
    But one more time, thank you for your good word about it, about the time, I’m ok to work a long time to reach the payout quota, it took me several months to reach the quota on but I just got it a few days ago.

    Have a nice day all.

  16. Hey Jorge.
    Now you may be somewhat against Paypal but rest assure, they are safe. I never had any problem since I had the account there and everytime I receive payments, I get very happy. Lots of sites give you your payment by Paypal and/or Alertpay. Just stick around with Hits4pay and it will pay off. It took me about a year to reach the payout rate but also do other sites such as DealsNCash. I am doing the other ones as well just so I can get some extra moola for myself. I work at home so please understand where I am coming from.

  17. Hi Eddy,

    I just sign up on but the only downside is that this website only pays you by PayPal and I am still a little paranoid to get an account with them, I would prefer to wait a week or two if is necessary to receive a check, but I am going to put my positive energy on it and let see how that goes, maybe if I get the $25 dls soon maybe they will convince me to get a PP account.

    Have a nice day.

    • Hey Jorge,

      Congrats on signing up. I hope it helps you out. It’s not a lot of money but it is a start. To increase the money you make with it, you may want to apply the technique listed in free affiliate marketing guide:

      In regards to paypal, I’ve heard the horror stories about them. But I’ve been with them for years and I’ve never had a problem with them. Any issue has always been resolved with an email or a phone call. But I know
      not everyone has been as lucky. So I understand your concern. Good luck either way.

  18. And OH b4 I 4get Hits4pay only pays through pay pal? I rather much receive a check in the mail. I feel kinda funny given out my personal information.


    P.S. if I have any other questions I will let you know I don’t want to slam you with so much comments of my part . hehe!

  19. Hi Eddy,

    I don’t know if this is the right post to comment on here but, anyways woot! woot!!
    I was just approved for Hits4pay!! yay!! I sound like a 4 yr. old who just got her first Lollipop haha!! Anyway cya later 😀

  20. Hi Eddy,

    I just recently came across your website and decided to look into these opportunities you have as they seem legit. I went to the search “executive secretaries” where it lead me to “Now Hiring(Work at Home)” earning $7500/month. I thought wow that must be a scam. But, it’s on your website as a link so now I’m confused. I hope you can assist me in the right direction. Thanks!

    • Hi Tanja,

      Thanks for actually contacting me about this instead of assuming. This site like nearly every other free site, magazines, TV networks, etc is sponsored by ads. Most of these aren’t personally endorsed by the owners of these mediums. That’s why we clearly mark things as sponsored ads on this blog so you know it’s not something we personally recommend. The opportunities I personally I recommend, I flat out state in an article so there is never any confusion. So keep that in mind if you click on an ad on this site or any other site. It’s not an endorsement just because they’re listed there as a sponsor. Just like your TV network may not endorse an informerical you see there, it’s an ad and should be treated as such which means doing your research and making a decision based on that.

      Hope that makes sense?

  21. Hi Eddy!

    Thanks for sharing the link of Jingproject… see, it pays to keep up with all the comments because I can still pick up new information when you reply to other peoples’ questions and comments! ;o)

    • Hey Shawna,

      You’re welcome and ain’t that the truth. I’m always preaching that people should read these comments. There is such a wealth of information from other users. But too often folks just want to skim through everything. But obviously you don’t and gained some great information. Thanks for chiming in as always!

  22. Hi Eddy I love your site its been a lot of help to me! I was wandering if could give me some advice on referrals. What is the best way to get referrals?!?! That seems to be a good way to make money in addition to reading emails!

    • Hi Martia,

      I’m glad you love my site. I love you too! lol
      In terms of getting referrals here’s an easy one. Find a popular work at home blog (Hmmm I wonder where you can find one like that. lol). Then start participating in as many articles as possible by posting comments that are helpful and informative.

      So for instance if you know of a new scam that came about, you might head to the scams page: and post the scam or a site you visited that discussed a scam.

      How does this help you? Well if you noticed when you posted your comment there was an area for url which is your website address. You could put your referral website address in there and your name becomes a link.
      If you’re commenting a lot with useful and helpful post, people will wonder who you are and may click on your link which can lead to one of the programs you’ve joined. Most people that read the articles also read the comments. So if there is enough your helpful useful comments out there, chances are there are going to be a lot of people that are going to say your name and trust you. So they will be more inclined to click on your name and join a program you may be promoting.

      If you’re really want to take it to the next level, you could create a website of your own on a site like or
      and have a list of all your favorite and legitimate work at home programs listed there and link to that page instead.

      So that’s any easy way of getting referrals, you can do this on message boards or forums too. There are actually a lot more ways to get referrals, this process is basically called affiliate marketing and how I earn 5 figures per month. You can read more about that here:

      At the end of the day the key to getting referrals is to provide useful comments or feedback. Not stuff like: “Yeah me too!” “Or your site is great now come visit my affiliate link here:” You have to be helpful to people sort of like how I am here on this blog. That’s why I get a lot of referrals. I’m not beating you over the head with join everything. I give you a balance of useful information, tips and my referral links. Every one wins that way. Treat people the way you want to be treated and you go a long way in life.

      One last thing, refer things that are legitimate and you have made money with. Why would I join something that you never tried? That’s why I always make an attempt to get involved in all of the programs I personally recommend and I even take it a step further by showing you that I have signed up and made money with creating free videos using or you could take screenshots of your pay. But it’s important to walk the walk and talk the talk.

      I hope this helps you.

      Take care.

  23. @Eddy Salomon:

    Good evening eddy, I love the site but i have a question, Are there any sites that send you an email and you reply to it rather then actually go to the site? There has to be a way.

    Im normally on sms because im normally out and in my busy life
    If you could find me one like this or an sms one i would gladly appreciate it

    P.S. I do not live in india. =p

    • Hey Thomas,

      Glad you like the site. I think most of the get paid to read email sites now want you to go their sites. This is usually a safe guard to probably avoid their emails being sent into the spam folder and for better tracking for their advertisers. Back in the day they use to send it directly to your email. But I don’t know of any that now. Get an iphone or another smart phone. lol I just got myself a new Iphone 3gS and its been heaven. I hardly use my laptop now. lol

      In any event, sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  24. I registered but still haven’t received an activation email :S
    It has been like 15 hours so far… does it take so long?

    So do you mean this is not the right way to make money online for living? Is it like only few bucks per month even if I have referrals? Or can I make few thousands per month with like 1,000 referlar in my network?

    • Yes it does take a while. I think I didn’t get mine for 24 hours or so. Not sure why though.
      And no you can’t make a living off this and we made that clear in the article above.
      You’ll make a few bucks on your own but more if you refer others.
      But I doubt it will be a few thousands. This is just one of those programs to give you a few bucks
      every month which should be done with many other opportunities so you have multiple sources
      of little income that add up to decent income.

      Read the article again, we sort of explain this concept.

  25. Who knows but having referrals under you can speed things up for you to make money each month. I only got paid once but it was without any referrals. With referrals, you would be able to reach the payout thing faster than the way I am doing it.
    I like how simple and quick that money adds up everytime you view those ads but it helps.

  26. Hey Eddy,

    Many thanks for the intersting article!

    I just wanted to ask how many emails does Hits4Pay send to members per day?

    Lets say I have around 100 person who click all the advertisements per day.. how much would I earn per month?

    Thanks again!!

  27. Hey Shawna,

    I was wondering what happened to you. I thought I scared you away with the advice I sent since I never got a response back from you. lol

    Glad to hear that you’ve decided to take some of my advice. Just be sure you get the proper training. Tons of people start a website and expect to make a boat load of money. But without learning the ropes nothing will happen. So be mindful of that.

    In any event hope that you do well with Hits4Pay. It’s pretty easy money even though it’s not a lot.
    And by the way I prefer that you’re the type that reads everything instead of skimming it. It’s probably why you’ve had some of success with work at home. Just don’t hold grammatical or spelling mistakes against these sites.

    My grammar and spelling suck most of the time. But hopefully you’re able to see the intent of my efforts and take that for face value.

    Great to hear from you again. Continued success to you!


  28. Hi Eddy,

    I just signed up for thanks for the heads up.
    As for RIF, I have the opposite problem. I read things a little too closely sometimes and I find lots of typos and misspellings! I wish I could get a job as a proofreader because I would rock! LOL
    I appreciate the letter of encouragement you sent me a few weeks ago and I will follow your advice and buy my own domain name, probably after the holidays as soon as I get some cash freed up.
    Thanks again for your help!

  29. Hi Debby,

    Thanks for your question.

    Well one, this isn’t going to happen all the time.

    Let me break down how surveys work. Marketing research sites that offer surveys represent clients they have. So for instance let’s say I’m and Coke Cola wants to get the feedback of their new soda. But they’ve told my company they only want the feedback of black women, between the ages of 20-34 with children. So my company will send out a survey invitation to my database of people. The survey will have pre-screening questions so we can ensure that we only get responses from the group of people that Coke has asked for.

    So that’s why pre-screening questions are done and why sometimes you won’t qualify for a survey. Other times you will. It just depends what the clients want. So don’t take it personal and don’t be so quick to give up or make assumptions.

    Hopefully now you have a better understanding of marketing research works and you’ll continue to plug away.

    Take care,


    P.S. I also explain this in greater detail in the following article about focus groups which is pretty much the same thing but pays more:

  30. Looked at the legit survey websites on your site and tried a few but when you try to take the surveys you only get to like 5 questions and they say the survey is full, and you can’t take it. So how can you make money if you can’t take the survey?

  31. Hi Jim,

    I totally hear ya man! I wasn’t much of a big reader either. But that totally changed when I started seeing how much I was missing when I skimmed through stuff and how it was actually costing me money. lol The money thing was a big incentive for getting me to read again especially when it came to making money online, affiliate marketing or business stuff.

    The more you know, the more you grow. Glad you can see my point. I still have problems getting into recreational reading like novels. I have great attention span for long movies but when it comes to reading books it decreases tremendously. Sad, I know. But I just hate when writers want to write every little detail about something that may not be important to the story. I understand it’s to help you visualize the atmosphere of the given story but for me it’s like let’s get to the story line already. lol But strangely I’m fine when it’s done in movies. So go figure.

    At the end of the day, I just want all of you guys to succeed at working at home. This is a very tough industry plagued with scams and crappy products promising you the world. And I find the more folks read, the less likely they are to be scammed and more likley to find various ways of working at home.

    I’m just happy to share the “pie”. (Great analogy by the way. lol)


  32. Hi Eddy,
    just wanted to say thanks for the email and that I can see your point. I have the attention span of a ferret on espresso. I haven’t read anything since Steven King’s “The Dark Half”. I was just returning the book to the library for a friend and read the first couple pages to see what it was about. It was a long drawn out explanation setting up the plot. I didn’t like it and was going to drop it in the return slot. So 3 days later and very tired I returned the book. It managed to hook me and I couldn’t put it down. Since then I cannot finish a sentence if it does not get my attention. This reading emails thing is a very small part of a very big pie. I don’t like to read but I do like pie.
    Thank you for sharing your pie with me. maybe i will read again.

  33. Eddy, I love this site, and gained alot of insight to various things. I really enjoyed this this last artical, most of this I heard in the resume writting workshop I told you about. So thank you for all you do to keep all of us updated.

  34. Hi Michele,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. I really don’t understand how anyone can abandon their family like that. I’m just happy to hear you’re making the best of the situation and taking action on some of the opportunities we’ve mentioned in the past.

    You’re a testament to what I preach. Every little bit helps! Thanks for sharing your comments. I hope to hear in a few months that your situation has continued to improve. God bless you and your family!


  35. Hi, Eddy! I absolutely love your site. I have gotten into several things that you have had on your site. My husband woke up 5 months ago and decided he no longer wanted me and our 3 kids. I was unemployed, broke and across the country from home. I’m not making a lot but I am bringing in enough to help my parents with diapers and food since I have moved back home. You are so right about looking for work while passing up the small things. I have seen a lot of people do that. Thanks for all you do!

  36. Thanks Sherry!
    I’m glad you can appreciate the advice. Sounds like you’re already well on your way to making more at home.
    The fact that you can appreciate any additional income coming home is ultimately what will make you succeed.

    So keep it up!

    God Bless you and family as well! Happy Holidays!


  37. Hi Eddy, love your site. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Your site has been a great help to me. I am 44 and trying to get on disability cause of back and neck nerve injury. My husband works self-employed construction and the winter time is usually the slowest so any extra money I can make online helps a bunch. Yes I have been guilty of ignoring RIF in the past but found out if I read more that I find out the real details to the work at home sites and what is required. You make a great point, thanks for stepping out there and helping all of us work at homers. May God Bless You and I pray that you have a blessed Christmas holiday. Sincerely, Sherry Davis


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