HomeJobStop.com Review – Scam or The Real Deal?

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Anyone who has searched for work at home for more than an hour can tell you how difficult this task can be. The process in itself is a full time job! If it's not fending off scammers for your hard earned money then it's battling hours of eye ball blinding scanning of job sites that hide legitimate work at home jobs like an Easter egg!

Been there and done that! It's the reason I created Work At Home Careers and Work At Home No Scams. In most cases, Work At Home websites tend to do all the leg work for you. You just need to visit and apply. As much as we want to do this out of the kindness of our hearts, baby girl needs a new pair of shoes and food to eat. So this has left many work at home website owners supplementing the legitimate work at home jobs we find with dreaded advertisements.

I'm sure you've visited your favorite work from home website and run into ads asking you for your hard money and wondered, "What the F! I thought this was the free and legitimate website everyone is raving about!" The reality is that yes your friendly neighborhood work at home website is free to use. But it means we have to share our website page space with advertisers the same way network TV does with commercials. Is it a necessary evil? Not really. Here's where HomeJobStop.com comes in.

The Good!

1. HomeJobStop.com actively screens its job listing and removes any scams.
That's probably the most important thing any website can do considering all the crap that sprouts up like weeds everyday. You need someone that is on your side always looking out for your interest so you don't become the next victim. HomeJobStop has you covered in that respect because they have a staff dedicated to reviewing each job listing.

2. Next, HomeJobStop.com is a totally ad-free work at home website.
This means that you won't find a single ad mixed in with the legitimate work at home jobs like you find in some of your favorite work at home job sites. I know this is a God send for newbie work at home seekers who often get ads and legitimate jobs confused. So if this has happened to you then you need to seriously consider visiting HomeJobStop.com!

3. HomeJobStop.com is very organized.
Have you ever visited a work at home website and felt like the next contestant on "Are you Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?". Too often I've visited work at home websites where the jobs are as scrambled and scattered like my morning eggs. Well you won't run into that situation with HomeJobStop.com, the Jobs are listed in various specific categories. So depending on your skill set you can easily narrow down your search which means you're in and out. I hate to toot my own horn but we do a pretty good job of this at www.WorkAtHomeCareers.com

4. HomeJobStop.com is updated regularly.
Ever been to a work at home website and applied to a job and learned that it was filled 100 moons ago? Ain't that a B…! Here you are wasting your precious time sending out resumes to a non-existing job and this can be a real pain if you've done it a few times during the course of the day. Well the likelihood of this happening on HomeStopJob.com is very slim since they're vigilant about updating their listing regularly.

So this all sounds good right?
However as a seasoned work at home seeker cynic, I'm sure your scammy senses are going haywire like Spider-man. Okay let's get into the negatives because we all know there are always a few.

The Bad!

Well like your favorite free work at home websites the folks at HomeJobStop.com "got kids to feed" too! But instead of inundating you with ads, they charge a one-time minor membership fee! Now don't have a heart attack! It's not ridiculous amount of money. It's the same amount you spent to take the little ones to see the latest Disney or Pixar movie this past weekend. But with this the money you're coughing up provides a benefit that lasts a lifetime rather than a few hours. Furthermore there are no screaming kids and you could potentially make your investment back 100 times fold over the course of the membership which is a lifetime! So how much are we talking about here? It's only about anywhere from $12 to $24 depending on the membership you choose.


Honestly this is chump change when you consider the hours you'll save on searching and applying to dead end job leads. Furthermore the likelihood of you falling for the next cleverly disguised scam is absent since the fee you pay covers the staff that does the research for you! Finally the most important thing is for the mere price of some movie tickets you can end up with a work at home job that gives you more time with your family and the financial freedom you've been seeking. Is that worth up to $24 to you? And if for some inconceivable reason it's not, That's fine because HomeJobStop.com is so confident in their service, there is a full no questions asked, easy to get, money back guarantee!

So what is being home with your family worth to you? Let me know what you guys think in the comment area below. I know these type of services are touchy subject for work at home seekers. Let me hear your thoughts. I'm not saying that HomeJobStop.com is for everyone. Some of you are veteran work at home seekers and can easily maneuver around the free work at home websites but this might be something for newbies to consider. Either way I want to hear from you folks! I hope you enjoyed this review of HomeJobStop.com. In my humble opinion, it's definitely not a scam, fraud or ripoff!

38 thoughts on “HomeJobStop.com Review – Scam or The Real Deal?”

    • Hi,

      I haven’t used them in years. But the fact they are still in business is a good sign. You could try them out and if you don’t like it get a refund since they are clickbank vendor. Let us know if you do.

    • http://www.homejobstop.com seems to have walked away, somewhere between January and February 2014. I paid FOR A LIFETIME subscription and they do not even extend the common courtesy to reply to my email inquiries, seeking a reason their site is down.

      Does anyone have information?

    • Hey Star,

      I happened to visit their website in the last couple of weeks and noticed the same thing. It’s very weird and it would be a shame if they closed down and didn’t contact existing members. Let’s hope we get some type of update soon!

  1. I see below where there have been concerns about HomeJobStop.com and I wanted to help verify that it is a legit website. I have a lifetime membership. Have had it for about 10 years now. When I did the lifetime membership it was $12 and that has been all I have had to pay. They send you an update on the jobs posted on their website so if you ever change your email address you have to email them to have it directed to your new email. That happened to me once. Most are like other jobs-they do like for you to know what you doing so you do have to do an application or email/fax a resume.   If working at home is something you want to do and you can’t find legit work at home jobs yourself then that website is well worth your money and then some. Remember, you can always go back to look at other jobs no matter if its been 5 years or more. I hope this has helped make your decision more peaceful.


  2. Hey Ruth,

    I’m not really sure what to tell you. I’ve provided you some of the places you’ll be able to find something. Other than that I can’t really help you get a job. That really falls on your skill set at that point.

  3. Hi Eddy, I love your website it has been an eye opener and foundation in my search of a work at home job. My name is Ruth and live in Kenya, Africa. I tried out some of the international sites that you recommended e.g. oDesk but I have never been able to get a job. Please advice.


  4. Hi I am bruno,
    I have read about your review on the HomeJobStop and I think it is a very good opportunity for people in search of job.  Also for those who would like to ,spend more time with their family while working.

    I have one question though.  I quote “I’m not saying that HomeJobStop.com is for everyone. Some of you are veteran work at home seekers and can easily maneuver around the free work at home websites but this might be something for newbies to consider”.  So I would like to know if this company accepts people from France?

    Thanks for answering as soon as possible!

  5. Hey Joey,
    Thanks for pointing that out to me. Surprisingly I guess it never caused any confusion and that’s probably because of the direct links in the article. Either way, I’ve fixed it accordingly.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

    P.S. By the way it’s Eddy not Eddie. 😉

  6. Hey Eddie, I don’t suppose you may have noticed this but you have the site listed as HomeJobStop and HomeStopJob, which may be confusing some people.

  7. Oh no no, I’m not worried about a refund. I was on my way to go ahead and purchase a membership. So imagine my shock when I go to the website to buy a membership and the site doesn’t load. 🙁

    Pretty much, I’m just hoping that the site will be back up and running. I’m a fairly (to a liberal degree) practical guy. As long as everything is legitimate, then I’ll put in the work needed to make things happen. It’s just that the site not loading totally put me into the “Oh no!” phase. $24.00 really isn’t that much, so I’d never fuss over that. And after reading your review of the website (as well as other reviews from other websites) the site looks like it’s definitely the real deal.

    Thank you so much for replying so quickly. I have to say that I’ve been reading your website for a while now, but am just now in the process of actually taking action on things. I truly appreciate your expediency.

    Congrats to you for your dream house and have a lovely holiday!


    P.S. I also really hope the website will get back online!

    • Oh, sorry for the confusion. I wouldn’t be too worried. I’m sure they’ll fix it. But again we provide you with free jobs that are updated daily. So you can use them as many of our other users do. It will help you just as much.

      Either way, I’m happy to hear you’re now taking action instead of just reading. It should lead to some nice results over the next couple of weeks and months.

      Thanks for the congrats. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Hi Eddy. I have a problem with HomeJobStop.Com and I’m not sure if it can be fixed. You see, I’d been hesitating and hesitating on purchasing my membership for a while now. But today, November 24, 2010. I finally decided to go purchase a membership finally. And now the website isn’t loading at all. I tried it on different computers and get the same results. It appears the site no longer exists or has expired. But either way it’s got me let down pretty hard. Since you are (to my guessfacotr) somewhat affiliated with them, perhaps you know what’s going on. Is the site permenantly down? I’m really heartbroken by this, as I have no idea what to do now! 🙁

    With hopeful respect,

  9. Eddy….have you had any updates on homejobstop.com since 2009? I joined it last week because of your recommendation and I felt it was worth $24.00 to get rid of the ads. I did not see anywhere that said $49 and additional payments. Right after I joined my mother go sick so I’ve only been on there a couple of times looking but have not had time to apply yet. I will be doing so this weekend.
    It looks great to me but I have to check everything out so I was going to several of the types of jobs and reading every offer. I feel if I don’t do that I will miss something.
    I anyone has used homejobstop.com (you have to make sure to get the name just right) with success or even not, please write.
    Some of the sites listed on homejobstop.com I have seen here and there from other sites and know they are legitimate. I want to write and am getting a second Masters degree in creative writing so one of the jobs I am applying for is to write term papers and thesis because I have done it many times in school. I always said I would like to be a professional “student” if it were possible because I love school.
    My first BS degree was in Health Science and worked for a big health ins company, my first Masters was in counseling and I did that for 6 years. But I suffer from psychological disabilities such as depression, PTSD and ADHD and anxiety disorder and I find it difficult keeping jobs more than five years. EVentually my current meds will need to be changed and them my symptoms will show at work and they think i’m a nut so they find a way to let me go.
    My last job I even filed an EEOC suit and won, but I’m sick and tired of living this way and want to work for myself.
    Yea, yea, the ADA is SUPPOSED to protect us but unless you want to be in court all your life or always be in the midst of discrimination it is not worth it. I’m tired and I’m 55 and want the last part of my life to be peaceful. As long as I have money to pay my bills and buy groceries and get meds I’ll be ok. I have found I do not like being in the workworld; it too damn political.

    Sorry go off track. I’ve been a member here for several years and love the sites Eddy and family. I just do not talk much. I will let everyone know how homejobstop works for me and if anyone used them good or bad please let me know.

  10. @eddysalomon:
    This website sounds great and God knows I can use extra money, but what about the small print that said they are deducting $84 the first month and $49 each month after that and a health tracker fee. What is all that about. It sounds like everyone is just talking about the membership fee, but what are all these other fees? I would really like to trust this website. Can you help with some answers on this?

  11. Hi Megan,

    Honestly I think for any traditional work at home job you need to have some experience in the area you’re applying.

    Employers don’t look favorable on job seekers applying to jobs they may not be qualified for because it waste their time.

    Now with that said, if you’re open minded there are tons of available non-traditional work at home opportunities such as survey takers, message board chatters, focus group participants, affiliate, etc.

    Visit our articles page and check out our recommended opportunities section and you’ll find a lot of opportunities you can get started with despite your lack of experience:


    The other thing you may want to consider is being a home based tutor or teacher based on your home teaching experience. We have a lot of those jobs at my other site:

    I hope this helps.


  12. I am new to your reviews and wondering if this site has jobs for people that are not really experienced. I have not degree or huge amounts of office experience to have on an application. I have just been a stay at home and home teaching mom for the last 4 years and waited tables and did temp work once in a while to help out in the winter when my hubby was laid off for the winter. Thanks Megan

  13. Hi Garrard,

    Excellent point.
    Ironically here’s someone that has reported success with HomeJobStop:

    Feel free to email Colleen. I didn’t really get into her business about how much she’s making with the new
    work at home job she found with HomeJobStop but maybe
    she’ll share it with you.

    You may also be interested in the following page
    for more details about this site:

    I understand your skepticism.

    There is a lot of crap out there:

    But at the end of the day, if you wary of spending money you don’t ever have to. We provide you with free resources here at this site: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/companies

    So either way we provide you with choices. For some people HomeJobStop is perfect for others it may not be their cup of tea. I understand either way.

    Thanks again for sharing your comments and concerns.


  14. I suspect that folks would be a lot more interested in and responsive to HomeStopJob if some of these comments included some reports from people who have actually obtained jobs from the site.

    Then, they should post just how much money they are making (net) from the job on a monthly basis.

    That would really be worth something. The rest is, well, chat. Nothing against chat, but actual results beat chat anyday.

  15. Hey Colleen,

    As always it’s great to hear from you. But it’s even better to hear that you’ve found a work at home job! I’m so happy for you. This is great news and I hope that many others will follow your lead and use this wonderful resource. https://www.workathomenoscams.com/homejobstoprecommended

    Sounds to me you that you just paid for your membership. lol

    I’m glad that you were willing to invest in your career and use HomeJobStop to extend your job search.

    Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.

    I hope to hear many more of these stories.


  16. Hi Eddy –

    I wanted to put everyone’s mind at ease with regard to HomeJobStop http://www.workathomenoscams.com/homejobstoprecommended being a scam or not.

    Believe me, it is not a scam, there are legitimate jobs.

    I applied for a job on Thurs, 22 May and today, Monday, 26 May, I received my “Congrats, You Have Been Accepted” email.

    For this particular job, I had to submit my resume for review. They liked what they saw and then sent me an email to complete an online interview which took about 10-15 minutes.

    And then I waited anxiously :)))

    My persistence has paid off and I finally have a home job.

    For those of you who are pursuing home employment, do not give up or get frustrated because your day will come.

    Be sure to check out HomeJobStop http://www.workathomenoscams.com/homejobstoprecommended because one day you just may be happy that you took the time to do so.

    Colleen W

  17. Colleen,

    Great to hear you’re doing well and keeping busy. Be careful about building your VRE. I knew a few years every marketer was advising that people should pump out as many sites as possible because if you had 10 sites making $100 per month that’s $1000 per month or whatever the math is. lol

    But the problem with that is that you spread yourself thin and you can’t possibly produce good content for a lot of sites. Its better to establish some flag ships sites because they can easily make you as much money or more than having all that VRE. And you’ll be able to be more efficient.

    Take it from me. My focus right now is this blog and my other site WorkAtHomeCareers.com. I have put all other sites I had on pause because it was getting overwhelming and it felt like having a job again and that wasn’t fun. So just some word of wisdom on that.
    Take it with a grain of salt.

    Thanks for the congrats on my baby girl. Its funny you say that about them getting grown fast. I’m always telling my wife I can’t wait until my baby girl is our the infancy stage so I could relate to her more and we can actually communicate and play. lol

    And she’s always like don’t fast forward these moments because we’ll never have them with her again. So I hear ya. I can’t even imagine my girl being grown.

    In any event, congrats on raising your girl into a woman. I have such a deeper appreciation for parenthood now.

    As always great to hear from you.

    Don’t be a stranger. lol


  18. Hi Eddy –
    I am doing pretty well, working on my main blog as well as a couple of other blogs and adding to my VRE as much as possible. 🙂

    Congrats on the new baby and savor every moment because before you know it, she will be grown and on her own.
    My daughter turned 20 this past April and I truly cannot believe how time has passed.

    I did have to take a moment to comment on the HomeJobStop. Most people who know me do know that I do not recommend anything that I personally have not tried out myself. If something does not live up to what was said on the sales page as well as my expectations, then I cannot see recommending it to anyone.

    Great hearing from you Eddy, keep up the great work! I always enjoy reading your articles. I have learned a great deal from the knowledge that you share.

  19. Hey Colleen,

    How have you been? Thanks for chiming in. It’s good when our loyal subscribers participate and help new visitors out. We appreciate you doing that.

    I hope this helps Sandy.


  20. I joined HomeJobStop’s email plan at the end of March and I have to say that in the 2 emails you will receive a month, there are definitely plenty of jobs to go over.
    I personally have applied to a few of the jobs and was accepted and now I am just waiting for an assignment.
    You can choose the email plan or the online job database plan or both plans if you want.
    HomeJobStop is not a scam and they more then deliver when it comes to work at home job information.

  21. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for your comments.
    Trust me this is one of those investments that is worth it. I don’t run around personally recommending things unless I’ve actually tried what I’m recommending.

    With work at home it’s always a good idea to get as many work at home job leads as possible to better your chances of securing a job. I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket.

    We provide great job leads on our various sites: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/companies but sites like HomeJobStop http://www.workathomenoscams.com/homejobstoprecommended do a great job as well and may provide leads we don’t have so covering all your bases is a good idea.

    The economy is a mess right now and I don’t think it will be getting better any time soon. So it’s good idea to explore all legit options.

    So good luck to you Sandy.


  22. This does sound like what I need…I live in a rural area and with the gas price climbing I need a way to pay my bills…I just can’t take any chances on this being another bad deal for me…

  23. Hi Colleen,

    Glad you stumbled upon our review.
    HomeJobStop http://www.workathomenoscams.com/homejobstoprecommended is definitely a solid site.

    I’m actually going to create a video about their site very soon so people can get a look at the members area. I know folks are very skeptical about paying for work at home information (as they should be.) but this is one company I think the investment is totally worth.

    Thanks for chiming in and actually taking action.

    I think you’ll be happy with this resource. Its very easy to use.


  24. This morning I received an email from one of my subscription lists touting the greatness of HomeJobStop.com and what a great site it was.

    Well, I closed the email and went about my business.
    A little while later, I decided to do a search on “homejobstop scam”.

    Do you know that I have not found one negative comment about this website? This is a first!

    And I was also very happy when I found your article as part of my search because I knew that it would cement the overall consensus that HomeJobStop would be a good investment for me.

    Sure, there are two plans to choose from at, what I consider to be, a minor cost or you can choose to buy both plans at a combined cost.

    I am happy to read that the listings are screened and subscribers will not receive the same old listings that we receive in our emails each day which ask for money up front or are ponzi or are mlm or just are pure scams, etc.

    So let me say that I am going to sign up today and give this a shot!

    I feel it is definitely a win-win for me!

  25. Hey Eddy,

    Lol … gotta luv the genuine humor you add to your blog entries! You are absolutely right, the small fee HomeJobStop.com charges, can be compared to taking the kiddos to a Disney or Pixar movie. 🙂

    I signed up months ago, and have no unpleasant comments or experiences to report at all. Shortly after joining, I needed to contact site owner/admin Ms. Rita Woods. She responded very promptly and courteously.

    And … the WebAssured seal on her site is 100% authentic.


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