How To Find A Work From Home Job

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How To Find A Work At Home Job Online

Finding a legitimate work from home job can be as difficult as watching the presidential debates and trying to determine who's actually telling the truth. You end up having to sift through a lot of crap before you can get to the REAL stuff. Unfortunately that can be very messy and time consuming. Well we think we've created a solution that should keep you clean and avoid the stench of these online scams.

If you're looking for a legitimate and free work at home job, then this is the article for you. Most of you know we try review as many work at home companies as possible. But let's face it, everyone isn't really interested in reading my in-depth, thought-provoking, humorous, entertaining and lengthy reviews. Did I forget to mention that I'm also very modest and humble. LOL But seriously the articles are meant to help you make informed decisions. But I understand that "not everyone wants all that".

Some of you just want to know how to find a legit job from home quickly without worrying about being scammed or reading a War & Peace novel. It's more of the Wham Bam, thank you ma'am sort of relationship. It makes me feel dirty but I have to respect it.

With that in mind we've recently revamped our home based jobs page to help you easily find virtual and telecommuting positions. You can now search for these online positions by keyword, job type, categories, etc. It's a cleaner layout that should make life a lot easier for you as a job seeker and my team as the job finders. It should make adding new jobs a lot easier for us.

The other good thing about this job board is that if you have a work at home job or make money opportunity that needs to be filled you can also post your opportunity as well. I know many of you have home based businesses or trying to get referrals for your programs. Now all you need to do is post your own opportunity on our job board. You'll be able to tap into the thousands of work at home seekers that visit us every month as I do.

I think with these changes we've covered both job seekers, employers and people promoting their home based businesses or other make money opportunities.

See How You Can Find A Work At Home Job Today!

Enough of this yammering. I've gone ahead and created a YouTube video walking you through how to find a scam-free work at home job on the new page. Be sure to watch it so you can get the most out of the site. It's super user friendly now but there are a few tricks and features that will further help your job search.

Let me know what you guys think about the new site. Feel free to share the video and this page using the icons below. Hopefully we can help more people find the perfect job for them without having to be scammed or coughing up money they don't have. Now that you've seen it, check it out now by clicking here.

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I really hope you guys like the new site and it helps you find a real work from home job.

8 thoughts on “How To Find A Work From Home Job”

  1. Hi Eddy. I’m getting ready to check out the new site and will give feedback. But I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed “getting to know you” on your site. You are AWESOME and I am so thankful I stumbled across you website. Thank you for doing what you do. You have been an encouragement and blessing. Wish there were more people like you. Thanks for being real. Love your personality and humor. Some of your writings give me a chuckle and I love that! Take care of yourself. Look forward to reading more on you site!


    Katrina 🙂

  2. Hi Eddy! I like the new site. My question and concern is that most of the jobs you present seem to be back east. This is great, but what about out here in the wild, wild west? Do you get positions for out here? I am not talking about the surveys, which are good, but real employers. This is not intended to blame you. You do terrific work, and I appreciate it.

    • Hey Sobi,

      New jobs are added all the time. So as long as you’re a member and subscribed to the job alerts as we described in the video, then when something is available in your area, you’ll know.

      Unfortunately we don’t control where the location requirements are. Some days there will be more jobs in one place or area than others. That’s just the way it is. But that’s why it’s important to check back regularly.

      Not all positions will require a location near the employer. But some do because of training and other reasons.

      Hope this makes sense.


  3. Eddy, you are a great guy! Sometimes I think you are my big brother or something. Thanks for all that you do.
    Blessings for you and your family.


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