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get-paid-to-shopRecently I was having a discussion on my facebook fanpage here about how it annoys me that retailers start to promote holidays like Christmas way too early. It feels like we start hearing about the holidays in the summer time.

I personally want each holiday to get their just amount of time before you shove one months away down my throat. And since I'm complaining, don't you hate when you're trying to buy winter clothes in the actual winter but the damn stores have already put out cloths for the summer? Arrrrgggggg! But I digress. lol

In terms of the retailers pushing the holidays early, one of my fans Tammy made a valid point. She said she appreciated that the holiday sales and promotions start seemingly early because it gives people an opportunity to shop earlier and get some nice deals. I thought it was a fair point. So instead of being a grumpy old man that complains about how things were done in his day, it inspired me to create a video on how you can shop online and get paid to do it. I figured if you can't beat them with complaints, we might as well join them and make some money from their greed… I mean their forethought.

So check it out below.

Well now you've seen how you can actually get paid to shop online and offline. I've listed the companies I've referenced in the video down below. Feel free to sign up for them all and take full advantage of them. They all have their advantages and disadvantages:

Chances are you'll probably have some type of holiday get together where you have all your friends and family over. This includes that drunk uncle or the crazy auntie that will embarrass themselves. That said I'm sure they're expecting that you feed them. Fortunately you can get paid for grocery shopping as well with so you might as well add that to the mix as well.

If you need some ways to pay for all this shopping be sure to check out my work at home jobs sections where my members are treated to hot job leads that are personally screened by yours truly. Shout out to my VIP members who have already joined and benefiting from my new service. Eddy loves and appreciates you and your TRUE support! If you're not a member you can always check out my recent article on 5 ways to earn money online quickly here.

In any event, let me know what you guys think down below. Are there any other companies that should be included? Have you tried these companies? Chime in below. By the way, feel free to share the love by sending this article to anyone you may know or place it on your social media accounts. Even if you don't plan to use it, maybe someone you know may find it valuable.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y.

(Yes it's really that important that you get it right. lol)

4 thoughts on “How To Get Paid To Shop Online”

  1. Just my opinion but it would seem to be less advantageous to use all of the options to get cash back from shopping online, due to the fact that it would take longer to build up the money/SB/points required or desired in order to cash out(not taking into account the other ways you could earn points with each site). Wouldn’t you agree? Unless there is something I’m missing.

    Now if you do a whole lot of online shopping I could maybe see using multiple sites, and choosing one for each purchase you make based on the better value(more cash back/SB/points for the money).

    Just the 2 cents of someone who is inexperienced with this sort of thing

  2. And here’s me talking about Quick Rewards. Right now, Wal-Mart online is their shop of the week. They also do Ebay, with 1% cash back, but on ALL purchases, not just the categories that Ebates sanctions. Considering I buy non-brand names often, such as home-made soap or raw herbs & spices from private sellers, it’s a pretty nice deal.

    For ladies especially: If anyone shops at E.L.F., Quick Rewards has 5% cash back rate for that as well. I love E.L.F. beauty products anyway, since their prices are lower, but I’m not sacrificing quality. So, if you want to save money, get paid, and try out a new product, go for it. 🙂

    By the way, Eddy, QR does do referrals. 😉 5% off what your friends get.

    • LMAO Cassie.
      They need to make you the QR spokes person. I signed up per your suggestion and found their interface to be antiquated and I was bombarded with emails daily. I definitely think there is money to be made there but I just don’t find it as polish or user friendly. But thanks for sharing it. It’s definitely something else to consider for folks.

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