How To Make Money Online on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014

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How To Make Money Online on Black Friday & Cyber MondayWell it's that time of year again where we spend time with our loved ones sharing a great meal and being thankful for all the blessing we have, right?

NOT! Let's keep it really real! Thanksgiving has become about stuffing your face, shopping, watching football and making sure that one drunk relative doesn't act up during dinner.

It's the society we live in for better or worst. I can't help you from stopping your drunk uncle for saying something crazy at the dinner table. But I can teach you How To Make Money Online with the shopping frenzy on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. So let's do it!

1. Shop Using 3rd Party Rewards Websites. will pay you rebates for shopping online and offline at major retail stores. You just need to sign up for a free account. Log in and click on one the ebates many partners such as Walmart, Target, Amazon and damn near every other store you can think of. When you click on one of the partner stores from Ebates, they will automatically redirect you to any of their website and you would shop there as your normally would. The only reason you need to visit first rather than going directly to let's say an is because Ebates needs to be able to track what you've spent and pay you accordingly. Check out today, it's free and will help you save and make money in the process!

  • is a website that is very similar to and works the same way. So you can sign up for that as well.

There are other FREE websites that have ebates like shopping sections that operate in the same way but aren't traditional shopping sites such as:

These sites tend to use their own monetary system which still equates to cash. So you want to compare which sites pay more or will send your money quicker. Ebates may pay you only 2% cash back on Walmart purchases. But Swagbucks may be paying you a little less but you'll get the cash within 10-15 days. So you'll have to determine what's more important to you and compare.

Watch the following video on how the sites listed above work:

2. Get Social.

Let's say you don't plan to do a lot of shopping. That's fine, you can still make money off your friends and family who will be shopping. Most of the programs I've listed above have free referral programs you can join. Then it's just a matter of sharing your referral link via email social media, etc. sort of like what I'm doing now. Thanks in advance for helping a brother out. But seriously everyone wins because you're helping your family and friends make and save money for free!

3. Get To Flipping.

No I'm not taking gymnastics or “pushing that weight”. Because you're usually getting such ridiculous deals on various products, you can literally buy items and then flip them online via Amazon, EBay or other sites for a profit. Don't assume that everyone will have access to the same products you bought online and offline. There is a huge opportunity for arbitrage. My sister and other people I've know have made some decent money with retail arbitrage. But there is a method to it. I actually plan to invest in some training about this and do this all year round.

Make It Happen Captain!

Now that I given you the FREE tools, it's up to you to take advantage of it. There are going to be a lot of great deals on clothes, electronics and other knick knacks. That's all fine and dandy. But most of those purchases aren't going to have life changing impacts. They have their place but if you want to do some shopping this year that can impact your life and those of your family for many years to come be sure to check out the Black Friday Sale Wealthy Affiliate is going to have.

Truth be told you can join My #1 Work At Home Recommendation for free and stay a FREE member. But most people immediately see the value and support and want to become full fledge premium members. Chances are that's going to be you and this week will be a great opportunity to get the amazing training and support that has made me thousands of dollars per month at a huge discount. So give this some thought this week. Do you really need another pair of overpriced jeans or would that money be better spent investing in yourself where you can learn how to make as much money as you want where every day becomes a black friday because you can afford anything you want. Trust me when I say this business can afford that life and it's a great feeling!

Either way, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Eddy with a y.

10 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014”

  1. Hi Eddy, I”m glad to be receiving your articles again! I hope you enjoy spending time with your family. I to look forward to joining Wealthy Affiliate after the holidays. Hope to see you on the other side!

  2. Hi Eddy, another great article. Thankfully I don’t have the drunken relatives to deal with. We banished them awhile ago… Lol. I am wondering tho, does it seem to anyone else that the black Friday deals are not nearly as good as they used to be? I Keep looking at each flier getting more and more discouraged. So, if anyone sees any particularly juicy sales, please send them my way!

    • Thanks Hk!

      Smart move on the drunken relatives. LOL
      I think what happens is they start hiking up the prices before black friday and the so called discounts are just the normal prices. That’s just my theory.
      I think Cyber Monday has the better deals.

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