How To Use The Internet To Find A Job

Searching for employment online can be an effective way of finding work. Whether a person is seeking a temporary, seasonal, freelance, contract, traditional, or telecommuting position, the Internet is likely the best place to begin a job search. Employers realize that most people have computers with Internet in their homes and that they are using the web for a variety of professional, personal, and recreational activities. There is also an abundance of websites dedicated to matching employers with employees. Therefore, most employers advertise available positions with these sites and many other classified ad sites like Craigslist and Kijiji.

One advantage of job hunting online is that an applicant can find more employers and available job positions than if they were to seek employment through traditional methods such as their local newspaper. Individuals who job hunt online can also post their resumes on popular jobsites, which increases their exposure. Many sites such as allow job seekers to schedule alerts to notify them by email any time a job that meets their search criteria is posted. This can be a very useful tool in helping potential applicants be among the first to apply for a new position. Several job search sites will also offer articles related to job hunting–including free interviewing tips, advice on job hunting strategies, and useful advice on changing careers.

Job hunting online can have its drawbacks. Because the Internet is such a vast landscape, most available positions are overexposed, which makes it that much harder for a single applicant to stand out. This is one reason why job seekers must be diligent in using multiple sites for job hunting online and they should apply for several jobs on each site.

A few useful sites for searching out employment:


The following websites are useful starting points for job seekers looking for work within specialized industries:

U.S. Government Jobs:

Student jobs (within the Federal Government)

Seasonal Jobs:

Entertainment Jobs:

Social Service Jobs:

Telecommuting and Freelance Jobs:

Tech Jobs:

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