How To Work For Arise Virtual Solutions Without Incorporating!

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Some time ago I wrote a review about Arise Virtual Solutions. Be sure to check it out, otherwise you won't really see the value of this article. Arise is a virtual call center that use work at home seekers for customer service, technical support or sale calls. It's one of the top virtual call centers that tends to be recommended by many websites and companies. However like any company there are pros and cons working with this company. So it's not all sweet.

Most work at home companies don't hire you as an employee. Instead you're considered an independent contractor. Arise works in the same way, EXCEPT you're required to be incorporated to work with this company. Depending on where you live, getting incorporated can cost a lot of money. Then you also have to consider the other start up costs associated with working with Arise such as the need of background check, relatively new computer, wired internet connection, landline, the training fee they charge and whatever else I've missed.

The Solution!

All these start up fees are a lot to take on without knowing if you're definitely going to land some work after all this. With that in mind, I discovered that there is a legal loophole that you can use to get around the incorporation fee. That can be a huge savings depending on how much it costs to get incorporated in your state and is usually the biggest hurdle for people. To avoid this fee, all you have to do is work under someone who is already incorporated and works with Arise. These folks are usally known as IBO (Independent Business Owner or in the past Super VSCs). I'll list a few later in this article. But before you go that route let me cover the pros and cons that some IBOs may not discuss with you. It's not a knock on them but I doubt that many discuss the bad side of joining under them.

The Pros

There are definitely some pluses for working under an existing Arise IBO (Independent Business Owner).

– The obvious one, is why you're reading the article. You don't have to dish out the incorporation fee! Again this could save as little as $100 or up to several hundred dollars depending on your state and who's doing the incorporation (i.e. Accountant, Lawyer, etc.)

– Some IBOs offer discounts and vouchers or to repay training costs. This is huge because that can help you save a lot of money that you would have to suck up on your own.

– You learning the ropes from someone that has experience. This is valuable because they can guide you through all the ins and outs of Arise that you may not be privy to, until you're thrown into the fire. That can make a huge difference in your experience with this company. Because you'll probably avoid a lot of mistakes that others make on their own. I don't know about you, I'd rather learn from the mistakes of others than be the dumb ass that goes through it myself.

The Cons

Here's the stuff they may fail to mention to you. Sorry, but my loyal subscribers know how I am. It's better to give you the full picture so you can make an informed decision.

– The costs associated with getting incorporated & the other expenses you incur to get your business started up is usually a tax write off. So you miss a lot of the full benefit of this write off when you're not incoporated. Furthermore you are taxed as an individual rather than a business. This ususally means you end up paying way more than someone like the IBO who was smart enough (and could afford) to be incorporated. Trust me, as someone that worked as an independent contractor for many years "un-incorporated" I always ended up screwed in terms of taxes. So although you might save initially, you'll pay later and many years down the line until you do become incorporated.

– Speaking of paying, you'll usually have to pay a fee or 10-20% of your earnings to the IBO who you're under once you start earning money. You didn't think they were doing this out of the kindness of their heart, did you? With that said, a lot of people prefer this arrangememt because they only make money when you do. So there is a great incentive to help you succeed. Obviously this is great! But on the flip side if they're taking 10%-20% of your income indefinitely or even for a short time frame, you're losing the tax benefit of being an incorporated entity. Over the long run you're probably leaving a lot of money on the table. You're still making it but it's less when you consider these factors. I could be wrong though. Enter disclaimer here: Consult your tax professional as I'm not qualified to give you tax advice. These are just my observations which could be totally wrong. I'm not infallable. But it's something you should think about and discuss with a trained professional. =)

IBO Shady Tactics To Watch For!

Updated: Parasite IBOs. Now we've already established that going through an IBO is going to cost you something. Usually it's not as much as the expense of getting incorporated. What you pay is worked out UPFRONT with you before you get in an arrangement with an IBO. But apparently some IBOs are like mosquitoes and literally sucking money you earn without your knowledge. Shout out to Melissa Adams for shedding light on this tactic. You can read about it in her own words here. Obviously not every IBOs engage in this type of behavior. But it's something to watch out for.

IBOs To Consider

Hopefully you have a more balanced view of the pros and cons of working for Arise without being incorporated. I think it all depends on your situation to determine what path you follow. Eitherway if you like the idea of working under an established IBO. Please consider the ones we've listed below. (My personal recommendation)

Absolute Virtual Services, LLC

I'm sure others will chime in below with their information and pitch as to why you should join under them. That's fine since this what this article is about. But like car insurance, I would suggest shopping around to find the best deal. You want to work with an EXPERIENCED & SUCCESSFUL IBO that provides you benefits for working with them. The incentives they provide maybe be things such as taking a lower cut of your checks, one on one support, vouchers, rebates and anything else that will help you succeed with Arise. I would also suggest working with IBOs that are transparent and will provide you with the actual invoice that Arise provides them. This way you can be sure you're not being jerked out of your true per hour rate as some IBOs will skim off the top and you won't know any better unless you've seen the actual invoice that Arise provides.

In addition to transparency, I would also suggest looking for an IBO that keeps it REAL! There is nothing worst than being recruited by people that just paint a one sided, sweet picture of a company when they know damn well there are some bad things that you'll soon discover. So be sure to ask the IBO what has been some bad experiences they have encountered working for the company and how they have helped folks under them overcome these situations. If the IBO claims that everything has always been perfect, I'd be skeptical and see how other IBOs answer that question. Go with whoever makes you feel comfortable and provides the best benefits.

Don't feel pressured or hurried. And finally if you just aren't too keen jumping through hoops to work for Arise Virtual Solutions, you can always work with their competitors such as Alpine Access or VIP Desk. There are also other customer service opportunities here, and at Odesk & So you have options. Arise is a great and legitimate company but it's not the only player in town.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to chime in below with any additional insight as an IBO or someone looking to work for Arise. Just keep in mind what I said folks. Shop around and watch out for the one sided recruitment pitches. I'm sure some folks won't be happy I suggested this. But I'm about making sure you go to any opportunity with your eyes wide open so you can make an informed decision that is balanced as it can be. Good luck.

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