InboxPays Review: Does It Really Pay Or Is It A Scam?

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It's a jungle out there, my friends. Of course, I am talking about the internet and the bazillion of the alleged ‘work at home opportunities‘ that are advertised. You know the type, they claim you can make ridiculous amounts of money for doing things that involve little work. As you know most of them are pure crap and if you didn't know you quickly learned after reading this blog. You're welcome. So keeping in line with this, today I take a close look at a site that's similar to one I reviewed recently, and find out if it's worth your time to make a few bucks on the side. So let's dive into this Review.

What is InboxPays?

It is a typical GPT (Get Paid To) site and a subsidiary of A&A Marketing Inc. InboxPays is located in Houston TX. You can make money for various online activities. They include the following:

  • Read emails: max 3 per day, pays from 2 cents to 25 cents.
  • Complete Cash Offers: You can make anywhere from 25 cents to $75 dollars by accepting cash offers. Most of them are ‘trial' offers which can be canceled within a certain period of time. There are some ‘free' cash offers that pay very little and they are far and between. All cash offers require either credit card or Paypal information
  • Play Games: There is a page where you ‘Spin The Wheel” with a chance to hit the Jackpot. Upon joining InboxPays you get 2 spins; additional spins are added for every completed cash offer.
  • Refer your Friends: Each new member you referred will make you 10% commissions of the amount they cash out. I make decent money doing this with a lot of companies because of what I teach here and you can too.
  • Use Coupons: I am not sure why that is on their site because you actually don't make any money. You can print coupons to save a few cents on purchases, mostly groceries and other everyday items.

is inboxpays a scam

How Does InboxPays Work?

It is FREE to sign up. Similar sites do have a quite easy sign-up procedure; signing up with InboxPays is a pain in the behind. They want you to answer a bunch of questions, like this one:

is inboxpays a scam

And when your answer ‘YES‘ a little box pops up and tells you……….

inboxpays review

There are a couple of pages with questions like this one you have to go through before you even get access to the site. I am not ready yet to get pestered with a lot of phone calls and hundreds of spam emails. Are you? But hey, it only takes about 30 minutes to get through with all this nonsense and you will get a $5 sign-up bonus. Are you ready to get started and make some dough, hopefully?

What's the Scoop with the InboxPays Offers?

Trial Offers

If you are in any way like me, you will first look for ‘free' offers. That's easy because they let you do a sort. The first time I logged on, there where 13 offers which had a total pay out of a little more than $9. On days 2 through 5, they did not provide any free offers; here is one example how the whole thing really works.

One of the offers was for a 7-day FREE trial of Jillian Michaels ‘Weight Loss Challenge‘ online training program that pays you $16.00.

does inboxpays really work

That looks pretty good, at first glance, but there is a wrinkle to it. You have to provide your credit card or Paypal information and will get billed when the trial period is over.You think that's not a problem and cancel in time, but have you checked if you did get a $16 dollar credit already? InboxPays says that it usually takes 3-5 days to receive credit, so you should be good. But what IF you did not get credit by day 7? Just asking.

Regular Offers:

That's easy to explain. If you come across an offer for a product or service you contemplated to get anyways, go for it an buy the darn thing and look at kick-back you get as a nice discount you would have not gotten otherwise. You know, things like Netflix, a subscription for Sports Illustrated, or a yearly print-out of your credit report from the 3 major reporting agencies.

How does InboxPays pay you?

The payout threshold is $50 and in increments of $50, meaning if you accumulate more than $50 but less than $100, you only get $50 and the rest is carried over into the next pay period. Pay periods are the 1st and 15th of each month. They only pay through Paypal, so if you don't have an account with them yet, go get one.

What are the InboxPays Complaints?

Of course, there are the usual complaints every company gets, even the best. I call them the “can't please everybody complaints‘. InboxPays is not BBB accredited and has an F-rating. Here is what many members complain about.

I didn't get credit for completed offers!

Many members THINK they completed an offer but really didn't. They either did not read the fine prints or didn't fully understand what they mean. However, I came across some reports where folks indeed completed offers and realized a week later that they did not get credit for it. After haggling back and forth via emails for several weeks, they were informed that “at the time of their complaint the offer had expired”.

Now this is reason of real concern. These folks spent money in anticipation of some kind of reward and did not receive it.

InboxPays is NOT paying what I earned!

This is an often heard complaint and the people are correct to voice their disdain. InboxPays seems to delay payment for as long as they can and only AFTER people file a complaint ticket with the BBB for example, issue payment. This is disturbing, to say the least. But InboxPays will pay eventually if you are persistent and go as far as file a complaint with the BBB which shouldn't need to be the case.

Take a look at a couple of these complaints made with the BBB

is inboxpays legit

I can't make enough money!

That's not really a reason to complain, but an inherent problem with these kinds of sites. If you only read emails and hunt for ‘freebie offers‘, it takes an awful long time to reach the payout threshold. In order to make a substantial amount of money, you MUST spend money on offers.

I got charged for stuff I did not want to buy!

If that really happened and these complaints are warranted, they need to be directed at the advertising companies. They are the ones that charge your credit card and not InboxPays. In general, advertising companies are straight forward and on the up-and-up. Having said that, there may be some that take advantage of mistakes or oversights by their customers.

So Is Legitimate Or Not?

In my opinion it's not a scam. Like most get paid to websites it has short comings and things that some folks won't be able to tolerate. I think it sucks that you have to jump through hoops to sign up and they have a very high payout threshold. And I can't say the payment issue is something that is consistent or an anomaly. But it is troubling regardless. So that would definitely turn me off. But that's me. It doesn't mean it's a scam. It's just not for me.

Is there an alternative to InboxPays?

As I said at the beginning of my rant, most opportunities and programs out there are worth diddly. If you are serious about making real money online, in time, I am able to point you in the right direction if you are willing to learn and work for your success. Take a look at My #1 FREE Work At Home Recommendation. It's helped me earn a full time income for many years now.

In addition to that I have various other multiple streams of income that come in that make me some great side money as well that I can teach you. So check them out here!

Well enough of my yapping. I hope you enjoyed reading my InboxPays review and would love to hear your opinion. So please, chime in and leave a comment down below on your way out.

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25 thoughts on “InboxPays Review: Does It Really Pay Or Is It A Scam?”

  1. I joined Inboxpays approximately 3 years ago. In May I earned $80.00 but it would only let me cash out $50.00. I had to call a verification number and then they said I would get my payment by July 1st. Well July 1st came and went so I contacted them by filing a ticket. I kept getting random responded and this went on back and forth until today. I finally got my $50 in my PayPal account. I guess you f you have patience and are persistent then you will get paid. Also I only read paid emails and did everything listed but I never spent a dime of my own money on trials. Now it says I’ve viewed and signed up for so much that I’m at $618, but I’ll never see all of that money. But I’m happy I finally did get my $50. It was a nice surprise, especially when all I did was waste a few minutes every other day or so going through their offers and reading their emails.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to get it off my chest… I joined inbox pays in 2012 and still a member and have $550 plus $350 in paid emails all sitting in my account and I can’t touch it. So when you break it down it really is a scam because to get paid I’d have to buy something I don’t want or sign up for something that’s a pain to get out of, but my biggest fuss is they stop sending emails so I contacted them. They said I opted out “no I did not” I get them for a few days and they do it again. They hope I’ll stop so they can close my account due to lack of activity. I see no possible way to make any money with emails alone, only $25 each payout comes from emails the other $25 must come from purchases. They are there to make money for themselves not us.

  3. It’s a scam!!! Met a bunch of their requirements for the minimum payout of $50 to see if they would payout and of course, no payout and it’s been over 2 months now. Tried getting a hold of their support page and it just goes in circles. Seems the only way to contact them is via snail mail.

  4. I totally agree with the comments shown. I have sent numerous email requests for assistance and have yet to hear back from anyone with this organization. They have no telephone number listed so we can contact someone instead of waiting for a reply that never comes. Also, when you send a ticket, they don’t allow you to mention what one is calling about. Lousy website – will be cancelling out of it@!!

  5. They are difficult to deal with. They don’t seem to realize that I am their client and I am making purchases from their vendors for them to get paid. But they are not giving me credit. So I would say they are a scam. I am going to call their vendors tomorrow and tell them I will no longer make purchases of their products and services because Inboxpays makes me feel like I have fallen into the hands of a hoax or scam and therefore do not trust the products or the companies’ business. I will have to report it to the BBB also. This is Unfortunate as I was interested in the products that I was finding based on surveys. I have lost all trust in doing business this way even though it was helpful to me to take surveys to find products that would be helpful. I will tell ecveryone consumering this way to not do business with Inboxpays and beware of the other companies out there that are sending surveys for products and services.

    • Lucinda,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I would recommend you check your browser and computer settings. Sometimes when companies like this aren’t credit folks, it’s because something is off with your browser cookies, you’re using anti-virus or anti-malware that may be blocking the tracking. Or you have other browser extensions that may be interfering. So that may be the issue there.

  6. I’ve been using InBoxPays for quite a while. Things were going along fine and I was up to $30.00. You need $50.0 to get your money. As soon as I hit $30.00, I would read emails and take surveys and get no credit. I’ve tried to report my problem, several time actually. I have gotten no satisfaction. All that time was wasted.

    If you want to do this there are a couple of ones I am working with tat are going along as They are:
    Send Earnings
    Inbox Dollars

  7. Hi Eddy

    I have my own site, I do Inbox Dollors, Sendearnings and Inbox Pays. For all 3 I am totally satisfied. I’ve been doing Inbox Dollars and Sendearnings for 11yrs. and just recently Inbox Pays going on a year and never had a complaint. Just like Joni I don’t do surveys or games strictly reading emails. I love it! I don’t expect a lot because the sites are not meant to make you rich it gives you pocket money and you are right Eddy putting all the checks together can be rewarding.

    • Hey Cynthia,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree these reward websites are definitely good for some extra change. As long as people go in there with that mentality then it’s all good!

  8. Hello.The worst website i registered. i have done my payment checkout in the month of January,2016 waiting to pay my credit of $50 in inboxpays and nothing. I have written to them and no response received till date.

  9. Hello. i took more than a month waiting to pay my credit of $50 in inboxpays and nothing. I have written to them and no response received.

  10. I’ve been a member of and for at least 8 years. I mainly just read the emails and get the 2 cents for them. They have always paid me when my amount gets to $30.00 and they send me a check. I have never had any complaints. I know it’s not much but I usually end of getting 2 checks per year from each of them. But when they do come in I ALWAYS have something I need to buy. For the little work of just opening an email (I don’t do the surveys and other stuff) I don’t mind getting a check 4 times a year.
    Take care,

    • Hey Joni,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s great to hear you’ve never had an issue getting paid. I’m a big believer and getting paid for something you do anyway for free. And you’re right reading emails and clicking on links is pretty easy money. All those little checks can add up when you’re doing multiple companies. So I hear ya. Thanks again.

  11. Hey Eddy.

    It’s been awhile but must say that they’re not worth spending your time on. When I was still working on earning more, it wouldn’t let me. Avoid this site at all cost!! There are more sites that do pay so this site is a waste of time. Just my opinion.

    And Eddy? Please don’t kill me. Lol


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