InboxPounds Review: What They Don’t Want You To Know!

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Let's keep it real, we all probably spend way too much time on the internet. I would bet most of the time we spend is really on personal entertainment rather than anything productive. The internet has become the new stupid box aka the television. But it doesn't have to be. If you're on this website you're probably one of the minority that realize that you can use the internet to make money. In this Inbox Pounds Review, I'll walk through a couple of ways this company claims you can make money for using the internet. By the time you finish reading it, you'll know if it's even worth pursuing. So let's dive in.

What is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds,, is an internet-based company that pays for a range of online activities. They are owned by InboxPounds Limited, a company registered in England and Wales. They are a subsidiary of the American corporation CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. It is the UK version of InboxDollars, an American company developed by Daren Cotter in 2000. The idea of this website was to create a bridge to link advertisers with consumers. They partner with advertisers who want to reach consumers for product input. InboxPounds receives compensation for this service, and they share it with you, the participating consumer.

How to Make Money with InboxPounds

You earn money for conducting internet searches, completing surveys, reading emails, playing games, and sometimes taking part in product testing. Once you earn at least ?20, the equivalent of about $29 American, you are eligible to be paid. You must request payment once you reach ?20, they don't just send you your payment. They only process payments once per week, on Wednesdays, and they will not process your payment until at least 8 days has passed since you made the payment request. They will then mail a check to the address you have listed on your account.

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How much money can be made with Inbox Pounds?

It all depends on what you do. They pay you an initial ?1 for signing up, then an additional ?0.50 for account activation and setting up a profile. The pay rate varies for most of the surveys, however the range is pretty much from ?0.20 through ?0.50 for standard surveys. If you join the MySurvey panel, you up your survey earning potential to a range of ?1 to ?5 per survey.Signing up to join pays ?0.60. Various tasks are available that pay between ?0.02 and ?0.10. They do pay you for reading emails and playing games, however the pay scale for these activities is unclear. They also offer cash back for online shopping with partnering merchants, such as Gap, Best Buy and Banana Republic.

InboxPounds Hacks and Tips

One of the legitimate InboxPounds Hack is referring other people. InboxPounds will share 10% of your referral's earnings with you. So it' a great way to make more money with this program without actually having to do the work which doesn't pay all that much on it's own. This brings us to my next section.

Complaints Against InboxPounds

This is probably the part of the review that will give you the most value. Because ultimately it will help you decide if this company is even worth exploring. So with that said let's go through the InboxPounds Complaints.

Getting paid is like watching paint dry.

Because you're paid very little for the online activities, It can literally take months, or in some cases years, to earn enough for a single payment. So don't depend on this if you have any immediate or upcoming bills. Allegedly once you make enough to qualify as a “Gold” member, you are supposed to have opportunities for higher payouts. However, many members have complained that once they reach Gold status, the survey offers stopped coming. So, basically, you have to work your tail off to earn the money, remember to ask them to pay you, then remember to check to mail to make sure you actually get paid.

Probably your best bet would be to have multiple streams of income. You can join similar websites like,, and and make even more money doing the same things InboxPounds offers. But if that's not what you're looking for and you prefer making a living working part time or full time at home, then check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

The cheque never arrived.

This is a common complaint among members. And no one seems to know why these checks aren't making it to their members. Unfortunately InboxPounds members seem to hit a brick wall when trying to follow up on payment, leaving most members to say to hell with it.

The offers aren't really FREE per se…

InboxPounds partner with advertisers who allegedly send you “free” samples for your review. But you can't get access to those products unless you pay for the the postage and handling. So how FREE are those samples if you have to pay for the shipping? Many would argue that is a blatant misrepresentation.

No pay for survey disqualifications

InboxPounds offers a lot of ways to earn but the most popular or touted are the surveys. But here's the thing, The surveys pay only a few cents for 30 minutes or more of your time. But that's assuming you can actually complete the surveys. Too often the survey taker gets disqualified near 30 minutes into the survey. When this happens, you realize you just wasted 30 minutes of your life you'll never get back. You're better off collecting bottles where you guaranteed to make money and probably more than you'll get from a survey.

You better be active or else.

After a period of inactivity they can, and do, shut down your account. According to their terms of service, they claim that they pay you what they owe you regardless. Because of their limited contact information it is more work to follow up than to just let it go.

So Is InboxPounds Legitimate or a Scam?

While it does not appear to be an outright scam, it is certainly not a way to support yourself or family. If you have a lot of spare time and patience, it may not be bad. But personally I probably wouldn't spend a lot of my time on this opportunity. If you're like me you're looking for ways to make money online that can be a full time or part time income that you can depend on consistently.

If that's the case, I would highly recommend that you approach making money online with a multiple streams of income mentality. When you limit yourself to one opportunity you also limit your potential income. So instead I always recommend spreading your risks by having various sources of income flowing in. You can make money taking surveys at sites like You can also make money doing the same things as what you've just read in this review at, and But if you prefer making real money working full time or part time, then I would recommend you look into My Top Work At Home Recommendation and My Work At Home Courses. Both options have helped me maintain a full time income from home for years. And if you're willing to learn and put in the work, they may be able to help you as well. Give them some consideration if anything about InboxPounds didn't appeal to you.

That said, I would love to hear your thoughts about this company. So feel free to post your comments down below. Thanks for reading.

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