Is Infinity Downline Real or a Scam?

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infinitydownline_scam_legitHave you ever been looking online for a work at home opportunity and you run into one of those cheesy websites, with the flashy cars, piles of money and half naked women all over the site? Well unfortunately my Infinity Downline Review will probably make you re-live those dirty moments. So go get yourself some hand sanitizer as I dig into the Infinity Downline hypey website and opportunity. Sorry but it may get a little dirty.

What is Infinity Downline ( ID )?

ID is a a multi-level marketing program that sells a membership to a website that contains various audio and video training about software and marketing. Click here to see a list of some of the training they cover. That's pretty much it.

How Much Does It Cost?

$25 to join the program. However, there is a recurring $25 monthly fee.

How Do I Make Money?

You can promote this company to others and when they sign up under you, you'll receive $25 instantly and $25 every month they stay a member of the company. It's a little more convoluted than that. But I'll get into that later in my complaints section.

Okay, that's the simple high level overview of this company without all the fluff you've probably read in other Infinity Downline Reviews. But now let's discuss what the people promoting this opportunity like to avoid in the reviews.

Infinity Downline Complaints

Two up Compensation Plan?

One of the things that annoys me about the Infinity Downline compensation plan is this 2 up payment model. In order to qualify for Infinity Downline commissions you must first give up two of your sales to the person (sponsor) that brought you into the company. Aww hell nah! Anyone that has been in an online business knows that it's always very difficult to get your first couple of sales. And let's keep it really real. Most people will probably only make a few sales in the life of their business for various reasons. That's one of the biggest reasons there are only a small fraction of us that are business owners. Not everyone has what it takes to push past the initial pain.

So knowing this, why would a legitimate company create a compensation plan that's going to screw over newcomers? Starting a business is hard enough, you don't need additional barriers to success.

Training older than your grandmother.

The only reason that Infinity Downline seems to stay above any legal issues is because of their alleged membership/training website. As long as you have some product associated with the recruiting part of the business, the MLM company is safe for the most part. There is no law about the product having to be of high quality. Clearly this is the case with the ID. It seems that many of the training material offered by Infinity Downline is very dated or rehashed information with little to no value. For instance they have training about using Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista. Uh… the latest versions of the Microsoft Operating system is Windows 8 and I believe we're on IE 11. I guess if you want to learn out of date software or marketing techniques then you're getting your money's worth. But if that's not what you want, then you're basically wasting money.

No Free Trial

ID has a flashy website and makes hypey statements about the income you can earn with their opportunity. So if they're so confident, why not let members join for free? After All if it's that good, people should gladly upgrade after seeing the value of the program. But that's not the case. Unlike my Top Free Recommendation, Infinity Downline doesn't offer a free trial. Furthermore they don't offer refunds either. That just makes me wonder about the opportunity and product.

Too Much Hype

ID readily admits they have a cheesy and hype filled website. Knowing this, why wouldn't the company invest a little cash to fix this perception issue? They claim they have thousands of members, so they should have enough money to invest in creating a professional looking website. You can create one for free and easily with my Top Free Recommendation. But putting aside the scammy looking website, the other issue is the hype filled income claims. They make it seem that selling this so-called “product” is going to be easy and you'll be rolling in the money pretty quickly. That's a bunch of bull. Any online or offline business is going to take a lot of time effort, patience and hard work before you can see results. It's not as easy especially if you don't have the proper training and support. And given what I've seen on their website, I'm not confident they have the proper support or resources to help you succeed.

So Is Infinity Downline Legitimate?

Honestly I would probably stay away from this opportunity. I don't feel confident they're offering a quality product. I think the “2 up” compensation model is also flawed for the reasons I described above. You've probably heard the expression, don't judge a book by it's cover. It's usually a good idea. But in the case of Infinity Downline I think you should make an exception. The fact that a company that has been around for so long and allegedly making all this money doesn't invest in a professional looking website tells me a lot about how they run their business and the quality of the product.

So with that said, I'll pass on Infinity Downline. Obviously there are ID reps like the ones I've described here that are probably making money. But the tactics used by many of them are just as sleazy as the ID website. So I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing the company with people that trust and respect me like you folks or my family and friends. But you may feel differently and think it's worth a shot. Either way it's your choice. Hopefully you have some more balanced information to make an educated decision when you read all those other one sided Infinity Downline Reviews out on the web.

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Before you go, feel free to chime in below to share your experience or comments. If you're an ID member, I'd love to hear your objective comments. The operative word is OBJECTIVE. LOL

Thanks for reading ya'll!

Eddy with a Y!

10 thoughts on “Is Infinity Downline Real or a Scam?”

  1. I just don’t know what other saying about but according to me it’s a simple system and anyone can make money. If you’re good at internet marketing i am sure you can make some serious money.

    You can’t blame the system when you aren’t able to money money with it.


    • No one is blaming this company for not being able to make money with it. With any business there is a chance you won’t make money. That’s just the reality and why most people aren’t business owners. So that’s not the issue here. The issues are the other complaints I listed above that you want to ignore. I can make money robbing a bank but it doesn’t mean it’s a good way to make money. But thanks for sharing your view.

  2. Hey Eddy (I used a “y”, not “ie”, ok, man?),

    First time writer (poster), long time reader…

    I joined Infinity Downline back in 2013, and I stayed with the program for about three months. I promoted it anywhere and everywhere with absolutely no results. Granted, I did join the program late, but not even one referral after all of my promoting? Come on, man!!

    Also, when I tried to contact my sponsor for some help, guess what, no response. My sponsor was a big time blogger, who is still in business promoting other programs and marketing products. I won’t mention his name, unless you want me to…

    I tried to cancel my monthly subscription, but guess what again, I couldn’t figure out how to do it on the Infinity Downline website!! So, I contacted my sponsor via email about canceling my subscription, but he did not respond for a few weeks. In the meantime, these extra payments were coming out of my credit card account, and needless to say, I was not happy!!

    My sponsor finally responded via email, due to a few choice words that I had to use to get a response from him, LOL… Anyway, as it turned out, I ended up paying for five months ($125) plus my advertising costs, with nothing to show for it.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my true Infinity Downline story.

    • Thanks for spelling it right Andre! 🙂
      I appreciate you being a long time supporter and finally a commenter!

      Man, I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with Infinity Downline. I can’t say I’m surprised about the behavior of the rep. Many reps will pull you in to get their commission and once they do, you won’t hear from them. You’re pretty much on your own which isn’t what you need when you’re trying to build a business. You need as much help from various people as you can get.

      Ultimately it’s a lesson learned my friend. That said 3 months isn’t really enough time to get a business started or to see results. But given what you were promoting, I could see how it would be even more difficult than promoting something legitimate. Either way, I applaud you for sharing your experience. Thanks again!

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