Inspired Opinions Review: Legit or Nasty Scam To Avoid?

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Most of us have probably annoyed someone because of an opinion we have shared. You may have even felt bad about it. Well you shouldn’t! Truth be told, you should have been paid for your two cents! Companies like Inspired Opinions know this. So they are willing to pay you for your opinion. But you’re probably wondering whether there’s any truth in that and it’s why you’re going through some Inspired Opinions reviews.

Fortunately we have done the research for you in this Inspired Opinions review. We’llreveal the good, the bad and ugly about the company. If I were you, I would read along carefully based on what we dug up.

About Inspired Opinions

Inspired Opinion found at is an online surveys company that pays people to share their opinion, answer survey questions over the phone and participate in focus groups. The company is a division of Schlesinger Associates; a marketing research company founded by Sarah Schlesinger in 1966. They are currently headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey.

How Does Inspired Opinions Work?

As mentioned earlier Inspired Opinion rewards people like us for sharing opinions and views that influence the development of technology, healthcare, food and more. As a participant, you have three options. 

  • Take surveys online.
  • Participate in focus groups in person at any of their 16 offices across the US.
  • Answer questions over the phone. 

So if you’re interested, all you have to do is sign up online, answer a few profile demographic questions that help Inspired Opinions match you with the surveys that suit you and eventually get rewarded for your time. 

How Much Can You Make With Inspired Opinions?

First off, Inspired Opinions rewards participants with gift cards, not real cash. That said, what you earn with Inspired Opinions is not set in stone. It will depend on a number of factors like your demographics, and supply and demand. This is common for survey companies like this.

When participating in a survey, you’ll be earning points. 100 points is equivalent to $1 which can be redeemed for a gift card of equal value. The general opinion from current and past users is that you can expect to make up to $200 worth of gift cards in a calendar year. 

That’s certainly not an amount that can spark enthusiasm if you’re serious about making money online. So if you prefer making a part time or full time online, then you should consider looking into My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

How & When Does Inspired Opinions Pay You?

Inspired Opinions pays you 7 days after making a payment request. That said, The minimum payment threshold is $10 meaning you’ll need at least 1000 points to get your $10 gift card. If you’re not a fan of gift cards and would prefer actual cash, consider taking surveys with You can also earn real cash by doing what you already do online such as watching videos, visiting websites and more at and

How Do I Join Inspired Opinions?

All you need is an email address and a photo of your ID to get started. You’ll be taken through a series of questions to determine whether you’re eligible for available studies at the time of signing up. If you qualify, you’ll fill out a web form that details your age, physical address, phone number, gender and so on. 

You’ll have the option of either uploading a photo of your ID right away or slate it for later. If you don’t upload it right away your account will be placed on hold until you upload it. In any case, you’ll be asked to verify your email before you can get started.

Inspired Opinions Complaints

You’re probably thinking you’ll have a field day with Inspired Opinions based on what you’ve just read. But you may want to read some red flags we came across to help you determine whether the opportunity is worth your time. 

Don’t quit your day job

Inspired Opinions is in no way something you can call a day job. Opportunities to make money can be rare, as the competition for these surveys is quite high. You’ll also need to match a very specific demographic to stand any chance of landing well paying gigs. Some panelists have gone for weeks and in some cases months without scoring any market research opportunity. So you may want to keep your day job if your only other option is Inspired Opinions.

“I prefer real cash!”

You can only earn gift cards and free samples as an Inspired Opinions panelist. I know this is a huge hell nah for those of ya’ll who prefer cold hard cash. 

You may have to move around to make money

This company is not entirely a work at home opportunity, as sometimes you may be forced to visit a focus group facility to get paid for those studies. Gas and other expenses are on you, as they don’t say whether they’ll cover the cost of your mileage. 

Why Are You So Nosey?

We tried to wrap our heads around why this company would require your  ID or driver's license information. No other survey company does this. So it seems excessive to me. 

Inspired Opinions Alternatives

If you’re thrown off by how Inspired Opinions works, I totally get it. Fortunately, you’ll have the option of choosing real cash at sites like, and You also don’t have to move a muscle to make stone cold cash with these opportunities. 

Is Inspired Opinions Legit or A Scam?

Inspired Opinions being a division of Schlesinger Group; a 40 year old research company is definitely not a scam. We didn’t come across anyone who didn’t get rewarded during our research. But the fact that they don’t pay you in real cash or you may have to leave the comfort of your home for lousy gift cards sucks for those of you who may prefer real money. 

But to their defense you don’t have to do focus groups. They provide more than one way to earn, improving your chances of making your opinion count. But don’t expect to make life changing money with this opportunity. 

So with that said, you may want to consider joining other sites like, and to increase your income and chances of earning. 

However if you’re looking to earn a part time or full time income at home that can actually pay the bills, then you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation

Well that's all from me about Insapired Opinion. We'd also love to know what you think about this or any other opportunity you may have had experience with. So feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you still have questions about the opportunity, you can read their FAQs page.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

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