TapBooty Alternative: Get Paid To Download Apps with Instagc

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A few months ago, I barely introduced you to Tap Booty because I couldn't keep a straight face saying their name. (Enter giggles here.) For those of you who don't know, TapBooty (snicker here) is a website/app that pays you for downloading and using free apps to your iOS or Android smartphones.

Many of you have taken advantage of this easy extra money opportunity. But if you're anything like me you've been searching for some TapBooty Alternatives (lol) to make even more money with your smartphone. Well today I've found another way to get paid for downloading apps with an oldie but goodie opportunity I've reviewed in the past, Instagc.com.

How To Get Paid For Downloading Apps with InstaGc.com

Let me walk you through the process of getting paid to use apps in the video below.

Pretty straight forward right?

So join InstaGc.com today (It's totally free) and start getting paid to download apps.

Remember you need to visit their website from your smartphone after you've signed up to be able to get paid for the apps you download.

If this doesn't appeal to you and you want to make “real money” you can always check out out the following options:

Both options can lead you to making MORE than some extra money that downloading apps provides. However my suggestion is to explore all of these options so you're not leaving money on the table. Multiple streams of income is always better than no income which is where many people are when it comes to making money at home. So take advantage of the easy money as well as working towards the higher income.

Just don't limit yourself if you truly want to succeed!

Let me know what you guys think down below. Are there any other great websites that pay you for using your smartphone that has made you money?

Until next time ya'll,

Eddy with a y.

P.S. Shout out to all of you have joined InstaGc.com and made money with it. Your efforts not only helped you make money but it helped me get a new iPhone 6 because I was paid for referring you to that great opportunity. Want to know how I get referrals? Just check out My #1 Free Recommendation and you can learn too!

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