InteleTravel Review: Is This A Travel MLM Scam?

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Travel is big business. Every year people travel to new and exotic locations. But it can get expensive. Discounted prices and vacation packages can make exotic locations affordable to the average person. So, what if you could be that travel agency that can earn money and discounts for your own travel? Chances are you know this and it is probably why you have decided to look InteleTravel reviews online.

InteleTravel claims to give you the tools to become an at-home travel agent. But is it legit? Keep reading this review to find out if it's worth your time. You may be surprised at what you learn.

What Is InteleTravel came about when the only way to become a travel agent was to open your own agency. Or work for one. But in 1992, James Ferrara co-founded InteleTravel which also operates as an MLM. This company gives the average person the opportunity to be a travel agent from the comfort of their own home. No requirements necessary.

What Does InteleTravel Provide?

InteleTravel works like many online travel websites and agencies. It provides discounted prices on various aspects of travel like hotel and airfare. And there are also exclusive packages that may be appealing for world-hoppers that like all-in-one packages.

For anyone who is passionate about travel, this may seem like an ideal opportunity. And it might be, but selling travel packages isn't all there is to InteleTravel. And you may need a little more than travel passion to be successful.

They partner with another, known as PlanNet Marketing. And the founder of InteleTravel is a part of PlanNet's corporate management team. Even though they have partnered together, they are still two separate businesses. PlanNet marketing sells Inteletravel and Inteletravel sells travel. So PlanNet Marketing Reps can sell InteleTravel and earn direct commission.

How Much Does It Cost to Be an InteleTravel Agent?

Agents will need to pay two types of fees to InteleTravel and there is also an optional fee if PlanNet Marketing reps want to sign up with InteleTravel:

  • InteleTravel Enrollment Fee – $179.95 (one-time fee)
  • Monthly Administrative Fee – $39.95 per month to remain an agent
  • PlanNet Marketing Administrative Fee – $19.95 one-time fee, plus $19.95 per month ( this is an optional fee for PlanNet marketing reps who want to sell InteleTravel)

You may be reluctant to spend this upfront fee. Fortunately, there are other home-based opportunities out there where you don't need to pay any upfront fees and you can get started for free with sites like Wealthy Affiliate,,,, and

InteleTravel Compensation Plan

The InteleTravel Compensation Plan is relatively straightforward. At least as far as MLM companies are concerned.

Just like any other MLM companies, there are 2 main ways for you to make money with InteleTravel:

  1. Earn a percentage of commissions from the travel tickets/packages you sell
  2. Earn commission by recruiting more “travel agents” in your downline

Your flat commission rate as an agent when you first start off is 70% of the supplier commissions. Supplier commissions? Yes, because InteleTravel is only a travel agency, it earns a commission for selling travel products. And you, in turn, earn commission from that commission.

Example: Supplier commission can be between 10 to 16% of the total package price which they keep as compensation for themselves. So, if you sold a vacation for $5,000 and the supplier commission is 16%, it comes to an $800 commission for InteleTravel. But that commission isn't yours. You would receive 70% of that $800 commission, which comes to about $560 total from that sale.

You can also make money from recruitment. And this is what makes this an MLM business.

First, you receive money for recruiting others to be agents. When you sell the independent travel agency business (ITA sale) to someone else, you receive a $50 direct sales commission. This is the same initial package that you bought to become an agent.

Additionally, when someone you enrolled via ITA sale also sells an ITA to someone else, you receive 50% or $25 in matched commission. You may also make money from other downline sales. But you are only paid $4 per month per active ITA member.

How Much Money Can InteleTravel Agents Make?

Unfortunately, if you look at the InteleTravel website, you won’t be able to find an income disclosure statement. These statements are important because they can help you see what InteleTravel agents have earned in a certain year which can give you an indication of your earning potential. Since they don’t publish one, this might leave you in the dark as to what you can actually earn.

What I Like About InteleTravel

InteleTravel has many good things going for it. Check out a few of the major positive points for this business opportunity.

InteleTrust Guarantee

Not many MLM companies are willing to give you back your enrollment fee. But it seems that InteleTravel is one of the few that stand by their services in this fashion.

The company has a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you decide within your first month that it is not for you. Simply notify InteleTravel in writing and it will refund your enrollment fee. Minus any commission you may have made as an agent, of course.

Good for People Who Love Travel

Because this is a travel-based business, this may be the most appealing for people who already love to travel. The travel discounts alone may be a good reason for checking out this business. These benefits include reduced hotel rates, lower airfares, and reserved cruise cabins.

Good BBB Rating

For those of you who put a lot of stock in BBB ratings, InteleTravel has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. It has an “A” rating listed at the time of this review. Given how long they've been in business, that is very good.

Educational Resources

InteleTravel also offers courses to further your travel knowledge. From webinars to boot camps, the company gives you access to tools that may help you succeed as an independent travel agent. With a lot of MLMs, you are usually left on your own or with minimal training so nice to see an MLM invest in educational resources and training.

InteleTravel Complaints

Unfortunately, no company is perfect. And here are a few cons that you should be aware of before signing up with InteleTravel:

No Income Disclosure?

This may not be a deal breaker for some of you but what you can earn is anyone's guess really, since InteleTravel doesn’t make their income disclosure available on their website.

It’s difficult to join anything when you have no clue of the earning potential. Fortunately, there are other alternative out there like My Best Work At Home Recommendation where you know exactly what you will earn with straightforward commission.

You can also earn side income with straightforward payments terms with sites like,,, and

High Failure Rate

Like many MLM businesses, this one may be difficult to break into. Especially if you are new to this type of business model. If you ever had to plan someone's trip for them, you will know what I'm talking about. Consequently, the failure rate for beginner agents is high.

Lots of Competition

This MLM model may seem like a good idea on the surface. But remember that these days, people like to take control of their travel plans themselves. And you may also be in competition with other discount travel websites, club store travel departments, and other travel MLM businesses. There is a lot of travel MLMs out there like Word Ventures and so on, which means the competition is fierce in the travel niche.

Simply put, after your friends and family, you may run out of people to sell travel packages to unless you are really good at marketing yourself.

If you want to be able to work in any niche regardless of how much competition there is, My Best Work At Home Recommendation can teach you how to create an online business in any type of niche.

Is InteleTravel a Scam?

InteleTravel is a legit company. And you may be able to make a profit by wedging yourself into the higher levels in the company. But getting there may be too difficult for the average person, especially those new to this type of model.

Give this opportunity a try if you already travel a lot and can make use of the discount packages. But this is not a good money maker for anyone looking to replace their full-time career.

If you're looking for a business opportunity that will enable you to make a full-time or part-income online, you might want to try My Best Work At Home Recommendation. It's a free alternative so there is no risk on your part. And there is no direct selling or recruiting involved either.

So there you have my opinion on InteleTravel. If you have any specific questions, you can also check out their FAQs. If you have any experience using InteleTravel or want to share your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

30 thoughts on “InteleTravel Review: Is This A Travel MLM Scam?”

  1. Hi,
    I am also an independent travel agent with Inteletravel. I have been with them for a few months now and can assure you it is not a scam. I work full time as a care worker at the moment, so do this around that, but am looking to do this full time within the next year . I joined as my sister had joined the previous year and was doing well, and her friend who she joined with , has been doing it 3 years and is now earning 200,000+ p.a. and is flying with it. There is the opportunity to do just travel, and book holidays and travel for people, and there is also the opportunity to help others looking for a send income to do the same. It is not a get rich quick scheme it is the chance to build your own business, with full continuous training and 100% support off your colleagues and team. I have no marketing experience, I am building my business online with social media, like many others do these days. I know, if I am struggling with something, I can ask someone, and have the answer in minutes, so know that the business will work, it’s up to me to make it work, which it will. It will work, if you want it to and make it work 🙂

  2. Hello

    So do you mean you can go trough this other site and create a website to do the intellytravel trough? but no payments and easier way off making money still trough that?

    • Hey Charley,

      What I mean is you can create a website that promotes travel companies like expedia, etc. Or you can promote InteleTravel. But ultimately you will actually own a website where you can control what you promote and you’re not limited to one company or product.

  3. I too am with Inteletravel and I’ve been in a year. It’s not a pyramid scheme, if so, surely it wouldn’t take over 25 years to catch us. I work both sides of the business. Here’s the simple truth, it tells you upfront you do not have to do both marketing (MLM) and sell travel, you may just join the Travel Agent side. 30 day back money back guarantee and a one year guarantee as well for your money back. Not too many MLMS that will offer you that. Does some of our income come from our downlines? You bet it does! We work hard to get where we are at, it’s called a passion for what you do. Bottom line, if you want success WORK for it! I built my business and am consistent on my marketing and sending people on wonderful trips. If you are lazy and have no real desire to work your business, THEN DONT JOIN! You get what you put into it and nothing less. We are 47,000 agents strong. So surely you can see it’s a great business. Success does not come overnight, it’s a business it has to be built. I do it from my home office, I never worry about fighting traffic, the weather etc. Since I am home based it allows me to help take care of my 2 year old grand baby and my son whom has pancreatic cancer. It’s been a Godsend for many many people! We also pay taxes and get a 1099.
    We are a great company that cares about our people. I could also go on and on about our perks, such as free hotel stays, free flights, etc. The list of perks is a long list.
    I will never leave something I have built from the ground up. How stupid would I be, not to mention the residual income that continues to my family every month long after I’m gone.
    Just some things to ponder for those of you that are so cynical
    , when you’ve been to lazy to work for it or probably don’t have a clue what it’s really about, and need to put their money where their mouth is.
    Sign me,
    A very happy Inteletravel agent whom makes 80% vs. 70% just off travel. You can advance to 80% once you have 5000$ in commissions in a YEAR.
    Not hard to do at all. 😊

    • It’s great this opportunity is working well for you. I don’t think people that feel this isn’t for them are lazy. It just may not be the right fit and that’s fine. To imply otherwise is insulting and it’s annoying when MLM reps resort to name calling or implying people are lazy because they have decided their MLM isn’t for them.

      To build any business is going to require a certain work ethic. Most people think like employees so running a business isn’t for them. And there is no knock on them for that. Everyone has to find what is right for them. There are other options outside of MLMs that provide the same benefits and freedom you just described. People could easily become an affiliate of companies like Sandals or a travel website and make money that way as well. You may not get all the benefits of this MLM but it could be another way for people to start their own business.

      A big risk when working with just one company like an MLM is that they can go out of business or change their business model. I’ve seen tons of reps that have lost everything because they just promoted and stuck to one company. Whereas when you own your own website, you can affiliate with various companies and promote multiple options. So if one company closes down or changes, you still have others you can promote. And because you own your own website and haven’t just branded it as promoting one company, you have the flexibility to adjust.

      At the end of the day, people have options and should explore whatever works for them. If they don’t want to do this MLM or affiliate marketing that’s fine. It doesn’t mean they’re lazy.

    • Keller please contact me. Have many legit questions about the business. I promise I will not waste your time and no scam. I am a grandmother of 5 and I have adult kids. One who may benefit from this kind of work.

      You sound honest and sincere which is what made me reply.
      Contact info

      Thank you

  4. Hello. I was an Inteletravel Agent. In my opinion it was not a good business decision. It is expensive to start: $179usd , then $39usd per month. You better decide before 30 days if you want to continue or not because after 30 days- you wont be getting your money back. They have a “profit guarantee” but its so hard to achieve it. So now Im out about $300usd. There are other business models out there that you can start without the $$$. Do your research. You really have to spend lots of $$$ to advertise your travel business to get customers other than friends and family. So thats more $$$ out of your pocket. Not recommended.

    • Hey Clarence,
      Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion. Ultimately I always felt this travel business would be hard to succeed in because of all the major travel sites people are already accustomed to using. You really have to carve out your niche to be successful as an independent travel agent nowadays.

      So it’s definitely not for everyone. That said it can really take months to get a business off the ground so I don’t think 30 days would be enough to determine if a business is good or not. But I agree there are other options that can be explored at different price points. Ultimately you have to pick a business that fits your needs and expectations. There are certain businesses I wouldn’t touch. But they work well for others so to each their own.

    • What are other travel agencies with 0 experience lol and all the training bc I’m at a lost for finding where to start to become a travel agent? That’s why I was looking into Inteletravel.

  5. Hi eddy I think you did a great job in explaining this business Im a member of inteletravel as well and just as you said the business is legit It sees like once they goin on the website and book thru carnival, Disney, and really see how many vendors we as travel agents have not to mention tickets for many different venues , concerts, car rentals and no we can do separate air fair also at discounted rates, its so much to grasp they would actually have to see the website itself , and let their fingers do the walking. I was so excited and explored to much once I started and you actually get money back from your own travel low how many people can do that if they are not apart of inteletravel? none I believe some on here are just tryn to discourage you of course we are going to have that . I know Christie makes a 1 million a year and it fluctuates but I believe those reports I just would like to know what she really did mail incentives to many different people use our email direct program or exactly what cuz I million is lot I would like to get to the 350000 a year six figures is fine by me. well take care thank you for posting!

    • Hey Steph,

      I just wanted to shine a little light on the whole Pyramid Scheme. I am with both companies and I make a residual income of $12,300 as of today. Meaning I make this every month and it keeps growing as my team grows. I also get paid 6 other ways with this company. A pyramid scheme could not be in business for over 28 years (3 for PlanNet) or have an A+ rating with the BBB. We also report to the IRS. A pyramid scheme would have been shut down immediately. This is a legitimate business that is really fun to work plus I travel for dirt cheap. $147,600 a year is not bad for not doing anything, and thats just one check. Been with them for a Year and a half and it only cost me $60/mo to maintain. This is far far from a pyramid scheme. This is a dream come true. The culture and team building is awesome. You register will all major vendors: Carnival, Disney World etc. A trip that cost $4500, cost e $399 w/flight. You own your own Agency, so you can name it what you want and your the first Travel Agent in your company. You should really look into it. The compensation plan is on the and residual varies based on work ethic and how you want to be successful in this business. Its not hard to convince someone to own their own Travel Agency for $179.95 and get the discounts that we get. THIS IS THE MOST AGGRESSIVE COMPENSATION PLAN IN NET WORK MARKETING. THE PRODUCT IS GOLD!

      I would be more than happy to show you how!

    • Jiselle,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I just want to state a few things. I don’t think this is a pyramid scheme.
      That said, some of your statements are a bit of a reach and very “hypey”. There have been pyramid schemes that last for years. Ask Bernie Madoff and his victims. So no, they don’t get shut down immediately all the time.

      I don’t think you made the money you’re claiming by “doing nothing”. I’m sure a lot of that came from your downline that you recruited. And I doubt it’s the norm. But we don’t know, since the company doesn’t provide an income disclaimer about their reps like most MLMs do. So although you may be doing great, it doesn’t mean everyone will see the results you’re claiming especially from “doing nothing”. Any business requires a lot of effort and patience. You’re making this seem all too easy and sweet. I’ve seen this type of behavior with other MLM reps and it’s usually not a good sign. Again, I don’t think the company is a pyramid scheme and have said as much. But I’m sorry you sound like you’re drinking the koolaid and haven’t really expressed any of the real challenges or short comings with this business. And we know there are some.

    • What a joke! It’s a scam, any way you look at it. If you were that good of a Travel Agent, you would be with a legitimate company and wouldn’t have to recruit new suckers to earn money from. Get a real job.

    • Jiselle is leaving out a LOT of information that would explain how someone could earn a commission at that rate within one year of being an Inteletravel agent. People should come clean with HOW they achieved that level of income. Do agents earn at that level? Yes, they do. Is there a catch? Yes, there is. Will they tell you? No, they won’t. They’ll just tell you to work harder while they work less. Is Inteletravel legit? Yes, it is. Is it for everyone? No, its not. Should you become an independent Inteletravel travel agent? It depends. You need 50 contacts minimum for their marketing campaign – its an awesome marketing program. 500 contacts is your BEST chance of success. Do you have or can you get 500 contacts? That’s the magic number. If you cannot and have no desire to try, then you only need ONE super wealthy client for the same results. I hope this comment helps someone weed through the conflicting online information. The other path to income is by recruiting other agents. If you need fast money, this is not the path for you. Why? It takes about 60 days from the time someone books and pays for a trip until YOU get paid. This is part of doing business as an independent agent compared to employees who are paid by the hour plus commissions. The tradeoff is TIME. Again – I hope this post helps someone make an informed decision.

  6. Your explanation of the company is inaccurate. Inteletravel is separate from Plannet Marketing. Plannet marketing sells Inteletravel and Inteletravel sells travel. The fees are separate. To just sell $179.95 and $39.95 a month. If you want to sell Inteletravel its $19.95 a month. Inteletravel itsself is not MLM but a product sold by a MLM.

  7. Nice article, it is a bit misleading though on the income you can actually make, as the income disclosure is for a Plannet Marketing Rep and not a InteleTravel Independent Travel Agent.

  8. Great review! I like the others sites that you shared as well. I’m also with Inteletravel and Plannet Marketing as well. Yes, there are people making full time incomes, but it all has to do with one’s work ethic.

    Great honest review!

    • Hello Larry,

      I am signing up to Intele Travel this weekend hopefully and am looking at working with it along side my 9- 5 job, just by booking peoples travel.

      Do you think it is worth trying to sign people up also, as I have hear the return in investment is higher. I would just like as much info as you have to share please, it would be massively appreciated.

      do you have any concerns for me before i start?

  9. Hi, Eddy,
    I am with InteleTravel and PlanNet Marketing and have been for a couple of years. You have a mixture of accurate and inaccurate information in your review of InteleTravel. I would be happy to do an interview with you to give you a first hand view of what it is like to work as a home-based travel agent and a network marketer. 🙂
    Thanks for what you do to try and get information out to Moms that want to work from home!
    All the best,


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