Jamberry Nails Review: Can You Make Money With Nail Art?

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Is Jamberry Nails legitimate or not?I'm the first one to admit that ladies with chipped fingernail polish and crusty feet bugs the hell out of me! Sorry but I equate how you keep your hands and feet with your hygiene habits. Just last week, I happened to see a woman with feet as ashy as flour, that you could follow with a trail of breadcrumbs! To make matters worse she had a foot salad; Bunions, Corns, etc. LOL. Okay so what does Eddy's foot fetish have to do with making money? Well it leads me into today's article. In my Jamberry Nails Review you'll discover how to work at home helping people keep their fingernails looking pretty. So let's dig into it.

What is Jamberry Nails?

Unlike the growing expense of salon nails, these Jamberry Nails are nail shields that wrap around your natural nails that you can apply yourself. They are made of strong vinyl that firmly adheres to your nails. Basically, they are a fun and fashionable way to replace nail polish.

Jamberry Nails opened in late 2010, and was launched in Utah. Their website shows the company was started by three sisters. Seems the business is run by CEO: Adam Hepworth.

The Jamberry Nails MLM Home Business Opportunity

The Jamberry Nail Consultant Opportunity is a home based business venture with an MLM model. Consultants can sell with home parties, online, or both. The jamberry nails consultants earn a percentage of what their sponsors earn, and so forth…will explain more on that below.

Start Up Costs

To get started, you will need to purchase a start up kit for $99 with $15 for shipping. Consultants From North Dakota do not have to purchase a starter kit. Damned, if i know why. You will also need to pay $10 per month for a website. However, for the first month, the website is free.

Jamberry Nails Compensation Plan / Commission

A consultant can earn a commission of 30% of their personal sales. From my understanding, Based on the consultant's rank, they can earn 5% of their own sales and also 15% of their first level sales. Consultants are paid 5 levels down. When referring to levels, this is referring to a downline…meaning the people that they sign-up under them and so forth. This is where it gets complicated but ….you know how I feel about a sketchy MLM business model, I like things simple!

Jamberry Nails Complaints

Not surprisingly Jamberry Nails has it's flaws like every company does. It doesn't necessarily mean it's bad or a scam. It's just things that you should be aware of that may cause you to re-evaluate this business. Let's face it not every business or company is meant for everyone. Too often reps just want to paint one story in their Jamberry Nails Reviews. But that does you a disservice so we're here to help.

Who Runs This?
Apparently there was some questions early on about who were the owners of the company. It was as if folks were trying to hide it. But now that doesn't seem to be the case and they make it very clear on the website where the ownership lies.

Forced Minimum Sales
Like many MLMs you're required to move a certain amount of product. But in this case, it's $600 worth of products every YEAR to stay with the company. I'm not sure what happens if you don't move that product but I always find it an annoying requirement. But given you're in a business, it only makes sense they expect you to sell.

Growing Pains
Seems there were some heated issues with bad customer support and some of the products. As a result changes were made and the company was relaunched to shake off some of this rocky start. So far it appears the relaunch brought forth better support, managers, and many of the products themselves.

MLM Business Model
Many people just don't like the MLM model..including yours truly! There are a few reasons behind that. A lot of people view MLMs as flat out scams. Some people hate the ideas of attending and hosting parties to make money. Others like myself don't have a PHD to understand their convulded commission plans! My other reasons for my disdain of this business model can be found in my article: Top 5 Reasons Why MLMs Suck! At the end of the day, the business model isn't necessarily favored by many people for various reasons and if you're one of those people, you may want to stay away from this company. You should probably consider searching for a work at home job instead.

Jamberry Nail Wraps Complaints

Apparently there have been problems with the nail wraps while doing normal things like filing down your tips which can end up looking jagged . Some of the Jamberry Nail Wrap Designs were notorious for peeling back no matter how long you applied the warm hair dryer to them. There were also instances of wrinkling in quite a few of the designs minutes after applying.

Most troubling were some reports of toenail fungus after using the Jamberry Nail Wraps. I'm not sure why that happened. Maybe these reports were from people that already had “foot salad” tendencies or maybe not. There are so many factors to consider that we can't necessarily attribute these reports solely to Jamberry Nails.

Jamberry Nails Alternatives

Honestly most of the complaints listed above aren't the worst I've seen for a company. But they may give you some concern. Ultimately Jamberry Nails is about making women feel great and empowering them to make money as well. Another company that does the same thing with a different product is Paparazzi Accessories. And yet another option for people that want to start a business on anything you want is My Top Free Recommendation which is the way I make most of my income. So either way you have options if Jamberry Nails doesn't appeal to you.

So Is Jamberry Nails Legit?

I won't say they are a scam; however, I wouldn't personally recommend them either due to all the nail shield complaints and the MLM business model. The toe nail fungus is also concerning because it leaves you open to lawsuits or hurting a customer that may be a family member or friend. Making your earning quota will always be stressful as well. That said, I do like the idea of the product and I think it is unique. As long as you're fine with some of the possibles issues, it may be worth a shot.

However if none of this sounds appealing to you, then definitely consider looking in to my Top Work At Home Recommendation.
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So, let”s hear it. What do you think of this opportunity? I'm looking forward to your feedback. Comment and leave your thoughts down below! Don't leaving me hanging.

Speak to you soon.

Eddy with a Y.

53 thoughts on “Jamberry Nails Review: Can You Make Money With Nail Art?”

  1. Nail fungus is not a result of these wraps…the fungus are usually brewing prior to application and the wrap has “sealed the deal” typically a nail application causing fungus is a poorly applied acrylic that allows moisture between the acrylic and natural nail (bed)

  2. Eddy,
    I am an Independent Consultant for Jamberry. I signed up in May of this year after hearing about the product at the end of March. I truly loved the product which is the ONLY reason I even considered signing up for a sales job anything like this. I have been a nurse since 1995 and due to medical issues I am unable to work right now so Jamberry allows me to make a little extra money that I wouldn’t have right now. I am always honest with my customers. For example my sponsor pm’d me after I told one of my customers that her improper removal is what caused her damage to her nails, She told me that even with just pulling them off(which isn’t a good thing to attempt) the wraps wouldn’t cause damage that it was poor nail health that caused it and my telling the girl that she may need to soak them in the remover longer wasn’t gonna help.. I just said okay then proceeded to message my customer and tell her that proper removal was key because they would damage otherwise.. How do I know this? Because I have damaged mine unintentionally.
    I also stress like the lady above said of proper application including washing, drying and wiping with alcohol because fungus will breed where moisture is locked in without air and in the heat. Have I personally seen any fungus issues among the thousand or so ladies I am in groups with that use Jamberry? No.. But as as nurse I know that it could happen..
    As far as sales go I have built up a small loyal customer base that keep me steady with money coming in. No its not enough to pay my bills but its enough to keep me from going insane because I cant afford to go out to eat with a friend or to the movies when I want. I am sure I could make more do more if i were more pushy. But I don’t believe in shoving things down peoples throat. I lay out the opportunity, the pros and cons and if they decide they want to join then woohoo.. if not then I still have an amazing customer. I currently have NO down line,lol.. In summary I am happy with the company and my experience with them and would recommend it to someone else.. But like anything else in life i would tell them to do their research… Thanks for the review….. Oh I almost forgot one point i meant to make.. One of the girls said they prefer the $3 ones from walmart because they are cheaper and easier. I would say that isn’t so much the case. Because you get generally 1 use out of those or 1 full manicure. Where as for the $15 sheet of jamberry you get 3 full manicures and 2 full pedicures which last up to 2 weeks on hands and 6 on toes. and if you do the buy 3 get 1 free deals that breaks it down to $11.25 per sheet.. Anyways thanks again..

    • Hey Briton,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the company. I think you’ve definitely provided some great insight that doesn’t come off salesy or drinking the koolaid. So I know every one will find it useful. Thanks again.

    • Yeah I don’t drink anyone’s koolaid lol. I like to think and act for myself. Just like the moment I don’t like what’s happening within the company I’ll simply quit, destash my products and go on my merry way.. I firmly believe in honesty even if it cost me a sale or recruit.

  3. This is my first time coming to this site. This was an absolutely great review. I am thinking about becoming a consultant for Jamberry, I love the convience of the product. The compensation plan can be complicated to understand and the fact of the minimum sales requirement is a turn off for some, I really think the product itself is what will help. I personally have spent massive amounts of money for not only myself in the nail salon, but also on my soon to be 14 year old and it is crazy. Jamberry and even the similar products that you can buy in store saves me money. The nail fungus I will admit does bother me, but I beleive in explaining everything upfront about proper application. I mean we are talking to adults.

    • Welcome to the site Crystal. I’m glad you enjoyed the review. It sounds like this company may be perfect for you. I’d love to hear your experience with the company after you’ve been with them for a few months. So definitely come back and share your experience.

  4. Although I realize the point to this feed , I want to say I’ve tried the $15.00 a sheet jamberry nail wraps and also the $3.00 nail wraps from the dollar general/ wal-mart. And I prefer the $3.00 wraps a lot less work and they seen equally as good , maybe not the 300 wrap selection that jamberry offers, but I don’t have time for what jamberry requires,apply heat etc, I need to apply it and go, too busy I guess.

    • Hey June,

      I totally hear you. With a lot of the MLM products you can find alternatives that may be cheaper. But like you said you may not have as many options, etc. It all depends on your needs. So thanks for chiming in and sharing your thoughts.

  5. Eddy: I don’t know if you can help, but I have written two emails to your company regarding a party held on March 3rd. I was invited to a Jamberry Nail Party and ordered my nails. The check was cashed in March and I still do not have my nails. I called the hostess and she contacted Kelly D. the demonstrator and she said my order had been lost. They would be sending a new one. I have not been able to get your customer service to answer my emails. I no longer want the nails and would appreciate a return of my funds. This is no way to run a business. Thank you.

    • Hey Pat,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with one of the reps. I would contact your bank and let them know the product wasn’t delivered to you and see if they can help if you’ve already contacted the company several times. You may also want to go above the rep that sold the product to you and contact the parent company directly. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. Keep us posted. I’ve never heard this type of complaint before for this company. So I don’t think it’s indicative of the company as a whole.

  6. Hi Eddy!
    I’m a Jamberry consultant and I really appreciate your review! I try to give my customers and my potential recruits full disclosure.
    I’m not sure if someone already answered these questions so I apologize if I’m just repeating information (I started to read some of the responses… but yikes… talk about anger issues LOL)
    If a consultant doesn’t sell $600 a year, all that happens is they aren’t a consultant anymore. I think that rule is in place to prevent people from signing up, then building a team, then sitting on their heels collecting their downline’s commission.
    We are only paid a commission off of 3 levels, not 5 as you stated.
    I don’t think lawsuits over fungus can be an issue because as consultants we don’t apply the wraps to our customers (you have to be a licensed nail tech to do that). But like you said, who wants to sell something to their friends and family that can cause them any harm? When applied properly nail fungus shouldn’t be an issue. However, if a wrap is applied improperly there can be a space between the wrap and the nail that can collect moisture and that can lead to nail fungus (on fingers or toes!). It has nothing to do with personal hygiene. I try to give my customers samples to practice with because there is a learning curve with the application process. To say that Jamberry nail wraps don’t cause nail fungus is misleading. That’s why it’s important as a consultant to show proper application and to follow up with customers so that they don’t end up with any kind of funk or damage.
    Wrinkling, and peeling wraps can be attributed to improper application. As with any product, it is possible to get a defective wrap that peels at the edges. Jamberry has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you get a defective wrap, you can get your money back.
    A company and a product is only as good as the person representing it. I would advise anyone that is considering joining Jamberry, or any MLM company, to do their research. I love Jamberry, but I know it’s not for everyone.

    • Hey Liz,

      Thanks for the great insight and comment. That was very educational and I think many people looking into this opportunity will appreciate everything you’ve said. All reps should be trained like you. What’s your link? I don’t usually allow self promotion but I think in your case you deserve it because you kept it real and provided people with good information. So I think anyone considering joining this company would be safe under you.

      Thanks again.


    • Thanks Eddy!
      My website address is EMonson.JamberryNails.net.
      Anyone with questions can contact me through the “connect with me” link at the top of my page.

  7. Hi Eddy – I’m considering joining Jamberry and doing it just for fun. I love your review – its unbiased and you gave your honest opinion. Thank you.

    (I do blog reviews over on my blog & your review is professional and nicely done!)

  8. What a great site, Eddy with a Y! Thanks a ton for putting this together. All I could find was either people who hated Jam or loved it. I think you give a fair and balanced review. I haven’t signed up yet, but I really appreciated your write up.

    One note: Users can’t get nail fungus from this or any other product. But any sealant (gels, polish , wraps or acrylics) can make an existing condition worse! Users can also pick it up from unclean tools. Mayo clinic has a great post on it.

    Oh, and men can get nasty feet too, so no pickin’ on the ladies. 😉

    • Thanks for the compliment “k” I’m glad the review resonated with you. I try my best to balance out the information. But even then some people still dislike that. But I’m glad you appreciate the effort.

      And yes men have some nasty feet. But we’re not the ones running around in open sandals or high heels. We have the sense to hide our ugly feet. LOL 😉

  9. Eddy, for what it’s worth, acrylic nails sold by many many reputable nail salons can cause nail fungus as can nail polish! You can get nail fungus even if you don’t put anything on your nails! Bad hygiene can cause many issues!

    • Portia,

      Thanks for the additional feedback. I don’t think it’s just a hygiene issue which some of the reps want to pin as the only reason this happens. But it can play a factor as we all agree.

  10. Snorting with laughter – Acrylics are banned in health care settings because of the bacteria that breeds in the layers underneath!
    The possibility of someone getting fungus while they happen to be wearing this product (my dad has toenail fungus – I don’t think he does his nails) is worse??
    Laughing all the way away from this con-site. Eddy with a y – you don’t need to break down others (or other companies) to make yourself (or your version on an “opportunity” look bigger. It’s just lame. Lame and really, really, tacky.
    I wish you luck with finding something that can maybe help you feel good about yourself!

    • Thanks for adding so much value to the conversation Dakotah. I’m sure the information you provided is really going to inspire people to join this company now. I always find it amusing that when I point out both the pros and cons of a company, some reps are only fixated on the bad things I’ve mentioned. They just totally skip over parts where I say “That said, I do like the idea of the product and I think it is unique. As long as you’re fine with some of the possibles issues, it may be worth a shot.”

      I’ll say it over and over again. Every company has flaws and when reps try to hide them or critique other people that point them, you’re just doing yourself a disservice. Anyone that claims their company is perfect and doesn’t have any flaws is full of it. But if pointing that out makes me lame then so be it. I’ll continue to help people and yes make money in the process. Perish the thought! Thanks again Dakotah. Toodles. 🙂

  11. I have just joined Jamberry obviously after all the craziness. So far so good. Ive never heard of a fungus problem from a sticker..essentially what they are. Nobody is handling your nails but you. So if there’s a fungus problem I dont think it has anything to do with the Jamberry..maybe your hygiene needs some work??? or wash your feet properly???.. weirdos.. his site is to inform people of actually business experiences so of course Hes going to endorse what he feels works..

    • Lisa,

      You never hear about the fungus issue because what rep is going to tell you about the possible complaints against the company if they’re trying to recruit you. Fortunately we do. As I said in the article above there could be a number of reasons for the nail fungus which could be due to the customer or the product. To just blame and chastise the customer isn’t going to win you any fans or customers. As I said in the review above, I like the idea of the product. I think it’s unique and might be right for some people. As long as you go in there knowing the good and the bad and it’s worth a shot.

      Every company has some flaws and to sit here and paint a picture like they don’t is insulting to people’s intelligence. And yes my website is to inform people, share things that have worked for me and to make me money in the process. Heaven forbid! My dirty secret is out. Let me go hide under a rock now.

    • Hey Eddy,
      I am a Jamberry consultant and I, like you, like to put the pros and cons of the product out there. I haven’t heard much about a fungus, but I have done a little research on why you might get it.
      One of the main things you MUST do before applying the wrap is to wash your hands thoroughly. Dry them thoroughly. Then wipe them with an alcohol wipe.
      Like I learned with changing baby diapers, what you think is dry isn’t always dry!!
      If your nails aren’t properly dried, then you heat and pressure seal a wrap on top of it, there is a possibility you will get a fungus. You’ve essentially trapped moisture between the wrap and the nail.
      Jamberry isn’t the issue in this case. But I suppose if you weren’t wearing the wraps, you wouldn’t get the fungus.
      If you follow the instructions properly, a fungus shouldn’t be a problem. But it CAN happen. So anyone out there concerned that the product itself can cause the problem, please just take the time and allow your nails to dry properly. Use your hair dryer, the Jamberry heater, or just take your time with them.
      Thanks Eddy for getting this issue out there. Hopefully this will help people apply them correctly.

    • Hey Maggie,

      Thanks so much for that insight. That totally makes sense as to why the fungus may occur. I really appreciate the fact that you explained it rather than blaming the users and calling them dirty as some other reps have suggested. I think if people follow what you’ve told them, that would definitely avoid the potential for it. Great tips!
      Thanks again!!!

  12. Just out of curiosity, as I’m not familiar with MLM’s, could this be considered a pyramid scam? I’m not all that business savvy and was looking into Jamberry to make a little extra money. My boyfriend seems to think that this is just that, a pyramid scam.

    • Hey Christy,

      Too often MLMs are referred to as pyramid scams because of the commission structure. But if they have a real product they aren’t. Although some come pretty damn close because their products are garbage. I wouldn’t consider Jamberry Nails a scam at all.

  13. Let’s be a little truthful here Eddy, you fearmonger against other MLM’s so that you can promote the one you want people to sign up with. Your website isn’t any more of a innocent blog than it is a promo site for WA and a click for ad $ for yourself..

    • Sigh…

      Steve my dirty secret is out. I have a blog with the purpose of making money. Oh shame on me.
      Let me address some things.

      1. I make it very clear I’m not big on MLMs and most people aren’t. The fact of the matter is there are MLMs that have pushy reps, complicated compensation plans and many of the products are overpriced, low value or flat out suck. Now that said it doesn’t mean they’re all bad and anyone that has read enough my blog posts knows I don’t bash them all. Even if you’re not an MLM if you have some flaws, I’m going to point them out. That includes companies I like and have promoted. So I give it across the board. But you would actually have to read my body of work and follow me for a while to know that.

      2. Yes my blog is used to promote some programs that I have personally tried and made money with. By the way unlike most MLMs I provide video proof of this. I don’t just run around personally promoting things that haven’t actually worked for me to make a commission. If something has worked well for me and I think it may be an alternative or good option for others, yes I’ll gladly mention it. People coming to my website are looking for my guidance and personal experience. No one is forcing people to take action on everything I recommend. Even in this review I’ve told people they may want to give this company a shot and I like the idea of the product. So it’s not like I bashed the company and said, don’t try it. It’s just not a right fit for me. But it could be for someone else as I said in the review. If I wanted to be totally biased then all my reviews would end by saying everything is a scam, just try WA only. But I don’t.

      3. Yes I make money on things you may click on or sign up for. Like the people that visit this blog I want to make money at home as well and I actually do. But it’s done responsibly by promoting things I have personally tried, done well with and can verify. There is no shame in that and I gladly mention it over and over again on my blog. I get paid to help people make money and I make it in the process. If that makes me lose credibility or the bad guy, so be it. But I have thousands of people that I have helped make money with my recommendations or have avoided scams that would disagree with you.

      Thanks for chiming in and providing the groundbreaking truth that my blog helps me make money! There goes my credibility. 🙂

    • Steve B. – I am currently NOT a member of WA. I use Eddy’s reviews to direct me to sites that can help me earn some much needed extra income. I have emailed with Eddy several times and he is always quick to answer and has NEVER once mentioned WA to me. I am happy that when I sign up for a sight through his link, he makes money. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to continue this helpful service. I have found everyone of his reviews to be very unbiased. If he has a personal opinion, he says it is his personal opinion. He then openly admits that others may feel differently. Even if his site directs people towards WA, what exactly do you have against that? Instead of slinging rude accusations against someone, maybe you could make some useful comments. Explain why you feel differently about his post. Try being nice.

    • Aww thanks for chiming in HKfan. It’s always great to hear from the people that read my blog and support my efforts. But I suspect someone will claim I’m you and posting the comment as you. Lol. Seriously thanks again. It’s greatly appreciated.

    • What is it with you WA haters? First off, I’ve looked at WA myself. While it does heavily promote paying for premium, it does have free tools to utilize. I haven’t become a heavy user of it at the moment, but I really see no down side. As for a blog that has a purpose of making money — that’s every blogger out there today. Is it wrong to want to do what one loves and make money off it? Clearly you have a chip on your shoulder. If you don’t like his site, don’t visit. He’s always been shameless if the fact that he does all this to make money. But at the same time, he’s helping others do the same. If that’s a crime, then why isn’t anyone locked up for it? Eddy has been honest with his reviews, and he’s open to people giving him updates or telling him of their bad experiences. Eddy has created a great community, and he communicates very well with everyone. Obviously, you’re jealous of him. So why not create your own blog? You can do this yourself. If you do have your own blog, stop trying to pull someone down, and lift yourself up. WA is Wealthy Affiliate. It thrives off people affiliating. That’s another form of networking. Networking gets you popular. You attract more flies with honey. Stop being the vinegar.

  14. everyone is so set on the foot fungus part of your article.
    and you feel better going to get ACRYLICS put on your nails, they are the worst things you could put on them. maybe Eddy could do a article on those that you should read.. and how bad they are for your natural nails. jamberry is made with no harsh chemicals and is SAFE to use – will NOT damage your natural nail. these people with foot fungus – already had foot fungas. or else the million sheets of jamberry that have been sold out there would all be coming back with horrible, horrible reviews.

    most of you im sure take prescriptions with “common side affects” listed on them. most of you don’t experience these “common side effects” do you?! ..

    – self promotion link removed by admin –

    Jamberry also has a great compensation plan – you may not want to read about it cause it is confusing and expanded into something that could probably be quickly explained in other words – however it is GREAT on a pay cheque!!

    • Erika,

      Folks focus on it because that’s a scary possible side effect. But like I said there can be so many reasons for why the fungus may occur some of which could have already been because of the customer. But some could be a reaction to the product. It’s just a reality. It may not happen to everyone or a lot but it’s a valid concern. Just trying to put it all on the person is misguided and isn’t helping you win over people.

      However I agree with you there are so many things that can lead to the fungus and other things people probably take that have bad side effects. But the great thing is people can make a choice not to take or use some of those products because of it if they’re made aware of it. That’s exactly why prescription drugs have warnings on them and required to mention them in their commercials. I’d be pissed with a rep if they didn’t let me know that fungus is very slight possibility.

      In terms of the compensation plan, I’m sure it is great if you have the patience to decipher it or have someone translate it to you. LOL All kidding aside, as I said above this is definitely worth a shot if none of the complaints are a concern for you. Folks are making money and do like the product. And just like any company this one has some flaws too and there is nothing wrong in knowing what they are. Thanks for chiming in!

  15. Wow Eddy, Thanks for your review on Jamberry Nails. However, MANY of your “facts” are incorrect.

    The company was in fact started by 3 sisters. One of the sister’s husbands (Adam Hepworth) is the CEO of the company.


    Consultants do pay $99 for their starter kit (plus tax & shipping) but not in North Dakota. Why? Their state law prohibits it.


    You get your first 3 months of your full website for free. After that, you DO NOT need to pay $10 a month for a Jamberry website. It is an option that all consultants have. If you choose not to pay, you will become what Jamberry considers a “hobbyist”.

    As a consultant, we can earn between 30% and 40% on our personal sales and up to 17% off of each of our downline. Consultants can be paid level overrides 3 levels down and generation overrides infinitely below you.


    Jamberry’s MLM sales model is anything but “sketchy”. A few simple google searches will show you all the answers you are looking for. They are even a member of the DSA. I highly doubt the DSA would endorse them if they were “sketchy”


    They don’t “force” minimum sales. Yes, there is a requirement to stay active. You can’t expect to sign up in 2014 and never sell anything until 2036. To remain active, consultants need to sell $600 worth of product every ROLLING 12 months. Which means everytime we sell $600, our 12 months start over again. (basically re-newing us another 12 months) If a consultant fails to sell $600 of product during that time, Jamberry terminates their consultant status. Prior consultants can re-join if they so desire.

    (Again, a quick google search of “jamberry policies and procedures manual” will bring you to all the answers you need)

    Growing pains? Yes, Jamberry has had a few. The main office was understaffed in the beginning but they have since hired many new people and this is no longer a problem. They have also been improving the quality of the wraps as they move forward.

    I have personally been an independent consultant with Jamberry Nails for almost a year now. I have never had any problems with fungus or nail damage. I do however clean my nail tools and apply and remove them properly. I’m sure that the people who actually get nail fungus from salons across the US is astoundingly higher than those who use Jamberry.

    I have a very large (successful) team below me now and make (what I consider) fairly decent money for the p/t hours I put into working. I hope that if you have any further questions about this company or business, you contact me (or search google) as Jamberry has nothing to hide.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this response.

    Yours Truly,


    • Hey Jessica,

      Thanks for providing some additional insight from an insider point of view. I appreciated the information but not the self promotion links. So I removed those.

      Let me address some of your points:

      1. One of my biggest issues with MLMs like Jamberry is the compensation plan. The fact they need a whole pdf document to explain the various terms and commission structure is an issue. You shouldn’t need an extra document to figure out how much money you can make with a company. And I know the argument is going to be that it just means more ways to make money, but to most people it’s just more confusion than anything. I find it unnecessary and annoying that I would need such a document or another rep to explain the compensation plan.

      2. Just because a company is a member of the DSA doesn’t mean it’s all good. There are tons of companies listed with the BBB that aren’t all that great. With all that said, I don’t think Jamberry is a bad company. Even if they weren’t a member of the DSA that wouldn’t be my qualifier of a legitimate company or not. It would be just one of many factors I would need to consider to determine a company’s legitimacy.

      3. Force minimum sales or being active is the same difference. If you don’t hit your sales requirement you’re being penalized. What does someone have to do to become a consultant again if they don’t reach that sales requirement within that year? Will they have to pay again? It just seems unnecessary to me. I don’t lose my status as an affiliate if I don’t make any sales for a given year with other companies. So I think it’s a bs requirement. If you’re getting into a business, it’s because you’re already motivated into trying to make money. You don’t need the pressure from the parent company to make more sales. So for me this is a matter of preference and I know this requirement or active status thing will rub some people the wrong way.

      3. Like I said in my review it looks like they have addressed some of the growing pain. So thanks for just reaffirming what I stated in the review. It’s good to hear they’ve moved in the right direction there.

      4. Like i said in the review, I think the nail fungus situation could be hit or miss and a result of a number of things. However I just wouldn’t want to take the risk of selling a product that may lead to that health situation. Because some clients will come back and blame the product you sold them even if it may be their own fault. It’s not worth the potential headaches or any legal issues that may arise. And yes I agree there are probably more people in nail salons that experience health issues and it’s another reason I would never own a nail salon. It’s a risk I wouldn’t want to be responsible for in either situations.

      Like I said above, if you can get past some of the cons, I like the idea of the product and business. And it may be worth a shot for some people. Clearly folks can make money with this. So again, I don’t think Jamberry is a bad company. It just wouldn’t be right for me given some of the concerns I discussed above.

      Either way, thanks for clarifying some of the details. It’s appreciated. Definitely feel free to chime in some more but without the self promoting links. I wish you continued success with this business. Keep us posted on your success!

  16. I’m so glad you reviewed this. I will just say…yuck. you definitely made me think twice before ordering from a friend. I’ll stick to old school polish please. Goodness…

  17. I read about the nail fungus thing after reading your article. it’s true that it can result from a lot of things, but it seems that this kind of product in general can increase the risk of it, especially if the procedures aren’t followed close enough to the letter to prevent it. It’s not specific to this product, apparently. But I still don’t like the MLM model. Seems to me like if you have a good product you should be able to get it into the stores, and not rely on selling kits to other sales people for profit. Maybe that’s just me.

    • Hey Marilyn,

      Thanks for sharing more details about the nail fungus. The fact you would have to be so careful to follow the procedures to avoid nail fungus makes me uncomfortable because you know someone won’t. Then they’ll be mad at you for selling them a product that caused it even if it was partially their own fault. So that’s just a risk I’d prefer to avoid.

      Obviously I’m not a big fan of the MLM business model either. But businesses do use various ways to sell their products outside of being in stores such as affiliate marketing which is how I make money. So clearly they see the value of being in more than one place. It just makes more “cents”, literally. So I would have to disagree with you there. But I do share your feelings about MLMs. I just think the model is a bit flawed for my liking.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  18. I always enjoy your articles and look forward to getting your email. However, I never intend to pay any business to let me make money for them. That’s what a lot of them do… you pay them and they generously let you make more money for them. Sorry, but that’s how I feel about it.

    • Hey Kris,

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s nice to know you look forward to my articles. In terms of your feelings about business opportunities, you’re definitely more suited to be an employee. Any business requires an investment. It’s just a given if you want to be a boss and run your own company. You have to put up money for marketing, products, supplies, employees, etc. But I know not everyone feels comfortable with that concept and that’s fine. We all can’t be business owners. We need employees too. So I can appreciate your feelings. Either way, I appreciate you chiming in!

  19. Another great review! I’ve never heard of them until now. May look into it later. 😉 You are just too funny…I’ve never heard of toe nail fungus addressed as “foot salad” LOL Funny stuff! Thanks for the post. 🙂 I have an appointment Friday for the regular nails. (acrylic) =)

  20. I realize this is a huge industry. And I totally agree with hands and feet being part of the equation. And that’s as far as it goes. Appreciate your huge range of opportunities you present. Keep um comin’ -:)

  21. Hello Eddy. Thanks for another great review. Although I love nails and nail art, I too would be less likely to do anything nails for the sole reason of the fungus issue. That really is a put off. I laughed about the breadcrumb crusty feet. Oh nooo! 🙂

    • You’re very welcome! Just keep in mind the nail fungus can be a result of a lot of things. But I just wouldn’t feel right if someone came back to me and complained that a product I sold them hurt them physically. So I hear you.
      Sorry about the crust feet and breadcrumb visual but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. LOL

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