Job Spotter App Review: Is It A Job Seeker App Scam or Legit?

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Job Spotter App ReviewHave you ever come across a help wanted sign while going about your business? Did you know you could get paid for sharing that sign with others who may be looking for a job? Well, apparently you can with the Job Spotter App which enables people like you to help companies get the word out there about their jobs, and earn a little something while at it.

Chances are you've already heard of the concept, so you are probably searching the internet for Job Spotter App Reviews. Well, if you want a definitive answer about this opportunity and if it's legitimate, then you're in the right place.

What Is The Job Spotter App?

Job Spotter is a job seeker app that enables you to earn by taking photos of ”help wanted” or ”we are hiring” signs and submitting them to for approval and then payment through the app. Job Spotter was created by recruiter and job search engine company Indeed. Indeed was founded in 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, and then released the Job Spotter app early 2016.

How Does Job Spotter App Work?

After you download the free app from either the Google PlayStore (Android) or Apple's App Store (iOS) you can proceed and do the following.

  • Scan your local community or city for signs of job openings
  • Take a photo of the sign and the establishment's storefront
  • Submit both pictures through the app
  • Once your submission is approved, you will receive redeemable points
  • Redeem your points for an Amazon Gift Card at any time

How To Join Job Spotter?

All you have to do is download the free app, confirm registration via email, and start using the app. It is unclear whether the app has geographical restrictions. However, if you can download the app from your location, then you qualify to join.

How Much Can I Earn with Job Spotter?

Each point is equivalent to a penny's worth of a Gift Card. How much you can earn largely depends on the value of your submission. A submission could earn you as low as 5 points and as high as 150 points. There are no limits to how much points you can accumulate.

How Does Job Spotter Pay You?

You get paid via an Amazon Gift Card or any other gift cards chosen by parent company Indeed. It takes 1-2 business days for the gift card to arrive via email.

If you don't like the idea of being limited to gift cards and want to earn real cash that you can use anyway you like, then consider My Best Work At Home Recommendation, and

Job Spotter Hacks and Tricks

Obviously with Job Spotter, you can't expect to quit your day job. However, I know how some of y'all love some gift cards, so let me break down how to stack up maximum points.

Small businesses are golden! It appears that small restaurants and supplies shops have the most points. Small businesses have fewer hiring limitations, and thus more popular with job seekers.

Look out for handwritten signs and simple printouts. Our research reveals that handwritten and simple computer printouts bear more points than the more permanent ones. So, don't ignore the signs, however bleak.

Use an awesome camera phone. If the details on your photo are unclear you could be throwing away valuable points. You might also want to take awesome photos of the storefront and sign.

What We Like About The Job Spotter App

Positive BBB

For you guys who live and die for a company's BBB status, be glad to know its parent company's Indeed has a B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Job Spotter Complaints

We've covered the best so far, now it's time to uncover the dirt on this Job Spotter app, and we have it all. Here's what people have to say about the app at the time of this review.

Poor pay

A point's worth a cent? Ah hell nah! Finding these signs will be hard enough and require you to leave your home. And you mean to tell me I'm only going to earn a few cents for the trouble. Nah, I'm good.

”I'd rather have the cash”

The most popular complaint is that they don't pay you real money that you can use anyway you want like to pay a bill. You could be snapping up hiring signs all over town only to end up with a $2 gift card. What good will that do? If you prefer cash payouts, check out and You can also check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation

You need a smartphone

Well, duh! You might say there should be a web version of the same, but nada! A phone (with solid pixels) is a must.

It requires leaving your house

Most of you that visit this site are looking for things to do at home. So the fact you actually have to leave your house to make money will be a turn off. And when you factor in the pay given for actually leaving your house to find these signs, the math may not add up.

Payout takes too long

They claim it takes 1-2 days to receive your payment. Err… not quite. It takes as long as they want to according to some users! Some have said it could take as long as a week to get your payment. Lots of users complained of having to contact customer care before receiving payment.

Did you know you don't need to actually leave your house, or own a smartphone to earn with and The best part is, you get paid in cash. Alternatively, you can also work full time through My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

So Is Job Spotter App A Scam?

Is your time worth a few bucks every week? The highest points your submission can earn is $1.50, with the possibility of getting five cents worth of points. It doesn't matter the amount of trouble you went through to get the hiring sign submitted. It is by no means a full time or part time income opportunity.

However, the few points can add up to something at the end of the month, and you would be helping out job seekers too. All in all, it's not a real income earning opportunity in my opinion. You can view alternative apps I would personally vouch for here.

That said, there are better ways of earning, and you don't have to set a foot outdoors. and are good places to start. And if you're more interested in making a real full time income, then you may want to look at My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

That's enough jibber jabber from me, how about you? Let us know what you think of this app down below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

28 thoughts on “Job Spotter App Review: Is It A Job Seeker App Scam or Legit?”

  1. I been trying to get in touch with someone in regards to getting paid. I have never had a problem till now. August 1st submitted for payment, still pending. WHY?????????? August 31 submitted another for payment still pending. What is the problem. I have tried contacting someone on the support page in my wallet. I get no answer. Please help I work every hard and a lot of time and gas. I would like to be paid. Thank you

  2. As an employer, I am extremely disappointed with job spotter. The unclear photo does not show the entire job description, nor the instructions, “no phone calls.” You cannot read the email address for resumes or question submittal, and the job heading is wrong. Just enough information for us to receive dozens of pointless phone calls. I’ve clicked “report this job as unavailable,” but it is still there. WTF.

    • Claudia, I can vouch that the gift card does get received through a code… you use it like a promo code on Amazon. A scam would mean you don’t get anything when you’re promised something. It may not be your cup of tea, but it isn’t a scam.

  3. Been using this app for about a year now. I disagree with a lot of comments, but that’s mainly because I live in a big city with access to thousands of shops.

    As an example – in London over the last week I’ve earned £100 in gift cards. I work a full time job on top of this – this is just extra earnings after work and at the weekend.

    Only earning 150 points per job seems limiting. But some streets have 8 shops next to each other all with job signs in the window. It’s easy when you’re in such a high concentration of retail shops or restaurants like a shopping mall or major city roads.

    Also I’ve never had a payment take longer than 3-4 days. Almost always it’s the next day.

  4. Just started using JobSpotter today and already got about $2 for going about town. I live in a big city, love walking, have a cell phone with lots of space and a good data plan, this app is great for me. Of course it’s not enough to quit my day job but I just want some side “income”, if it can be called that. Gift cards are fine. Assuming I can redeem for gift card in a decent amount of time, I think the time that goes into earning the points is much better than Swagbucks and others. Pretty much the only thing I do with Swagbucks these days is to answer the daily poll. Watching tons of videos for a few Swagbucks takes so much time for so little return.

    • I think it all depends on your needs. Some people want to just make money totally online. Whereas with Job Spotter you have to actually leave your house. But I’m happy you’re enjoying this app.

  5. Right now I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks for gift cards to be sent and have emailed 3x and have received no response. BEWARE!! my next step is contacting the BBB because they seem to answer their complaints there. Have over 80 bucks pending while i have a family member getting her cards between 24-48 hours

  6. A really clever idea! Helping companies getting the word out that they need employees is a great way for both the participants who earn some cash and the actual owners of the businesses.Geographical restrictions would, indeed, be a problem especially for businesses who are looking for employees in smaller cities or countries. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity and a very smart way of attracting employees.

  7. I have heard of indeed before, in fact I had been using the website to search for job! But I guess earning $1.50 max is not considered a significant income and the time spent to search for the job sign does not seem to justify the payout too. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Hi Eddy, I have never heard of Job Spotter. What?! Make money snapping pictures of HELP wanted signs?!
    That’s interesting. B+ from BBB, that’s good.

    But, payment in gift cards, and no cash and so low return and slow payment? Nah.

    But will check out swagbucks and Fusioncash as you so strongly recommend. And I like the vibrancy of your writing.


  9. Hi, Eddy. I have to be honest with you. Had this Job Seeker App been readily available 20+ years ago, before so many jobs were to be promoted online at a number of sites, this gadget would have been incredibly useful. Of course the problem was back in circa 1992 not as many people had cell phones, and certainly not Smart Phones that have the capability of so many features as is available today.

    In my travels, I very seldom see signs posted by employers advertising jobs. You just don’t see them on places anymore such as store bulletin boards, malls, Main Street-type store windows and posters prominently on display at congested traffic intersections as one could often find decades ago.

    Even if these jobs were advertised how much time and expenses involving gas money for vehicles would be needed for an individual to make money in this venture? A lot of travel might be necessary to find even 2 or 3 jobs advertised in the manner of what was done 20+ years ago.

    The slow payout as you also revealed is but another turn-off for anyone participating in this venture. I like your statement that using the Job Seeker app, besides not being considered even remotely as a full-time job would also not be called a part-time job.

    Getting at most a $1.50 for finding a particular job advertisement does not even come close to gas money for the trouble that a person might have gone through had he/she driven 20+ miles in a car in this venture.

    Your recommendation in earning potentially real income with Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option for people looking to make money online.


    • You make some great points and observations Jeff. And I tend to agree with you. Thanks for the insight.

    • It’s a rip-off.. I had earned $88,92…. suddenly my account just vanished… they just insult you saying they can’t find the account…. so very sad.I will be contacting her local News here in Michigan, the BBB… and my Atty… this has to stop.

    • That sucks. I wonder if this is common with other users. Fortunately there are many other ways to make money. We never want to put all our eggs in one basket. I’ve experienced this type of shady behavior with other companies. That’s why I always have multiple ways to earn. Either way this shouldn’t happen. And I’m sorry it happened to you.

  10. Hi Eddy with Y 😉 I think this app is not worth the effort. Getting a max. of $1.50 for I don’t know how much time running around looking for these signs… I once had a similar app which as about fulfilling little tasks while walking through a city, e.g. take a picture of a new store / product, etc.To be honest, I did not like it so much. I also tried online surveys. They are also not bringing so much money, but from time to time there were some good paid surveys and I could do them from home without walking somehwere.

    • Yeah I agree this app isn’t something you can use for earning some significant income. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  

  11. Hello Eddy, I did not know about this app, I think you are right, it is nice to have it in case you walk around downtown a lot, where most of this business may be found, but other wise it is just interesting data none the less, I know I should probably read more of your articles first, but if I were to pursue this work from home option that you keep saying; How much do you think I can earn?

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to predict how much you earn with the work at home recommendations I made. It will vary depending on the person. I just know I’ve used them and they have worked to make me money. So that’s why I can vouch for them.

  12. Hi I just want to say thank you for exposing some of the possible scams out there! I enjoyed reading the “Job Spotter Review” as well.. I’m pretty new to online marketing so it’s nice to know that people like yourself have had success with it. I’m told time and time again to just stick with it and treat it like a business. I took that advice and am taking massive action. Appreciate the info my friend!


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