Jobs2Shop Review: Get Paid To Do Small Tasks or A Scam?

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If you’ve ever lost money trying to find a work at home opportunity, then you probably know how it feels to be scammed online. So, it makes sense that you are doing your due diligence and reading through Jobs2Shop reviews to make sure they are legit.

Our Jobs2Shop review has saved you the trouble by uncovering the ugly truth. So, if you want to know if this is a scam or not, read until the end to find out. Don’t signup before reading this review.

What is Jobs2Shop? is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you can get money by performing simple, ordinary tasks online. Like similar sites, Jobs2Shop pays you for completing surveys, trying offers, and even reading emails. They were founded in 2012 and based in Port Washington, USA. But who founded this company is unknown at the time of writing.

How Does Jobs2Shop Work?

Jobs2Shop gives several opportunities to make money with the site. By logging in to the site, you can complete surveys and view offers. You will also receive emails from Jobs2Shop twice a day, and get $0.10 each just for opening and reading the emails.

How Much Money Can You Make with Jobs2Shop?

The pay varies according to different factors like the type of task or how long it took to complete. But on average, most users report earnings of $1-$2 per task. But they also offer mystery shopping opportunities which pay $20 or more per mystery shop. So in general the average pay is $20-$25 per month with Jobs2Shop, depending on the availability of tasks.

Tasks are not the only way you can earn with You can increase how much money you make with the following:

  • You earn a $5 bonus just for signing up with Jobs2Shop, so you start off with $5 the moment you confirm your email.
  • Jobs2Shop also has a referral program where you can earn rewards for inviting your friends to join the site. You get a bonus of $5 for referring people when they signup.

At the end of the day earning $20-$25 on average from this site is not going to improve your financial situation or pay those bills. Perhaps a better option would be to try different sites similar to Jobs2Shop where you can potentially earn more.  Sites like & will also pay you for doing things you do online anyway, like downloading apps, watching videos and more.

But if that's not what you are looking for and want to make real money working part time or full time at home, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

How & When Does Jobs2Shop Pay?

Jobs2Shop pays exclusively by PayPal. You can cash out once you have reached the $25 cashout threshold, and payments are issued on the 20th of the month after you have requested a cashout.

You have to meet the $25 threshold in order to cash out, but half of that money must be earned as a “Current Evaluation Credit.” How exactly these credits are accrued is a bit unclear; users report that you must earn at least $12.50 of your credits from completing surveys, but the site says that Evaluation credits are accrued by completing “instant cash evaluations” and by opening twice daily Jobs2Shop emails. The rest of your credits can be accrued as email credits, presumably sent by Jobs2Shop partners.

So it's not enough to simply complete offers and accrue earnings on the site; you have to pay attention to which kinds of credits you are accruing before you can cash out. At least half of all your credits must be “Evaluation Credits” before you can cash out.

How Do I Join Jobs2Shop?

Simply create an account on, and click the link in the confirmation email. You will also need to complete some basic demographic information on the site in order to pre-qualify for surveys. Make sure that your PayPal information is correct, since they will not re-issue payments made to the wrong PayPal address.

Jobs2Shop Complaints

There are a few red flags we uncovered, so let’s take a look to see if these are deal-breakers or not.

Poor BBB Rating

Jobs2Shop has an F rating with the BBB at the time of writing, due to a failure to respond to complaints on the BBB website. The Better Business Bureau also says that mail sent to their official address was returned as undeliverable by the U.S Postal Service, which certainly raises a red flag.

It’s usually not a good sign when not even the BBB can make contact with a business. But fortunately, there are other companies that have a positive BBB rating and good reviews. You may want to look into sites like that pays you to take surveys. Or you may want to look at & where you get paid for things you already doing anyway, like maybe reading emails or watching videos.

But if these types of tasks aren’t your thing and you want a real work at home opportunity that will earn you a full or part time income consistently, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Waiting for Payments

You can get paid by the site for completing offers, which often involve signing up for a trial, membership, or purchasing a product from a 3rd party. When the offer is completed, the advertiser has to notify Jobs2Shop that you have completed the offer and earned the credits. Jobs2Shop says that this process may take up to 8 weeks.

However, most free trial offers are only for 30 days; you need to cancel a membership or return a product within a month in order to avoid being charged for it. The 8 week window is likely to cost you extra money which seems to be by design.

Why All the Spam?

You should always read the terms and conditions before signing up to anything. Because if you don’t, you’ll miss that Jobs2Shop sells your email address and contact information to third parties.

Jumping through hoops

The requirement that half your credits must be from certain activities makes Jobs2Shop different (and worse) than other GPT sites, because you can't simply get paid for all the activities they offer. You have to keep track of which kinds of activities you do, in order to cash out. If you don’t you may end up working on activities that don’t qualify you for a cash out.

Is Jobs2Shop worth it, or is it a scam?

Jobs2Shop may not be a scam, since many people have actually earned money through the site. However, it is more complicated and less reliable than many other GPT sites. The earnings also don’t instill any confidence when it comes to making a consistent income online. To increase your chances of earning more, you probably going to need more than one revenue stream.

So, having said that, it's always good to have other options available at your disposal. A site like will pay you for completing surveys. or And sites like and will pay you for completing various tasks and offers online.

Ultimately most of these activities won’t pay a lot. If you want to earn a full or part time income, you might want to try My Best Work At Home Recommendation. It’s a work from home opportunity that can help you earn a real passive income over time. So, that’s worth checking and it’s FREE to get started.

There you have my review and opinion on Job2Shop. We would love to know what you think about Job2Shop or any other GPT website you have used. So feel free to chime in on the comments section below. If you still have questions, you can find specific answers on their FAQs page.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

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  1. Jobs 2 shop is a rip off. Thin jai;l for fraud.ey dont give you credit after you finish surveys. They do NOT answer help tickets and they do not pay you either. Someone needs to make this company closed and in jail for fraud!


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