Joint Venture Request

Thanks for your interest in working with us. However we receive so many request for joint ventures and network invitations that it's no longer practical to explore them all. So we've come up with a simple process to help us foster relationships with serious companies that are willing to back their claims.

How To Work With Us:

So to help us determine which companies are right fit, we are now requesting that you test any offers, products, service or websites you would like us to promote by purchasing an ad on

Why Do It This Way?

1. The logic is simple. If you can make money with the ad you place on our site, then obviously we can too! if the results are good, we may enter a relationship with your company and scale up our efforts accordingly.

2. The other benefit is that we will have access to your ad data to verify any of the claims you make. Data you provide is UNACCEPTABLE because we have found that the numbers provided vary greatly depending on how promotions were done on other venues. So they don't necessarily translate to the same numbers on our site. However with your ads being served directly on our site, we know exactly what to expect in terms of click thrus and can approximate conversions.

Next Steps:

1. So if you want to work with our company, please place your ad now by clicking here. My suggestion is to pick the ads with the best visibility or all of them if you want to blanket the site with your offer.

2. Once you have collected enough data from our site, feel free to email me using the form below to discuss your ad stats and we can take it from there. Be sure to include your user name and any details about which ads did the best.

So as long as you follow the steps above we're willing to discuss working together. But we won't be able to entertain any questions or emails until you've invested in an ad. I hope to work with you.

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