Is La Bella Baskets a Scam?

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Today I want to introduce you to a home based business, La Bella Baskets. Please note I said this a home business, not a job! If you've read my articles about My #1 Free Recommendation, you already know that running a business isn't for everyone. It involves a lot more than just showing up to earn a check which we all know some of us can get away with in certain jobs. With a business, you're the boss, you determine how much money you make and when you work. That being said, there are cost involved to start a business and there is a strong likelihood that initially your ROI isn't great. But for the business minded people that are willing to stick through and work their business until they succeed, it can pay off many times over. Any of my loyal subscribers that have been following me long enough know I'm living proof of this (See how by clicking here). In any event now that we have that disclaimer out the way, let's get into how you can make money with this BUSINESS.

What Is La Bella Baskets?

La Bella Baskets is a company that does just what it sounds like they do, sell gift baskets. They have been around since 2009. They hire independent designers to come up with interesting and unique basket theme designs. There is a master warehouse in Texas where most of the baskets are put together, and shipped. All items are shipped within 24-48 hours, standard shipping.

La Bella Baskets prides themselves in providing over 200 unique themes, some your typical things like get well, birthdays, weddings and babies. Other baskets are more unique like the spa, care packages, pets, kosher, and gardening. Each theme will have an option for a cookies or flower based basket, but most baskets will have a variety of items relating to the specific theme. Their prices are comparable to what you find from a Google search, typically around the $29.99 range to the $79.99 range.

So what separates La Bella Baskets from the rest of the pack?

Okay if you're anything like me you're probably thinking to yourself okay and? What makes this company different and a viable business when you have some other well known players in the space that do this business? I just thought to myself how can someone compete against those established brands that have TV commercials and wide exposure? Honestly I didn't find much in the way of a unique selling proposition.

The one thing that may be something that differentiates them is their Basket of Hope Program. Each month they deliver to single moms a La Bella Basket of Hope that is filled with beautiful Spa and Bath essentials. La Bella Baskets has a deeply held belief that every single mom needs to be nurtured and to find a calm place in their lives to relax, melt away stress, rejuvenate, heal. This is a key element of their philosophy of supporting women. Consultants nominate people they know to receive a Basket of Hope. Look I think that's a great thing from a personal and karma stand point. But I still don't see anything about the company that makes it a game changer in their space. Please keep in mind I'm not infallible so maybe someone from the company can enlighten me. But on the surface, I don't see how the company is set up to help their independent contractors compete against bigger players or someone just going to their local flower shop.

How to do you make money selling baskets?

Allegedly La Bella Baskets cannot sell all these baskets alone, they would never make enough to cover costs, so they recruit Independent Contractors, “Professional Basket Consultants,” to sell the baskets for them. La Bella handles making, creating, packaging and shipping the baskets. What they need from their consultants are customers. You earn 20% commission on each basket sold through your site. As you build the business volume and build your team, you might be able to earn up to 35% . I'd focus on the 20% number for now if I were you. You also earn $15 for each referral you find for a new work at home consultant who wants to sell baskets.

To ensure that their consultants are always the ones making money. La Bella Baskets has a policy where no one can buy anything directly from the La Bella Basket Website or Facebook page. You must buy through one of their contractors. Now this part I really like! It shows me they are dedicated to their people's success and are not greedy. What's even better is that the company sends referrals to you via their website and through their consultants Facebook posts. So they're really about their independent sales force. I guess that definitely separates them from the well known companies out there.

How do I get paid?

You get paid every other week, through PayPal which can be a good or bad thing depending on your feelings on PayPal. Personally I like it because it gives me access to my money instantly once it's in the account. In any event, your commission is only on the price of the item, and not on any sales tax or shipping that they collect. There are no quotas to meet, you get your commission on what you sold, not matter how big or small. This is definitely a plus for those of you that hate the opportunities that require a minimum threshold amount to get your money. Like most home business and traditional work at home jobs, you are 100% responsible for paying income taxes to Uncle Sam yourself. As annoying and scary as this sounds it can actually be a good thing because you have a lot more things that can be written off as an expense that you can't do as an employee. But consult your tax professional as Eddy is not an expert in such matters which my lawyer has insisted I express. lol

How much can I expect to make?

Commission on one basket is $20. If you sold one basket a day it would be $600 a month or $7200 a year. You can do the math from there. If you add in two referrals a month, at $15 each or $30 a month more (an additional $360 a year). It honestly depends on how hard you work, and how much traffic you can get to your website. This is pretty much the spiel for most online businesses. So if you don't know how to get traffic to your website, this may be a barrier. That's one of the reasons I love My #1 Free Recommendation because they teach you how to get thousands of people coming to your website instead of the other way around.

What kind of costs are there going to be to set up my home business?

As I said before, this is a business, not a work at home job, so you should expect some kind of start up cost but you will be surprised at how little you really need for this particular opportunity. The required cost is a $20/monthly fee to La Bella Baskets. They GIVE you a store website with the entire catalog of products and ordering portals etc, and they also give you a marketing website. They take care of all the money and shipping. In case you did not properly process that tidbit… you don't have to worry about collecting money, or becoming “BFFs” with the UPS or Postal workers. They take care of that entire end of things. All you need to worry about is educating people about the product so they hopefully purchase it.

It should be noted that they frequently run a 7 day trial for $1.97 where you would have access to everything they offer including all the training before you decide to join. I think this is great for you tire kickers out there. It gives you a taste of the business before you fully commit yourself. It also shows me they're confident enough in their business to give you a trial because they've probably figured out the math in which a good portion of people end up staying on board. So that's a plus in my book. My #1 Free Recommendation does something like this as well, but it's better. They will let you try their business for FREE and for as long as you want! So you're not pressured into making a decision because of clicking clock.

Will LaBella Baskets help me learn how to do all this stuff?

As a businessman, the biggest problem I see is how are you going to compete with the big players in the space? As a trained online business owner I already know how I would do this using long tailed keywords & SEO. Because the fact of the matter is that if your website isn't on Google's Page #1 for some type of basket or gift search word, you might as well forget it. Fortunately La Bella Baskets is aware of this and helps you out. Once you sign up you are assigned a mentor who is available 24/7. You get some basic Internet marketing training that explains the different marketing approaches you can take. As you grow the business, more detailed Internet Marketing Lessons and are geared to your specific marketing approach. All training materials, templates, brochures, monthly newsletters for online and offline marketing are available for download by paid members of La Bella Baskets. This is probably where some of your $20 per month goes. They obviously use some of it to invest in creating a training center for you. I think this is a great plus because without any training, you'll never be able to compete with experienced marketers like myself and the big corporations. It's the reason why I emphasize it so much on this site and why I cringe when I hear from people that they decided to start a website without training especially when it's free here. To me that's like saying I'm going to climb Mount Everest in a zebra print speedo and some flip flops. Oh you can try it if you want, but I guarantee it won't turn out well! So it's good to see that La Bella Baskets understands the importance of training it's business owners. It's not an option, it's a requirement for success!

Has anyone made money with this?

As far as I can tell, those folks who have been willing to put the work in using good, solid Internet marketing strategies are making money. The company is just over a year old, so you won't find what I really love to find, which is a history of people who have made money over time. Hopefully they are a company that lasts the test of time.

Here is a quick summary of the things they do I generally like a lot.

-You have a product that you know there is interest in, we see gift baskets all the time,

-They take care of the money and shipping, that is huge in my book.

-Even better, they take care of the actual baskets, you do not have to buy any products yourself, like some home party companies make you do.

-They give you the online store website, so you do not need to learn anything about making a website.

-You should be able to build a solid list of repeat customers which is what will sustain your business over time.

-You get paid on a regular basis, no quotas. I can't tell you how big of a thumbs up that is for me and most people.

-They provide training, right there on their site, which sadly, many companies do not do.

-They use Pay Pal for payments which is like instant gratification because there is no waiting for a check in the mail assuming you have a Paypal debit card like I do!

-The IM training, the marketing strategies they suggest are something you will be able to use in all your other projects and many future projects in affiliate marketing.


-For some they will say the $20 is a con so I will mention it here. Look if you don't have the $20, you don't have it. Then there are some people that are under the misguided impression that paying for anything related to working at home is a scam. But these folks don't understand the difference between a business and a job. In most cases you need money to start a business because of the cost of getting it started. Sometimes you get luck and find a company like my top recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate that will help you start your work at home business for free. But for most businesses you need to invest money. But if you can't afford the start up cost, then that's going to be a con for you.

-Even though it is not a requirement, you will probably have to get referrals to truly boost your income. I have nothing against referrals as they are legitimate part of most online businesses. I just know that some folks dislike doing this because they feel the only way they can get referrals is by harassing family and friends. If La Bella Baskets does a great job of teaching you internet marketing, that shouldn't be the case. After all I've made a living referring total strangers to legitimate opportunities that I've tried and recommended. So this optional part of the business may be a con for some of you. But keep in mind the operative word here is that it's optional.

-Even though you can cancel your membership at anytime, it must be in writing and there is a 30 day wait to fully close down you account, which means another $20 goes to them. My guess is the 30 days is to let any pending orders fully process which I guess makes some sense. But It still seems a bit funny style to me to make people jump through hoops to cancel. It really should just be a matter of clicking a button and that's it.

-As I've implied or flat out stated many times in this article, competition is a major concern for me here. You're competing against established brands with deep pockets for advertising on multiple mediums such as TV, the web, etc. Because I've been trained very well, competition means nothing to me. I'm in one of the most competitive industries and I do pretty well because I have that free training I received and people seem to enjoy my babbling on (Well I hope you do.). But if you're a newbie, this may seem very daunting to you. Since I'm not actually a member of La Bella Baskets, I can't really speak about their training material. Hopefully they are up to snuff and do teach you some great internet marketing because your success will be dependent on it to compete against the bigger boys. If it is decent, then you're in a great place and don't need to worry about competition. But I can definitely seeing that competition may be an area of concern for people.

Conclusion, Is La Bella Baskets a scam?

At the end of the day, despite some of the minor cons this company looks to me like a solid, honest way to get started in a home business. All you need to do is get customers, they take care of all the rest. When it comes to multiple streams of income, this sort of thing could possibly fit right into your portfolio of money making opportunities. I like it because the cash output is minimal, and if you put in the work, you have the chance to bring in extra dollars to you pocket. So, no this does not scream scam to me.

I also appreciate the fact that the gift basket industry has been rated as one of the top 20 successful home business by Small Business Magazine. This is obviously a good sign. But just keep in mind you won't be successful by just joining the company. Contrary to the movie “Field of Dreams”, people won't come just because you build it. The same goes for those folks that build websites with slapped up affiliate links that lack the training to bring visitors in. Success is all about what you put into it and the training you have! If you were to do a Google Search with the phrase “gift baskets” you will get over 10 million results, so it is safe to say this is a popular and highly competitive business. The good news is that at the time of this article, a whole bunch of the first and second page results are independent companies, so the big guys (Amazon, FTD 1800 ) do not have a tight grip on the market. It shows me that some of these smaller companies really know their internet marketing stuff which is great for you provided that La Bella Basket is giving you some great training. If you learn your stuff, you can get any page ranked high in Google.

That being said, I would be totally off base if I made it seem like the only way to succeed with this business is using the web. It's probably the way I would do it but it doesn't mean it has to be your way. I think if you live in an area where there are not readily accessible florist/gift basket businesses, the fliers and promo material they provide, you could build your business the old fashioned way. You can even have ads in the local newspapers, business cards and even home parties. Local businesses often use these sorts of places for employee thanks, so there is another avenue. For me in NYC, that would not work so well, but small communities it could be an option for you. So there are definitely different ways to succeed with this business. I'm just a web guy so sometimes I get all narrow minded. So forgive me. lol

In any event, although I think the company is legit, the fact the company is so young is something to keep an eye on. You just have to do what I preach all the time and watch for red flags. Are the payments sent on time? Are they accurate? Is the website keeping track of your sales correctly? All the things you should be doing no matter what kind of work at home income you are involved in. If you know me, you know “Due diligence” & “Read, don't skim” are my favorite words!

So should you join La Bella Baskets?

What do I look like you dad? I am not going to tell you what you should do here. You guys are grown and intelligent folks. I've done my job by laying out what my research team has discovered about this company. You have to take all I've told you and mix it up in your head and come out with a decision that is right for you. You already know I'm about empowering you guys to make your own decisions. Yes, I think that highly of you.

So take everything I've written here with a grain of salt. Then take the feedback of the reps that will probably chime in below and work from that. Just keep in mind any opportunity is going to have sore points for people. I don't know of one work at home company that everyone loves. There is always a con for somebody. Be extremely wary of people that make it seem like their opportunity is perfect because they're full of it and may try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge while they're also stealing your wallet.

Well that's enough of my jibber jabbing. If you've worked for this company or ever considered it, we would love to hear from you below. If this company doesn't appeal to you and you're looking for another alternative, be sure to check out My #1 Free Recommendation here! I've been able to work at home full time because of it and I'm confident in time you will be able too as well!

For those of you that have no interest in being the boss and want a traditional work at home job, just visit our work at home jobs page. If you want to figure out if something is a scam and need to know right away, then visit my work at home scams page and watch the video listed there. That's how I research many companies. And finally if you like what you've read be sure to share it with anyone you might think it will help. We make it easy with the items listed below this article. Feel free to subscribe as well if you like my babbling. Thanks for taking time to read this. Hopefully it entertained and educated you.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y!

87 thoughts on “Is La Bella Baskets a Scam?”

  1. Eddy,
    To be a consultant in LBB, do I need to answer the phone and take order from customers or it can be order through the website? Can anyone who English is not primary language do this business? Thanks for your information.

  2. Your review was awesome. So many people want to write this business opportunity off as just your average work at home scam. It’s so much more than that, it’s your dream and every other mom who just wants to raise their kids and make money. Now, I’m not saying you are going to get rich or that you will be able to sit back on the couch and watch the money roll in. You have to get out there and get yours! But, Janis and Mia (owners) show and tell you how.

  3. During my time as an underpaid or underemployed person
    I have tried to find the elusive “Real” work from home or internet
    business. The problem as many may know is that the web is absolutely
    inondated with bullshit opportunities.

    One I
    came across was one that seemed to be different. I did some research on
    line and they got some good reviews and some bad reviews but overall
    they seemed to be legitimate.

    I paid the $25 to join after they waived the $9.95 per month “web hosting” fee and thought…cool let’s get going!

    training website they have is pretty straight forward, although the
    training they provide is fairly generic in substance. Nowhere could I
    find a simple statement of where or how to successfully advertise the
    business. Periodic emails would litter the inbox with titles like “Look
    what so and so did” or “Let’s get busy” or “Congrats to so and so for
    selling an item” but everything seemed to be kept generic and secretive
    in a way. The “Thought” was out there so to speak but the actual nuts
    and bolts were missing.

    Back to the training website…it is as
    promised filled with ad ideas and templates, graphics and inspiration
    however I would estimate that roughly half or better of them contained
    Typo’s and/or grammar mistakes. The email templates were by far the
    worst offenders.

    I began by promoting or advertising the business
    as a whole, touting the over 400 gift items available on the site. The
    problem is that the readers on sites such as Craig’s List see this kind
    of a blanket ad as being SPAM so they flag it and have it removed very
    quickly. I quickly switched gears and began to promote single items in
    catagories that fit, such as the “A Cuddly Welcome For Baby” gift basket
    in the Baby Items section, included a price and a link to my very own
    Labella Baskets site (a one off site connected to the main site) This
    worked a little better but not well enough. I then expanded my “Product
    Line” and listed items like flowers, candles, wine baskets, wedding
    baskets etc. and I got the ads to stick! I was in heaven!

    Out of a
    conservative estimate of 300 ads posted over a 25 day period on and a few others I obtained a very dissapointing 40
    hits to my site and some of those were my own hits.

    I contribute
    this to the perception that Labella Baskets is overpriced, which in
    reality it is. The pricing is out of line for a market saturated with
    online gifts.

    The other problem I have is with the conversion rate
    of site hits to sales. Out of 40 site hits there were a total of ZERO
    sales. That’s a ZERO % conversion rate! The site needs to be rebuilt,
    and the pricing and shipping fees reduced dramatically.

    company ever so elequently pushes a downline meaning they want you to
    promote the business of a Gift Rep and bring people on under you. “Not a
    pyramid scheme” they scream because we have items for sale. The more
    people you have under your “wing” the higher you’re ranking and
    commission rates will be and you get a percentage for every dollar they
    bring in. (PYRAMID) I for one still have my morals intact and would not
    push this on people because the system was not proven to me to work.

    do have an impressive line of products and services that SEEM to be
    easy to “sell” such as a “Candle of The Month” for $19.95 have a new
    candle scent sent to you or a loved one. It seems people would rather go
    to Wal-Mart and spend $5.99 on a scented jar candle. The “LBB Saver’s
    Club” priced at $9.95 per year…again not burning off the shelf. They
    even started promoting FREE LBB Savers Club, save 20% for a year…No
    sale. They have a vast array of Gift Baskets for litterally any
    occassion I give them that but they just don’t sell.

    An exciting
    add on is that they host a Facebook page filled with Reps from
    everywhere in the country. Go there and get help from your peers! Sounds
    great, another source of training and ideas for the new gals (and guys)
    The site is filled with new reps proudly showing off their own pages,
    business cards, fliers etc etc. Its a great happy place. The team
    leaders (not PYRAMID higher ups) post proudly about their hard working
    Rep selling an item, its really an exciting page to follow until…

    you realize that there are ONLY happy posts on the page. How can every
    one of the hundreds of Reps be happy all the time and never complain?
    Here is the trick. They moderate the posts. I tried to post this message
    “Completely frustrated” that’s it, that’s all just “Completely
    frustrated” and guess what? Yeah you guessed it, it NEVER made the wall!
    Another revelation was, how in the world would the “Team Leaders” have
    time to congratulate every sale their team members make? and why would
    they make a big deal of it? Because making a SALE with LaBella IS a big
    deal and it SHOULDN’T be. It should be the normal everyday beat.
    Promote, sell, repeat. But with LaBella it seems to be more like
    promote, promote promote promote promote, sell, rejoice and repeat.

    an email to support asking for advice, letting them know you are
    frustrated and need help and you get another email template in response.

    kicker on me quitting LaBella is the fact that they charge a recurring
    $25 a month fee to stay on as a rep. $25 a month to make ZERO is a no
    brainer. I asked repeatedly for them to waive the fee for a month or two
    and have yet to get a reply from either the Team Leader or LBB
    themselves directly answering the question. “This is the first we have
    heard about you wanting to leave” but no answer. If they are more
    interested in my $25 NOW and not what I can contribute to the company
    in the long run then they have very little faith in selling products do

    I am leaving LBB and going on to other things, maybe
    internet things…I made $2.10 answering a survey today 20 minutes after
    signing up. 25 days at LBB spending $25 and no return or $2.10 in 20
    minutes with no investment.

    LBB may in fact be legal and may in
    fact be run by good people with good intentions but the facts are in my
    opinion that it just isnt going to be a money maker and it takes a LOT
    of time and energy to make a sale…If you make a sale.


    A. For packaging an attractive business opportunity among the scams.

    D. For having sellable items.

    A. For responsiveness for Tech issues.

    F. For creating a true peer to peer FB page.

    F. For showing compassion for struggling Reps.

    F. For a recurring membership requirement.

    Scheme or Real?

    My vote is fairly real, fairly possible SMALL income opportunity poorly executed.

    More reviews to come on other opportunities.

    • WOW, That was a mouthful. LOL
      Thanks for sharing your DETAILED experience.

      Let me address a few things.

      Honestly 40 visits or hits to a website is nothing. To get any type of sales conversions you’ll need hundreds of visits. So that’s the first problem I see.

      But even with a lot of visitors you’ve reinforced my previous argument about the products not being competitive in terms of prices or the value perception. I still believe even if you did have alot of visitors to your website, the sales would still be minimal. As it is sales conversions are usually 1-2% so it would take a boat load of traffic to make this worth your while.

      It doesn’t sound like they do a great job of teaching you about internet marketing so you can drive qualified and targeted visitors to your website. So that’s a huge disadvantage against marketers like myself that have been trained to create websites that can be found by google and folks looking for certain things.

      Given what you’ve experienced, it definitely coincides with some of my thoughts about this opportunity. As long as someone knows how to market then they can probably make money with this.

      But for a newbie this is an uphill battles especially if you don’t have the proper training or support. However with any business it’s going to take a lot of time and effort before you see your first dime. That’s why they say most businesses aren’t profitable until their second year.

      So it comes with the territory and why a business isn’t for everyone. Some people are just better suited for jobs or extra income opportunities like the ones i’ve covered here:
      And that’s fine.

      Anyway thanks for sharing your experience.

    • I agree that 40 hits is miniscule at best, but 300 ads over 25 days should have created more hits. The products aren’t apealing when you see the prices. Thanks for the feedback.

    • That’s part of the problem, classified ads aren’t necessarily targeted or the most effective way to promote every product. It’s basically like shooting in the dark. So that’s a flawed marketing plan.

      But again I do think the prices are also part of the issue.

    • On a budget of almost nothing I have found that the free listings are the only way to market anything. Some of the sites I listed in my origianl post have hit counters which show quite a few hits to the AD but they didnt translate into site hits. So I agree in a sense that you are right about targeted advertising/websites etc.
      I have succesfully marketed businesses (Towing) through many of the same avenues having far better conversion rates. I know mny ads grab the attention but its down the line that loses them here.

    • Hey James,

      And you’ve pretty much hit it right on the head. Classifieds may work well for something like a towing business but it may not be the best place for the products being offered by La Bella. So the targeting is an issue and your limited budget is as well.

      With any business you’re always going to need to try different ways to market your business. Some will work better than others and you won’t know unless they’re all be tested and you definitely need a budget to test certain things. When your budget is severely limited, it doesn’t give you a lot of options which thus decreases your chance to succeed further.

      But this doesn’t take away from your other points about the product cost and other complaints you have.

  4. I have been with La Bella Baskets since May 2013 and would love to share my experiences with those who are interested. I followed Eddy’s blogs and his website gives great information on various opportunities. It helped me to decide to go with LBB.

    • Feel free to share your experience right here so others can read it Joanna. If they want to contact you for more info, they can always click on your name.


  5. Hi My name is Sara I would love to hear from you if you have any questions. My email is If you would like to know more about LBB or an updated version see me at
    http:// Also I really like the report shown here on LBB! Great information!

  6. I just want to say. I joined Labella Baskets as a consultant primarily because they are directly up front with everything from the start. They do not hide anything and they tell you over and over again that this is a business not a get rich quick thing and if you want it to succeed you will have out of pocket expense and you have to work your business. I am still fairly new I’m only one month in and I am enjoying it. I take my business cards (that I printed up myself to safe on cost) everywhere I go, it gives me an opportunity to meet new people and talk with them. I promote my business on Facebook daily with contests and rewards. I’m loving it I havent started bringing an income in yet but I’m ok with that, Because I’m looking for long lasting customers that will keep coming back so I’m taking time to build those relationships. Labella has not made any promises of riches or of it ever being easy the only promise they have made is that they will be there to help me get my business going and continue to be there through it. Every time I have had a question or needed help with anything I have been able to contact a live person and get an immediate response that is clear and direct without any problems. They have marketing calls that are put on by the owners of the company and you can talk to them directly and ask them questions. It’s like having my own business but with less work, and WAY less out of pocket expense. And as far as the competition goes I’m not to worried about that yes there is similar baskets and similar companies but not all of them offer a consultant that is at your finger tips whenever you need them for anything and Labella Baskets offers that to every single one of their customers. Not just a web site to place your orders but a person that can help you with your orders, help you with any issues you may have and a person that is willing and able to fix it right away for you if an issue does come up.I’ve seen comments on here about how you can find the same baskets cheaper elsewhere true but you often get what you pay for. And if its cheaper its not always better. This is my opinion and ya’all can take it for what it is.

    • Hi I was wondering if you are still selling with La Bella. I was thinking of joining. I just know if it’s profitable. Thanks

  7. Thanks for sharing your insightful comment and being real about your experience thus far. I’m sure folks will get a lot of value out of what you’ve written. Please keep us all posted.

  8. JDM1460….The company is owned by Mia Florides, Janis Rodriguez and Crystal Kelly, they collectively own and operate the company and are very hands on.   They conduct conference calls twice weekly as well as constantly updating and maintaining the online store and sending out monthly news letters and personally answering emails and running a forum for all consultants to communicate, share ideas and just get to know each other.   They try extremely hard to make you feel like you are part of a family and even go as far as sending daily motivational messages and offering as much “hand holding” as one could possibly offer. Furthermore, if there is a customer service complaint you will speak with Mia directly. Janis handles payroll and Crystal is the web expert. I am a newbie at this type of work at home business and I’m learning so much through them.  

    That said, you defiantly have to work your butt off to make this business work for you.   Cause as Eddy said unless you can beat the competition and drive the traffic to your site, you’re not gonna make the income.   I have been with the company for 3 months and only have a small turn around.   I know this is cause I haven’t put the work into it it deserves. Now that I’m in a position to give it more of my time and dedication, I hope to see a larger turn around than I have so far.   I’ll keep you posted! As for what Laura said, I do not know what happened with her orders…three baskets have gone out from my site and were all received within 3 days of ordering.   The clients left wonderful remarks regarding their satisfaction with the product. I wish I knew what actions she took, if any to try and find resolution to the issues she was having and I’m sorry to hear of her bad experience.

     And to update some of your info…the baskets are shipped from several warehouses…Most of the non perishable baskets(about 85%) are actually shipped from MO., Flowers come from La Bella’s own farm in FL, Candles from AK and cookies come from a Bakery in NY.

  9. I was surprised when I read Laura Alice’s reply about LaBella’s! I have been a consultant with them for about 6 months but had to quit for personal reasons. In the beginning it operated in the black which is why I plan to go back some time this year. A couple of months later I was making money. The most successful people work their business just as hard off line as they do online. They are very active in their forum as well. Mia and Janis are “hands on” owners and do everything they can to make sure you are proud of your business. A consultant has to be in communication with LaBella’s to keep things running smoothly, they also have to go out into the community and make their name known. Because of their forum any and every question gets discussed and resolved by every forum member. I never lost a dime or a friend do to problems. I met some wonderful people as well. I’m looking forward to going back and making money from it.

  10. This company is a complete & total scam.   Friends ordered my baskets, only 1 friend actually RECEIVED the basket they ordered, & I never received a dime from any of the orders.   RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  11. I would love to say I’m patient all the time. But that’s not the case. lol

    In any event, thanks for chiming in. You make a good point. I personally don’t know all the LBB reps so I can’t confirm your estimate about how much folks are really making. I’m sure there are folks doing very well with it.

    However I do see your point in cutting out the middle man. Some people are probably capable of doing this if they follow what you’ve suggested. But for some people the LBB system may just fit better for their needs.

    So it all depends on the person. But I do hear you point. And it’s great to hear you’re doing well cutting the middle man out.

    We’ve actually recommended and reviewed ETSY:
    I agree it’s a great place to sell as well.

  12. Hi Eddy, thanks for writing this review of La Bella Baskets! I am a consultant with this company and I  think they offer a fantastic, low cost way to own your own business and work from home. I used to own a retail gift website and did pretty well with it,  but the monthly overhead costs were  really high and having to stock and restock inventory, along with the hassle of packing shipping, became way to much work to make it worth it. I am a full time stay at home mom and I love that La Bella Baskets does all the hard work for us. We can work part time and still earn money. For only $20 a month, you can’t beat what they offer. I am thankful I found this company and I am looking forward to a long and rewarding work at home career with them.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing your experience!
      Although there is no such thing where the business does all the hard work for you, I get what you’re saying. They make it easier for you to do the work and achieve success. Either way it’s great to hear you’re passionate about the company. Please keep us posted on how you’re doing with it.

  13. I’m not an affiliate of this particular company. But yes I do get paid when people sign up for other companies I have written which I’m totally PROUD of and divulge in my articles. Fortunately most people that read my body of work know that even though I may be an affiliate of a company I don’t just sing all the good praises of a company. I reveal the ugly too so they can make an informed decision. If they sign up, then cool, if not that’s cool too.

    Just because a person may be part of a company doesn’t mean they can’t provide real insight. Although I agree many reps of companies are clearly biased one sided and won’t tell you the bad stuff.

    That’s not what happens here and if you actually read my body of work, you would know that. But if you actually have some value to add about this company, feel free to do so.
    But attacking me isn’t helping any arguments you may have against them. Thanks

  14. Hi,
    I’m part of many companies where I don’t know much about the owners and they’re still legit. So that shouldn’t be your own point of research. You should consider how long the company has been around, if people are getting paid consistently, is there good support, etc.

    Knowing the leadership is nice but I don’t think it should be your major decision maker. But to each their own.

    • Janis Rodriquez and Mia Florides are the co-founders of LBB and the company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. They’re very open about all aspects of the company and provide excellent support/training. Consultants can reach both co-founders through phone, email and Mia conducts 3 different conference calls each week, so you may ask her any question you may have.

  15. Welcome to the world of business. You’ll have to pay a monthly fee for something, whether it’s rent, employees, insurance, advertising, etc. That’s part of being a business owner. The fees aren’t really a big deal if you can turn a profit consistently. In fact the fees can be written off at the end of the year. So ultimately if you can make the business profitable you’re in a good place.

  16. I have not been able to find out who actually owns and runs this business.   I cannot find any personal information about the founders and find this quite unusual.   I have done work this this before and knew all about the founders/owners right up front.   Does anyone have any of this info available or tell me where to find itA?

  17. Actually the LBB is not really good; it is better to have your own business with you taking all the pay than what LBB does. You pay a monthly fee even you don’t sell any.. so let’s say you are in a tight budget this $20 fee monthly can still be a lot to anyone, and before you earn a little dollar like $11 on one basket. They asked you a lot and time to advertise online and papy per clicks is very expensive. Most often you advertise for more than $500 and only get a little response and 2 or 3 sells in 6 months this can’t be a life for those who want to have money for real. Plus I have seen some of their baskets in a lesser price and other basket sites with exactly have the same basket design and contents but a less price.  

    • I would agree to an extent but to have your own business is going to cost a lot more out of pocket to get it started then you are even going to make possibly within the first year. I am a consultant for Labella Baskets I joined this company because I like what they do, I like the baskets and I certainly don’t have enough time or money to start my own business and hope I make a profit. $20 a month is less than I spend on trips going to and from applying for typical jobs. I am a stay at home mom I work on My business through out the day whenever I want to I advertise how I want to with hardly any expense coming out my pockets. They give tons of free advertising tools and training in how to be successful. I would love to some day start my own business but that’s going to take time and a great deal of money so this works for me. It is productive, fun, and on my own schedule.

  18. THANKS, Eddy arranging flower baskets is something I really Love to do.  I am retired and desire to increase my income at home. Add another star to your crown because I choose to hire with La Bella Baskets.

  19. You’re welcome! We’re definitely about people avoiding the real scams out there. But we’re also very focused on giving people a balanced review on a company so you can make an informed decision about said company. Too often reps just want to sugar coat everything but it’s just as good to know the good and ugly so you know what to expect if you do join. It makes a world of difference for everyone! Thanks again for chiming in. I really appreciate it!

  20. Thank you for your research!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about this and you helped me make up my mind. These days are full of scams. Thanky you for helping me not become taken advantage of!!!!!!

  21. In regards to your comments about taxes, I wanted to put it out there that LaBella gives you advice on how to get the most back from your taxes. I definitely know this does not take place of a tax and legal consultant, but it does allow you to get a general idea of what’s involved in your trial week. They let you know things you can implement to reduce your taxes, what forms are needed, etc. I find that useful and thought I would share.

    • It’s nice that they do that. But like you said, it’s always better to get tax advice from an expert. Because everyone’s situation is different and they can take that into account when doing your taxes.

  22. I joined LBB about 6 weeks ago, and I would like to correct something that was stated in your review. When LBB pays you, it is not via paypal, they send you a company check in the mail. I have found it rather simple to use free ads, and free resources on the internet to promote and grow my business. I know people want to know if you can really make money doing this. Yes, you can. I made $185 in my first 5 weeks, solely by referrals ( none of which were family or friends). I work about 2 hours per day posting ads, press releases, etc. Again , all free. I have had over 500 visitors to my site and all from my ads that I have posted. LBB gives tons of marketing materials to help and it is super easy to simply copy and paste these materials in your ad or press release. I have worked other “home- businesses” and never made a single dime, but spent plenty on monthly quotas and kits. I love LBB and would recommend it to anyone looking for a real home business. Hope my review helps answer questions some of you may have. If I can be of assistance or if anyone would like more information, I can be contacted at

  23. I recently joined Labella Baskets about two weeks ago! I will keep you all updated on everything. So far as many of the people who commented below me has mentioned, the training alone that they provide is what sold me on wanting to be apart of the company! Again, I will keep everyone update & when I actually receive my first check!

    • Hi Eddy, I’m back with an update! So In January I stated I joined Labella Baskets. Well so far I’ve only earned about $25. The reason being was after I joined, I wasn’t as interested as I initially was when I first started. I’m one of those people who want “quick results” & when I saw that I was doing more & not earning anything, I had to check the credibility of Labella Baskets. So that prompted me to make a purchase to see if it was legit. (When you purchase from Labella as a consultant, you get commission off of your personal sales. I earned $10.00 back from the basket I bought my mom). I bought my mom a mother’s day basket. She received it & loved it! So from there my suspicions were cancelled out. Now today, I received a check for $15.00 for successfully recruiting someone, which honestly, I didn’t “actively” recruit them. They just happened to find an ad or something that I posted months ago & joined. So that’s the update. If I make any more money from Labella, I will definitely come back to post about it!

    • Hey Monay,

      Thanks for sharing! Well let me share some advice with you. When running a business you don’t usually see “quick results”. That’s not how business works and why most people are terrified of it. You shouldn’t view this with an employee mentality where you put in x hours and you’re guaranteed x dollars.

      You basically have to grind hard now un paid for the most part and then you’ll see the fruits of your labor down the line. You have to be like a farmer. A farmer plants seed in some dirt which looks like nothing at the moment. And it looks like that for a while. Then little plants start to sprout up. And again it doesn’t look like you can live off that. But next thing you know those little seedlings become really lush and big. They start producing fruits and vegetables that the farmer can now harvest and live off for a while or even sell and make some more money.

      That’s how business is. Too often people just look at the dirt and just give up. They blame the seeds but that’s not the problem. It’s the person working the land. They haven’t put in the time to water and fertilize it but are expecting to see fast results.

      So keep that in mind my friend. No business works like that. Look what happened in your situation, you planted a few seeds and got a sale months later. Imagine what would have happened by now if you were planting more seeds and being consistent with this for those months. There might be several checks trickling in right now.

      Hope you can appreciate my advice. It’s what’s helped me become a very successful affiliate marketer that can stay home with my family full time.

    • it is hurting because you keep paying a monthly fee, if only they don’t ask the monthly fee then that is great!  

  24. Hi, Eddy my name is Lisa Martinez and I’ve been with La Bella Baskets since December. This is my first home business opportunity and I’m really enjoying it. I work full-time and wanted to supplement my income so I came across this company. I’m a Silver Gift Baskets Director. I’ve been doing well with this company, I’ve gotten paid my bonuses that have come with my promotions, and have gotten paid for referrals that I’ve done. It’s nice to receive an extra check, I love receiving them they really come in handy. I do get back the money I invest every month. This company is really great, they have contests, provide all the material for us. It’s so easy, even for a beginner. I’m looking forward to more of the the great things this company will have to offer.

  25. Checks are mailed out the 1st and 16th of every month and they’re always on time. Pay varies between consultants, because as with any business it depends on various factors. We have 3 areas to earn: Product sales, Referrals and Corporate/ Business Memberships and coming soon Residual income from team member…one level, not MLM.

    Hope that helps!

    • Angela,

      What we meant is to actually hear from people that have been paid regularly chiming in not the payment schedule.
      If you’ve read my other reviews from other companies, people tend to share to chime in and say hey I’ve been paid many times or I just made x after x weeks, etc when companies are regularly paying many members.

      Again I don’t doubt the company is legit. It would just be nice to hear the success stories of many of the reps.

  26. Hi Eddy,

    I really like your blog. You give out a lot of information which is much needed. There are way too many scams on the net. But there are also some good opportunities. As for La Bella Baskets so far I don’t think it’s a scam but we have yet to hear about how much money anyone has made. That would be the key. Is anyone getting paid. Is the company paying it’s reps?
    So I’ll check back here and at WHAM to see if anyone has posted on that. I’ve been earning some money writing on line. I’ll be checking this site for info on content writing. By the way Eddy I saw you on a news special some time ago. That’s how I was lead here. Your doing great work. It’s always refreshing to find a level of honesty on the net. You have a great site.

    • Thanks again Minister! I really appreciate the support.
      I agree with your criteria in regards to your research methods. I like reading about reports of people actually getting paid regularly. So it would definitely be nice to read more of those.

  27. hi everyone i have been looking in to starting an online business, and i came across this company and it sound great so far, my question is, can i do this business from canada, i do relize there is no shipping to canada,us only, can anyne advise me on this



  28. I don’t think La Bella is a scam however it appears that the only real way to make ongoing money is by focusing on recruiting so that you will receive the $15 referral fee. La Bella also makes money off of the “free” discount prescription card offered to all consultants. As for the baskets; they are slightly higher than what an individual can find in the online marketplace however if you have good sales skills, it is doable.

  29. hi eddy if la bella baskets is a scam? my anwer would be no i went to visit their website it’s a legitimate company not a fly by night if this is scam they would be reported on ripoff report consumer affair, complain board etc. as you know i was a victim of scam by home employment association/ agency they refused to refund my money after i emailed them twice got no response

    • Rico,

      I’m not sure if you actually read the review above, but we already concluded it wasn’t. By the way not all scams get reported to the sites you mentioned.
      It’s always a good idea to spread your net wide when doing your research which is why we suggest the steps in our scam video:

      I’m sorry to hear you were scammed. You might want to call your credit card company to reverse the charges. That might be a good way to get your money back if said company is ignoring you.
      In any event, if you need help finding legitimate jobs that don’t cost you a dime, be sure to visit our jobs page listed here:

      I hope this helps.

      Good luck to you.

    • Nicolette,
      Good luck. Keep us posted. It would be great to hear from people making some real money with the company. It sounds like the support is there but I would love to hear some success stories that translate into actual dollars.

  30. thesue,

    You have to remember this is mainly a consultant program not an online marketing system. LBB doesn’t make you buy a domain so they don’t give you keywords. They provide you with 2 websites and teach you how to market those sites through backlinks. Many consultants, including myself have bought domains for better search results and either already were familar with keywords or taught ourselves…Google love!

    They do provide suggested written material for emails, ads,brochures etc.some of this material could be edited for article or create your own. Your free to market online and/or offline…use the suggested ideas or create your own!

  31. Hey Sue,
    The training is very extensive and they give you a lot of information about building and growing your business. Janis and Mia (founders) are very supportive and respond timely to e-mails, so shooting them an e-mail if you have any questions in regards to marketing (google, keywords, backlinks, seo etc.) is a good idea if you were to start. I’ve e-mailed them a lot of times and they’ve been nothing but nice–and inspiring.

    I can’t list everything they offer for training in the back office because it’s a lot, but here’s a snip it:

    Online Advertising:
    Internet Marketing Lessons
    How to Place Free Ads Online
    Google Adwords
    Ads for Customers
    Ads for Reps
    Leads (Free & Paid)
    Grand Opening Email
    Successful Online Gift Shop Marketing
    Press Release
    Importance of Service
    Holiday Email Templates
    Online Advertising

    Marketing Ideas:
    Find Your Place in the $60 Billion Wedding Industry
    Marketing Gift Baskets for Administrative Professionals Week
    Want to Increase Spring Gift Basket Sales? Bring Customers to Your Site!
    Gift Basket Businesses Can Thrive This Holiday Season
    Target Your Gift Basket Business to Today’s Specialty Food Consumer
    Text Messaging: It Worked for the Obama Campaign; Make It Work for Your Gift Basket Business
    Cooperative Marketing Initiatives Valentines Day
    Gift Baskets for the Politicians
    Collecting Email Addresses for Holiday Email Campaigns
    Web Marketing for Gift Basket Businesses
    Say Thanks To Your Gift Basket Customers
    Keep Customers Loyal When Times Are Tough
    Meals in a Basket Gift Baskets
    Say Thanks to Your Best Gift Basket Customers

    Internet Marketing Lessons:
    Lesson #1 Email Marketing – Right or Wrong
    Lesson #2 Seven Simple Online Promotion Strategies
    Lesson #3 Increase Gift Basket Sales by Blogging (free video)
    Lesson #4 Email Addresses for Holiday Email Campaigns
    Lesson #5 Web Marketing for Gift Basket Business

    Again, those mentioned above are just some of what they provide in training. For the $1.97 7-day trial you’ll have access to all the training, which is nice because you can literally “test-drive” and see if this is for you.

    Hope this helps!


  32. I too am reading this with interest. Since Eddy “showed me the way” to affiliate marketing, I would like to know if they teach you about Key Words and how to put them on your websites, and how to backlink, all of which you MUST learn how to do to ever get on the first page of Google search results. How many articles do you have to write to submit to Ezine etc. Do they give you core articles to use and then you just re-write them? do they give you the key words or do you have to go search yourself which means learning how to use Key Word tools?
    I realize with gift baskets you can get friends and family not only to buy once but become repeat customers, but….. without getting on Page 1 for your Key word and without then getting into the top five—- I’m afraid it will fizzle .
    The other thing I want to know is how much leeway you have with the content you put on your sites. Can you make changes to wording to make get Google Love?
    I am asking all this because as as affiliate marketer I am always on the lookout for new ideas.

  33. I joined La Bella Baskets in July 2010 and it’s a great multiple stream of income. It’s not the only thing I do but I like how easy and simple it is. Of course, you have to market which they train you how to do both online and offline. It’s totally up to you. The referral program is great also.
    For me, $20 a month is not bad compared to what some companies make you pay to start.
    I already received checks from them and it’s legitimate. I’ve had the chance to actually talk to the founders (Janis and Mia) and they are inspiring and want you to succeed.

    Overall, great company and awesome support 🙂


  34. Too true eddy! I am keeping a very close I on this thread for the very reasons you just stated! The world of never signing an employment contract can be scary or it can be very exciting. It all depends on how you do your research.

  35. Eddy,

    I’m sorry if you felt I was writing from a script or giving a spiel. I may have repeated information in the article, but the Training Center is important to mention because I’ve experienced another company which left you all alone with no training or support. I’ll give you a example of the support: I recently had a customer question that I didn’t know how to answer, I called the co-founder of the company and she picked up the phone (not voice mail) and promptly answered. That kind of support is very important, especially if your new to marketing. The company calls were also important to mention because
    we share ideas that help all of us to reach our goals.

    I’ve recently became a Senior Gift Director and make most of my income through referrals. When my team sells baskets their sales volume is included in mine. As the sales volume increases you get bonuses and your percentage on basket sales increases incrementally from 20% up to 35%. Basket sales do take time because you have to build a relationship with your potential customer. As you mentioned in the article were in competition with many large basket companies, but LBB has something the larger companies don’t have…personal service through each consultant.

    You do have to market consistently to get results because this isn’t a quick get rich business… it’s a legitimate home business. I’m personal glad to be a part of La Bella Baskets and see continued growth within the company.

    • Angela,

      No need for the apology. I’m just wanted to dig deeper than the stuff already discussed here and since you’re a member I was hoping you could fill in the gaps. Support is definitely very important, so no argument there. I’m sure it’s eased some folks fears hearing that you’ve been receiving some direct support. But more importantly I’m happy to hear you’re actually making money with the company. Maybe you can have some of your downline chime in on their experiences selling the baskets since most of your income has been derived from referrals. I’m interested in hearing how some of these successful people are competing against the big boys. I agree personalized service might be a great selling point. I think nowadays since there is such a lack of personalized services, talking to a real person one may know might make some people feel more comfortable which could definitely be a great selling point. So I thank you for pointing that out. In any event, thanks for chiming in with a little more detail. That’s what I was looking for so people can make an informed decision.

  36. I’ve been a consultant with La Bella Baskets for over 4 months. It’s a great company with a simple plan:
    They make the gift baskets, take orders and ship product. You market your Gift Store online and/or offline.

    The co-founders created a company which gives anyone the opportunity to own a home business. The Training Center provides all the tools to succeed, email templates, flyers, brochures,business cards and more. We have almost daily live Company Calls which are recorded in case your unable to attend. They truly want you to succeed!

    Vernon, you can join through any consultants site.

    • Angela,

      Can you provide a little more detail about your actual experience with the company besides the spiel they give you to say and what we’ve already covered in the article above.
      How have you been doing with the company? What don’t you like about it? What do you like about it? How many baskets have you sold? Are you just making most of your money referring other consultants? That’s the stuff people want to know.
      Don’t just repeat the stuff on their website or scripts that may be provided to you. That’s how you’ll get people interested in joining under you and it will actually help people make the right decision for them. All companies claim they want you to succeed. The question how successful have they been in helping you succeed?

  37. How do I join La Bella Baskets? I went to the website clicked join now and the message said to get together with my Independent Gift Consultant.

  38. Thanks for your post! I actually signed up with Bella Baskets a month ago and they are amazing!
    I love their mission and omg, they have tons of training and support. We even get to have live training sessions with the co-founder!

    I’ve always wanted to start my own online business but I didn’t know how to get it started. La Bella Baskets had everything set up for me. All I have to do is get the word out and that is easy! Especially when just about every month there are birthdays, anniversaries, and people are sending gifts (regardless of the economy). I know tons of people that are sending flowers, cookie bouquets and baskets and now they call me! People do like to do business with people that they know. 🙂

    I am also making extra income with the referral program. It’s a no brainer. Its affordable and a simple business. No hidden agenda. What you see is what you get.

    I am now learning about online advertising with facebook and social media 🙂 La Bella Baskets also trains you how to get Free PR. It’s never a dull moment growing our business.

    I am thankful for the company. It is very refreshing seeing a company that doesn’t ask you to buy products, expensive kits nor do parties! It’s a simple program and I know success won’t happen overnight, but it’s my own business and I’m taking control of my future. I’m not wishing and praying for the economy to get better. I’m doing something about it.
    thank you again!

  39. Another GREAT review! It’s due to that kind of advice I can not only make good decisions on my own, I can reinforce my decision making by reading everything you have in this space! Now that I belong to two great sites that I have earned a couple of bucks on and have been paid I feel confident to refer others to them. I am going to start dabbling in the wonderful world of referral marketing! It’s a baby step thing. But if you would have said two years ago I would be thinking this way today I would have turned you over to the nearest mental hospital!;) Keep repeating your mantra! Over and over again! They are wise words that I stick to like glue! “I’ll be back”.

  40. Eddy,
    This is another of your thoughtful analyses of online opportunities. I personally am not interested in gift baskets, but this post has so much good information in it that I count it as a great learning experience. Your emphasis on the need for training to succeed in affiliate marketing is absolutely correct, and something that needs to be repeated often. I’m not stupid, nor am I ignorant, but I have found that affiliate marketing is not the easy path to riches that the hucksters would have you believe. You take the same risks, put in the same long hours, face the same frustrations that any business owner has to deal with.
    Again, thanks for educating me a little more.

    • Eunice,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you can appreciate the mantra I repeat over and over like a broken record. I know it annoys some people but it’s a reality that folks need to face if they want to be successful at any business. I’m fighting an up hill battle against all the nonsense out there telling people running a business is a walk in the park. So I’m happy folks like you appreciate the truth.

    • Eddy,
      You don’t annoy people, you tell it like it is– which nowadays we can all appreciate. People are looking for non-bs, straight to the point information in decided which WAH business is best for them. Even though I’m a Consultant with La Bella Baskets in Minnesota, I do appreciate all your articles on various opportunities!

      Keep up the good work! Keep preaching! 🙂

      ~All Smiles 🙂

    • TaVona,
      Thanks for the kind words and support. I really appreciate it. But the reality is I do annoy some people for keeping it real. But that’s okay with me because most people feel like you do and that’s the folks I focus on. So thanks again!

    • Eddy,

      I came across your website while I was researching this company. I’m doing my research but you’ve brought up some questions that it seems that have not been answered yet. I’d like to know what the average income is for a person who is doing the business. A friend of mine says the numbers do not lie, and I want to see the numbers not just for income but baskets actually sold through the website. Those are factors we’ve not yet seen answered. Over all I like your article and I will be returning your your website for future use and refrence.

    • Obviously I don’t have the answers to this since I’m not part of this company. But in general the number of people that are successful in any given business are very small. That’s just a fact of life and why most people aren’t business owners. Most will fail. So that’s the reality for this company or any business.

      Those of us who beat the odds do so because of good training, hard work, a little luck and a lot of persistence. At the end of the day there are somethings that are not tangible in terms of numbers. There is a spirit that most successful entrepreneurs have that led them to success. Do the research most successful people are serial failures. The only difference between them and 99.9% of the population is they don’t give up.

    • Obviously I don’t have the answers to this since I’m not part of this company. But in general the number of people that are successful in any given business are very small. That’s just a fact of life and why most people aren’t business owners. Most will fail. So that’s the reality for this company or any business.

      Those of us who beat the odds do so because of good training, hard work, a little luck and a lot of persistence. At the end of the day there are somethings that are not tangible in terms of numbers. There is a spirit that most successful entrepreneurs have that led them to success. Do the research most successful people are serial failures. The only difference between them and 99.9% of the population is they don’t give up.

    • HI Eddy, the information you provide is really great and I think you are a patient man for answering the same questions over and over. I was looking into this company and all of the things LBB employees keep saying is they provide you with what you need. Not one of them has made more than 185.00 minus fees so prob 150.00. Why wont anyone say what they have or haven’t made.doesnt seem like a way to make a substantial amount of money. WIth all the companies to make websites easy for you , I think you would make a much bigger profit on your own. So what if you have to pack it up and mail it out. Even the mailman will come to your house and get it for you.So invest in some baskets and get going. I have done this for years and became a power seller on Ebay. Averaging over 1,000 a month. If you are a hard worker you can do it on your own without a domain. ETSY and EBAY are great places to sell your merchandise and it is so cheap to list your items. 35 cents a listing on ebay, 20 cents a listing on ETSY and they give you your own storefront.Besides having to make and ship the baskets your profits are huge.Make a basket up for 10.00 sell it for 50.00. Huge profits on 10 baskets. I say do it yourself and dont pay the fees to someone who doesnt guarantee sales. You will always sell stuff on ebay, I dont know how or why but things keep selling, there is always someone looking out on ebay. I am amazed at the sales that keep coming.Good luck, if you are a stay at home mom and have time. I say do it yourself.

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