Is LeapForce A Scam?

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Leapforce is a company that hires search engine results evaluators. If you don't know what that is, don't worry I explain shortly. But before I do, here's something you might want to know. This company has been in existence since 2008 and is a BBB Accredited. So that may be a huge plus if you live and die by the recommendations of the BBB.

What's your role with this company?

Have you ever searched anything on Google and came up with some really crappy results that had little or nothing to do with your original search (This is especially true when they update their algorithms. My fellow marketers will get that. Wink, Wink. lol) As a search engine evaluator your job is basically to review search results and rate them according to LeapForce requirements. This helps search engines improve their relevancy which is very important to their business. Because if their search results suck, you stop using sites like Google. They lose money because they have less people clicking on their ads. I know what you're thinking I could care less about helping a billion dollar company like Google. But think of your job as helping the web because your work will help make it easier all of us find the information we want. Aside from search engine evaluators, they have other opportunities as well. But the search engine evaluation is really what they're known for.

So what are the requirements?

Leapforce agents have to be 18 years of age or older.

Equipment Requirements: High speed internet access (Cable Modem, DSL, etc.) A personal computer running Mozilla's free Firefox web browser, version 12.x or 13.x. Up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware software

Basic Skill Requirements: Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities Excellent comprehension and written communication skills Many Leapforce At Home independent agent assignments require fluency in a language other than English. For these assignments, independent agents will be required to pass a language assessment exam. But this is only for bi-lingual assignments. They have English only assessments as well. Also due to the access of sensitive information, you will not be allowed to work publicly. You are to stay at your place of residence to do all of your work. So forget about working while you're away at “Moms” house or on vacation.

What about the pay?

“How much they pay” is quite vague on their website. In fact they just don't tell you. (Sigh.) However, it does state how often and what method is used for payment. Agents are instructed to invoice Leapforce for services completed once every 30 days, and pay is “via monthly check.” Also agents are instructed to sign a Non-Disclosure form, as how much pay is not to be shared; only that pay is guaranteed hourly. You're not an employee of this company. You're an independent contractor like 99.9% of most work at home opportunities. You can read this article about what that entails in terms of your own taxes and deductions.

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Is this opportunity international?

Yes, they have love for everyone. Leapforce is worldwide! See their openings here.

Are there any fees or tests?

There are no fees of any kind to become an independent agent. However, there are two very challenging tests required. The exams test your comprehension of search engine evaluation. And if you fail the exams, you are not permitted to take them again. This policy may or may not be different by the time you read this. Either way we'll discuss the policy as it stands now later in my article.

How To Apply?

To apply to be a Leapforce agent, you must take a two-part exam which we've already established is pretty hard. If you pass the exam, you will be contacted via email and then hired. You can find an update list of available opportunities here.

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I'm sure you probably have more questions. If so, check out their FAQ section here.


Obviously no company is perfect and you know there are always going to be complaints. So we've highlighted just a few here. Feel free to add any others that you may know of that we missed.

1. Leapforce does not disclose exactly how much agents will make and agents are also required to sign a Non-Disclosure form due to this. It always baffles my mind when companies are allusive about the pay. Why would you be coy about the most important part of the job? Suppose I go through the hassle of joining your company only to find out that the pay may not be ideal for my situation? It just seems to be counterintuitive for a company to do this. I'm sure there are administrative reasons why it's done. But as a potential hire, it still just seems ass backwards.

2. Agents are not allowed to take the exams again if they don't pass the first time around. That sucks. Sometimes you have an off day or you happen to be a bad test taker. That doesn't necessarily mean you can't do the job at hand. Well It doesn't really matter, you better be on your “A” game the first time around. This is probably will scare away a lot of people and maybe that's what the company wants to weed out certain folks. It definitely worked with me. lol

3. Allegedly to keep your contract current, you have to work at least 200 tasks monthly. I don't really know if that's true or not.

So is Leap Force legitimate?

For the most part it seems to be a legit money making opportunity if you can get in. But with that said, every company has some flaws and complaints that you should keep in mind. You'll find some people that love this company. Then you have others that don't like this company for various reasons that may be justified or not. You'll have to determine based on the two points of views and facts if it's worth giving it a shot. I haven't personally tried this company. So I could be wrong about certain things above. I would love to hear from people that have actually worked with this company to shed some light on things I missed or got wrong. I would also love to hear from anyone considering this company. By the way LionBridge is another company to consider if the LeapForce opportunity is appealing to you. Chime in below either way.

If this opportunity doesn't really appeal to you you might want to try some of our other options. We list various legitimate ways to replace your income, supplement your income and to start a business. So just pick the path that makes “Cents” to you if this company isn't really cutting it for you. I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did be sure to become a subscriber here and check us out on our Facebook fanpage.

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