LegerWeb Review: Is This A Legit Survey Site or A Scam?

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The internet is making our mother earth a tiny village where you can talk to anyone that's connected. Well, these huge corporations are taking advantage of that by paying people to talk about their products. If you're reading this article, you were probably looking at LegerWeb reviews to know whether you can make money taking surveys on the website.

Well, you're in the right spot, because we've got the good, bad and the ugly about LegerWeb. So without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?

What Is LegerWeb?

LegerWeb found at www.legerweb.com is a Canadian surveys website that rewards its members for sharing their opinion on popular products and services from well-known brands. LegerWeb was founded in 2005 although we don't know who owns the company.

How Does LegerWeb Work?

When popular brands and companies want to know more about how consumers are responding to their products or services, they hire companies like LegerWeb to get this information through surveys and polls. LegerWeb will then pay members to take these surveys and polls. That's pretty much it.

How Do I Join LegerWeb?

Joining is free, and all you need is an email and password. Once you confirm your email address they'll ask you to complete your member's profile. Your profile should have information about your age, address, household setup, income and such. They'll use that information to send you surveys that suit you. Once you complete a survey, they reward you immediately.

How Much Money Can I Make With LegerWeb

Each survey earns you $1. The surveys are usually 8-10 minutes long, although there are longer surveys that pay $2. There's no guarantee that you'll qualify for any of them though.

You can also make money through referrals. Each referral earns you $1 after they complete their first survey. There are also monthly sweepstakes where you can win hundreds or even thousands in cash.

If this sounds good to you, you may also like SurveyJunkie.com. And why stop there? Sites like SwagBucks.com and FusionCash.com will not only pay you real cash and gift cards to take surveys, but you can also earn money doing the things you normally do online like watching videos, listening to music and using the search engine.

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How Does LegerWeb Pay You?

Once you have $20 raked up you can choose to get actual money real money, AirMiles or Aeroplan credit or you can donate to charity. It can take up to 30 days for the money to show up in your account.

What We Like About LegerWeb

They pay well

Compared to some other surveys websites out there, $1 per 10-minute survey sounds pretty attractive. Longer surveys pay upwards of $3 on the website. However that fact is actually their biggest pitfall. Why? Read along and find out.

LegerWeb Complaints

The internet can be good and evil at the same time. Unfortunately there are alot of scams out there. Where does LegerWeb stand in all this? Read along and find out!

Barely enough surveys

They might be paying up to $2 per survey, but if you join thinking you'll be working round the clock, you're in for a huge shocker. Members say there are barely enough surveys to go by. Chances of completing at least one survey every day is almost zero.

Surveys only? Come on!

Unlike sites like SwagBucks.com and FusionCash.com where you not only earn money through taking surveys but also searching the web, watching videos and listening to music, you can only make money through taking surveys at LegerWeb at the moment. This limits how much money you can make.

No BBB Profile

For those of you who live and die for a company's status with the Better Business Bureau, you might want to know LegerWeb is not yet listed. Sounds like a deal breaker? There are other A+ rated survey websites like SurveyJunkie.com.

No PayPal Payments

Most people prefer getting paid via PayPal, and most members who quit say they found it difficult withdrawing the money to their personal bank accounts. You'll be left with the option of Aeroplan or Airmiles. But what if you don't need free flight miles?

Is LegerWeb Legit?

It seems LegerWeb is legit, but I wouldn't waste my time with it. Because you're unlikely to get many surveys. Members have gone for months without making a single damn dime. They even have the nerve to close down your account if you don't complete at least 3 surveys in a year. Well, guess what? People have actually gone for a whole year without qualifying for a single survey.

Again, they only offer surveys as a way to make money. Fortunately, there are sites like SwagBucks.com and FusionCash.com that pay you to take surveys, and various other online activities you already do. You can also check out SurveyJunkie.com for more survey options. If you are ready to make real money online working part time or full time, check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's about it from me regarding LegerWeb. Do you have an experience with this or any other surveys website you feel we should know about? We would love to know about it on the comments section below!

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    • I accumulated about 120 airmiles and when I started redeeming them, I was limited to redeeming 20 airmiles at a time. After the third redemption, my account was deactivated to prevent me from redeeming the rest. Unethical and repugnant.

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