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what is lifestyle design networkI'm a big believer in reading self help books as corny as that sounds to some people. Fortunately I don't really give a damn of what people think of me so I don't mind when people think I'm weird for reading, watching and listening to motivational material. I've seen how it personally changed my life and it does work. But it only works if you take action which is why a lot of people doubt the self help industry. They think it's just a lot of positive thinking but if you've actually fully consumed the good self help books, you'll always notice they push the need to take action as well.

Well recently I stumbled on an MLM known as the Lifestyle Design Network which apparently has created some type of self help MLM program. Most of you know I'm not a big fan of MLM and it makes me even more uncomfortable when you mix that with the self help industry. But I'll try to keep an open mind as I write this Lifestyle Design Network Review.

What Is Lifestyle Design Network?

Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson, self-proclaimed Internet Gurus which supposedly made millions of dollars (eight-figures) online, formed an MLM in 2013 called “Internet Lifestyle Network”. Not surprisingly, this enterprise came to a screeching halt before the end of 2014, and co-founder V. Ortega switched alliance and moved himself and his personal down line to yet another MLM (VEMMA – Nutrition/Energy Drinks)

Mark Hoverson took over the remnants of ILN, made some significant changes and re-launched the “product” under the new name Lifestyle Design Network. It is basically a series of motivational videos with focus on ‘personal growth and how to become a leader”. The training is broken up into three levels of membership, each with its own price tag.

The Lifestyle Design Network Membership Levels

Level 1: 8-Figure Apprentice

Cost: $7 for 7-day trial, $37 per month. The training consists of 7 brand new video lessons, all strictly motivational with the goal to instill the ‘right mind set‘ and prepare you for 7- or 8-figure income. For example:

Lesson 1: “DreamScaping Your New Lifestyle! When You Dream It, Your Customers Will Come!”

Lesson 6: “Futuristic YOU – The Million Dollar Day, Wipe Out Procrastination & JUMP START Your Dream Lifestyle!”

Along with the motivational stuff you will learn a lot about what it takes to be a leader. Also included is a free blog/website ready for you to start your own blog and promote Lifestyle Design Network.

Level 2: Mastery Membership:

Cost: $197 per month. The lessons teach advanced motivational techniques and online strategies.

Level 3: Solomon CEO:

Cost: $1295 one time. There are more motivational videos focusing on advanced time management & wealth creating strategies Mark Hoverson uses to generate his 8-figure income.

lifestyle design network review

These 3 membership levels are the ‘core products‘ of Lifestyle Design Network. However, a no-product MLM would not be complete without some special, and even higher priced, perks.

I am sure you heard about these special events where elite members travel to some exotic island or resort hotel, telling their success stories and hype themselves up for future things to come.

Good old Mark doesn't want to be an exception, and a'la Empower Network, offers you 3 different Travel Memberships.

  • Platinum (5 weeks per year) at $4,995
  • Pearl (10 weeks per year) at $7,995
  • Onyx (20 weeks per year) at $11,995

Yikes! Of course, Mark made special arrangements with travel agencies and resort hotels and you will get a 40% – 70% discount on all travel arrangements.

The Lifestyle Design Network Opportunity & Compensation Plan

mark hoverson-owner-of-lifestyle-design-network
Mark Hoverson

You buy into the level you can afford, recruit new members and get a commission of their entry fee. This privilege is restricted to your level and the level(s) below. You can not recruit into a higher level if you ‘do not own the product at the higher level”.

The commission is 50% for each person YOU personally recruit. The matrix is four deep, meaning you also receive 10% commission of every sale your recruit makes, the sales your recruit's recruit makes, and so on.

So unlike most MLMs, their compensation plan is surprisingly straight forward and not as convoluted as we usually see for this industry. Furthermore there are no monthly standing product orders and complicated bonus systems or commission pools.

Lifestyle Design Network also offers an affiliate program, sort of. Their affiliate program allows you to join at Level 1 for $37 AND sell memberships to any level of Lifestyle Design Network, including the high ticket Travel Menu. However you have to maintain your status as paying member of Level 1 and pay an additional $19.95 per month “affiliate fee”. The commission for each sale you make is 10%.

What Are The Lifestyle Design Network Complaints?

The re-launch of the program was not too long ago and it may be too soon to really hear about serious short comings. However, there are a few things worth mentioning at this time:

  • People have complained about the high prices of the upper levels which is really nothing new or surprising.
  • The training is too focused on ‘mind set and motivation‘, instead of actually teaching how to build a sustainable online business.
  • Certain MLM tactics and strategies are borderline spamming and are detrimental to real success.
  • Too much effort is spent on building up hype to recruit new members.
  • You have to pay to be an affiliate which really doesn't sound like an affiliate program at that point.

Is Lifestyle Design Network A Scam?

My research team bought in for $7 simply to find out what it's like on the inside and watched all 7 videos of Level 1. And according to my staff, they had to admit the information wasn't half ass bad. In fact, they learned some new things that helped motivate them in the right direction.

So given what I've seen so far, I can't call it an outright scam. They are selling a video product. But I'm not fond of their business model of having to buy in to promote their products or pay an affiliate fee monthly. Affiliate programs should be free. If the fee covers some additional training or support, then I get that. I'm part of a great FREE community that has taught me to make thousands of dollars per month from home. They have a paid option but that covers more resources and training. The affiliate program is free. So I take issue with companies that charge for their affiliate programs.

I'm also not feeling the whole ridiculous cost of their little meetings around the world. It just seems excessive and definitely not something I would pay for. I'm all for networking and learning conventions but this just seems priced to make their reps some ridiculous commissions.

That all said, I like the idea of making money helping people getting rid of their stinking thinking. But I could do that by creating a blog and promoting books and courses of some well know self help experts that I have read and benefited from their teaching. So that might the angle I would take and forego joining this opportunity.

But that's me. What are your thoughts of this opportunity? Chime in below. I'd love to hear from you as usual.

Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a y

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