Lilla Rose Review: Is It A Scam or Legitimate?

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Lilla RoseWhen it comes to the hair on my head I'm pretty basic, I shave it all off. Initially I did this to save money. Going to a barber every two weeks can get expensive for a brother. Unfortunately I'm actually going bald now. So shaving is a necessity at this point. I know being bald doesn't make me an authority on hair. But you don't need to have it to understand there is a lot of money to be made in the hair industry. In my Lilla Rose review you'll learn how you MAY be able to tap into this lucrative business. The operative word is MAY but you'll see why as you read down below.

What Is Lilla Rose?

Lilla Rose located at is a company that sells hair accessories like clips, headbands and hair ties. The company was established in back in 1992 by founder, John Dorsey. He saw that he had a winning product line back when he was selling his “haircessories” at farmer's markets. Customers loved his demonstrations and soon after he decided to take his show on the road. With the help of many consultants, Lilla Rose was able to grow into the successful business that it is today.

What Are The Lilla Rosa Products?

First, picture a jewelry store. Now, picture that same store with everything adjusted to go in your hair. With everything from simple bobby pins to ornate hair clips, Lilla Rose is basically bling for your hair. The most popular items sold by the company are the flexi-clips. These are popular with those who have long hair and want to pull it back in the most stylish way possible. Obviously I can't relate. But I digress. There are also hair clips, hairbands, bobbies, sticks, u-pins and badge clips. There are litterally hundreds of different products you can buy through the company. Fortunately most are reasonably priced from around $10 to $25. This is a good and bad thing which we'll discuss later.

How Much Money Can A Lilla Rose Consultant Make?

Lilla Rose has a pretty straight forward compensation plan. It's actually refreshing and easy to understand which is rare with this industry.

– Part-time Consultants
If you decide that you want to simply try out this business, you can easily start selling part-time. You can make between 30% – 45% commission depending on how much you actually sell each month. If you sell under $200, you will get 30%. $201-$500 you would get 35%. And if you sell $501-$1,000 you would get 40%. Finally if you can sell more than $1,000, you will get 45% of the profits.

– Full-time Consultants
Full-time consultants make the same percentages, but are offered extra inventory and have the ability to earn bonuses as well.

– Recruiting Other Consultants
Consultants can also earn extra cash by recruiting. If you have friends that are interested in selling these products you can refer them to the company and end up making a small commission off their sales as well as your own. You will begin by earning 7% of the sales of the people you bring in. You can also earn an extra 3% if you successfully bring in 2 or more people when they start making money on their own.

If you don't like anything you've just read, that's totally fine. If you hate having to work your ass off for commissions, you can follow what I do and use My Top Work At Home Recommendation to start your own online business at home.

How To Become A Lilla Rose Consultant?

Like any business you'll need to invest some cash to sell the Lilla Rose products. This means you need to purchase a kit to get this rolling. At the time of this review there are two options.

The Party Kit: The first option is the most popular because of the price. It contains samples for customers to look at, business cards, order forms, catalogs and guides on how to start. When your purchase the kit they give you your own website so your customers always have a way to check out different options and buy from you directly. The party kit costs $49.95 plus shipping.

The Show Kit: This kit includes everything from the party kit plus a few added perks. If you decide to go with this option, it will be easier to set up at a large function or gathering because of the added event materials. The show kit costs $99.95 plus shipping.

But hey, at the end of the day, there are other opportunities out there where you don't have to spend money to make money. You can join and make money taking surveys. You can even make money doing what you already do online like reading emails and visiting websites at, and They are totally free to join and all have positive ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Lilla Rose Complaints

So far Lilla Rose sounds great on paper. But like any company it's not perfect. There are issues that we need to highlight. It doesn't necessarily mean the company is a scam. But you should be aware of this stuff so you can make an informed decision.

Hope You Like Hosting Parties.

Lilla Rose encourages their consultants to host parties to show off their products. Personally I've never been a big fan on attending events like this nor hosting them. They feel contrived to me. It's not to say they don't work because they do. But how many times do you think your family and friends will be receptive to being pitched. Fortunately Lilla Rose does provide other ways to promote.

Don't Quit Your Day Job! You'll Need it!

The commissions are great, but the products are not very expensive. In order to make a decent amount of money, you have to be able to sell literally hundreds of products every month. That's not an easy task considering the product line which isn't really a necessity like food or something health related.

That;s why you're better off having multiple streams of online income. You can make money taking surveys at You can also make money doing what you already do online like visiting websites, playing games and more at, and But if you want to make real money working part time or full time at home without having to answer to anyone, then check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

The Products Aren't A Must

Lilla Rose's products look great and they are considerably cheap. But let's face it, I wouldn't consider hair commodities fast-moving products. Yes, your friends may buy a few $10 hair clips initially. But to make it you'll need to consistently grow your customer base. So you better be good at marketing and reaching a large group of people regularly.

Is Lilla Rose Legit or an MLM Scheme?

Surprisingly Lilla Rose has solid products and a simple to follow compensation plan. This is rare for most MLMs. So I applaud them. I don't think Lilla Rose is a scam. However given the product line and their respective costs, I think it's very hard to earn a full time living with this. It's not to say that it's impossible but it would definitely be an uphill battle. But that's the same for any business.

What's A Lilla Rose Alternative?

If you're looking to make a little extra income at home, you can make money taking surveys at You can also make money doing what you already do online like watching videos, visiting websites, reading emails, playing games and more at, and

That said I prefer a business model where my customers come to me and I don't have to resort to any home parties. If you feel the same way, I would encourage you to look at My Top Work At Home Recommendation! It's actually business you can earn a full time or part time income with. Like any business it does take hard work and patience to see the results. But I think it's easier to make this work because you're promoting well known products and services. So take a look into My #1 Work At Home Program as another option.

At the end of the day, to succeed online you should have multiple streams of income. So even if you decide that Lilla Rose is for you, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Well that's enough yapping from me. I'd love to hear what you think of Lilla Rose. So feel free to post your comments down below.

28 thoughts on “Lilla Rose Review: Is It A Scam or Legitimate?”

  1. Great review! MLM is a hard area to make money in but some do I guess or the programs wouldn’t be there.

    Not sure I could succeed with this one though.. my hair is like yours haha


  2. ” There are issues that we need to highlight. It doesn’t necessarily mean the company is a scam. But you should be aware of this stuff so you can make an informed decision.”

    Um, and those issues would be? if you can’t address them here, then it IS a scam. (js)

    • Uh,

      I listed some of the concerns right in the complaint section. Clearly you must have seen it if you’re quoting the sentence in that section.

      I don’t get your comment. No one is claiming this company is a scam when we reviewed it. Unless somethings have changed with it,then feel free to chime in and share your experiences or research. But I don’t know where you’re going with this.

  3. Hi Eddy, I was excited to see someone give an honest review of the Lilla Rose company. I have been with the company for just over 2 years and was able to quit my 9-5 job because of John Dorsey and the Lilla Rose family.
    A lot of people who hear Direct Sales, or MLM immediately think of “get rich quick” or pyramid schemes. When I signed up I had an honest understanding of what I was getting into, that this would be an additional job on top of my regular job. I put in a lot of hours after my kids went to bed and on the weekends, after 2 years it paid off and I make enough to stay home as a single mom.
    This company has been amazing to work with, no ridiculous promises of making thousands a month, or pushing me to try to sell to every single person I know. I have even made a couple of great friends from vendor events and trade shows. (I’ve never even done a home party in my 2 years, the idea gives me anxiety attacks)
    Thank you for giving Lilla Rose an honest review and saying that it is an uphill battle just like any business. It has been an uphill battle for me, but I love the company and products and loving finally being able to work from home.

    • You’re welcome Cara. I always try to give a fair review with any of these companies. So I’m happy you appreciate that. Sometimes reps act like zealots and are pissed off when people write reviews that point out the good and bad.
      But you’re clearly not one of them. Congrats on your success thus far.

  4. Hi Marian, I’m a stylist with Lilla Rose. Yes ma’am you do get stylist discounts, up to 45% every single month. In addition, upon enrolling you have the option to add the fast start to your kit which gives you a 55% discount on $1100 with of product. One of the things that sets this company a part from all other direct sales we have the patent on our product. There will never be another company selling what we sell. There are no other hair management solutions company, therefor we have no competition. I could go into more detail to refute every ‘negative connotation’ mentioned in this article but I won’t. I’ve been with the company almost four years. If you’d like more detailed information I’d be happy to chat with you.

    • Lisa,
      Thanks for giving Marian more information. And please feel free to refute any of the complaints. That’s why I welcome comments from everyone. The problem is that some reps of MLMs resort to name calling or other childish behavior instead of just addressing the actual complaints or concerns I’ve laid out. They’re upset that I don’t just paint the pretty picture that they pump. When the reality is we all know every company has flaws. Why hide them? Help people make a better informed decision so they go in knowing the good and bad. But trying to act as if everything is sweet is flawed because people will learn these things when they become reps.

      So some of these reps resort to personal attacks instead of actually just discussing the complaints and giving a different perspective. But it sounds like you’re an adult and you’ll be able to discuss the complaints in an adult fashion without resorting to what I just mentioned.

      So please chime in. I’m sure people would love to hear a different perspective as long as it’s respectfully shared. So I welcome it Lisa. I’m always open to a different perspective.

  5. Thank you for your unbiased review. I have mulled around the idea of supplementing my income with direct sales and am looking at a ground floor opportunity, but it is very hard to find information on what/if any, discount on product would be provided in the event I want to bring a load to a vendor show while still selling the product online. Were you by chance able to see whether this company had distributor discounts? TIA

    • You’re welcome Marian.
      You would probably need to ask a Lilla Rose rep about that. I’m sure they would know.
      That said if you’re looking for ways to supplement your income direct sales or mlm isn’t the only way.
      Take a look at my recommendation as well. It may be an option that you never considered that may fit your needs as it has for me and many others.

    • Hey Marian! I sell Lilla Rose and I would love to answer your questions! Lilla Rose is a ground floor opportunity, as we JUST crossed the 10,000 Stylist mark. Avon has over a million reps, just to give you an idea of how ground floor Lilla Rose is! Please contact me if you have any more questions!

  6. I am a Stylist with Lilla Rose and have had a great experience with the company. It was the first MLM I had ever joined (I have since joined, and quit, one other), and I was skeptical but intrigued enough to give it a chance. The products are well-made and beautiful, and the Flexi Clip is patented – you can’t buy it anywhere else. Stylists can sell online, at craft shows, or through parties, so there are several options depending on your personality. As you pointed out, the compensation plan is easy to understand. The customer and consultant support has been amazing, truly. And the ladies in my “upline” have been incredibly encouraging, with free training going on all the time. I’m not making a full-time income, but I have not put that kind of time into it, either. But it is a nice side business for me, and one that our whole family can participate in, even my husband, who is impressed with the engineering of the clips. Thank you for a positive review of this company, as that is what I have found, too!

  7. Hey Eddy,
    Lilla Rose seems to be a legit company. Like you said I don’t see a way this can be a full time business. Your recommendation might be better. Maybe if it was promoted through women sports they could do well. What you think about that? Thanks for the review.

  8. Interesting read and great info. I am not sure I would be able or willing to try to sell hundreds of dollars worth of $10 hair clips. I imagine this would be a great business for someone who is just interested in making some pocket money and loves the social aspect. Not for someone looking for a full time income.

    • I agree Jodes. I think it would be very difficult to make a full time income unless you heavily recruited a team under you.

  9. Oh dear.
    This is the first time that I heard people selling hair accessories through an MLM company.

    When I read the part that it is an MLM company, I immediately think what you said. This is not a necessity. You need to sell a truck load of the product every month to make you rich.

    If you can’t do it, then Lilla Rose will be your “forever part time” job.

  10. I don’t think selling hair pieces and accessories is something I’d like to do. However, it is not too bad for an MLM! Some people think all MLM’s are bad. There are some where you can make some good money if you perform well. I am an affiliate for United Games which is called an affiliate program but it’s a cross between an MLM and Internet Marketing.

    • Yes i agree some aren’t bad. But unfortunately so many of them are, they tend to leave a bad taste in most people’s mouth.

  11. Hair accessory MLM.. my life is now complete! lol

    Sounds like a typical MLM payout system with the usual upfront cost of a kit.

    How do they define a Part-time Consultants & Full-time Consultant?
    Do you have to clock in every time you sell the products? lol

  12. First of all, bald is cool! I don’t know why so many people think it’s not, lol.

    Second, nice description of Lilla Rose – while it’s definitely an MLM, that doesn’t mean it’s bad or scammy. I think it can become a good supplemental source of income for people who work in sales, especially in related areas. Personally, I’ve never thought of MLMs from that side and it seems very logical.

  13. Lilla Rose sounds interesting and I appreciate your balanced review. However, I’m skeptical of any MLM. I’ve tried several over the years and always lost more money than I made.

    MLMs just seem to be the least effective way to do business. Plus, the recruiting aspect is an issue for me too. I don’t want to bother my friends and family with a so-called opportunity.

    The alternative you mention looks a lot more appealing and makes more sense.

    • Hey Gary, I echo the same feelings about the MLM business model. But clearly there are some people that feel differently and thrive in it. I just want people to know there are other options. I appreciate your feedback!

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