Is a Scam?

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So recently I was on Twitter getting my tweet on, (If this makes no sense to you, click here to watch the following video & it will dumb down this whole twitter business.) when i received an email that I had a new "follower". I make it a habit of checking out who follows me on twitter because if you're interesting or we share the same interests then chances are I'll "follow" you back. In any event, the person that "followed" me is associated with a new site that can make you money at home. So i decided to give it a look & share it with my peeps (That's you.). Contrary to popular belief, twitter is more than reading about someone yammering on about what they ate for breakfast or the deuce they squeezed off. Sorry, but some people have no concept of "sharing too much information" over there. But I digress, let's talk about this new work at home opportunity by

What the Heck is Live Counseling?

LiveCounseling is a unique service that matches people who have questions with those who are qualified to answer them. What does this mean for you? You get paid to answer people's questions on subject matter that you know well. It's very much like where they're connecting experts like you with customers that are willing to pay you for your knowledge or advice. However differs from in that you can get paid to chat with people via text messaging, online chat or web cam (Not the dirty kind either). This is perfect if you're anything like me and hate being on the telephone, which is why wouldn't be a good match for me.

Topics That Can Make You Money is looking to pay people for answering questions about the following topics:

Professional Counseling

1. Parenting
2. Relationship Issues
4. Marriage Counseling
5. Personality & Emotional Disorders
6. Depression and Anxiety
7. Grief Counseling
8. Eating Disorders
9. Breakup


1. Tarot Reading
2. Astrology
3. Psychic Reading
4. Dream Analysis
5. Soulmate Connections
6. Mediumship
7. Occult

Religious Counseling

1. Christian Counseling
2. Jewish Counseling
3. Mormon Counseling
4. Buddhist Counseling

Life Coaching

1. Motivation
2. Life Coaching
3. Interpersonal Communications
4. Anger Management
5. Stress Management
6. Work – Life Balance
7. Dating and Relationships Coaching
8. Career Coaching


1. Sexual Orientation
2. LGBT Counseling
3. Pregnancy
4. Sex Coaching

Education and Tutoring

1. Mathematics
2. Chemistry
3. Computer Science
4. Graduate Education
5. Engineering
6. Algorithms
7. Paper Writing
8. Electrical Engineering
9. Mechanical Engineering
10. Technical Writing
11. Creative Writing

Health and Medicine

1. Sports and Fitness
2. Alternative Medicine
3. Diet and Nutrition
4. Pain Management

Legal and Business

1. Corporate Law
2. Family Law
3. Criminal Law
4. Legal Research
5. Financial Planning
6. Accounting and Tax
7. International Business
8. Marketing and Advertising
9. Finance and Accounting
10. Business Planning
11. Personal Finance
12. Start-up Consulting
13. Small Business Consulting

Computer and Programming

1. Desktop Development
2. Web Development
3. Data Store
4. C/C++
5. DotNet
6. PHP
7. DotNet
9. Javascript
10. HTML / CSS
11. Flash
12. Miscellaneous
13. Windows Administration
14. Hardware and Peripherals
15. Operating Systems

Fashion and Style

1. Hair Experts
2. How do I look
3. Interior Decorating

Home and Leisure

1. Photography
2. Music
3. Gardening
4. Food and Drink
5. Travel
6. Handy Man

Gaming and Hobbies

1. Poker
2. Slot Strategy
3. Casino Tips

How To Apply?

If you have expertise in any of the subject matter above, then all you have to do is visit and apply to be an expert by clicking here. Don't worry, there are no out of pocket fees!

How Much Can You Make?

Well, you set the rate of how much you'll charge per minute. You can get a good idea of what to charge by looking at what other experts in your field are charging on the site. handles collecting the fees, payments, advertising your expertise & maintaining the website. For the trouble, they take 35% of your earnings which is later paid out to you. Ouch! It sounds like a lot, but when you consider all they're doing to facilitating an environment for you to make money at home, it sort of justifies the percentage. Or maybe not in your mind.


I couldn't locate an FAQ section but they do provide you with a telephone number and email address that can be found by clicking here. So if you have any other questions about this opportunity, please use their contact information.

So Is It legitimate?

As far as I can tell, everything seems to be all good. It's a brand new company so only time will tell. The fact that they're still in beta (at the time of this article) means that they'll probably make adjustments over time to improve the site for experts like yourself and your customers. I haven't personally tried it, so I can't give you any first hand experience. But I would love to hear from experts that have been using it or anyone that may have found some dirt on this company. So feel free to post a comment below.

For those of you that want a regular work at home job, feel free to visit our work at home companies page by click here or visit our work at home guide by clicking here.

In either case, good luck! Hope to see some of you on Twitter. It's been a great source of entertainment, information and venting for me. Soon I'm going to cover some tips on how you can use twitter to find a work at home job. So stay tuned loyal subscribers! Thanks for the continued support and love here! Shout out to the haters too! 😉


It appears this company is no more. Apparently they closed shop and some folks were left owed money. Tsk, tsk. Another one bites the dust.

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