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It's easy to believe that all working from home jobs or company online is a scam. Who wouldn't jump to that conclusion when everywhere you turn you run into a so called company that is supposedly looking to hire work at home seekers. But most soon learn it's nothing but a clever ploy to have you buy some ebook of a list of companies hiring or some home based business opportunity.

Well there is hope my friends, there are companies out there that mean you no harm and really just want to hire you with no strings attached.

Live Ops is one of those legitimate work at home companies that has been hiring work from home employees for years. It's one of the few companies on the Internet that is totally scam free.

Live Ops hires at home workers to be telephone agents. From what I gather you could be doing customer service calls or order taking. Ever watch infomercials late at night where they say "operators are standing by to take your order"? Well you can be one of those operators.

The thing I like about Live Ops is that they have opportunities nationwide assuming you live in the USA.

If you would like to apply for this position visit Live Ops today! I guarantee it won't be a scam!

Now the bad thing about legitimate companies like is that you can expect to wait weeks or months to hear back from or to get hired by this company. Unfortunately there are way more employees than there are available jobs. So you need to be patient. But if you're smart you'll try some of the alternative work at home opportunities that can be started right now as reviewed in our Recommendations section. Good luck to you all!

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