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It's easy to believe that all working from home jobs or company online is a scam. Who wouldn't jump to that conclusion when everywhere you turn you run into a so called company that is supposedly looking to hire work at home seekers. But most soon learn it's nothing but a clever ploy to have you buy some ebook of a list of companies hiring or some home based business opportunity.

Well there is hope my friends, there are companies out there that mean you no harm and really just want to hire you with no strings attached.

Live Ops is one of those legitimate work at home companies that has been hiring work from home employees for years. It's one of the few companies on the Internet that is totally scam free.

Live Ops hires at home workers to be telephone agents. From what I gather you could be doing customer service calls or order taking. Ever watch infomercials late at night where they say "operators are standing by to take your order"? Well you can be one of those operators.

The thing I like about Live Ops is that they have opportunities nationwide assuming you live in the USA.

If you would like to apply for this position visit Live Ops today! I guarantee it won't be a scam!

Now the bad thing about legitimate companies like is that you can expect to wait weeks or months to hear back from or to get hired by this company. Unfortunately there are way more employees than there are available jobs. So you need to be patient. But if you're smart you'll try some of the alternative work at home opportunities that can be started right now as reviewed in our Recommendations section. Good luck to you all!

27 thoughts on “Live Ops ( A real work at home company!”

  1. Hi I Just recieved info that I passed my background check and I am listed as an “independent contractor”,   taking outbound calls has anyone had experience and what do you recommend

  2. i work for live ops i am taking orders for pizza hut and the pay is .80 cents per call but other that that they are great to work for and it is legit

    • 13 cents per minute plus $11.50 per sale. I make about $200/week working about 10 hours. You won’t get rich, but it will keep gas in the tank and food on the table.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I have completed all my paperwork and certification with Liveops as an independant insurance agent, and I haven’t paid a dime. No $50 for a background check, and THEY are paying for all of my non-resident reciprical licensing in all of the other states in which they sell insurance products. I just supplied them with the completed new agent hire packet.

  4. I have been accepted for liveops and I just have to pay for the background check. I want to know if this could be full time income or just something you do on the side.

  5. I too would like more information regarding the insurance opportunity with liveops. If anyone out there doing this and has any information that they could share, I would greatly appreciat it. Thanks! 🙂

  6. I’ve been trying to find out some “real” information about the insurance opportunity with LiveOps. I’ve been selling life and health insurance for a number of years as an independent agent. I’ve been contracted with just about every top rated company, and so I’ve taken the broker approach to selling. Learning clients needs’, and educating them about the products so they can understand their best options. What insurance companies does liveops offer? or would I be obligated to sell for one particular company? Also, do they own the business or do I? What are typical commissions? PLEASE HELP! I’ve contacted liveops to get this information…but no response. I can’t sign up with them until I know what I’m getting in to, because I have existing contracts with companies. If I cut ties with them….it needs to be worth it.

  7. Sorry, Eddy. Like I said before I posted what I posted I’m not trying to have a debate about what you said. It just seemed as you didn’t care you was wrong. But what you are providing is great info for eople looking for legit companies. So as I said before I’m not trying to start anything. Thanks for informing me on the changes you have made. And again its wonderful to see you have valueable information for free for people. You have nice and week. Stay blessed.
    Adetutu Olorunyomi

  8. Well Steve in all do respect Krystal is right you was wrong, but you corrected yourself. But you said that the most important thing was to help them find a legit company, but you are presenting the company backwards so they go there thinking one thing when really its another thing. But who am I, I\’m someone who works for the company and know that it is important to tell the facts and not what you think is true or not. Thanks, not trying to argue with you. I just want you to understand how helping people is different from confusing people and not caring about it. you didn\’t even rephrase you words, sad.

    • Uh, who’s Steve? I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re referring to me Eddy. You were wrong, but it’s okay. People make mistakes. 😉 In any event, I’ve updated the article. I just assumed that people would read the comment and see the updated information that Krystal was kind enough to point out. But my bad on that. At the end of the day, any of my reviews may become inaccurate because websites and their policies change on the fly. And, honestly I don’t have the man power or energy to go back to every article I write to see what’s changed. I depend on my readers to put me on and fortunately they do.

      Please keep in mind that all the articles, leads and videos I provide are done so at no cost to my readers. So I would hope that folks would cut me some slack if I make minor mistakes and spare me the lectures. The fact of the matter is that LiveOps is legitimate. I’m confident that 99.9% of the people that visit this blog are purely concerned with that. Furthermore, we specifically provide links to the sites we review so our readers can always get more details on any given opportunity which would clear up any discrepancies that may arise.

      So that’s my two cents. But thanks for chiming in.

  9. Um you got a couple things wrong here. LiveOps is a great compnay. but… you said there were no fees at all. not true you do have to pay a $50 background check fee. Also you said that you get paid by the call not by the minute. that is untrue you get paid by the minute and onyl for time you are on a call talking not for time logged in. but it is by the minute not by the call. It is an average of $.25 a minutes for talk time.

    • Hi Krystal,

      Thanks for correcting my mistakes. I really do appreciate it.
      Obviously I’m not perfect. At the end of the day, the biggest point of the article was to introduce folks to a legitimate work at home company.
      But thanks again.


    • Christina (dated 12-16-2009) said she didn’t have to pay the $50 background check.   Also, do you think that it depends on the job whether you get paid by the minute or call?

  10. This sounds so great. I have worked for the same company for 7 years. Convergys corp. I did a program they call core shared. Working from my home would be great. The I love people and the more I talk to them, I excell in customer service. a few of my co workers in the cedar city utah have done your program and been very happy. So when do I get started?

  11. I am very interested in becoming one of your home agents.I have almost 15 years experience doing this kind of work and have for the past two years been working for Inpulse Response Group. taking calls from folks ordering products from the TV and radio infomercials. I worked mosly graveyard hours but have taken inbound calls for as long as 18 hours straight and done very well at it. I hope you’ll give me some consideration to become one of your work-at-home agents. I always put my ‘all’ into it. Thanks for any consieration you can give me.

  12. Hi John,

    Good luck to you with this company. Hopefully you’ll get hired.

    In any event since you’re new to the whole work at home world, I would like to suggest some pages you should review as soon as you can to avoid getting scammed and to know what all your options are.

    Visit the following pages:

    If you take the time to go through all those pages, you’ll be a lot closer to working at home than most.

    Good luck.


  13. I would like to see if i can do this work . In my past i loved the stand up . Seminars, teaching and traveling sales all over this wonderful land . From the Alaskan pipe line to south Miami . I have invented several things that have help change industry world wide and i can’t get a JOB . Now i set in a wheel chair and have time to work from home .I (( NEED )) to work JUST JOHN .I don’t like phone sales please

  14. I have been telemarketing for myself to sell insurance and have been in sales for over 25 years. When can I get started with this ?


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