Lottery Scam! Forget A Dollar & A Dream!

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I'm sure you've all seen those witty commercials promoting lotteries. All you need is a dollar and a dream, blah blah. Personally I'm not a big fan of playing lotto. People have budgets set aside to play the lottery every month or week and rarely win. And the money they do win could be equal to or less than what they could have made in a high interest ING Direct account.

But whatever that's just my two cents. So apparently there is a lottery scam that is affecting the folks in South Dakota. I'm letting you know about it because scams have a habit of spreading like an STD and they repeat themselves like your babbling aunt. So whether you live in the UK, British Columbia or "Da Bronx", it's important to be in the know so you don't become a victim of one of these lotto scams.

Here's how it works:

You receive a letter stating that you've won the lottery.

In the envelope there is a cashier's check and a number to call to redeem your prize money.

You call the number and the person on the other line tells you need to send $2000 to some random person so you can get your winnings. (Oh Hell Nah!)

Folks if you look at this carefully, it should be screaming scam from jump.

Did you ever enter a lottery? If you're like me then no! So how the hell did you win a lottery you never entered? That would be the end of it for me and the letter would be in my shredder.

But let's say you do play the lotto, have you ever heard of having to pay $2000 to get your money? After all, the whole draw of a lotto is that you can put in as little as a $1 and earn a million times that. Paying $2000 for money you've already won just doesn't seem to ad up.

I know this scam doesn't fall under work at home or Internet related but I know a lot of you like playing games so I wanted to warn you. Although I think you better off playing games at places like .

Good luck to you!

Read more about these lottery and lotto scams. Apparently there are some variations of this lotto scam floating around.

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