Lucky Day App Review: Lottery App Scam or Legit?

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Who hasn’t bought a lottery ticket at one point with the hopes of winning millions. But, did you know you can also play the lottery on your smartphone? You probably already knew this and decided to check out the Lucky Day app reviews to see if this is a legit way to make money. This Lucky Day App review will determine if this app is worth your time. Don’t download the app until you read this review!

What is the Lucky Day App? is an app for Android and iOS where you play lottery games for the chance to win cash prizes. The Lucky Day company is a startup founded in 2014 by Joshua Javaheri. Their headquarters is based in California.

How Does the Lucky Day App Work?

With the Lucky Day app, you play common lotto and casino-type games, including scratch-offs, blackjack, lottery, raffles, etc. It's completely free to play, and you have a chance to win cash prizes.

How Much Money Can I Make With Lucky Day App?

Lucky Day games are games of chance. Some of the games and potential prizes include:


There are daily and monthly raffles. You get one free raffle entry every day and one raffle ticket per month (you have to log in to the app to claim your raffle entry) and may win up to $500.


You can play a daily lotto game, where you log in to the app every day and choose six numbers. If you match four or more numbers, you can win a cash prize of up to $100,000.

Scratch tickets

The scratch tickets aren't limited to one per day, so most people interact the most with this game. Prizes range from $1 to as much as $10,000, according to the terms and conditions, with different amounts for every ticket.

If you don't win cash prizes, you can also win Lucky Day tokens. Almost everything on the Lucky Day app gives tokens if you didn't win a cash prize, so you can accumulate tokens fairly quickly. You also earn tokens for referring your friends, completing surveys, and watching ads.

Tokens can be used in the app to purchase additional opportunities to play the games and try to win cash prizes. Tokens can also be cashed out as gift cards.

So obviously this is not a reliable source of income. If you don't like the idea of hoping to make money, don't worry. You may want to try My Best Work At Home Recommendation to increase your chances of making real money with a proven system rather than relying on luck.

Other reliable ways of making money can be found on sites like and

How and When Does the Lucky Day App Pay?

The Lucky Day app pays via PayPal within 7 days, provided your earnings have reached the $10 cash out threshold. You can also exchange tokens for gift cards, but not for cash.

How Do I Join the Lucky Day App?

Simply download the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS app and start playing! There is no cost involved and registration is free.

What We Like About Lucky Day App

Let’s take a look at some things we like about this app.

Real winners

Even though the chance of winning may be slim, there's no doubt that there are a number of people who have won real cash prizes on the app. Lucky Day doesn't publish their odds of winning, but it's a free way to play the lottery if you like games of chance.

Lucky Day App Complaints

We found a few red flags about this app, so let’s take a look to see if these are deal breakers or not.

Excessive Ads

Every few minutes of playing a game, you need to watch a video ad to continue. This is normal and to be expected in a free app, but there are a lot of them on Lucky Day. People complain that they have to watch 90 seconds of ads to complete one scratch-off ticket, or that they have earned 60 seconds to play a game, but 30 seconds of it is taken up with an ad. Obviously, I use ads to monetize my own site, but there is a fine balance that needs to be achieved.

Not Worth Your Time

Based on the majority of honest reviews on the Play Store, most people who decide to uninstall this app. These folks have done the math, and it simply isn't worth their time. The average income earned seems to be $7-$9 over 4 to 5 months.

Fortunately, there are sites like that will pay you to do what you already do online anyway, like downloading apps or shopping. You can also make extra money taking surveys at So those are all possible alternatives to the Lucky Day App.

However, if you're looking for an opportunity to make a consistent part-time or full-time income online, you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Suspicious cash out threshold

Most people who rate it negatively say that they quickly won $7 or $8, but then abruptly stopped winning and are unable to reach the cash out threshold of $10. Because this complaint is so consistent across different sites and forums, it's a reason for suspicion. While there are definitely winners of cash prizes, it seems very difficult to earn enough money to cash out of Lucky Day.

Is Lucky Day App Legit or a Scam?

The Lucky Day app isn't a scam, in the sense that it is free to play and they don't promise you any rewards. However, the rewards are few and far between, and you will need to deal with an excessive number of ads. If you are looking for a free alternative to playing the lottery, it might be the app for you. If you are looking for a consistent source of income, the Lucky Day app is not the best choice.

So, with that said, it's always good to explore other options. You can make real money not just gift cards by downloading apps and doing what you already do online like watching videos and playing games at You can also make money taking surveys at a site like

But if that's not what you're looking for and would prefer an opportunity that can help you earn a living online, then you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

So, that’s my opinion on the Lucky Day app. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them down below in the comment section.

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16 thoughts on “Lucky Day App Review: Lottery App Scam or Legit?”

  1. Starting to think this game is a scam redeemed a gift back in Nov still sitting at processing then again in March same thing. Sent a email but never responded why even bother putting them on it don’t waste your time people not a legit game since they don’t honor what they show complete waste of time

  2. Not worth your time! It used to let you exchange tokens for gift cards, but they have made it impossible to do that now. They also have added a trophy system that even further limits the tokens you get…not that you can get anything for them anyway. Do NOT trust the availability of gift cards that you don’t have enough tokens for…this is a tactic to get you to keep playing (You’re almost there!) and watching ads. The second you have enough tokens, it opens the access to the “bin”, and they are ALWAYS sold out. They say they restock every 90 minutes…they might, but according to their winners list, there are only a few being released sporadically. They like to say that their terms and conditions specify that no payout is guaranteed, so if you play on this app, be aware: ONLY do it for the entertainment value, and expect to receive NOTHING. There USED to be good gift card availability and you could redeem tokens, but that time has passed.

  3. I sent this on 11/16/2019
    To lucky day entertainment app review on play store,
    no one will ever get more than $9.75 after the first month been playing for every day for the last two years, still trying to get 25 penny’s, everyone will be the luckiest people and win money everyday for the first month then you’ll never receive another penny until the end of the world or your just the luckiest person for the first month and then never again, when they ask to rate the app I told them the same and they just replied that if you just keep playing you’ll win

    Then I got a new phone and started a new lucky day account and it was doing the same as when I made the first account on my other phone I was winning money again soon as I started playing, they make you get up to ten dollars on the account before you can cash out, you only get tokens after you get your cash up to close to ten dollars then you don’t get anymore, you only get tokens never get another coin, you can use the tokens get a gift card, so since I’ve been on the thing everyday for the last three years to try to win my next twenty five cent coin, which I still haven’t won, I kept getting more tokens after you get so many you can use them to get gift cards but everytime you get close to the amount needed for a gift card then it says that gift card is sold out, but the gift cards that cost more tokens are still available until you get close to that amount of tokens, so anyway when I started my new account on my other phone it was like when I went on the first phone you win lots of dollars and coins, so I checked the gift cards and on the new account all the gift card are available not sold out , so I checked on my other phone and all of them are still sold out, how can they do this type of scam, first they won’t let anyone get regular coins after they were on for a month or so and now they don’t offer the same gift cards to everybody on any phone any account isn’t that illegal?

    9777 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800 Los Angeles, CA 90210

  4. Won a cvs gift card a week ago went to redeem it and it was gone. Where did it go, nothing was said that it had to be redeemed right away. Is this a scam? Starting to think so!

  5. I started playing in September, have gotten several gift cards. And I won $1000. I was very sceptical. But two days later it was deposited into my PayPal. I contacted PayPal to verify!! So I am proud to play!

  6. When I’m playing Lucky Day there seems to be a lot of blackouts and I can’t help but think I won some money and they are putting a stop to it. I got up to$8.50 probably a year ago and that’s where it still sits

  7. This came through my instagram. Who ever this was stopped communicating w me when I question them on it being legit? The asked for my name ,address and phone # . So I cld claim the money. What can I do about this?🎉🍀Congratulations🍀🎉….🤗🤗🤗, You have been randomly selected using the instagram as our 2nd 🍀place winner🎁 in the first category. You’ve been selected to receive a certified cashiers for $100,000.00. We all would like to say congratulations!!! 🤗🤗🍀🍀


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