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Make Money Finding Deals For

One of the many things I love about the internet besides making money is the ability to save lots of it too. There are so many great websites to find deals such as,,, etc.

Sometimes for laughs I'll go and visit my local Best Buy or Circuit City just to see what they're charging for popular electronics. It baffles me that these stores are still in business charging what they do.

Obviously, there is still a large enough percentage of the population that likes the idea of being able to go to the physical store. I guess I can understand why. For some, the draw to offline stores is the ability to easily visit a store for servicing or returning a product. For others it's because of the fear of online identity theft. I guess these are all valid reasons.

But not for me and apparently a large portion of the population There are tons of studies that indicate a growing number of shoppers are solely relying on the web for their deals.

So Freaking What?

Well my testy friend, this is great news if you're looking to work at home legitimately and now! Why, you may ask? Well it's because I just stumbled on a website that pays you up to $2 (per deal) for finding deals on the web and submitting them to a site.

The site that pays is called I'll refrain from all the immature jokes that are whizzing around in my head right now. I can't help it. I still have the mentality of a 12 year old boy sometimes. lol All you need to know is that you can now get paid. It is as simple as surfing around the web trying to find the best deals on various electronic products and submitting them to Some of you probably do this already. If so, here's your chance to make money doing it! If not, then you should!

By the way, there is no money or fees involved. Yeah!

How Does This Work Exactly?

I read the site and they did a good job of explaining it. So I "ain't" going to re-invent the wheel. Just click here to read the quick details and for answers to all the questions that you have.

A Message To The Complainers..

Sorry to sound like a broken record but I always have to throw this out there. I'm sure someone out there is crying about how this isn't enough money or worth it. As my loyal subscribers know, I'm big on the principle of multiples when it comes to work at home. The reality is that traditional work at home jobs are harder to land than an Boeing 747. Whereas there are many available non-traditional work at home opportunities (i.e. Affiliate, Survey Taker, Focus Groups, Product Tester, Message Board Chatter, etc) So the principle of multiples basically encourages that folks work for multiple AVAILABLE non-traditional work at home companies that may pay smaller amounts.This tends to make you money right away, rather than merely searching for work at home jobs where you're not making any money during the search process. The non-traditional home based opportunities may not pay a lot individually but combined together they can make you some decent money. Limiting your efforts to searching for traditional work at home jobs is more like gambling because people rarely get hired.

So keep that in mind when considering (Hee Hee…). Don't let the low pay dissuade you, especially when you consider all the other available options you can couple with it!

Well there you have it, yet another way to make money at home! Seems to me there are a lot of available work at home opportunities if you don't limit yourself to traditional jobs!

Peace out!

1 thought on “Make Money Finding Deals On The Web!”

  1. Eddy,

    You never cease to amaze me … lol. Yet another very good article. I definitely agree with you. Just today, me and another work from homer was talking about “adding small eggs to our basket” rather than just one big egg. It is about the multiple small paying work from home jobs that add up!

    I appreciate the information, and will more than likely surf by to take a look-see at what is all about!


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