Is Another Paid Survey Scam?

Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you. Thanks for supporting! is another paid survey company. Unlike many of the paid online survey companies you may have run into like a or there is no fee to join this company. As stated in past survey reviews contrary to popular belief all paid online surveys are not scams. Please don't confuse the clickbank middleman websites with the actual marketing companies who would never charge you to take surveys.

Compared to other companies I have reviewed such as and, isn't necessarily my top choice. They do tend to send a lot of paid surveys but the surveys tend to be very long and don't pay as much as they should for the time being required.

But if you do have the free time, then why not make the money taking as many of these surveys as possible. Their survey interface is pretty responsive and quick. I've never been stuck taking a survey. Unfortunately with other companies this hasn't always been the case. There have been times where after I've spent close to 20 minutes taking a survey and then sudenly the interface experienced some technical issues. This forced me to take the survey all over again from the start! Fortunately that hasn't been the case with

So would I still recommend as a way to make money legitimately with surveys? Yes, but not lots of it! is actually the real thing.
It's not a scam or ripoff like you've probably experienced with other survey websites. Is it always worth your time for the money they pay? Not always. But in the world of work at home, every dollar counts!

So for this review I'm only giving Mind Field Online 1 thumbs up. Although the company may not have many complaints or claims of fraud, I think the pay scale can be improved. I also think they should have a referral program so their members have more ways to earn besides the low paying surveys. But again the fact of the matter is you can earn money with so it's not a scam.

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  1. I have been with Mindfield for a few years now, and I have cashed out at least three times. The first two times, I got a check and this last time I had it deposited into my Paypal account. I have never had an issue with them. I have also never had a problem with their support staff. I get lots of products in the mail to try and report back on and I have been paid for each of them. Not sure why others had problems, but I have not.

  2. Mindfield is a scam. From the first survey I should have known. I never received compensation for completed surveys. When I emailed them with this information I later and still receive surveys that do not allow you to select any responses. Can’t even enter my zip code. They do not respond to you and although I have repeatedly asked them to remove me from their database they continue to send surveys that cannot be completed.

  3. I was sign up on Mindfield before but, never did anything with them because I thought they may have been a scam. After reading this article I see they’re not. It looks like they do give referral money now. $1.00 for each referral you send them that takes surveys. Not a lot but, at least it’s something.

  4. It does take a lot of time to fill out some of these surveys but watch for the studies! I participated in a three-month long study from Mindfield and got a whopping $25 bucks from it a while back. Nice to see my total jump so high eventually.

    By the way, referral is suspended now for some reason. Darn.

  5. Lol hi Eddy..I finally decided to get my butt in gear and start with surveys again (after meaning to do so for a long time I might say) decided to use surveys to pay for my WA membership so I don’t lose my grandfathered in price lol…Anyway it clicked in my head that forever I’ve been receiving Mindfield surveys (I’m talking years lol) I hadn’t done any forever and to be honest forgot about the site. I logged in and looked at my account and it still had my earnings from 2 surveys I did in 07 LOL..(That gives them mucho kudos in my book lol)…I did want to mention that the Mindfield payout line is only 5 dollars..I had 6 dollars in my account so I hit payout,now we wait lol..Just wanted to throw my comment in there about a long running survey company. Thanks Eddy

    • Hey Dustin,
      I love finding money that I forgot I had and your story is a perfect example of it. It’s like when I get checks in the mail from various companies. I forgot that I was even working with them and then those checks come and it’s like christmas. So i’m totally there with you. I’m glad you’re rediscovering surveys again. They’re not always a consistent money maker but it’s easy money when they are available. You should give mysurvey a shot as well:

      In any event, let us know when you receive your check. Keep taking action Dustin. It all adds up!

  6. I agree totally I am on there panel Mindfield online i do make a few bucks here or there but like you said do not plan to get rich. Survey spot is another decent survey program.

    • Jason,
      I think that’s where the problem lies. There are so many sites out there misrepresenting that you can make big money just by taking surveys that it gives folks unrealistic expectations. So when they do actually find legit survey companies they’re often let down or in some cases they call it a scam because it’s not paying them the amounts they assumed they could get. It’s just a messed up situation. Because at the end of the day every penny counts but its hard for some folks to see that.

  7. i joined the site and have taken two surveys. one paid $10 and the other $5.00, but was never credited for either. i have enquired over and over again but the highest they did was copy and paste me FAQ which did not solve no problems, that is why i decided to read people’s review and know if it’s worth my time.

  8. @Judy F:

    Hello Judy,

    I can somewhat relate to your frustration with Mindfield.

    I was a panelist for Mindfield for a while. However, I deemed it necessary to cancel my account some time ago. I too completed many of their surveys (all considerably less than 30 mins though), but what seemed like a problem for me was that it was taking forever for the earnings to post to my account. There would be times when I would have several pending amounts waiting to be credited.

    Sometimes it would take months for the credit to finally show up. According to member support, this was the norm. Maybe for them, but not for me. lol Since then, I’ve moved on to other survey programs that have a much faster account credit turn around time.

    After reading Nicole’s post above, I may consider re-joining. I’m usually game to giving a decent program a second chance. Especially if there have been enhancements made since the time of my leaving. In Mindfield’s case, my interest has been piqued by the referral program that Mindfield now has.

  9. Are you guys joking? I’ve done MANY surveys for Mindfield that I have qualified for and went through the whole 30 or more minutes. I have seen ONE PENNY of my money.

  10. Hi Eddy,

    I’ve been using Mindfield since 2005 now. I’ve not made a lot of money. But I like getting a few extra bucks in my spare time, from time to time. The checks get to me quickly, less than a week from requesting them.
    They do offer referrals now. I can make money from that. I don’t push the referrals, because I’m doing the surveys to get my opinion heard, not make a lot of money.
    I like the surveys I’ve done. I have done for some companies that I buy from on a regular basis. It’s nice to have your opinion heard, aside from just being a consumer.
    Thank you for not smacking mindfield down, btw…lol.
    Have a Happy Halloween!

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. You’re one of the few people I know that takes surveys for the purpose of influencing change in products rather than the cold hard cash. 😉

  11. Thanks for the article! I just signed up today, filled out all of the member questionarres as the site recommended me to do so. Just wondering, does mindfield actually send a legitamate amount of surveys? I understand some patience is required but i was just wondering how often (and how many) surveys are sent to your email. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome Daniel.
      A company doesn’t lack legitimacy because they don’t send a lot of surveys frequently. Surveys are based on needs of a given client.
      So for instance let’s pretend I’m Coca Cola and I hire Mindfield to find me Black males, 18-25, that live in urban areas because I want their feedback on a new drink
      we’re creating. Mindfield will check their database and send out a survey invitation to only people that fit that profile. (Which is also why its important to provide as much details in your profile.)
      Obviously if you don’t fit that profile you’re not going to get a survey invitation. It doesn’t mean that Mindfield or any of these other survey companies are shady. Market research is a business
      that is based on demand. So if companies aren’t demanding your profile than Mindfield can’t pay you for surveys they don’t have.

      So hopefully that gives you a better understanding of how surveys and focus groups work. This is also why you should sign up for many legitimate survey companies because if one may not be getting new
      clients another one may. So the more databases you’re on, the better your chances of getting more surveys. But keep in mind you should only be joining legitimate companies. Fortunately we’ve listed a few in our
      articles page:

      No one can guarantee you a certain number of surveys per day, etc. If they do, they’re lying to you.

      Good luck.

  12. thanks for the article! Its really hard to find ways to make money when your under sixteen, and i wanted to make sure i wouldn’t get scammed with this. you helped me a ton.

  13. I got a $10 from Mindfield yesterday, deposited today. It was a fun survey but it did take a whole week to do. I found it worth it 🙂

    MyView is good too.


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