Is Minisite Riches A Scam?

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Is Minisite Riches A Scam or Legit?Minisite Riches is the latest in a long line of “buy these automated sites that need no experience and will earn money on autopilot” products. Did I mention that they are automated? As a general rule of thumb, the more times something tells you how easy, simple, and automated it is, the more likely it is too be a load of rubbish. Let's see if we're right again.

The concept of mini sites just won't go away. Even after the latest Panda update, people are still pushing the idea of having an army of mini sites earning for you passively. The theory isn't bad; have a dozen or so sites that each earns you $100 a month, and you'll be doing OK. As the sites are “mini”, you won't need to update them that often, and you can ditch the losers and build out the winners if you like.

It's not a bad theory, but it's hard to pull off, especially in 2014. Sure, small niche sites with 10-20 pages of great content can work out OK and be grown into something larger, but is this the case with the Minisite Riches sites? Definitely not. This Minisite Riches Review is going to tell you why.

What Is Minisite Riches?

One reason that many people are attracted to the idea of having a gazillion mini sites is ease. Having a whole bunch of simple sites is in some ways easier than having one or two massive sites. There is also a large advantage to beginners in finding ready-made niche sites as well.

Minisite Riches will provide you with these mini sites, all done for you, so that you can just get them online, and away you go.

Here's the “appeal” of Minisite Riches:

This is the same pitch that every one of these types of products has. It's easy, you don't need to do all these nasty things, and it's a big 3 billion dollar industry.

The fundamental thing that Minisite Riches glosses over, is that their sites will not rank in search engines, will not convert customers immediately, and will essentially become more dead weight clogging up the Internet. Why?

Minisite Riches Cons

Duplicate Content

When you first buy the product, you can choose from 3 niches to get started with. There's an additional up-sell inside that lets you pick out some more, which is great, because 3 sites won't get you rich anytime soon.

The problem is that each “niche” only has one site for it. So if you, your friend and your neighbour all choose the same niche, you're all going to get the same site, with the same PLR content. Our sites will be identical unless we add fresh content on and edit the existing ones, which defeats the whole purpose of choosing these ones in the first place!

A quick Google search of a few paragraphs from the default content highlights that there are already multiple sites existing with the same content. Google does not rank duplicate content. You'll have to get traffic to your sites with other means, either by paying for traffic or sharing content on social media sites. Want to do that for 100 minisites?

I didn't think so.

So while you would be buying a real site, that's been assembled just like it should be, you'll never have a chance of getting anywhere with it.

Overall Poor Quality

Let's assume for a second that you don't really mind duplicate content. Maybe you're planning to promote this site via social networks or paid advertising. How strong is the content? Will it deliver you leads and sales?

It's not looking likely.

The content is pretty boring and not well planned out. There are no subheadings or anything interesting to break up the text. It's hard work trying to read an article. Here's an example one for you:

There are a few too many adverts and affiliate promotions for my liking as well, which brings me onto my next point.

Support (Or Lack Of)

If you don't know anything about affiliate marketing it's going to be pretty confusing. How do you sign up for Google Adsense and Clickbank to get your affiliate links? How do you actually know how to replace the default links with your own?

How do you even know how to get your site online in the first place?

There is some very limited training and support that comes with the program. You probably will manage to get your sites online, but you won't really know how to promote them, or what to do with them. You're essentially in the dark.

You will have product that you can't really use.

So Is Minisite Riches Legitimate?

It's not a scam in the sense that they completely take your money and give you nothing for it, but it's borderline. They are certainly misleading you and not setting you up to succeed. Yes they will deliver you the product you bought, but you'll not make money with it.

Either way, I 100% recommend you stay away.

What Are Your Choices Going Forward?

If you don't want to hamstring yourself from the get go by buying cloned sites, you should really learn a little bit more about building your own WordPress sites. It's not as difficult and technical as it might seem, and with the right training you'll do absolutely fine.

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You definitely won't be wasting your money.

There's nothing wrong with ready-made affiliate sites, but generally when they cost so little, you're only going to be buying junk. There's a lot wrong with Minisite Riches, so stay away.

This guest post was written by Dom Wells. He is the owner of HumanProofDesigns, where he blogs about niche sites and succeeding with online business. He's also a big fan of pointing out why many online products are junk, and sleeping late.

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