MintVine Surveys: Does it stink & is it a Scam?

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mintvine-scam-legit-reviewHave you ever talked to someone and the breath was humming? I mean it was so bad that it literally felt like someone kicked your nostrils with some all day funk? I mean come on, you would think the person could taste it in their mouth and keep their distance. But no, they want to be all in your face. My natural reaction is to scream out, DAMN back the hell up. But then my Momma's home training kicks in so I bite my tongue and hold my breath. LOL Well actually that's when I pull out my breath mint and suggest they have a few too. So what does this have to do with making money? Not a damn thing. But it its my weak segue into my MintVine Review. I'll dig into this company and help you determine if it stinks or not.

What is MintVine? is a market research community that was started by Branded Research, Inc or BRinc. BRinc was founded in 2012. They state the claim of being set apart from other free online surveys that pay cash programs because of their “quality conversation brings about quality response” philosophy. MintVine's community is open to residents worldwide. At the time of this review, the BBB rates MintVine with a B.

How does MintVine work?

Sign up for a free with a valid email address, or a Facebook account. Then start earning rewards in the following ways:

  • Taking profile matched surveys.
  • Being disqualified from a survey. Yes they actually pay when you don't qualify for a survey. How great is that!
  • Taking MintVine surveys in MintRoll which is an exclusive member program. More MintRoll surveys mean more money!
  • Taking daily polls that are made available to the general MintVine community.
  • Completing various offers.
  • Local deals. These are great offers that businesses make available for MintVine members to take advantage of.

When and how does MintVine reward you?

MintVine surveys are worth between 150-300 points each. Cash-out threshold is a low 1000 points. Points are basically cash so 1000 points is equal to $10 … nice! Cash payments are processed within 15 days after the end of the month. Among other free surveys that pay cash programs, MintVine's really low cashout threshold makes it very possible to be eligible for your first cash-out within a couple of weeks! Reap your rewards in the following ways:

  1. Cash – PayPal or receive your pay Dwolla style lol.
  2. Electronic gift cards – Amazon, Target, etc

MintVine Hacks, Tips or Perks?

If you want to figure out some ways to get more out of Here are some ninja tips below.

MintVine Complaints:

If you've read my blog long enough, you know I always say every company has issues. No company is perfect but it doesn't mean it's a scam. You just need to be aware of some of these potential issues to decide if you can deal with them or not. So with that said let's dig into the complaints against and see if they are deal breakers for you or not.

You're Disqualified!

Even though MintVine rewards users for being disqualified from a survey, it's still annoying to be rejected. It's even worst if you're a senior citizen. Apparently that demographic isn't as valuable to the market research companies. Ultimately market research is about supply and demand. It's nothing personal and not necessarily MintView's fault. That said at least they do right by their members by still paying them something. This is very unlike many survey companies that will use all that valuable information you provide but won't pay you a dime.


Apparently there have been reports that support staff beats around the bush when you need help. Too often they waste time sending multiple replies when a single reply could've resolved an issue. If a member can take a little extra time in explaining an issue, member support should take just as much time in thoroughly replying to specific inquiries in one message when possible.

Long Ass Complicated Surveys

Unfortunately like many reward sites, the Mint Surveys may not be worth the time because they tend to be longer than the weave on your favorite reality tv star. And let's face it, Ain't nobody got time for long, complicated surveys. Especially when you have alternatives such as and which are quick and always pay.

We're experiencing some technical issues…

So there have been some instances when people are moving along these long ass surveys with no problems and then boom when they're getting closer to the end and some technical issue arrises that prevents you from finishing the survey and earning your cash. It doesn't happen all the time but there have been some reports of this. Makes you go hmmmm?

B..CH better have my money!

Some members have reported that their cash outs have been rejected. I've been around the block a few times and I've heard this complaint with many survey or reward companies. In my experience it's usually because folks have violated some rules purposely or unknowingly. And these companies can't pay you especially if the advertisers aren't paying them. So I take these complaints with a grain of salt unless you see a pattern and massive number of complaints which indicates this company is then a scam. But I don't get that impression here. That said when folks are paid, people have complained that it takes too long for cashed out earnings to become available.

Confusing user interface

Some just feel the site isn't really organized in an intuitive manner. This can make for a poor user experience. Too much time spent going around in circles on the site can make you dizzy. This is something that is subjective. It's up to you to decide if that's really the case or not.

MintVine Alternatives

Now that you've read the complaints maybe you're not really feeling MintVine or taking surveys. Fortunately there is another option that you may want to consider if you're looking to make some REAL money long term without jumping through the hoops of surveys or being disqualified. If that's you, then be sure to check out My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation by clicking here! I've used this great company to help me make thousands of dollars per month so I can spend more time with my family and provide me the freedom I want. So if that's something you desire, it may be worth looking into. I'll be the first to admit it's not easy or quick. You'll need to work and have patience. But the pay off is great for those that do.

So Is MintVine Legitimate or Not?

Although MintVine has a few complaints of being slow to pay, they actually do pay, eventually lol. So I don't think MintVine's is a scam. I'm not much of a survey taker anymore but if I were, I'd probably give MintVine a try. The fact that they pay for surveys that you are disqualified for is a big thing in my mind. And I really like their generous referral program because I have a great technique that I use and you can to to get hundreds of eager referrals easily. So even though I probably wouldn't do the surveys, I could make a lot of money with Mint Vine just from the referrals.

Well that's enough from me. Now it's your time to shine. Let me know what you think of MintVine but posting a comment down below. Is this something you have tried or would try? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading and feel free to share this article online if you think it will help anyone. Until next time, ya'll.

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