What Is MOBE and MTTB? Is it actually legitimate?

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I just caught a video clip on Yahoo News showing how a shark ripped in half the board of a female surfer in Australia. It was troubling to say the least. But apparently there are some other kind of dangerous sharks Down Under; the kind that does not swim in the calm seas around the famous Barrier Reef, but dwells in the Internet.

They are not interested in chasing swimmers or biting surf boards to little pieces. They are out to prey on the unsuspecting folks like you and I that are trying to find legitimate ways to make money online.

As bait they are using programs or systems that supposedly will make you immensely rich in no time at all, with hardly any work to do, and try to lure you into their trap and relieve you of your hard earned money.

With that in mind a little while ago I came across two products created by Matt Lloyd from Australia. He named his creations “My Online Business Empire (MOBE)” and “My Top Tier Business (MTTB)“. So let's dig into my MOBE Review & MTTB Review to see if you'll need a lifeguard to save you from their opportunity.

What is MOBE and What is MTTB?

what is mobeIt's a bit confusing, but MOBE is kind of an umbrella company and affiliate section of Matt Lloyd's business. You can join MOBE as an affiliate, promote several products and receive a 50% or 90% commission per sale.

Whereas, MTTB is a “Top Tier Licensing and Coaching program” within MOBE according to their website. You will have to “apply” to become a member and “if successful in your application”, you will receive 90% commissions on selected MOBE products.

They also say that “some of these products you will own, depending on your position within the program!“.

MOBE seems to be on the up-and-up with an affiliate program like many other companies.

However MTTB is a completely different case in my mind. Reading the official definition of MTTB raised the hair on the back of my head and my internal scam alarm went off. But let's be fair and take a closer look into this program, shall we?

A Close Look at My Top Tier Business (MTTB).

MTTB is basically a 21-step training course that supposedly teaches you how to make money online. You can acquire the licenses to high converting “done for YOU” products and sales funnels.

You will also get a personal coach who will guide you through the course, helps you to create a business plan and provides help and support.

After the 21-step training, you then will get a 30-day traffic generating training, with certain tasks to complete and personal consultation from your personal coach via Skype.

After completion of the training you are ready to rock'n roll and all you have to do is sending traffic to different products via various sales funnels.

Applying for MOBE/MTTB Membership

If you decide to jump in and give it a try, you MUST first apply for the membership. There is $49.00 application fee you have to pay, and a rather detailed application form to fill out.

They want to know stuff like ….

  • Your business experience (if you have any)
  • Your professional experience
  • Your current income and income goals
  • Your strengths & weaknesses

They claim these questions are important for your coach to design individual coaching for you.

Important: You also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so MTTB can protect their business model. That means that you cannot legally reveal any specifics about the program.

what is mobe

Your MTTB Application Has Been Approved

Of course your application will not be denied. You already paid $49.00, which is refundable by the way. But before you can start with the training, you need to do 3 things first.

  • Call your coach and book a time for the first Skype call. Also send an email as well to let them know you are ready to start.
  • Check your email for login details to MTTB, your coaches contact details and contact Linda if you don't receive an email within 5 minutes
  • Notice that the 21-steps are locked until you completed No 1 & No 2 (if necessary)
    But now you are ready to start the 21-steps, followed by the 30-day traffic generation training.

Once you completed your training and send traffic to your sales funnels, you are able to promote and sell a variety of MOBE products. The prices of the products range from as little as $9.95 to several hundred dollars, and you will receive 50% commission.

For example, if someone buys a digital product for $120.00, you will get $60.00. MOBE sales staff will follow up on your sales via email, phone calls and USPS mail to UPSELL other products to your customers.

This Is What You Get With MTTB

  • 21-step internet marketing training
  • 30-day traffic generation training
  • A personal coach
  • Roughly 40 different products to promote and sell
  • Shipping & payment processing will be handled by MOBE, as well as customer service
  • Sales staff that follow up your sales and generate more income for you
  • Webinars and coaching sessions as needed

So What's The Catch With My Top Tier Business?

Glad that you asked because there is a catch. Take a look at the sign-up page below and Matt Lloyd's “Guarantee” and the claims how much money you will make.

what is mobe what is mttb

It's absolutely realistic that you can and will make “a commission” within 30 days after completing the training. However, the question is how much a commission you really make selling one of the MOBE products.

If you sell a $10.00 ebook, you make a commission. Correct? It will be just $5.00 to be precise, but it is indeed a commission. So it's highly unlikely that Matt has to pony up and pay you $500.00 CASH for his silly bet.

Then he claims that YOU, “with no prior experience“, will make commissions of $1,000, $3,000 and even $5,000 (with only ONE sell, respectively)!

And this is why this MOBE & MTTB thing is very controversial. The focus of the work you do shifts from Affiliate Marketing, selling products that people WANT and USE, to joining their MLM opportunity.

You see, as a rep of MTTB you will not sell a tangible product, but rather recruit new members into the different levels of the MTTB “opportunity”. Let me show you how the system works.

  • Level 1: Apply for MOBE Membership – Price: $49.00
    At this level you are an affiliate and can sell MOBE products for a commission (50% + 90%)
  • Level 2: MOBE License Rights – Price: 1,997, can be paid in 2 installments + $99.00/month. At this level you are allowed to recruit new members and sell them the MLR. Your commission will be $1,000
  • Level 3: Titanium – Price: $8,997 + $199.00/month. Your commission $3,000
  • Level 4: Platinum – Price: 14,997.00 + $299/month. Your commission $5,000

Levels 2 – 4 come with more training and, I must admit, a lot of valuable information and perks like “Event Meetings” at luxury resorts. Matt Lloyd cooked up a complicated point system that rewards top recruiters with a brand new mid-size Mercedes Benz.

The Pros & Cons of MOBE & MTTB


  • Lots of MOBE products to sell as an affiliate (about 40, some good, some crappy)
  • The potential to make a lot of money….if you can sell the high priced “products”
  • The owner Matt Lloyd is active in the community
  • You can interact and communicate with other members


  • The MTTB aspect feels more like a pyramid scheme in my opinion. You will make your money NOT by selling tangible products or services, but by recruiting new members into the scheme.
  • MOBE License Rights is going to be a dhard sale. What good does the license do you if you cannot find any people that will buy the rights from you?
  • The extraordinary prices for levels 2 -4 of MTTB. If you position yourself for each level, you will be spending in excess of $25,000.
  • In order to receive the commission for a particular level, you MUST pay the price for this level first. If you are at the MLR level and recruit a person that buys into the Platinum level, you receive commission for MLR level ($1.000) ONLY! The commissions for Titanium level ($3000) and Platinum level ($5,000) will be passed upwards through your upline to the nearest person who has positioned themselves at the Platinum level.
  • You need to look at the MTTB compensation plan to fully understand how the high cost and recurring fees are used to force you into high pressure recruiting.
  • The training teaches you ONLY how to promote MTTB.
  • You will be required to travel to different event meetings, conferences and seminars; accommodations for two paid by MTTB (that's actually a good thing, but you payed for it with the recurring fees).

The Bottom Line About MOBE and MTTB

If you consider joining Matt Lloyd's enterprise, you need to be fully aware of “what exactly you will be doing”. Selling MOBE products as an affiliate and receiving 50% or 90% commissions sounds like a good idea. Particularly since it will cost you only $49.00 to become an affiliate.

However, when you take a close look at the products in the MOBE catalog (again, check the compensation plan), you have to ask yourself if these are really things that a lot of people need and buy. I have serious doubts that you can make a livable income doing that.

is mttb a scamIn order to make the big bucks, you will have to “upgrade” your status and join the MTTB Pyramid Scheme. Is it worth to invest $25,000 up front plus a few hundred in monthly fees (but who is counting) to “buy a dream” and the try to sell this dream to other people?

Because this is what you will be doing. Buying and selling the dream of becoming rich. This is not going to be easy. How many people do you know that will shell out 5 or 10 or 15 grand for a “NO PRODUCT” product?


Definition of legal MLM: The company's profits come mainly from the sales of products and services by the distributor. Perhaps some percentage of income from sales by downline/mlm recruits but this should be much less than 50%.

Definition of illegal MLM: Most of the profits of this company come from new recruits and bonuses that come from this constant flow of new people that join the company.

I will let you be the judge if it is a scam or just an unethical business. Personally, I see some potential in selling MOBE products only. However the MTTB part of the business gives me the heebie jeebies and I would pass on it.

What's a Safe FREE alternative to MOBE and MTTB?

Obviously, you are looking for an opportunity to make money online. If anything about the MOBE or MTTB opportunity didn't sit right with you there are other options. You may want to check out My Top FREE Work At Home Recommendation. I can't tell you if it's the right thing for you. Ultimately you can decide for yourself after you have take a “test ride”, so to speak.

It's absolutely FREE to look behind the doors of WA, so come on in. You have nothing to lose.

That's it for today, folks.

So did you enjoy my MOBE and MTTB review? I would love to hear your opinion, so chime in and leave a comment below.

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20 thoughts on “What Is MOBE and MTTB? Is it actually legitimate?”

  1. Thanks for your great honest review…Wow…I was so close to joining MTTB and Mobe, but you have made it so abundantly clear to me that this is NOT something I want to be part of. I have been debating and researching this for many days before I let go of $49. It seemed to me at the get go that one does not make much, if any money with this unless you upgrade your status, and that can be outrageously expensive (as you stated). I asked the person I have been corresponding with what the fees were for the different levels, and the response was: “that will be covered in the 21 step training” (of course after you pay the $49 “refundable” fee)…that’s not good enough for me. You gave me the info on the cost of each of the levels and the monthly fees for each. Thank you so much for what you do. I am still seriously thinking about WA. I will contact you when I am ready to sign up.

    • You’re very welcome Lorna!
      At least now you’ll have an idea of what to expect. The fact that they’re trying to hide the ridiculous fee speaks volumes. So at least now you now.
      If you’re were willing to spend $49 on this I think you should be fine spending NOTHING to become a starter member of WA and see if it’s right for you. LOL At least with that you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain as many others have found out.

      But Feel free to read my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate here if you have some apprehensions.

  2. Eddy,
    Boy that sounds like quite a lot of money to shell out when a person doesn’t have it. Their business doesn’t sound too good to me. What i think is that all the money that they ask for is to pay all the people that help you in doing the work and the stuff that you have to buy. Not for me.
    Want to ask you about the malaware. Do you think that is a good antivirus program or not.
    Thank you.

    • Hey Laura,

      Folks have money for things they want so I never assume people don’t have money. But I agree I wouldn’t spend any of mine on this. I’m not really an expert on antivirus programs. I have a mac so that’s not really an issue for me. My suggestion is to visit download.com for reviews. I’m more of an expert on scams and about making money legitimately. 😉 Hope the link helps.

  3. Very good review. I caught on early in the review that this was a pyramid scam. The further I got into your review the more ridiculous this company sounded. Anyone who claims that you can make thousands in a very short time with their company is a sure sign that the only one making the “big bucks” is the person or people perpetrating such claims. I thank you for all the advice and help you provide in uncovering legitimate money making opportunities online. I find myself looking forward to your emails and suggestions. You’ve got style, and the picture of you and the little angel make me smile every time I see it. Keep up the great work and may you be blessed for helping us all.

    • Well thank you Barbara.
      It’s nice to know you look forward to my reviews. I enjoy writing them and hearing everyone’s feedback. I’m happy you like that picture. It’s one of my favorite of my girl when she was small. Now she thinks she’s too grown at 7. lol

  4. Eddy,

    I so appreciate all the work you do to help us on our way to working for ourselves and working from home.

    I enjoyed reading this article. I didn’t get very far and all the bells and alarms were going off.
    By the part where it’s running into thousands of dollars I wanted to run away fast from this company. So thank you.

    I’ve decided that I need to start keeping a note book on all the companies that I need to stay away from. There are lots out there.

    Thank you again for a great article!


    • Hey Wendy,

      It’s always great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them.
      It’s pretty easy to spot this nonsense without even keeping a list. Once they start making ridiculous claims you already know it should be avoided in most cases.

      Thanks again for chiming in. I appreciate it!

  5. sounds like they just want money and they make it off of us when we buy the stuff. I guess if you have a lot of money you can afford to throw it away but i don’t doesn’t sound to good to me.


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