Monat Review: Is This A Hair Raising MLM Scam?

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Are you looking for an exciting work-from-home opportunity? Are you passionate about hair care products? If you answered yes to either question, you may be wondering if Monat is the right one for you. Reading Monat reviews such as this one can give you a good idea. Not all MLM opportunities are created equal. It's a good idea to find out what you're in for before you invest your hard-earned money.

Find out what Monat is really about. But most of all, find out if this is a good business opportunity for you.

What Is Monat? has been around since 2014 under the parent company, Alcora Corporation. It also has a beauty and wellness product line, L'Eudine, that was established in 2001. Since the launch of the hair care product line, the company has made a name for itself in MLM personal care products.

What Products Does Monat Provide?

As mentioned, Monat focuses on botanical hair care products and remedies. The prices range price from $22 to $99 for the most popular item, Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive. Hair care products are big business and Monat provides a very wide selection to choose from.

There are too many to list individually. If you're interested in learning more about all the products, you may want to check out Monat's online catalog.

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Monat Independent Market Partner?

At the time of this review, their current costs to join are as follows:

Start-up costs are a $99 one-time fee, where you receive a starter kit that includes product samples and training and marketing materials. There is also a $19.95 annual fee to maintain your account status.

You can upgrade your product packs to get more product samples. Additional packs are as follows:

  • Business Pack – $299
  • Success Pack- $399
  • Overachiever Pack – $649

If you choose to upgrade to one of these packs, your $99 start-up fee is included in the price.

Additionally, unlike other product-based MLM companies, you don't have to keep your own inventory. Monat dropships all your orders for you.

The product kits can go up to over $600 and can get quite costly if you run out of product samples. If you're looking for a way to get started for free and don't want to pay for things like product kits, you may want to try a business opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate. If you're not looking for a business opportunity at the moment and just want to make some side income, you can also try free sites like,, and

Monat Compensation Plan

The Monat Compensation Plan is a little difficult for the average person to understand. But here is the basic information you need to know and how you can make money.

The Ranking System

First, like other MLM businesses, it's all about ranks. The higher the rank, the higher the income potential. This is what some of the rank requirements look like:

  • Marketing Partner – 200 PV (personal volume) per month
  • Managing Marketing Partner – 300 PV per month + recruit/maintain 2 minimum Marketing Partners + total monthly downline of 1200 GV (group volume)
  • Associate Market Builder – 400 PV per month + recruit/maintain 3 minimum Marketing Partners + total monthly downline of 2400 GV

Retail Sales Commission

In addition, you can get between 30 to 40% retail commission. A higher sales volume gets you a higher commission rate. If you have customers on autoship, you receive an automatic 15% commission for those sales.

You may also earn a commission when you sponsor someone who buys a product pack. Bonuses are as follows:

  • Business Pack – $100 commission
  • Success Pack – $120 commission
  • Overachiever Pack – $220 commission

Residual Income

Furthermore, you can also earn residual income from your downlines. Monat caps it at 4 levels down, and your percentage depends on your rank. However, you can supplement your income from your downline's sales volume.

Some examples are:

  • Market Partners – 7% for personally recruited affiliates or level 1
  • Managing Market Partners – 10% for level 1 and 3% for level 2
  • Associate Market Builders – 12% for level 1 and 5% for level 2


Additional commission opportunities include:

  • Smart Start Bonuses – within first 3 months of enrollment
  • Smart Start Bonus Match – get $75 Bonus match for every $150 Smart Start Bonus you qualify for
  • Rank Achievement – Bonuses ranging from $100 to $20k every time you hit a new rank, starting at Managing Market Partner

You qualify for group volume commission and generation bonuses if you are at least level 2 ranked or higher.

How Much Money Can Monat Marketing Partners Make?

Unfortunately, Monat doesn't post an Income Disclosure Statement. This set off alarms in my mind. Why aren't they being transparent regarding how much you can earn as other MLMs do? Ultimately how much you can earn is anyone's guess.

What I Like About Monat

There are few pros about Monat.

Straightforward Comp Plan

First, if you've looked at MLM compensation plans, you know they can get confusing. You often need someone else to decipher how you can make money with the business.

But Monat is relatively straightforward about its commission structure, bonuses, and residual income. Whether or not you can actually make any money is a completely different story.

Support and Training Offered

Many MLM companies throw you into the deep end of the pool when you sign on with them. And that sink or swim attitude is why many MLM beginners fail in the first year.

Monat has education structures in place to help you stay informed about the products. It also offers periodic giveaways, trips, and events to keep you motivated within the company.

Monat Complaints

Unfortunately, Monat is mired in controversy right now. And that should make you cautious about approaching this business opportunity. Some cons about this company include:

Multiple Lawsuits!

There are multiple lawsuits and allegations launched by the FDA that Monat products cause hair loss and scalp damage. Now, this is serious for a couple of reasons.

For one, how can you confidently sell products that may be harming the general public? And how are you supposed to make money selling products that have such negative publicity?

The answer is simple: you can't. At least not realistically.

You can read the actual court documents here:

Alarming BBB Complaints

At the time of writing this review, Monat has received over 700 complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the past 3 years. And the majority of the complaints were in the “product/service” category. You may not put much stock in what the BBB thinks, but that many complaints should give you pause.

If you're looking to make money online with companies that have a positive BBB rating, you can also try sites like Wealthy Affiliate,,,, and

No Official Income Disclosure Statements

Monat doesn't publish any official Income Disclosure Statements. This may not be a deal-breaker for some of you but non-transparency in this area seems a little suspicious. Why are they hesitant to provide their income figures and what their marketing partners are making in commissions?

Is Monat a Scam or Legit?

Monat has so much controversy surrounding the products right now, that you may want to look elsewhere for a home business. Negative press from the lawsuits may hurt your chances of earning any income. And what if it turns out that the allegations are true? You'll be glad you didn't invest your cash and time into this MLM company. So I would probably avoid Monat. But that's me.

If you're looking for a business opportunity that will enable you to make a full-time or part-time income online, you might want to try My Best Work At Home Recommendation. So, if you're interested in hair products or any niche for that matter, they will teach you how to create an online business and its free to get started.

So there you have my opinion on Monat. If you have any questions or want to know more about Monat, you can refer to their policies and procedures. If you have any experience using Monat or want to share your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

3 thoughts on “Monat Review: Is This A Hair Raising MLM Scam?”

  1. Thanks, Eddy with a “Y”
    I appreciated your in-depth article. I read a comment once by the owner of Monat stating his company grew so fast that they were unable to keep up with quality control. Now, how is that for an excuse?
    Thanks a lot,

  2. thank you for your honesty. I have been using monat for over 6 months. it seemed to work well at first, but 2 months ago my hair started falling out and I got sores all over my scalp. I couldn’t imagine what was wrong. I am going to allergy specialist Friday . then I overheard talk at beauty shop and decided to look on line. still going to dr, but I think I know what is wrong.


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