MooCash Review: Legit Lock Screen Rewards App or Scam?

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As we speak you probably have tens of apps running on your smartphone right now. What if I told you companies like MooCash claims it can pay you to download such apps? It's hard to believe and it's probably why you are scouring the web for MooCash reviews to know whether the claim has any truth in it.

Well, allow me to save you some time. We have everything you need to know about the lock screen app in this MooCash review. Unfortunately, not everything's as sweet as it sounds. So, I would advise you to read this review carefully. You've been warned!

What is MooCash?

MooCash found online at is an app that claims to pay people like you and me to do short tasks like unlocking your smartphone (ANDROID ONLUY), watching videos, downloading apps and more. We don't know who owns the app, but it has been around since early 2016.

How Does MooCash Lock Screen App Work?

Here are the various ways you can make money with the app.

Unlocking your screen. This is only good for Android users. Anyway, swipe left if you want to make money. Swipe right to use your phone normally. If you swipe left, a search tool will appear and anything you do henceforth will earn you coins that MooCash calls Gems.

Taking up offers. On the app there are always offers you can complete to earn Gems. These include downloading apps, writing product reviews on sites like Amazon, subscribing to YouTube channels, following people on social media, etc.

Watching videos. Watching up to 5 videos a day earns you 1 gem coin.

Referring friends. Ever fancied making money while drooling? Well, here's your chance.

Once you earn enough points to redeem you can claim your reward from the available options.

How Much Money Can I Make With MooCash?

MooCash uses its own cash system known as gems, and $1 equals 1000 gems. The highest earners as seen on the app make $1 per week on average. So the gems won't pay off any major bills or debts. But if you're looking for a little pocket change then you're all set.

Referring others earns you 10 gems and 10% of what they redeem for a year. They also get 20 gems for using your invite code.

If these numbers don't sound promising, there are other more rewarding ways to earn online! You can join sites like, and and earn money and gift cards doing what you already do online like watching videos, reading emails and playing games. You can even make money taking surveys at a site like

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How & When Does MooCash App Pay You?

Hats off to MooCash on this one. They have quite a couple of options you can choose from, including payment in real money. Unlike other apps that just pay you with gift cards, here are the various ways you can redeem your gems.

  • A MooCash t-shirt (minimum 200 gems)
  • Phone accessories (minimum 760 gems)
  • Free talktime or prepaid recharge (minimum 200 gems)
  • PayPal (minimum 5000 gems)
  • Bitcoin (minimum 10,400 gems)
  • Skrill (minimum 10,600 gems)
  • Payoneer (minimum 51,500 gems)
  • Donations (minimum 500 gems)

How Do I Get Started With MooCash?

Joining MooCash is free at the time of this review. All you need is an iOS or Android smartphone and you're all set. You can then sign up with and email and password or link your profile to your Facebook account. To know whether the app is available in your country, just search for it on the Apple Store of Google's Play Store. If it doesn't come up, tough luck. It's not available in your country.

That being said, did you know you get paid to download apps like MooCash on sites like, and Well, now you know. But if you're looking for an opportunity that actually pays the bills, check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

MooCash Lock Screen App Complaints

Do you hate scams? I know I do! Well, if you want to know whether MooCash is a waste of time, don't you dare skip this next section.

Don't quit your day job

For just $1 a week, I wouldn't exactly call this a day job. You're getting paid to unlock your Android smartphone, so it's no shocker that you'll be making cents at the end of the day off such an app. To make things worse, users say the ways to earn quickly run out after a week or so. But you can always make a little extra income taking surveys at reliable sites like So you still have options.

No BBB Profile

If you think a Better Business Bureau has the final say when it comes to legitimacy, well MooCash is not listed at the time of this review. So if that's a deal breaker to you, maybe you're better off trying out something else. Fortunately apps like SwagBucks, FusionCash and InboxDollars have positive BBB ratings and pay for you things you already do online.

MooCash Lock Screen App Alternatives

Well given that the MooCash app doesn't pay well, it makes sense to explore other options. Fortunately there are several apps that pay you money just for using them. If you're looking for apps like MooCash that pay you to unlock your smartphone, there's Screen Stash, SlideJoy, Fronto and ScreenPay. You can read our SlideJoy review here and Fronto review here.

Is MooCash App Legit or A Scam?

MooCash app is legit, and we've seen the payment proof from some users. It's not winning any awards as a well-paying app, but it's worth you can still earn a little cash for things you already do on your smartphone.

Ultimately the best way to make money online is having multiple streams of income. Fortunately there are sites like, and that will pay you to do what you already do online. You can also make extra money taking surveys at

But if you're looking for an opportunity to make real money working part time or full time, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's my MooCash review. Feel free to leave your two cents about this or any other similar app you've had an experience with on the comments section below.

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y”

2 thoughts on “MooCash Review: Legit Lock Screen Rewards App or Scam?”

  1. You may get payment proofs.But do you know how much they cheat the Gig Workers by not paying for what their work. Let me explain how. At the beginning all went well. But after a while they started showing their ture colors. It all started by attracting the Gig workers to Redeem their Reward through “Payoneer”. They never sent me any payment to my Payoneer Account. Then they started cheating by neglecting your payment for certain high paying Tasks. They let you complete the task. But after completing you need to submit a Screenshot as Proof. While Uploading their App would display that “The task is not open for submission. Submit in 10 hours” Sometimes it would ask you to wait for 2 or more days to upload the Proof. But when that specified time comes the App would display that “Maximum limit for the Task has reached” . The thing is whenever you see a High Paying Task is open for submission you have to click the “Start Doing” button. Then a time limit of about 30 minutes starts to run. This is the default countdown duration for all Tasks . This means that you would have 30 minutes to complete the task and upload a screenshot of the completed task as proof. But once you complete the task and come back for submitting the Screenshot, the app would display the afore said message and cheat you by not letting you submit the proof only after which you may get paid. While installing this App it would ask you some Access Permissions that lets this app to monitor everything on your phone. That’s how they cheat you. I have had enough. And I’m not returning back.


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