What Is Music Xray? Get Your Groove On And Cash Out

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what is music XrayIts funny when I was growing up my parents always complained about that “Hippity Hop” (aka rap) music I listened to. And this was during the golden age of hip hop better known as the 1980s and 1990s. Now I'm older and I'm the one complaining about the crap that my nieces, daughter and nephew listen to. I mean it's so bad to me that you couldn't pay me to listen to the music they listen to. Well let me not go that far, because you know I love getting paid for things I would do anyway for free.

And that brings us to today's topic, which is How To Get Paid Listening To Music With MusicXray. Let's dive into this review to figure out if it's worth your time.

What is Music Xray?

The company's official name is Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc., but it began operating under the name Music Xray in July 2009. Located in New York City, the company is an ” online platform where artists submit their songs to industry professionals” to help talent hunters, performers and songwriters find each other.

Music Xray charges songwriters a fee in exchange for a guarantee that their work will be heard, critiqued and receives feedback. Music Xray maintains a FREE membership site, and informs their members via email of new material in all genres of music. The members then get paid when they listen to the songs.

How Does Music Xray Work?

Signing up is free and as easy as saying ‘One-Two-Three'. Log in to their website and click on the ‘I am a Music Fan” option. You can use the traditional way by entering your name and email address, or log in through Google +, Yahoo or Facebook.

music xray review

Once you are in, you choose 5 music genres out of a list of about 40, and enter 10 of your favorite artists. This helps Music Xray to send their music to targeted listener.

Check your email inbox and find a welcome email with some general information, a short “How it Works“, and a download link for a PDF file with PayPal tricks.

Now you wait for emails, which notify you that music is available. They ‘overbook', as they call it, meaning they are sending out more emails than the targeted number of listeners. Make sure you check on the site every now and then, in order not to miss out on an offer.

is music xray a scam

You have to listen to the song for only 30 seconds before 10 Cents are added to your account. You can like or unlike the song, leave feedback for the artist or share it with others on Facebook and G+.

How Music Xray Pays You For Listening?

There is a payout threshold of $20. Once you reach the limit, you can request pay at any time. You receive the money via PayPal within 1-2 days.

How Much Money Can You Make With Music Xray?

That depends on the genre you choose, your favorite artists, and HOW MUCH new stuff they have to go around. Unfortunately, I can't give you a verifiable figure, but my research team found out that it might take 6 to 8 weeks to reach the payout limit.

How To Make More Money With Music Xray?

Just like a similar site I reviewed a while back, “Slice the Pie“, Music Xray also a referral program and affiliate program but it's confusing and I'll discuss in more detail down below.

What Are The Music Xray Complaints?

So as always, I have to point out a few gripes about this company that you may want to consider. All companies have some areas of weakness but it doesn't mean they're a scam. So with that said, consider the following complaints users may have about this program.

More Music Please

The amount of music that you are paid for is dependent on your preferences. So if you're only interested in a genre that isn't really popping (aka folk music. lol), you're probably not going to make a lot of money with this. You can always get around this by picking genres that are more popular. But you have to be willing to listen to the type of music you may not be into.

It's not worth my time…

Earning 10 cents to listen to a song is definitely not going to help you pay your mortgage or any major bills. It doesn't help matters when you consider it may take 6-8 weeks to reach that $25 threshold. Honestly at 10 cent per song they should lower the payment threshold to something more easily attainable like $2-$5. I think people would be more motivated at this rate. At the end of the day you're listening to music for the fun of it now and not getting paid. So anything you do earn with this is gravy. But you can't view this as something like a job that you can count on to make reliable income.

Confusing Referral Program

I've never been big on harassing my family and friends to join work at home programs I'm involved in. I prefer that people come to me which is exactly what happens on this site. So I'm always very excited to find new programs I can share on this site and make money in the process. But the Music Xray referral or affiliate program is confusing. On one hand they provide you with the option to email your friends about this opportunity. And they don't make it clear if I earn anything for referring people using that method. But then they have an affiliate program I alluded to earlier which pays you 15%. But the person has to buy something to earn that commission? I thought it would be 15% of what they earn for listening to music. So their referral / affiliate program is a hot mess in my mind.

Is Music Xray a Scam?

Music Xray is 100% legitimate and not a scam. There seem to be some issues between songwriters, producers and the company every now and then, but these do not concern the ‘get paid to listen to music‘ arm of Music Xray.

Getting paid listening to music on the Music Xray site won't add a big amount to your income, but 10 Cents per song is much better than NO cents per song! I would view this as another opportunity that you would add to your multiple streams of income. I don't like having all my eggs in one basket because if you lose it, then it's a wrap. If you've lost a job then you know what I'm talking about.

So although Music Xray isn't really going to help you earn a full time income, it can be added to other opportunities that do help you earn a full time income like My Top Free Way To Work From Home or My Work At Home Courses. When you couple all these opportunities together you have a better shot at making money from home instead of trying to land the perfect job or opportunity.

Well that's all for me folks. Now it's your time to shine by posting a comment down below. I love hearing your thoughts so don't be shy!

I'll speak to you soon.

Eddy with a y

2 thoughts on “What Is Music Xray? Get Your Groove On And Cash Out”

  1. Hi Eddy, can’t picture you as a ‘hippity hop’ kind of a guy; thought you would be like me, more of a Soul Music, R&B and Jazzy fan. You are right about the crap our kids are listening to nowadays.
    Anyways, I am trying this Music Xray dingy, not so much for the 10 cents per, but to find out what the younger generation comes up with. Great write-up, like always ;-)))
    Keep it up

    • Hey John,

      I was born in Brooklyn NY and raised in the Bronx, so yeah hip hop is definitely a big influence on me. That said I listen to all types of music including what you mentioned and some that you wouldn’t expect. But my core is rap but not the crap you hear on the radio today. But then again depending on who you are, you might think all hip hop is crap. lol

      Thanks for the support as always and chiming in!

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