Is My Data Team A Scam?

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My Data Team Scam ReviewIt always amazes me how so many people come to this industry thinking there are all these magically available Data Entry Jobs. It's as if people forget that most people are able to type really well now so there isn't a huge demand for folks that specialize in the low skill of data entry. But alas the scammers know we suspend our common sense and desperation gets the better of us. So they create these websites allegedly providing you the holy grail of work at home data entry jobs. But is that what you're really getting? Today in my My Data Team Jobs Review, we're digging into a company that claims to offer data entry jobs.

What Is My Data Team?

My Data Team Jobs was was started in 2002 by Timothy Darwin. The site claims you can make big money with their “Global Data Entry Job Program.” You will find in the first few paragraphs that the site clearly states they are a “legitimate” company and they never, ever charge any fees. Timothy Darwin claims he and staff has guided thousands of “team members” to success with their programs. In addition, there are supposedly 10 programs to make money with.

The My Data Team Opportunity

Their website claims that you will be processing data evaluations and ad submissions. You will be considered a “global data entry processor.”

How Much Money Can You Make?

This company says you can make anywhere from $300 – $1,000.00 per day. Are you serious? Then why aren't more people doing this? I've been making money online since 1999 and I can tell you from experience it takes a lot of effort and TIME to make the kind of money they're talking about.

My Data Team Complaints

When doing reviews, there always going to be some complaints. It comes with the territory because you can't make everyone happy and that's fine. It doesn't always mean a company is a scam. But then there are times where the complaints are serious enough where it makes us judge the actual legitimacy. So with that said, I've dug up some of the complaints so you can decide.

False Advertisement

This opportunity misleads you throughout their whole presentation that NO FEES are ever required. That is, until you scroll almost all the way down their website, it states a fee is required. Did I miss something? Doesn't no fees mean I won't have to pay anything. Has the English language changed?

So if the fee thing wasn't bad enough this company does NOT supply you with the type of data entry JOBS or companies you're expecting. What they DO supply you with is instructions how to join as an affiliate, just to get others to join and do the very same thing. That is definitely false advertisement, and HOW they are stealing your money! You're thinking you're doing traditional data entry but you're not.

Here We Go Again With Identity Crisis!

Seems that the owner has come up with a couple more bogus names for the company:

* My Data Team Jobs
* Global Data Entry Processing
* World Wide Data Entry

Usually companies are doing this to cover their tracks when one company name or brand has been ruined or already.

Scarcity Tactics

I don't know of any legitimate job offer that pressures people into signing up right away on their website without an interview because positions are being filled. Basically My Data Team Job is using a computer script to add whatever today's date may be to make you think that you need to hurry into buying into their program. That date changes every day so there is no real deadline. They also use a script that pulls your location on to their page so it seems like they have open positions in your area. All these shady tactics are used to put pressure on you to purchase their program. A real job would never use such tactics. But shady marketers that are trying to sell you their products use it all the time.

Fake Consumer Protection Seals

At the bottom of the My Data Team Jobs page are some seals that are placed there to give the website some legitimacy. Two of the seals aren't actually linking to anywhere you can verify them. I wonder how Norton Antivirus would feel about this company misusing their logo. The other seals link to websites that no one has ever heard for or use as a way to confirm a company's legitimacy.

Poor BBB Ratings

I'm not really big on depending on the Better Business Bureau as my criteria for determining a company's legitimacy but many of you are. That said, this company has a poor BBB rating which can be found here.

So, Is My Data Team Legit?

Honestly this opportunity reminds me of my Work At Home Institute Review. It's just another example of a company that is misrepresenting a legitimate way to make money online. It gives my business and industry a bad name. And ultimately it gives the whole work at home filed another black eye. You end up with people that are wasting the little money they have on garbage. Furthermore it just makes people more skeptical and miss out on legitimate ways to make money like My #1 Work At Home Recommendation which shows you how to make real money as I've been for years without misrepresenting it!

That said, I would highly recommend you avoid this company. Chances are you'll be very disappointed in what you get. The complaints above pretty much confirm this.

You know, I always look forward to your feedback in the comments below. If you have any experience or comments on the company, I welcome your comments.

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Eddy with a Y

22 thoughts on “Is My Data Team A Scam?”

  1. I spent a lot of time exploring your website. But it was quite disturbing when I tried to fill the registration form as a Starter it did not allow me because it is not available in my beloved country Pakistan. Disgusting !

    • Hey Khalid,

      I’m sorry buddy I don’t make the rules about what countries are accepted with these opportunities. Unfortunately not everything is available all over the world. I’m sure there are certain things available in your country that aren’t available here in the U.S. It’s nothing person but that’s how some business is. So there is nothing to feel disgusted about. It’s not personal my friend. That said, maybe give this company a shot. Either way I wish you the best. I want to help everyone reach their work at home dreams but I don’t make or control these opportunities. I just share what I find.

  2. Eddy,
    Thanks for asking about my job situation . . . I obtained a part time job with a grocery near me and I was able to get in to the Lionbridge as well which is non-telephone work-at-home. I had also tried doing one of the survey companies last year. There is a lot of diversity in work-at-home – and it is growing for sure. I care for a disabled sister and my mom lives with me also . . . So I have to decide, can I work 8-5 p.m. even if it is at home? Like you are always saying . . . follow different steams of income, not just one thing. It’s funny Eddy, when I first started working, great guys I worked with would be standing around holding their coffee mugs and saying “well now Joe, I think I’ll retire in about five years or so, yep, that’s what I’m planning!” Well, it is not our choice anymore . . . so thanks for empowering us with other options. We can be more in control that we thought.

  3. Dear brother Eddy,

    I am from India.I am a regular viewer of your site.I bought 2 years before my data team membership and refund my money.The package itself contains promoting click bank and pay dot com products.I could not continue due to lack of my English knowledge.

    could you explain Wealthy Affiliate briefly?Can I earn from it?

    I could not speak or write English well.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I appreciate it!
      You can learn more about WA here. I’ve written a lot about it already and have videos. However I’m not sure if it would be right for you if your command of English is limited. But feel free to read the page and you can decide then. But reading is the best way to learn about it.

  4. Eddy,
    After I was laid off I did a lot of research on work-from-home companies and I was very conservative in applying for anything until I knew more about the company. I tried really hard not to be vulnerable and it irritated me that so many folks were out there trying to hoodwink people who were looking for legitimate work, argh! I was so happy to come across your site (which was always a “go-to” site for me.) You validated a lot of companies I found to be good and also some of the not-so-good ones! I totally love your conversational style and your humbleness . . . You are always resolute in your determinations yet benevolent towards your audience. I am just coming out of the shadows to say thank you Eddy and I appreciate you!

    • Damn it Diane, you’re getting me weepy eyed over here. Must be these allergies. LOL 🙂 But seriously I appreciate that you came out the shadows to express this. It means a lot. I know there are many people that read my information that I’ve helped but not all come out and express this. So it’s always good to hear from readers like you. Everyone loves to hear a compliment. So thank you.

      I’m sorry to hear that you were laid off. Have you been able to find anything legitimate offline or online yet?

  5. As always, thanks for your thoroughness. I always smile when I see these ridiculous numbers that are promised either in employment as an independent or some prize (if you send in a certain amount for processing). And for some unknown reason people get caught in this scam more than they should. Like the ole saying ‘if it sounds unbelievable it is’ still applies. They are counting on the gullibility of the reader. So my advice, as I am sure is yours, Eddy, is to stop, step back, and do some serious researching, first. Then gradually put a ‘toe’ in and allow them to build credibility with you as the independent. The more credibility over time the better for the give and take relationship you are establishing.

    • You’re welcome Nedra.
      But you’ve hit it on the head. The con artist know people are desperate and that leads to folks ignoring the good sense that the Lord gave them. And quite frankly some of these scams are so well executed that even people who aren’t desperate or gullible may fall victim. Either way, I agree with you. It’s always best to air on the side of caution and research everything or wait until I do. LOL I’ve stayed safe many years doing just this. In any event, thanks for chiming in and your continued support.

  6. Wow Eddy, that’s just another example of how hard working people get taken advantage of. Glad you’re always around to steer honest people who just want to work in the right direction. The company would probably have less complaints if they were transparent and honest from jump! Well…maybe they never heard honest is the best policy…sad. Good read!


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