MySoapBox Review: Is it safe or a scam?

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MySoapBox ReviewWhen I first ventured into the work at home industry. One of the initial ways I used to earn money were surveys. The idea that I could get paid for my opinion sounded like a dream come true. Because who doesn't have an opinion on something? Unfortunately too often people are giving opinions you never asked for. But I digress. I dabbled in surveys but I learned it wasn't everything I expected. There are a few companies I still work with, but not many. Today I've discovered another one called But is it worth your effort? I'll answer that question as we dive into my MySoapBox Review below.

What is MySoapBox ?

Well as I alluded to earlier is basically a market research company that “rewards” users like you and I for our opinions on products and services. MySoapBox is part of the ISA, the Interviewing Service of America. In addition to being part of the ISA, MySoapBox is also now handling the the former survey panel members of ClickIQ (e/visor members). So they are an established survey company that has been around for a while.

How Do I Make Money with MySoapBox?

Well you don't really make money. Let me explain in more detail. doesn't pay you real cash like a check, direct deposit or paypal option. Instead they have their own virtual currency known as MySoapBox points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

What kind of gift cards are available?

They have a pretty wide range of gift card available such as:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Tango gift cards
  • Home Depot gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Wal-Mart gift cards
  • more…

If you don't want to cash out the points for gift cards you can use your points cash equivalent to donate to a charity.

What are the MySoapBox points worth in real money?

At the time of this review each 1000 points is equal to $1.00. 25000 points ($25.00) is the minimum balance needed to request pay-out.

How Do I Sign Up?

First and foremost, MySoapBox is totally free to join for anyone around the world. As long as you're age 13+ with a valid e-mail you can join their site.

MySoapBox Complaints

Companies are like people, they have their good and bad characteristics. is no different. So I'd like to point out some of the complaints agains MySoapBox so you can make a better informed decision about this company.

Supply and demand limits your income potential!

The problem with surveys across the board as a way to make consistent income is that it depends on supply and demand. Companies are only paying for research at certain times of the year and for only certain demographics. If you don't meet those demographics then you won't get survey request. Furthermore even if you do get some survey invitations you're definitely not going to get enough of them to make a living of it. So if that's what you're hoping for, then surveys on their own aren't enough.

It takes forever to reach the minimum cashout.

The average survey pays from 750-1500 points ($0.75-$1.50). So depending on how many surveys you get and actually qualify for, it can take a very long time to reach the cashout on your own activities. You definitely need to get some other points flowing in by using their referral program. You can refer friends and family to earn 250 points ($0.25) per referral. So that might help you reach pay outs faster.

You're disqualified!

Unfortunately with every survey site including there will be many times where you don't qualify for a survey. There are number of reasons this happens. But regardless of those reason, it still stinks either way. A lot of survey companies have the poor practice of just giving you a pat on the back and sending you on your way. When you consider all the time that you may have spent on “pre-qualification” survey questions that can be really frustrating. However MySoapbox provides its users disqualification rewards in the way of 10 points ($0.01). It's not a lot but its better than what many paid online survey companies do. But was it really worth your time at that point?

Is your privacy worth it?

The nature of surveys requires you to feel comfortable with giving up some of your privacy to answer the questions. Sometimes MySoapBox offers partner surveys from other companies that may end up sharing your information with others. That may lead to more unwanted calls, emails or postal mail. That may not sit well with you.

Technical stuff that may give you the willies.

In order to maximize your chances of being credited for surveys that you take with MySoapBox, they recommend the following:

– Enable cookies
– Check that your ISP settings are not blocking the survey
– Remove Adware and/or Spyware from your system
– Make sure your browser is not blocking access to our site
– Make sure your anti-virus settings accept our site
– Check your firewall settings

Some of these settings or software were put on your machine because privacy concerns as well as safety reasons. So having to disable or remove these things can put your computer at risk from other sites not necessarily So you have to ask yourself is it worth it for the points you'll earn? That's up for you to decide.

Is MySoapBox Legit or Not?

Honestly this site is like many survey sites. Yes you can earn rewards taking surveys for so no it's not a scam in that sense. The site does what it claims. But is it actually worth your time? Well that's debatably with sites like this. If you're goal is to make real bill paying money consistently, then this isn't for you. If you want something that will help you earn some gift cards for the holidays or something then you might want to consider this opportunity. So that's up for you to decide. Either way I would love to hear your opinon on this company. So on your way out, leave a comment below.

Are There Any Other Options?

If you're a little disappointed that you can't actually earn real money with, I don't blame you. But don't fret! There are other ways to help you earn real money online that I continue to use. First you may want to check out My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation which is the way that has helped me earn a full time income. It's perfect for anyone that wants to make real money at home but is willing to work hard for it and has patience. If that's you, then you need to check it out.

But I don't believe in just having one way to make money. If you ever lost your job you know how dangerous that is. So I would recommend a multiple streams of income approach. So with that in mind I encourage you to look into my Work At Home Courses as well. Hundreds of people have purchased my courses and learning new ways to earn extra income. You can too. So you have a lot of options either way. Take full advantage of them.

Thanks for reading my MySoapBox Review. Until next time, I'm out!

Eddy with a y

10 thoughts on “MySoapBox Review: Is it safe or a scam?”

  1. Mysoapbox is a scam. You will waste your time taking surveys and they will not pay you. I have tried to contact them via email, phone and social media with no response. Try swagbucks or survey junkie. I have had success with getting paid from those two companies. Run away from mysoapbox scam company.

  2. Thanks Eddy, I got caught in a scam saying they were MONEY Gram and for me to do certain things. None of which sounded good. Took to my BANK, was a SCAM!!!!

    • Damn that sucks Judy. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s a lesson learned. Hopefully now that you’ve found this blog, you’ll be exposed to other options.

  3. Hello! Thanks for showing us how this system works. I have seen many of these types of these “get paid for your opinion” type sites. They all seem to be very much the same. Personally I don’t want to get involved with anything that is going to take me this long to get paid! It seems with most of these sites, the pay is very low and payment doesn’t happen very quickly, if at all.

    I appreciate you giving us an honest review and although this site appears totally legit, the earning potential doesn’t seem to be great.

  4. Hi there Eddy,

    My experience with survey sites is like running a marathon that you’ll never finish. You can put so much effort in answering the questions, only to earn pennies at the end of the day. It’s not worthy of my time and certainly not productive at all.

    I would rather use that one hour to write a good quality article in which I know would drive more traffic to my site and hence make recurring sales over time.

  5. Hi Eddy,
    Nice review of MySoapBox. I’ve never even heard of this site until today. I also tried doing the surveys but was ultimately disappointed. The amount of work that one needs to do to make any kind of money isn’t really worth it. That’s why I switched to affiliate marketing and have since made money.
    Another downside of surveys is that often they ask for an email address which is then spammed like crazy. That’s ultimately the reason why I stopped trying to make money filling out surveys.

    • Hey Ian,
      I totally agree with you. For the most part I just don’t think it’s worth the effort especially if you want something scalable and can make you real money. But everyone has different needs. Affiliate marketing was more up my alley as well. And its been worth it since it gives me a full time income. It took time but it was worth it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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