NeoLife Review: Good Business Opportunity or a Pyramid MLM Scheme?

Neolife Review

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It's not a surprise that the health industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today – people are ready to pay a lot of money to stay healthy. And when there's a lot of money involved, there are always some scammers looking to steal your money. That's probably why you're trying to find honest NeoLife reviews. Well you are at the right place! I'm not a rep of the company so I'll tell you the good, bad and ugly so you can make your own decision. So let's dive into it.

What is NeoLife?

Founded in 1958, is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells health supplements, as well as many other products aimed at improving the well-being of the customers. Although the company has been around for more than 60 years, not many know it as NeoLife. This is because prior to 2013, the company had a different name.

Five years ago, NeoLife's management, led by company founder Jerry Brassfield, decided to re-brand it. One of the biggest changes they made is changing the name. They chose NeoLife, which, you'll have to agree, sounds better than Golden Neolife Diamite International aka GNDI.

The headquarters of the company are in LA, but NeoLife has a presence in many countries across the globe. Even its website is available in various different languages, suggesting that the company has a worldwide business network.

What Are The NeoLife Products?

NeoLife is in the business of making nutritional supplements aimed to boost the health and overall well-being of the customers. All of their products are separated into several different categories, including core products, weight management, skin care, and home care products.

According to the info I found at, their most successful products include 3-Day Detox, CoQ10, Acidophilus Plus, NeoLifeBar, NeoLifeShake, and so on.

The NeoLife Business Opportunity

Being an MLM company, NeoLife encourages people to become a part of their MLM. Basically, by selling NeoLife products or sponsoring new business partners, Independent Distributors receive between 3% and 20% commission, depending on their rank in NeoLife's hierarchy.

Unfortunately like many other MLM businesses, NeoLife also has a pretty convoluted compensation plan that requires pages and pages to explain it. Feel free to decipher it here.

How Much Does it Cost to Become A NeoLife Distributor?

At the time of this review, NeoLife charges $49 for their MLM program. Alternatively, you can become a member by buying one of three available kits. They claim to come with all the tools and training you need to achieve big success as a NeoLife independent distributor.

Those kits are Builder Kit ($440), Manager Kit ($785), and Senior Manager Kit ($1530).

If you find this too much money to invest in a business, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free. And if you want to make some extra side cash without being involved in a business at all, you can try Fusion Cash, & which are all free.

NeoLife Commission Plan

With NeoLife commission plan, there's no monthly quota that you need to achieve. In order to encourage you to sell as many products as you can, this company uses positive motivation, meaning they going to reward you with higher commissions the more you do and sell.

You start your NeoLife partner career as a Distributor. As your network grows, you will climb the hierarchy ladder, getting bigger commissions along the way. But, not only will you get a percentage of the products you sell, you will also receive a commission on those products that the sellers below you sell.

And if you prove yourself, NeoLife will reward you with bonuses, which can be as high as $30,000. You can even get a car bonus, travel bonus, and so forth. Commission plans for MLMs are difficult to decipher but this gives you a basic overview of what they offer.

NeoLife Complaints

The fact that you have to pay to become a member doesn't make this program a scam. After all, you need to spend money to make money! However, there are some things that make NeoLife partners regret joining the program. These issues do not necessarily mean that the product is a scam, but they can give you a nice insight into what to expect from NeoLife.

Compensation plan is confusing.

As I mentioned above NeoLife doesn't provide a simple breakdown of the commission you can earn. They use a lot of confusing jargon in their compensation plan document and it probably requires another rep to explain it to you. That's always a no no for me which is why I appreciate sites like Fusion Cash, & where how much you make is easy to understand. The same goes for My Best Work At Home Recommendation where your commissions are very straight forward and doesn't require reading pages and pages to understand the full time income you can earn with this business.

Start-up costs are way too high

As a business owner, I know investing in your business is a requirement. But the lure of an online business is that the start up costs are significantly cheaper than an offline business. For some NeoLife's start-up costs are still too high. There is the $49 per month, and then you may need to purchase one of their start-up kits which start at $440 all the way up till $1530 at the time of this review. That may be too rich for you blood especially when there are other businesses opportunities that let you start for free.

Overpriced products

Although NeoLife doesn't provide any retail pricing info on the official website, by taking a look at their offer on Amazon, you will see that they're pretty expensive. Unfortunately that is the case with many MLMs where they charge significantly higher for products that people can purchase elsewhere for cheaper. So it makes selling them very difficult for the reps.

NeoLife Alternatives

Obviously, NeoLife is not as bad as some other MLMs. In fact, it has pretty favorable user reviews, not to mention that its BBB rating is A+ at the time of this review. Still, the truth is that some parts of its business model aren't perfect. In turn, this will make it hard for you to actually make a living out of it.

This is why you might want to look elsewhere. If you want to find other alternatives to make money, you can take a look at Fusion Cash, &

So Is NeoLife Just Another Pyramid Scheme?

I honestly don't think NeoLife is a scam. The company has been in the business for more than half a century, so if something fishy was going on, someone would've noticed it already.

But this doesn't mean that I recommend joining their program. Why? Well, as mentioned above, the compensation plan is difficult to understand and I think it would be very difficult to sell their products given their prices. I think it's much easier selling products people already know at the prices their accustomed to.

Fortunately you can do that and work with companies like and My Best Work At Home Recommendation shows you how to do this. You can try it for free and if it doesn't work out for you, it's not like shelled out hundreds of dollars for a kit. So you have options either way. But that's my two cents. It may be worth it for you to give NeoLife a short. That's up to you to decide.

At least you're aware of some of the complaints in this NeoLife review. Feel free to share your comments or feedback below. I'm sure there are some reps that do well with this company and we'd love to hear from you as well.

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