Neora Review: Skincare MLM Scam or Legit?

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People are willing to spend hundreds of dollars each month to make their skin appear younger and rejuvenated which is why skincare is a multi-billion dollar industry. Did you know that some companies will actually pay you to sell their skincare products and by helping other people with their skincare? Chances are you probably already aware of this, which is why you are reading through Neora reviews to see if this is the real deal and worth your time. Well, if you want to know the ugly truth about this company, you better keep reading this Neora review. You’ve been warned! 

What is Neora? is a health and wellness MLM that mainly focuses on skincare. They were founded in 2014 by Jeff Olson and their headquarters is currently based in Texas, USA.

The Neora Product Line

Neora sells a series of advanced, age-fighting, skincare products, including creams, serums, cleansers, and the like. Their products are priced consistently with prestige brands, costing about $70 – $100 per ounce.

How Much Does it Cost to be A Neora Brand Partner?

Neora has several levels of membership, ranging in upfront fees of $49.95 to $1000.

All Neora brand partners get:

  • A personalized e-commerce website
  • Marketing materials
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Online training
  • Order fulfillment, so partners don't have to buy and store inventory
  • Customer service

With the basic starter kit of $49.95, you get:

  • Marketing materials
  • Online training

Starter pack members at $500 get:

  • Marketing materials
  • Online training
  • 13 Neora products, worth $950.95 retail value

Builder pack members at $750 get:

  • Marketing materials
  • Online training
  • 25 Neora products, worth $1342 retail value

Premium builder pack members who join at $1000 get:

  • Marketing materials
  • Online training
  • 32 Neora products worth $1874 retail value

Seems like you get quite a few products and items with the launch packs, but you will be required to pay an upfront fee. Not everyone has that kind of cash so if you are reluctant to spend so much upfront, fortunately, there are ways to make money online where you can get started for FREE with sites like Wealthy Affiliate,,, and

Neora Compensation Plan

According to the Neora compensation plan, Neora brand partners qualify for 10-25% commissions on their product sales. At the time of this review, in order to remain active, brand partners must generate either 200 PQV every month, or maintain 80 in PQV from auto-delivery orders. As you recruit more brand partners and climb in rank, you earn higher customer acquisition bonuses for auto-delivery customers, from 10%-26%, and the customer acquisition bonus also increases by the number of preferred customers you enroll.

Neora also offers special bonuses, including cash incentives for those who meet certain targets within their first 30 days, and a free tablet PC for meeting certain targets within your first 60 days. Senior Directors can qualify for a monthly cash bonus or opt for a monthly car bonus.

You also earn bonuses and commissions on your downline, up to 10%. Starting at Executive Director through Triple Diamond International Marketing Director ranks, you can qualify for a lifestyle bonus ranging from $300 to $110,000 per month.

As with most MLMs, there are various levels, quotas, and different commission structures for each level, so if this all seems confusing, I don’t blame you!

Fortunately, there are businesses with straightforward compensation such as Wealthy Affiliate. They can help you start an online business where you will be able to work with major companies like Amazon that pay you in a nice straightforward manner.

Maybe you’re not looking for a business opportunity at the moment and just want to make some side income, then you may want to try free sites like and which also have very straightforward commissions.

How Much Money Can Neora Brand Partners Make?

Most MLMs publish earnings but unfortunately, Neora doesn’t publish an income disclosure statement, so it’s difficult to determine how much a Brand Partner will actually make.

What We Like About Neora

 Now that we covered the basics, let’s look at some of the things we like about Neora.

Good BBB rating

At the time of writing this, Neora has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which is good if you pay attention to these kinds of ratings.

Legit Founder

Jeff Olson has been in the health and wellness space since 1988, is a best selling author and has produced hundreds of television programs, so that’s good to know that he is legit and won’t run away with your money.

Neora Complaints

Now that we have covered the positive aspects, let’s look into some of the possible red flags we uncovered.

Get Ready To Recruit

Brand Partners usually have to sell quite a lot of products before they earn any commission. For newcomers, this means that they will probably sell to their family and friends, and then not know how to go on to generate sales to finally start earning consistent money.

The odds of anyone outside the highest level making any money at all with Neora are very slim. As with most MLMs, to climb higher in the ranks and earn more commission, you will need to recruit a lot of people in your downline.

If the idea of selling or recruiting people to make money doesn't appeal to you, then you might want to try sites like,, and which are free to get started.

No Official Income Disclosure Statement

Neora doesn't publish any Income Disclosure Statements on their website which is very strange for an MLM, since most do make these figures available to the public. You are kind of left in the dark as to how much a brand partner can actually earn.

Expensive Product Kits

At the time of writing this, you could be paying up to $1000 for one of their product kits. It’s always good to invest in your business but these upfront costs might turn people off.

Fortunately, there are other options available that don't require you to invest large amounts. My Best Work At Home Recommendation can teach you how to start an online business for FREE as a starter member. Other alternatives which also don't require you to invest any money at all are sites like,, and

Is Neora Legit or a Scam?

Neora is not a scam and its managed by Jeff Olson who is well known in the health and wellness industry.

However, this opportunity may not be right for everyone. The biggest problem is that this business model seems to focus a lot on recruiting and direct selling. Making money in any business is difficult, but even more so with an MLM business model because you’re usually having to chase after people in order to build your downline.

Fortunately, not every business works like this. There are some business models where your customers actively seek you out and come to you which is what My Best Work At Home Recommendation focuses on. It’s also FREE to get started so you have nothing to lose really.

So, there you have my opinion on Neora. If you have any experience using Neora or want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

1 thought on “Neora Review: Skincare MLM Scam or Legit?”

  1. I was a brand partner with Nerium-until I started reacting to the skin cream. Hard to recommend it when it leaves sores on your face. It takes a lot of effort to make any money with this company consistently. I made some at first (a few hundred) but retaining your downline is hard. I recently tried Neora with the same upline woman hoping to lose some weight. Not only did it not work at all, I had adverse reactions. I know two others that it did not work for. The money back guarantee is a joke. You get 30 days from the date of order and it takes a week or longer to get to you. Then when the three weeks of using yields no success the reps claim it can take 6 weeks or up to three months so most people hoping for the magic answer to their weight frustrations continue. My upline has made a success of her work with Nerium and now Neora (It sounds like they dumped the Nerium line-I’d like to know more about that!) but she works it hard daily and she’s relentless in her pestering people-so much so that many evade her. But that’s the perfect personality for this kind of business I guess, you have to be a self starter and can’t be sensitive about what people think. You also have to keep your rose colored glasses on and not be bothered by the many people that don’t have success with the products.


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