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Well I've finally finished one of the projects I've been working on. I realized that I was being too much of a perfectionist and it was time to get this thing out there. There were some additional features I wanted to have available but it would just further delay this project. So for now I've kept it bare bones and right to the point.

Maybe in a couple of months I'll add some of the other features I have in mind.

In any event, after several months of working with my team, we've created a great work at home job board. It's already filled with job leads that have been screened to the best of our ability.

What you need to know.

Daily Updates

The Work At Home No Scams job board will be updated daily so you won't have to wait until fridays anymore to get your fix of work at home job leads. I know you go through withdrawals when I fail to deliver them and it's not a pretty sight to see you go through the shakes. So this job board will give you more leads in a timely manner, which will hopefully better your chances of landing the work at home job of your dreams.

Multiple Search Options

The new interface should make it easier to narrow down the jobs of interest to you. Because now you can search by keyword or category. There will be no more of me just slapping jobs up on a page. lol Sadly this means we won't have our weekly friday posts. But I'm going to try to make it up by posting more reviews or advice.

– Cost

Did I mention this service is free? That's right, there is no signing up for an account. You just visit the work at home job page and get your search on! But like any good job site we need to make money. But we'll be monetizing this new job board with sponsors and ads. I think it's a fair comprimise instead of charging job seekers some monthly fee or jumping through hoops. I'm pretty sure you agree too.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. I've created a little video to walk you through the new Work At Home No Scams Job Board. I definitely encourage you to watch it, then get your job search on.

Did you like what you see? If so, please be sure to share the news with anyone you know that may be looking for a legit work at home job. Tweet, facebook, blog or do whatever you do to get the word out. Let me know what you folks think below. If there are any other features you would like to see or services you would like me to offer feel free to comment below. Enjoy!

41 thoughts on “New Work At Home Job Search!”

  1. so glad i found your site. I will give up on work at home for a few months, than I would start back looking. Just hoping i would find something. I dont need anything easy or looking for something to get rich. I’m looking to work, but looking to work from home. I won’t something that will keep money in my hand till the next paycheck.

  2. So glad i found your site. I was on the verge of throwing away $500 to $600 usd .I plan to use your info on reporting scams asap. if that is ok with you.   Johnny in Ga.  

  3. Sure, My suggestion is to start with the article above which walks you through how to find work at home jobs on our site.
    My other suggestion is my recommendations page:

    And finally my suggestion is to be sure you actually take the time to READ this site carefully including the various articles you’ll run into. God didn’t bring you to this site so you don’t take full advantage of all the information that is right before you. We’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is read and take action. Good luck.

  4. Sure, My suggestion is to start with the article above which walks you through how to find work at home jobs on our site.
    My other suggestion is my recommendations page:

    And finally my suggestion is to be sure you actually take the time to READ this site carefully including the various articles you’ll run into. God didn’t bring you to this site so you don’t take full advantage of all the information that is right before you. We’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is read and take action. Good luck.

  5. Hi, I came by your site by accident (I like to call it a sign that God is listening and he hasn’t forgot about me) I am a stay at home with six kids (yes 6) and I also go to school at night. I am getting my AOS degree as a Medical Assistant, I am looking for extra income to coinside with my husband who has a 9-5 but is also in school. I wanted to know if you have any suggestions.  thank you

  6. You need a new proof-reader and maybe an editor….comprimise- compromise
    …Will Bill ( Well, Bill,)…when we decide to things …(…when we decide to take things…) …God starts putting you into…  (…God starts putting us into…) Contact me to discuss rates.

    • Thanks but i like my flaws for the world to see. It’s just further proof that you don’t need to be a perfect writer to make money online. However thanks for the offer anyway. P.S. Excuse any spelling or grammatical errors in this comment. I’m sure there are quite a few. lol

  7. Will Bill, I don’t think you accidentally ran into us. Sometimes when we decide to things into our own hands, God starts putting you in the right places for the right reason. So I’m happy he did just that in this case. I’m confident if you continue to read this site and take action you’ll be well on your way to success. With that said be sure to check out the following pages as well:

  8. I happened across your website accidently and am very glad I did.   I have recently decided that I need to take charge of my on destiny and I believe that once I have had an opportunity to research the majority of your information, I will be able to I will be able to do just that.   Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  9. I am looking for a work at home job and came across your web site, I have learned a lot and have my eyes opened by you. Thank you for the education and opportunity you have given me.

  10. I need all the help I can get! I have some health peoples that make it hard for me to stand for 8 or 9 hours a day.. I have little to no real college to back me up. Im sick of living pay check to pay check! any help I can get would be a blessing in my life! I would love to look more into this and find a way to bring more income into my home so my husband and I dont stress anymore!

    • Ericka,
      I hear ya. Fortunately you found this site and now it’s just a matter of reading and taking action. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. In addition to the job search page described above, you should definitely read and take action on the opportunities listed on our recommendations page: I’m confident you’ll be earning some money right away after reading it and taking action. It won’t be a lot but it’s a start. So take advantage of all the free information on this site like thousands of others have. Because you will experience some great things. Good luck.

  11. I like how and what you are doing in order to help people find employment. I am an amputee and do not receive any disability. This has been so for over three years and i feel confident that I may be able to help my family and myself out of this financial chaos. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome Orlanda!
      I’m confident that if you continue to read and take action on the various ways we list to make money, you’ll definitely be closer to a better financial situation. There are a lot of options out there. Thanks for chiming in.

    • HI Eddy
      I’ve bookmarked your page. Brother i was just about to get involved with a scamming comping and then I was researching home based businesses and man lo and behold I came to your site and did you ever open my eyes. I’ve really never been one to be misguided on that stuff. The bible says that we shall be deceived and lead astray but man you’re a real blessing before god. keep up the good work

    • Thanks Markus, I appreciate the kind words. Folks have continued to bless me in my life so I’m happy to be in a position to help others and make a successful career of it.

    • Hi Larry,

      We did do a review for it. Just use the search box at the top of site.
      But here’s a link:

      I hope this helps.


    • Hey Blanca,

      Don’t worry about it. My VA doesn’t just delete the flagged jobs. She’ll review herself to ensure that the report is actually valid.
      But you can just flag the job again and select other and enter a quick note and she’ll see it.

  12. I wanted to say Thank you. You put a lot of effort and you are appreciated. Job board looks good, thanks for all the updates. I look forward to your articles and job leads.

  13. Your are the man !

    Thanks for the long awaited website. I am so familiar with this type of searching since I have been looking for employment for over a year now.

    I have spent the last 4 hours reviewing all the Evergreen Listings because I am primarily interested in work-at-home jobs and from the video, I gathered this Job Category is the best place to find strictly work-at-home opportunities. I found 4 of them that are of interest. Another feature that I will enjoy is the Latest Jobs Category because that saves allot of time trying to find the most recent jobs. Most folks think when you are unemployed you have allot of time on your hands but you don’t because you become the house husband – laundry, dishes, cleaning, chauffeur, …, you get my point.

    I hope that you continue to add more features because this is a wonderful addition.

    Thanks again Buddy

    P.S. – I did report 2 links that weren’t working on “Flag This Job”

    • Randall,

      LOL, Thanks! Actually all the jobs listed on the new job board are work at home opportunities. But the evergreen section just represents companies that tend to consistently have these positions because their operation may be totally virtual. So don’t limit yourself to that section. Use whatever category and search term may be helpful as well.
      I’m glad you’ve already narrowed down 4 options. Hopefully you land them. The latest job section is definitely helpful. just keep in mind even using the categories or keyword search feature, the newest jobs will be towards the top and the dates of when we listed the jobs are always in the results view as well. But I totally understand how precious your time is. I always envisioned that working at home would give me more time. But I work more than I ever did for corporate america. I guess it coincides with studies that say that work at home employees are more productive and work harder. In any event, you’re welcome. Thanks for flagging some jobs. My team will obviously take a look.

      You’re quite welcome!

  14. I like it Eddy,I really really do. Although a part of me is going to miss the weekly job leads,gave me something to look forward to at the end of the week. One question though. Is this going to take the place of or just compliment it?

    • Thanks Dustin!
      I feel the same way. I like doing the friday posts because it allows me to chit chat with you folks and share thing. I may still do it in another format though. I feel that the friday posts added value in other ways besides the leads. So I’ll do it in another capacity and see how it goes.

      I’m not getting rid of This is just another resource in addition to it. Maybe in time, I may sell off and focus more on this blog instead. tends to reflect my past and the Eddy that was still under the grips of Corporate America. represents the free Eddy that likes to be himself, silly, sarcastic and willing to show the world his flaws while providing more personalized value and help. Financially both sites are still needed by me. But I hope that eventually can surpass my other site financially which may be the point I sell the other site. So only time will tell. But in the mean time enjoy the leads from both sites.

  15. Love this…especially the evergreen. I get an error message with the second link in your review. The first one works. It reads, “server not found.”

  16. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for yet another wonderful resource. I wanted to let you know that in this article, the second link to the job board (the one right above the video) has an extra ‘http” in the address causing the link not to resolve properly. Should be a quick fix for you or your team. Thanks again for providing us with all of the opportunities you present here.

  17. Hi Eddy,

    I like the new job board and thanks for going to daily listings now I\’m sure I\’ll find something that will work for me and can earn me some extra $$$$$ online. Thanks for keeping the site free and easy to navigate without sign ups and logins.

  18. Hi Eddy,

    I think your new layout looks great and it’s easy to manage. I think that people can really sum down what they are looking for using your site.

    Much success,


  19. Hi Eddy,
    Congratulations on the Job Board! What I’ve seen so far is awesome. Thank you so much for creating this for us. I’ve been telling people about your site because it’s it the top of my list for resources for finding work at home which helps in going green in so many ways. Now I’ll be telling them about the job board you’ve created which will help more. Thanks again Eddy!


  20. Ah Good morning Eddy,

    Wow, buddy I love your new site looks totally great.

    I really like it keep up the great work and for your latest updates.

    All the best,

    Veronica N.

    • Veronica,

      Good evening. Sorry about the late response. lol Thanks for the kind words.
      Glad you like the new feature.

      You’re welcome! I really appreciate that you’ve been spreading the word and I’m happy I’ve given you another reason to do so.
      Thanks again for the love!

      I’m glad you like the new job board. I definitely made it very easy to navigate and find what one needs. So hopefully it helps a lot of people.

      You’re quite welcome. I hate jumping through hoops to get information or services. So I definitely didn’t want to put you folks through it
      although from a marketing point of view i know why other sites do it. lol In any event, I really do hope you find a lot more options now.
      Good luck.

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve fixed it. Glad you like the new job board. Enjoy it.

      The evergreen is my favorite section too and i think it’s very useful to folks. By the way i fixed the link. Thanks for pointing it out as well.

  21. Good morning Eddy,


    I applaud you for keeping your site up to date and relevant. This new search function should be helpful. I especially think the ‘evergreen’ section will be useful. I’m retiring later this year so I really need to see what’s out there to bring in a few extra dollars.

    Two things I’d like to bring to your attention. First, the information format is too large for the screen. I’m not sure of the terminology, but I thought web pages are made to fit the browser, and it is automatically adjusted for the most common browsers. I’m viewing through Explorer and I find that I have to significantly move from left to right to see the 3 columns on your page, and still the print is small. Is it just me?

    Second, the line… when I fail to deliver them and it’s not a pretty site to see you go through the shakes. The word site should be sight. Unless that’s your little pun, your team should have caught that.

    I’m sure this will pay off for you and us, your readers.

    Thanks again.

    And by the way… I won’t mind the ads at all. It beats paying for the service.


    • Hi Denise,

      I’m glad you appreciate the effort and new feature. I definitely re-invest a lot of the money I make into improving my sites. It only makes “cents” to do so. lol I think the evergreen section is a pretty cool feature to have as well. In terms of the formating. I haven’t experienced the issue you’re describing. It may be how you have your resolution set up. Sounds like you may be at 800×600 or have your text in a larger font. However I’ll have my designer look into it.

      In terms of the spelling error, my bad. I’ve went ahead and corrected it. But if you’ve been here long enough, you know my blog is littered with those error and will continue to be. LOL. In any event, I’m happy you can deal with the ads and can understand their need to be here. You’d be surprised how some folks want you to work for free and not make any money for helping them. lol Thanks again. Enjoy the new job search feature and share the love to anyone you know who can appreciate it.

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